41 Coolest Boys Haircuts for School in 2022

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Little boys are full of spunk, so how about giving them haircuts that match their fun personalities? There are tons of cute and chic haircuts for boys. From short spiky strands to long layers, fades, texture, hard parts and line designs, this year’s most popular and best boys hairstyles and haircut photos will be on the inspiration you need for your young boy’s next look.

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Slicked Back Hard Part for Little Guys
Instagram @cutthroatguido

#1: Slicked Back Hard Part

A slicked-back hard part haircut can be an incredibly helpful style for your son’s hair. Keeping the sides super short with an expertly cut top means easier styling for you at home.

Mid Fade with a Textured Top for Boys
Instagram @gxdhair

#2: Mid Fade with a Textured Top

A mid fade with a textured top will have you looking cooler than any other boy in class. Remove bulk from the sides of the head, leaving just a bit of length up top to play around with. Be prepared to get a cut every 3-4 weeks to keep your new style looking fresh.

#3: Classic Short Side-Swept Cut

Blonde Skater Haircut for Little Guys
Instagram @imthedear

#4: Blonde Skater Haircut

One of the best things you can do for your young boy is take him to the salon for a blonde skater cut. This super fun cut will have them smiling from ear to ear!

Razor Cut Messy Style for Boys
Instagram @jayne_edosalon

#5: Razor Cut Messy Style

Blonde Combover with Shaved Sides for Little Guys
Instagram @shikshaircouture

#6: Blonde Combover with Shaved Sides

Thick Wavy Top with Bangs for Little Boys
Instagram @gxdhair

#7: Thick Wavy Top with Bangs

If you want to add a little style to your kid’s cut, try a thick wavy top with bangs! To keep up with this look, try to stick to a regular schedule of haircuts and clean-ups.

Skin Fade with Frosted Tips and Designs for Little Boys
Instagram @olsions.hair

#8: Skin Fade with Frosted Tips and Designs

A skin fade with frosted tips works well on dark, thick hair. The hair has been previously bleached and toned to achieve the grey color. It has been faded to the skin, blended into the top, and some of the top was left heavy to contrast the color difference. It has been finished off with a line razored in to make the fade stand out.

Messy Textured Top with a Skin Fade for Boys
Instagram @bk_barber_

#9: Messy Top

A messy top hairstyle works well if you don’t prefer taking a lot of time styling your hair. Don’t forget to use a little bit of paste or gel to keep your hair from looking too unkept, but avoid using too much product and weighing your hair down.

Long Blonde Flowing Hair on Top for Younger Boys
Instagram @dalehince

#10: Long Blonde Flowing Hair on Top

Long blonde flowing hair on top looks great on young boys. This trendy yet functional cut will have your little guy feeling confident and cool! If your child opts for this chop, don’t forget to try to incorporate a styling gel or cream into his routine for maximum style.

#11: Bald Fade with Cool Designs

Is your child looking for a unique short cut? Try a bald fade with a cool design! Hair designs are an easy way to add interest to a short cut without the commitment. Designs like these typically grow out completely by their next clean-up.

#12: Skin Fade with Fringe

A skin fade with fringe is the trendiest cut for young boys today. One part classic, one part unique, a skin fade can be completely customized to fit your child’s style.

School ready boys haircut
Instagram @chanthebarber

#13: School Ready Cool Boys Haircuts

If you’re looking for school-ready cool boys haircuts, short hairstyles are a smart choice. Short fashionable hairstyles look good even after a long day, and they are easy to wash and style. A clipper cut fade is a cool and best hairstyle for little gentlemen.

Long side swept hairstyle for boys
Instagram @ian.g.martinez

#14: Long, Side Swept Hairstyle

A long side-swept hairstyle is the perfect long haircut for boys. Longer hair with an angled fringe is more unique for boys but is usually easy to style and doesn’t need to be cut as often as a buzz cut. A longer side-swept cut with bangs is a great transition for a teen boy trying to grow out his hair.

#15: Cute Curly High Top

High top meets curly hair, kids version. Although it probably won’t last long, these cool haircuts for boys are designed for special occasions. Classic meets cute, well worth it in the end. The messy curls provide that extra touch needed for this look.

Instagram @alan_beak

#16: Perfectly Patterned Waves

Layered and patterned waves make one of the boys’ cool hairstyles for school days. Look creator Alan Beak from Tameside, UK describes this look fashion-forward with emphasis on texture and separation to make the style stand out.

