24 Modern Haircuts for Women Over 70 to Look Younger (Pictures + Tips)

The best haircut for women over 70

Haircuts for women over 70 are created to complement ladies with naturally thinning hair by making the hair look fuller. Here, I’ll help you find the best new haircut that matches your style, personality, and hair type.

Thinning hair is a common problem for older women, especially who are in their 70s. However, modern hair cutting and dyeing techniques allow more space for versatility that you can enjoy even with fine hair. There is a long list of dimensional hues, voluminous shapes, and even various lengths to decide from that will make your mane look thicker and healthier.

Lupita Ornelas is a licensed hairstylist from Frisco, TX. As a specialist in modern cuts, she gives her ultimate go-to rule when deciding your ideal chop. “Choose a haircut that fits your everyday routine, lifestyle, and fashion sense,” she says.

In general, shorter cuts takes about 5-10 min to style. If you have tons of hair, it may take a few more minutes.

Now, let’s talk about your hair texture. Is it fine, average, or coarse? A razor cut on fine hair creates more texture which helps give more lift. For average to coarse hair,  you’ll want a deep texture which is especially important with heavy hair because the weight of it combined with gravity can make it harder to keep the lift.

If your hair is wavy/curly hair, make sure your hairstylist is mindful of the size of your curl pattern and overall cut length to ensure the style works for your texture.

Reaching 70 years of age may cause your tresses to get thin and flat. Ornelas suggests using an Oway Volumizing Root Spray as it “adds a voluminous and thick look to the hair.” What she further likes about it is its contents that are biodynamic, organic, and ethical.

Are you ready to be inspired?

Here are pictures of the best haircuts for women over 70!

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Short Pixie Cut for Women Over Seventy

White short pixie cut for women over seventy
Instagram @ anniestirkmodel and @stevieroyphoto

The best haircut for women over 70 is a textured, short pixie cut. A short pixie with texture will help boost volume and is easy to style. It’s the perfect go-to hairstyle for women with thin and fine tresses. Wear this kind of pure sassy, white hair, and look impressive with ease.

Shorter Hair Style for Silver Hair

Shorter Hair Style for a Woman Over 70 with Silver Hair
Instagram @acutabovesalon_pulaski

Women over 70 often look for a shorter hair style for their silver hair. A chin-length bob with long layers keeps the weight off your neck but allows for a fuller-looking style.

No Fuss Cut for Short Hair

No Fuss Cut for Women Over 70 with Short Hair
Instagram @philly_curl_creator

Ladies over 70 are often looking for a no fuss haircut for short hair. A short pixie is often the go-to! It has shaved sides that taper into choppy layers adding height to your tresses.

Edgy Hairstyle for Women with Personality

Edgy Hairstyle for Women Over 70 with Personality
Instagram @lyndalsalmon

Edgy hairstyle for women with personality looks beautiful with bright colors like red. A hair mousse will help you achieve volume at the root.

Sassy Short Hairstyle

Sassy Short Hairstyle for Ladies Over 70
Instagram @headlineshairhornchurch

A sassy short hairstyle is perfect for those looking for more volume, especially for thin hair. Try using pomade for a messy finish.

Lovely Shoulder-Length Bob Hairstyle

Lovely Shoulder-Length Bob Hairstyle for Women Over 70 Years Old
Instagram @hairby.chena

A lovely shoulder-length bob hairstyle creates a youthful look for women over 70. With several layers, choppy and blended, you can keep your length while adding volume and height to your tresses. It helps create the illusion of a fuller look.

Textured Cut for Thick Hair

Textured Cut for Women Over 70 with Thick Hair
Instagram @studiorobertomartins_

Textured cut for thick hair is heavily layered, decreasing the bulk that comes with having thick hair and adds gorgeous movement to your overall look. Face framing layers can spice up your cut while adding length at the same time.

Layers for Straight Long Hair for Women

long straight haircut for a woman in her 70s
Instagram @hair_boldly

Sometimes, you really need to shake things up. If you want to pull off a Long and Straight hairstyle, way to go! Flaunting your natural grey hair color will not harm your choice, too. Lowlights and highlights will blend in like magic, and there are no two ways about it.

