30 Sexiest Long Side Bangs for All Lengths of Hair (2024 Pictures)

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Trendy long side bangs have face-framing features that go in a diagonal line across the forehead. They’re perfect for hiding larger foreheads and skin imperfections and are known to have a slimming effect.

The best hair types for longer side bangs are wavy to straight due to the ease of styling with these textures. Curly hair may need a bit more help and product to achieve the desired results.

According to hairstylist Arijana Arci of Louisville, KY, “If you’re more of a wash-and-go type of woman, longer side bangs won’t do you any good. These bangs have high upkeep and need daily styling.”

Arci recommends blow-drying when styling side bangs that are long. Blow-drying amps up bangs in an instant – giving it a relaxed, chic finish. With this, it creates an illusion of prominent cheekbones and well-defined jawline.

So before your next salon visit, check out these popular images of the best hairstyles with long side bangs for your next idea!`


#1: Long Layers with Soft Bangs

Long hair might seem monotonous due to its similar appearance after any cut. Changing the hair style can provide variety. You can style your natural curls or straighten your hair. Next, integrate soft bangs that frame the face and blend well with your longer layers. Long layers add body to fine or thin hair. They don’t take away too much weight, keeping the hair full and flowy.

#2: Side-Swept Fringe with Blonde Highlights

Consider a style featuring a blonde highlighted, side-swept fringe. Adding highlights to your hair can enhance your personal style by adding contrast and dimension. If you have a long, pear, or round face shape, long side bangs with a deep part cascading across your face would be a fitting choice.

Mid-Long Wavy Red Hair with Soft Long Side Fringe
Instagram @piatupop

#3: Mid-Long Wavy Red Hair with Soft Fringe

Are you a woman with a square shape? Adding bangs will soften the corners of a square face. This will make your face look more symmetrical.

Medium Cut with Long See-Through Side Bangs and Subtle Layers
Instagram @otakucrystal

#4: Medium Cut with See-Through Bangs

Get a medium cut with see-through bangs. By adding bangs, you can create a new look for your medium-length hair. If you’re not ready for fuller bangs, try a wispy side bang. Side bangs frame your face and can be quickly pinned back. You can also grow them out fast if you wish to return to a no-bangs look.

#5: Face-Framing Feathered Cut with Side Fringe

For rounded and pear face shapes, I suggest adding a longer side sweep of a bang. The longer side sweep follows the cheekbones, creating a beautiful veil around the eyes. Adding choppy feathered face-framing gives an interesting texture and a modern frame to the longer cut. Pulling all the hair forward results in a bold, face-framed shape with a lot of movement.

#6: Long Balayage Hair with Long Bangs

Try long balayage hair with long bangs if you want a classic look. One of the simplest ways to achieve this look is to curl your hair and brush the curls out. Use a finishing product that is best for locking in your style so it holds all day!

#7: Extra Long Pixie with Side Bangs and a Side Part

Try an extra long pixie with side bangs and a side part if you want a more edgy style. If you want to you can even wear this haircut back away from your face for a pompadour style.

Short Brown Bob with Long Side Fringe
Instagram @mpobedinskaya

#8: Short Brown Bob with Long Side Fringe

If you spend time in your beauty routine and enjoy it, managing a short brown bob would be a great style fit. Talk to your stylist about style variations that would be a great fit for your hair and features. This is where a style is very customizable for the best wear.

Sexy Light Copper Long Flowing Side Bangs
Instagram @_salonsalon

#9: Sexy Light Copper Flowing Side Bangs

One of the greatest styles for thick hair is flowing side bangs. To get them to lay feathered, try to use a large round brush and velcro rollers to set the style. This season’s trendiest color is a sexy light copper. It pairs well with the style in addition to being able to customize the color to your complexion.

#10: Side Fringe for Fine Hair

Side fringe for fine hair can dress up the silhouette for a new style in a new season. The hair may be worn long or can be worn short, the side fringe acts like an accessory for the overall style.

#11: Short Hair with Longer Side Bangs

Short hair with long side bangs gives a romantic sweep to the eyes. A long-length side-swept fringe softens the corners on a square-shaped face. Great for fine hair and medium-textured hair to help give volume and bounce to the tresses.

#12: Long Wispy Side Bangs Hairstyle

Long wispy side bangs hairstyle is cute on short, blunt bob cuts. Hairstyles for long side bangs give a soft, feminine glow that can be styled on straight or wavy hair.

#13: Super Long Bangs for Straight Hair

Super long side bangs for straight hair are a chic and subtle way to add seamlessly blended bangs. Long side bangs are perfect for all face shapes. It is for ladies looking for a slight change to their look.

Long Layered Hair with Bangs Hairstyle
Instagram @cleencuts

#14: Long Layered Hair with Bangs

Long layered hair with bangs styled off to the side is versatile and never goes out of style. A haircut with layered bangs to the side can be styled straight or curly. Side bangs look best when cut with extra layers to create a stunning wispy, bombshell look.

#15:  Side Bangs for Thick Hair

Long side bangs for thick hair are a beautiful look for circle or oval-shaped faces. Side bangs with layers throughout are perfect for ladies with thick hair who want to spice up their look while keeping it simple.