Retain the length around the crown—that’s the most important part of this boy haircut. “There’s something so aesthetically pleasing about a crown that has been left longer to appreciate its natural form,” says Beak.

To style it, over blow dry the area flat to keep it flat to the head, overdirecting the movement toward the front of the face. Apply a sea salt spray for extra hold then a soft, water-based matte clay.

The wavy style is perfect for kids with round faces and it creates a square and masculine shape. The pattern enhances the natural hair texture, which can be worn any day, for any occasion. “Parents looking for school haircuts will find this one perfect for class pictures,” Beak points out.

For kids haircuts, going to a salon and stylist who has experience cutting kids hair will give them an enjoyable time.

stylish surgical lines buzz cut for little boys
Instagram @jaf_barbers

#17: Stylish Surgical Lines Buzz

Being a kid allows for freedom so don’t be afraid of choosing a bold and slick hairstyle for the little ones. If anything it will expose him to what it means to have style and that will work wonders through the years.

As always, you can adjust for visual impact by choosing between with or without the surgical lines on the sides. The buzz cut around the side and back complement the longer hair on top.

#18: The Classic Pompadour

The classic pompadour is a great choice for kids with thick and slightly wavy hair. Products such as gel and hairspray will definitely be needed to make the hair stay put in this classic haircut. If your child’s hair is super straight this cut might not be as suitable.

Classic french crop with a twist for boys
Instagram @chanthebarber

#19: Classic French Crop With a Twist

A classic french crop with a twist for toddlers is quite cool. It is easy to style for mornings before school. The cut is sharp with more length on top for added texture. It doesn’t need to be slicked into place. So, even if the hair gets messy from playing with other kids on the playground, it will still look stylish on your toddler boy.

#20: Classic Combover

A classic combover will always be on-trend to give more volume to boy’s hair. The length can be nicely tapered on the sides while leaving more length on top to comb up and over. Try using a medium-hold hairspray to hold in the style all day long.

Slicked back side part cut
Instagram @naira_olqinyan

#21: Slicked Back with a Side Part

A slicked back with a side part haircut on a young boy is distinguished and classic. A tight fade with a long top is low-maintenance and also gives a put-together appearance for any young boy.

Comb over for boys
Instagram @js_the_barberx

#22: Happy Comb Over

A boy’s short comb-over is a sophisticated hairstyle and gives a young boy a grown-up feel. With a comb-over, styling is important so before making the cut, make sure it is age-appropriate and that the little guy will be able or willing to style the hair almost daily.

Mohawk Man hairstyle
Instagram @sailingbarber

#23: Mohawk Man

A little mohawk for boys looks great with some hair left on the sides of the head. Licensed barber Raymond DeCandia from Tempe, AZ calls this gremlin’s mohawk, wherein the hair spikes neatly up from the short sides.

To create the look, “I used a little of the Reuzel fiber pomade and some grooming tonic to get it to punk up. I tend to use matte products for boys’ short haircuts like this,” says DeCandia.

Any kid can try this short hair! If your boy is bold enough to wear a mohawk, do it! It’s fun! Boy hairstyles do not always have to be safe and plain.

Ivy league cut with tapered sides
Instagram @salon_bergler

#24: Ivy League Cut with Tapered Sides

Try an Ivy League haircut with tapered sides for a sharp and sleek appearance. This modern-day crew cut leaves a little more length on top, allowing the hair to be parted to the side, leaving a clean, groomed finish. This style is best held in place with a little gel or wax. Whether they’re playing sports or in the playground, it stays in place all day long.

#25: Modern Pomp Line Up

A pompadour style with a hard part and a line-up is a vintage look with a modern twist. Texas-based barber Javier Perales created this look for boys.

To style the haircut, Perales used a locally made product called Aqua 512 Pomade. “After I style the hair, I top it off with some hair sheen to give it that glossy wet look. It helps lock everything in place to give it that wow factor,” Perales states.

This trendy hairstyle isn’t recommended for a little boy with curly or very coarse hair. It usually suits those with straight, textured hair best.

#26: Frohawk with Burst Fade

A frohawk with burst fade is a cool and edgy haircut that matches a fun personality of a black boy. Barber and stylist Gerred Curwick of Arizona says it’s perfect for natural curls.

Curwick always considers the head shape and the hair texture when working on a frohawk. “I use a lot of raking while doing my fades and setting in good guidelines on both sides. I then start blending in order to keep both sides symmetrical,” he notes.

