44 Trendy Ideas for Shoulder-Length, Layered Hair with bangs

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Medium-length layered haircuts with bangs give women a fresh look that’s effortless to style. The length is versatile as you experience the perks of short and long tresses.

Stylist Greer Tepper of Columbia, MD, points out that mid-length locks can be simple to style. “If you let your natural texture do its thing, the medium layered chop will work perfectly,” she states.

Your lifestyle is one of the factors to consider before getting layers and a fringe.

Tepper explains, “Bangs can be a real annoyance if unprepared for them. They need styling every morning. Also, a medium cut doesn’t demand too many layers as it may appear less modern.”

Remember, you may not be able to pull all your hair up. If your daily activities require you to wear ponytails or buns, having medium-length hair isn’t ideal. Yet, you can do a quick low updo, for sure!

Consult your stylist to make sure you get the perfect length and style for your face shape. They know what to recommend to you.

The secret to a fresh-looking style is here! Check out these inspiring pictures of shoulder-length, layered haircuts with bangs worth trying.

Stunning Sleek Medium Layered Cut with Long Side Bangs
Instagram @ryennesnow.hair

#1: Stunning Sleek Layered Cut with Long Side Bangs

Spruce up your medium-length cut with long, sleek side bangs and stunning face-framing layers. Longer side bangs can help emphasize bright eyes or pronounced cheekbones. Meanwhile, the face-framing layers enhance your natural face shape. Wear your hair in a smooth blowout to show off your new cut’s gorgeous texture and movement.

#2: Ice Blonde Layers

Hello Barbie! Go glam with icy layers and fringe this holiday season. A medium-layered haircut in an ice-blonde dazzles brightly during winter, especially when paired with bangs.

Medium-Length Barbie Blonde Layers and Bangs
Instagram @kultura_moscow

#3: Barbie Blonde Layers and Bangs

Consider these Barbie blonde layers and bangs for a modern, feminine haircut! The medium-length Barbie blonde style adds volume and gives a neat look. The layers create dimension and texture, and the bangs frame your face beautifully. It suits all hair types, from straight to wavy to curly. Style your damp hair with a volumizing mousse for extra body and hold. Use a round brush to blow-dry for a sleek finish to your hair.

Mid-Length Layers and Waterfall Bangs
Instagram @salsalhair

#4: Mid-Length Layers and Waterfall Bangs

The waterfall fringe is in. This look of mid-length layers and waterfall bangs proves these styles are the “it thing.” Sultry, simple, and stunning!

#5: Chic Long Bob with Long Wispy Bangs

The chic long bob with long, wispy bangs and layers is a stylish haircut that flatters mid-length hair. This cut is perfect for those looking to add texture and volume to their hair. It works best if your hair is straight to slightly wavy and can be customized to suit different face shapes. Keep the layers longer to allow for more movement and versatility in styling.

Medium-Length Modern Blonde Layers with Fringe
Instagram @hair.by.maura

#6: Modern Blonde Layers

Consider modern blonde layers cut if you want a fresh and modern haircut. It’s low-maintenance but still packs in plenty of style. This works best for women with straight or wavy hair who want to add texture without going too edgy. Ask for layers to create movement and volume. Use a texture spray to finish your style to show off your texture.

#7: Messy Black Hair with Layers and Fringe

Try layers and fringe for a fresh look if you want a new style! Keeping this style pieced out and texturized is the key to making this style effortless. Layered bangs can be tricky to make it look effortless. Ask about a piecey fringe for a trendy style.

#8: Beautiful Layers and Balayage

For shoulder-length haircuts, add some layers to the mix for added shape and movement. Aim to create volume and texture in places that accentuate the features and lift the face with framing to shadow features. Hair is a wondering art piece. You can tastefully contour your features to any style.

Sexy Copper Layers for Mid-Length Hair with Bangs for ladies with longer faces
Instagram @hirohair

#9: Copper Layers for Mid-Length Hair

Try this take on copper layers for mid-length hair. The best type of copper is a multi-dimensional one. I love how this color has a slight ombre effect on the ends. If you enjoy vivid tones but don’t love the upkeep, doing a softer red may be helpful. Invest in a good color-safe shampoo and conditioner for longer-lasting hues.

Medium-Length Face-Framing Visible Layers for women with wispy hair and bangs
Instagram @romeufelipe

#10: Face-Framing Visible Layers

If your style is limp and has fallen flat, try face-framing visible layers to spice up your hairstyle. Adding in a wispy long bang can also be a fun and stylish way to add shape to your lifeless locks. With my years of experience, assessing bangs and framing that’s nice for your face is important. You can go longer and wispier if you have a longer forehead with high cheekbones. Remember you must have a soft face frame when you pair the two. Try adding in soft highlights for a lived-in effect.

Layered Mid-Length Cute Shag Cut with Bangs for women with thinning hair
Instagram @cuts.by.rasa

#11: Cute Shag Cut

Give this cute shag haircut a try! You can wear this cut straight or super textured! Talk with your stylist at your next appointment to see if this is an option.