Long Side Fringe for Wavy Hair
Instagram @raularaujohair

#16: Long Side Fringe for Wavy Hair

The long side fringe for wavy hair is stunning on all ladies but especially those with fine hair textures. Haircuts for long side bangs should have surface layers. It helps blend the fringe and pulls the entire look together.

#17: Long Hair with Side Bangs

Long hair with side bangs swept perfectly across the bridge of your nose or cheekbones softens your overall face shape. Long-length side bangs are great for square-shaped faces. Ask your stylist to do less layering around the face and focus on the side bangs with long hair. It brings all the attention to the eyes while elongating around the jawline.

long layered choppy bob haircut with long side bang
Instagram @migueldoeshair

#18: Long Layered Choppy Bob with Side Bangs

Go for long layered jagged bob with side bangs if you love a messy texture to your tresses. The longer layers are airy and create width to the bob to enhance the texture in your wavy hair. Side bangs are the perfect addition to give extra shape and movement around the face while keeping the layers longer.

#19: Long Face-Framing Side Bangs for a Round Face

Long side bangs for a round face shape can be achieved without making your face look more round on a shorter styled chin-length cut. Ask your stylist to keep the length on the sides right below the chin area. To elongate the face, you can ask your stylist not to add any additional face-framing layers other than side-swept bangs cut above the brows.

long side bangs for women over 60 hairstyle
Instagram @jaezhairstudio

#20: Long Side Fringe for Women Over 60

Long side fringe for women over 60 accentuates the eyes and frames the face quite well. This is a great cut for long and square face shapes. Long side fringe can help hide a large forehead and balance out the face symmetrically.

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long feathered fringe with bangs to the side
Instagram @renyaxydis

#21: Long Feathered Fringe Bangs to the Side

Long feathered fringe bangs to the side are excellent for women who want volume without giving up the hair length. To style this cut, use mousse and dry the hair with a diffuser dryer.

long side bangs for older women hairstyle
Instagram @vera_silver_

#22: Side Bangs for Older Women

Side bangs for older women give extra style to your tresses while keeping them under low maintenance. The sweeping motion adds life back to the hair regardless of the hair length. The added benefit of side bangs is that they don’t need to be cut as often and grows out with shape that is easy to style.

Flattering long side bangs for women over 50
Instagram @grey_abounds

#23: Flattering Side Bangs for Women Over 50

Flattering side bangs for women over 50 with glasses is a must-try hairstyle to soften and disguise any areas of recession. The hairline near our temples tends to become lighter with age. Giving some long movement to this area draws the eye to the mid-face and away from the forehead. The longer length in bangs also hits the sweet spot at your cheekbones for a youthful-looking appearance.

#24: Longer Fringe for Short Hair

Try a longer fringe for short hair if you want to slim down a wider face. Square and round face shapes are generally widest at the cheeks. Adding long side bangs that sweep across the face, narrows such face shapes.

Long side bangs for curly hair
Instagram @alizaquefez

#25: Long and Curly Side Bangs

Long and curly side bangs create extra fullness, volume and blend beautifully with the rest of your facial features. This allows for a beautiful projection of your curls no matter what your curl type is.

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#26: Long Bob with Side Bangs

A long bob with side bangs helps elongate the face and gives more definition to the cheeks. Bet on a layered and frayed fringe to frame the face perfectly while effortlessly adding some volume into it.

#27: Pixie with Side Parted Bangs

A pixie with side-parted bangs creates a soft swept style. Create the part from the top of the head forward where the hair will naturally fall. Add a few shorter layers in the crown for added volume and texture. To get a soft swept look, use a 1 1/2-2 inch round brush over-directing back so the hair will fall and sweep over your face. Think of pulling the hair in the opposite way from where you want it to fall.

#28: Side-Swept Bangs for a Long Hairstyle

Try long side-swept bangs to enhance your long hairstyle. Ask your stylist to cut your bangs to the lip or nose for the perfect length. These long bangs look great on all face shapes and add a sexy look to the overall appearance. Blow-dry or curl away from your face for a soft finish.

Longer side bangs on medium hair
Instagram @davidwbullen

#29: Longer Bangs on Medium Hair

Longer bangs on medium hair with layers and bangs work well for framing longer faces. The longer length of the bangs sweep at the middle part of your facial structure and allow shape around the face. This breaks up the length of the face and shoulder-length hair by creating movement exactly where you need it.

Stylist David Bullen of SoHo, NY says, “to style, use a spritz of texture or salt spray. I love Undressed by Hairstory. Comb into place, give the lengths a squeeze, and air dry.”

long layered hair with long side bangs
Instagram @iuliantimisica

#30: Long Layered Hair with Side Bangs

Opt for long layered hair with side bangs and amp it up with a lot of waves for added movement and body.

This hair trend was created by stylist Iulian Silviu Timisica of Romania. It’s an iconic layered haircut and an upgraded version of Brigitte Bardot’s. For extra dimension, Timisica added highlights and foil balayage, too!