A trendsetter high fade haircut with lines on the side
Instagram @sarahdoesdooz

#27: Trendsetter High Fade With Lines

A high fade with shaved lines can be specific to the head shape or the kid’s desire. Stylist Sarah Taylor of Mequon, WI explains, “Some people want their fade high and tight, while others want a fade line with longer hair as it goes up. It’s highly personalized and each boy can put their own personality into it.”

When styling, use a firm hold pomade or paste to keep the top up. In addition, use hairspray to hold it in place all day through the active lifestyle of young kids.

Faded haircuts are definitely for the trendsetter. According to Taylor, “These can work awesome on boys that are willing to put in a little bit of time and feel comfortable styling.”

A fade can look good on most face shapes with the exception of oblong. The look creates height, so if the face is long it is not ideal. It is also a bit more difficult to pull off this hairstyle if the hair is stick straight.

A retro high top fade for young black boys
Instagram @f4fade

#28: Black Retro High Top

A high top or flat top has a very retro feel. Take it from this haircut, designed by barber F4Fade from the UK.

“For this short textured top, I recommend an afro comb, sheen spray to keep the shine, and possibly have your hair blow dried before cutting. I also recommend a curl sponge if you prefer the rough look or advanced sculpting gel for a softer curly look,” F4Fade advises.

Such little boys’ haircuts are ideal for slim-type kids, but can really work on almost anyone. It’s perfect for those with bubbly personalities.

#29: Tapered Hard Part Spikes

into gentlemen. According to style creator Nic Alexander of Milford, MA, “This trendy look features a 1/4-inch fade up to the part and blended on the other side, as well as a crisp line up around ears and back. This top is cut to the desired length, then combed to the side with a froth quiff. The part is also razored in.”

Copy the style by using a water-soluble pomade for a nice shine and great hold. Throughout the day, it can be easily reactivated to restyle the haircut with just a little bit a water and a comb.

Though this neat hairstyle is great for anyone with straight hair, the right product can make it work with other hair textures, too! Alexander adds, “This cut needs to be styled every day. It’ll not look the same without hair products and styling. Whether you’re just doing your day to day activities or have a special event, this hairstyle never fails to make you look sharp and classy!”

A high skin fade haircut with twists for little black boys
Instagram @dogpatchbarber

#30: High Skin Fade Twists

A high skin fade with a sharp line up and a natural curly top looks so adorable on boys. Simple yet stylish! It’s easy to maintain for the parents and the children. It’s also a very trendy and cool look for the current times.

Barber and salon owner Christopher Eliares from San Francisco, CA creates the natural twist look by using any twist styling product such as the Twist Sponge. It can be topped off with a holding spray to really lock the style in.

The natural twist look will only work on African-American textured hair. It is the only texture that the Sponge will grab onto.

As for the high skin fade and on top, Eliares recommends these hairstyles to a boy with more of a square-shaped facial structure. The height of the hair and shape of the cut will complement their face shape.

#31: Toddler Textured

A toddler textured haircut is a fun style. Kiddos in the classroom will comment on your child ‘s new cut. Ask your stylist to cut the sides and back short and to cut into the top with scissors to create this style. Gel should be used to get that spikey top. Children’s hair grows fast, so you will need to get a trim every 4-5 weeks to keep it looking fresh.

#32: Clean Disconnected

A clean disconnected haircut is adorable and the perfect hairstyle for young lads. Adding a fade and letting a boy choose a design in the back lets them show their creativity and style.

cute bowl cut for active little boys
Instagram @masterlook_89

#33: Active Style

Opt for a cute bowl cut if your little guy is active. Long hair like this are versatile.

It’s the perfect haircut for any active boy who wants to look stylish, but doesn’t want to spend time having his hair fussed with.

A preppy Faux Hawk haircut for younger boy
Instagram @snipinto

#34: Preppy Faux Hawk

The best thing about a preppy faux hawk is it can look neat and tidy or rough up.

For a faux hawk hairstyle, look creator Julia Crowley of Manly Vale, NSW recommends Eleven Australia’s Dry Powder Volume Paste as it works well for a dry textured look that is still pliable. For the more preppy combover look, she loves Schwarzkopf Osis Damped because it gives a slightly wet look with a good hold.

“These haircuts work well on kids who want a look that they can change up. It can be customized to work on fine or thick hair. It is easy to style and looks great even with no styling,” Crowley notes.

#35: Modern Mohawk

Try a modern mohawk if your child wants to add character to their style. The shaved sides are clipper cut and the top is left longer, so a strong hold extreme gel will probably be needed to defy gravity. As long as product is used this cut will work on any hair type.