#12: Medium Copper Shag with Visible Layers

Here’s a medium copper shag with visible layers. To give your fine hair texture and shape, try face-framing layers. They are known to complement your style and features. Opt for a blunt textured cut to keep fullness and definition with the facial framing and layers,

Medium Layered Curls and Concave Bangs for women with a retro style
Instagram @alisonalvarez

#13: Layered Curls and Concave Bangs

Do your curls lay flat? Try doing some layered curly ringlets and concave bangs! This can be a helpful shape to add instant volume to your hair. If you can, take a little length off as well. Often, we want to hold on to length with curls in fear of them springing up too much. But we often forget they can get easily weighed down. Take a few inches off the bottom for optimum volume.

Medium Cut with Choppy Layers and Fringe
Instagram @jhonyveiga

#14: Medium Cut with Choppy Layers and Fringe

If you love to “wash ‘n go” and wear your hair in its natural texture, ask for a haircut with layers and a nice curtain-y fringe. The soft nature of the layers and bangs will give this cut plenty of texture and interest. Comb your bangs into place when damp, and they will dry exactly how you want them to.

Sexy Mid-Length Layers and Bangs
Instagram @hirohair

#15: Gorgeous Mid-Length Layers

It doesn’t matter if your hair is fine or coarse. These mid-length layers look good on everyone. On a medium haircut, the layers can bring much-needed volume to people with finer textures. Or, remove weight from thicker, coarse textures. Ask your stylist about the best length and layer combo for you!

#16: Medium-to-Long Layered Cut

Shaggy and wolf cut styles are making their way into all lengths and formations. When looking for movement and body, I suggest a medium-to-long layered cut. My best advice is to invest in styling aids that add movement and texture to your style. A product like Fatboy: fiber Mousse is a product that builds up the body from the wet to dry state of styling. And it allows definition to the varying layers of the hair.

Dimensional Copper Layered Lob with Fringe
Instagram @guy_tang

#17: Dimensional Copper Layered Lob

Rock the hottest hair trend with a dimensional copper layered lob. A medium length will give your locks a fuller-looking appearance. If you opt for a fringe, know it may bring more maintenance and styling time. Plan to get cuts every 8 weeks to maintain a healthy-looking mane.

Medium Vivid Orange and Yellow Layered Waves with Black Bangs
Instagram @john.n1115

#18: Vivid Orange and Yellow Waves with Black Bangs

Try these vivid orange and yellow waves with black bangs to be a show-stopper! Make sure to leave your appointment with products to help keep your hair vibrant.

Medium Undone Blonde Hair with See-Through Bangs and Layers
Instagram @yukistylist

#19: Undone Blonde Hair with See-Through Bangs

Look totally on trend with undone blonde hair with see-through bangs. Having layers like this is a great way to get tons of movement and body for an effortless look. This is a great cut for more volume and texture if you have fine hair. Invest in good professional hair tools so you know you’re not causing much heat damage when styling.

Dark Copper 90s-Inspired Layers with Bangs
Instagram @leafscissors

#20: Dark Copper 90s-Inspired Layers on Straight Hair

Dark copper layers are sleek and stylish. This style is one of the best to come out of 90s hairstyles. You’ll need your blow dryer and a round brush to recreate this effortless hairdo. Using your blow dryer with a concentrator nozzle, blow the air down your hair, not up, to reduce frizz. Avoid rolling your hair too much on the ends. You want a slight bend towards your face. If you’d rather use your flat iron, make a big D shape as you run the iron down the length of your hair. This will also help to bevel the ends instead of curling them.

Medium Grey Blended Layered Cut with Wispy Fringe
Instagram @britt_mama_stylist.sugarista

#21: Grey Blended Layered Cut with Wispy Fringe

Look supernatural with a gray blended, layered cut with a wispy fringe. A medium-length cut is a great length for easy styling and maintenance. Wispy layers and fringe will bring a soft feminine touch to your hair and face. If you want a more polished style, be prepared to blow dry with a big round brush.

#22: Tousled Shaggy Layers and Soft Side Bangs

Try tousled shaggy layers with a soft side bang if you’re bored with your hair. A haircut with side bangs adds movement and volume, while the side bangs keep the perfect amount of sophistication.

Medium Extra Long Layered Bob with Balayage and Bangs
Instagram @soubecas

#23: Extra Long Bob with Balayage

An extra-long bob with balayage will look dimensional and give your hair a new, brightened glow. This is a great low-maintenance hair color recommended for women coloring their hair for the first time. If you need to color your roots to cover any grey hair, ask your hairdresser only to use a demi-permanent color. Permanent hair color will be tricky to remove later on down the road when you go to lighten it again, so it’s important only to color the top of your hair if you absolutely must.

#24: Soft Curled Layers on Mid-Length Hair

To boost limp hair, try softly curled layers if you have mid-length hair. Light, soft layers give body and look effortless with some delicate waves. The medium length removes dead ends and gives life back to your hair.

#25: Mid-Length Shag with Razored Layers

If you’re wanting a soft-looking shoulder-length layered hair with bangs, try a shag cut with razored layers. Using the razor allows the layers to be choppy and blended simultaneously. The look flows best with medium hairstyles with layers and bangs.