#36: Cool Disconnected Undercut

A cool disconnected undercut is well-suited for boys and or men wanting a clean, sleek cut. Having straight hair compliments this cut well. It gives the appearance of a parting with a blended fade. This cut does not need loads of product for the shape to stay.

Surfer shag haircut for kids
Instagram @veromacnamara

#37: Surfer Shag

A surfer shag is a cute cut especially if you just can’t bring yourself to cut your kiddos hair short. A longer look is also beneficial because it grows out less noticeably. So you can stretch cuts to 6-8 weeks.

#38: Textured Crew Cut

A textured crew cut with a skin fade is very trendy, looks cool, and is easier to style and maintain. Kids and parents will love the level of graduation and the sharpness of it. This crew cut style can work on younger and older guys alike!

Stylist Joy Joanne Say of London, UK suggests a pomade to give it a nice, glossy, and groomed appearance. “A pomade works well with the texturized top and highlights some definition,” Say explains.

The cut suits a boy with a rounder face as the length on top elongates the face, giving it more structure. It also suits those with a lot of thick hair.

#39: Stand Up Hard Lines

Spikes and hard parts give the boys’ comb-over haircuts a fresh take. Style creator Krista Flores of Nampa Idaho added the extra hard part and hair tattoo for extra uniqueness and style.

“For this spiky hair, I recommend a hard hold pomade or gel applied to dry hair,” Flores suggests.

These cuts are great for guys of all ages. It can be changed little by little for each individual boy to make it work for them perfectly.

A low fade haircut that's tapered for
Instagram @angie_trezza

#40: Low Taper Fade with Long Surgical Line

The taper fade haircuts with long surgical lines are trendy and versatile, which makes them a great cut for guys of all ages. These cuts can be achieved using different types of fades—mid, temp, skin, or bald—depending on personal preference.

Angela Siciliano, a stylist from Reading, PA, explains the perks of a taper fade. “It can be combined with a variety of styles like a combover, mohawk, or blowout to create any classic or modern boys’ cut. I chose a combover for this one as it’s easy-maintenance,” she states.

A long top fade looks best with hair that is normal to thick. The haircut also compliments oval, round, or square face shapes. “Since the style is tight on the sides and longer on top, it adds height to the overall appearance of the face, lengthening rounder faces and softening square ones,” Siciliano points out.

If looking for trendy, versatile, and easy-to-maintain cuts, then the taper fade haircut is definitely the way to go! Recreate the look using professional texturizing or styling clay to keep the style in place.

#41: Messy French Crop with Cool Designs

A messy french crop with a cool design is any young teen’s perfect haircut. Not too many teens like shorter hair on top but don’t mind a tight skin fade for the sides. This hairstyle is the perfect fit for you, longer length on top texturized perfectly blending into a skin fade. Adding a hair design puts just enough swag to this style any teen will never turn resist.

Readers Also Ask

  • There are many different haircuts that parents ask for but the most popular at the moment is a short back and sides and swept over to the left or the right. Some parents like it really short like a 0.5 or a 1, but others don’t like to see skin so grade 4 is preferred. Depending on the hair type and/or any hair growth patterns it’ll be swept either way and sometimes a hard part will be shaved in.

  • Some parents like an easy to manage haircut and these can still be made to look cool. A lot of parents like to get the most out of a haircut so will ask for it as short as they can on the sides and finger tight on top.

  • This is more commonly known as the college boy cut. This is a short back and sides, can be any length you like, nicely lined in at the back and tapered at the neck. The top is then cut short, not too short otherwise it will stick up. The hair is then brushed into a side parting to be kept neat and tidy.

  • When people ask for a number 3, it generally means a grade 3, which is 9mm in length. You need to articulate properly if you want it all over or just on the back and sides. Grade 3 is a nice tidy length that can be finished very neatly with a taper. Just make sure you ask for the right thing.

  • Keeping the hair short is best for a schoolboy, as they will be very active and it won’t get in the way. So anything from a short back and sides with texture on top up to a college boy cut will be easy to manage. You need to check with your child’s school as some schools do have rules about haircuts as its considered uniform.

  • There’s no real age that a boy should get a cut as each child is different. Some young boys don’t grow much hair until they get to the toddler stage, but then some babies are born with mass amounts of hair. Some parents like their babies hair kept short on the neck as it can get matted where they keep rubbing their head.

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