Layered Shag on Dimensional Blonde Hair
Instagram @hirohair

#26: Layered Shag on Dimensional Blonde Hair

Dimensional blonde is especially beautiful when paired with mid-length layered hair. The high dimension adds an illusion of thickness, and choppy layers add the perfect volume to mid-length, thick hair.

Pink Textured Lob with Layers and Bangs
Instagram @tanarosehair

#27: Pink Textured Lob with Layers and Bangs

If you’re looking for a fun new look this spring, try a pink textured lob with layers and bangs. Style straight or curly on shoulder-length layered hair. Try the “viral” color depositing shampoo by Celeb Luxury to keep your fashion color from fading.

#28: Long Layers on a Medium Shag Cut

If you’re afraid of bangs but want to add some volume, try a medium shag cut with long layers. For thin hair, short and medium-length hairstyles with layers and bangs are always best—style with any Puff Me products to add some texture and volume.

Long Shaggy Bob with Arched Bangs
Instagram @jointhair

#29: Long Shaggy Bob with Arched Bangs

If you have a round face, a long shaggy bob with arched bangs may be the perfect style for you. A medium layered haircut frames the face, making it a flattering look.

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Straight Bangs for a Messy Lob Cut
Instagram @nikcabral

#30: Straight Bangs for a Messy Lob Cut

Straight bangs can be a great statement piece for a messy lob cut. Shoulder-length hair can be scary for some, but they can look great, especially when paired with choppy layers.

Subtle Layers and Side Part Bardot Bangs
Instagram @nikcabral

#31: Subtle Layers and Side Part Bardot Bangs

If you’re looking for a new style, try subtle layering with Bardot bangs. Also known as curtain bangs, Bardot bangs with a side part add an alluring and classy spin to otherwise bland medium layered haircuts with curtain bangs.

#32: Mid-Length Hair with Shorter Layers and Curtain Bangs

Try shorter layers with curtain bangs if you have mid-length or shoulder-length hair. Curl with a 1/2 inch iron and tousle with texture spray to have carefree, effortless haircuts.

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Round Lob with Thin Bangs and Soft Layers
Instagram @salon_spacect

#33: Round Lob with Thin Bangs and Soft Layers

A round bob with thin bangs and soft layers is one of the most elegant and timeless medium-length hairstyles. It is especially flattering when paired with medium layered hair with a soft fringe around the face.

#34: Medium Shag with Face-Framing Layers

If you’re wanting to switch up your hairstyle, try a medium shag cut with face-framing layers for medium hair. This cut is especially flattering on medium-length hair and an oval face shape.

#35: Curled Lob with Wispy Bangs

A curled lob with wispy bangs is a timeless look for almost any age. Adding blended layering to your medium layered bob haircut with bangs can be the perfect way to add shape and movement to your style.

#36: Long Bob with Waves and Choppy Bangs

Try a long bob with waves and choppy bangs for that messy, effortless look. A layered cut is especially flattering on short to medium-length hairstyles with bangs and layers. Enhance your beachy waves using a wand curling iron and some texture spray.

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#37: Textured Bangs on Brunette, Wavy Hair

Textured bangs are especially flattering on brunette, medium-wavy hair.

#38: Shoulder-Length Shagged Bob with Heavy Bangs

A shagged bob with heavy bangs is flattering for any face shape, especially on shoulder-length hair. If you’re looking for a medium layered haircut with long bangs, opt for a shaggy bob cut.

Tousled Style with Side-Swept Bangs
Instagram @manija_hair

#39: Tousled Style with Side-Swept Bangs

A tousled style with bangs is a messy yet purposeful look. It’s perfect for women with medium-layered haircuts with side-swept bangs who like to add a bit of edge to their look—Tousle with your fingers and the Wax Blast 10 texture spray by Redken.

#40: Wolf Cut with Wispy Bangs

A wolf cut with wispy bangs is the go-to trend nowadays. Medium-layered haircuts with bangs add volume and edge to fine hair.

#41: Textured Choppy Haircut and Bangs

If you have thick hair and want to switch up your style, try a medium choppy haircut with bangs. Choppy layers are great for adding volume and removing bulk while giving your hair the movement and versatility it needs.

Mid-Length Loose Curls with Short Bangs
Instagram @texturedpetite

#42: Mid-Length Loose Curls with Short Bangs

Mid-length curls paired with short bangs are the perfect example of natural sophistication. For curly-haired women, medium curly layered haircuts with bangs help add shape to your hair so you can wear it naturally with minimal effort. Use a diffuser on low heat to enhance your natural curl pattern.

Light Fringe for Medium Layered Hair
Instagram @haum_heoseok

#43: Light Fringe for Medium Layered Hair

Adding some light fringe and wispy bangs for medium layered haircuts is the perfect way to create a soft, elegant appearance. Style with hot rollers for that timeless blowout look.

#44: Medium Cut with Bangs and Feathered Layers

If you’re looking for a flirty new look, try a mid-length haircut with bangs and feathered layers. These hairstyles can give straight hair the perfect amount of movement and volume.