Edgy Grey Pixie with Long Bangs for Older Women

Edgy gray pixie cut with long bangs
Instagram @chadiashairsalon

Treat your hair with a shade that can make you stand out. Rock a bright grey pixie with long bangs in which styling will be the least of your concern. Just run your fingers through your strands until you create a textured finish, and you’re all done.

Textured Short Bob for Over 70

textured short bob haircut for woman over 70
Instagram @tz_cutnitup

It’s impossible to outshine a stunning textured short bob for older ladies with grey-colored tresses. The movement and body that this razor cut offers are enough justifications to love it. Include some side bangs to finish it off with flair.

Short and Choppy Gray Hair

Woman over 70 with short and choppy gray hair
Instagram @chopchopbangbang_official

Here’s a trendy older women’s short haircut and choppy cut for gray hair. Request for choppy bangs as well and sweep them to a side to balance things out if you have a longer face.

Short Angled Bob with Bangs

Short angled bob with bangs for women over 70

A modern angled bob with bangs is a popular hairstyle for over 70. This short white bob works best for women with straight and medium density hair.

Feathered Pixie for Older Women

feathered blonde pixie haircut for women over 70
Instagram @studiocapellisalon

Here’s a feathered blonde pixie cut to ginger up the thin, straight hair of yours. The fusion of root smudge and texture plus the side-swept bangs create an illusion of a fuller look. Include an undercut because that’s way cooler than the usual short cut for 70 and up.

Short Bob with Bangs for Women with Glasses

Bob with bangs for women over 70 with glasses
Instagram @blacksheepsalonaz

A face-framing short bob with bangs is an ideal haircut for older women over 70 with glasses. Depending upon your face shape, adding bangs with glasses can bring more focus to your eyes and less focus to unflattering parts, such as double chins, wrinkles, long foreheads, etc.

Chin-Length A-Line Bob for Women in Their 70’s

chin length bob haircut for women in their 70s
Instagram @beautybyjuliek

What a perfect way to show off the dimension on your blonde locks! This inverted, chin-length bob needs only texture to carry out the depth and emphasis in this hairstyle for older women. A little side-swept fringe is guaranteed to let your youthful vibes out, as well!

Short Layered Bob for Older Ladies

Short layered bob haircut for ladies over 70
Instagram @karmahairsalonalliston

One of the more popular short hairstyles for women over 70 is a short layered bob. This hairstyle is a fun and sassy cut that is low maintenance with a lot of styling options. You could add bangs, a few shorter layers, or leave the front a little longer, and it will still have that great shape to it.

If you’re considering this jaw-length cut bob, the most important part is that you know how to round brush to get the full textured look.

Hairstyles for 70-year-old women need products! So when it comes to products, use a root boost, spray wax, texture powder, and, as always, thermal spray.

Short Modern Shag for Women

short ash blonde haircut for a woman over 70
Instagram @hairbyannaobx

This is a modern and shaggier short haircut that is achieved through a mix of razoring and point cutting technique, according to Kitty Hawk, NV hairstylist Anna Marroquin.

When it comes to products, Anna advises to give it body and texture by using a styling mousse. “I prefer the Kendra platinum line series or Big Sexy Hair for volume. I also finish with a Frenzy styling paste by Sexy Hair to create a piecey messy finish and to create even more texture and hold,” she adds.

“This style is for older ladies over seventy who loves to play with their hair and give it a messier finished look instead of a placed finish,” says Anna. “It’s for someone who is on the go and wants to have a trendy, modern, younger-looking style.”

Layered Long Pixie for Ladies

layered long pixie for ladies over 70
Instagram @oldushkamodels

If you’re looking for 70-year-old women hairstyles, try a sleek and polished long pixie that’s ageless.

This older age cut is easy to style. A quick, rough blow-dry and minimal round brushing (depending on how much volume you are looking for) should be just enough to get the sassy look it deserves. Less styling is more for that on-trend, timeless look!

Woman with Spiky Pixie Cut

Woman in her 70s with a spiky pixie cut
Instagram @salon_gaby_82110

This 70+ short cut for women with fine hair is short, spiky, and sassy. This short style for 70 or over is still feminine because of details like angled sideburns.

Short Stacked Bob on Natural Gray Hair for Over 70

Old woman over 70 with a stacked bob haircut
Instagram @aprilbbeauty

This over 70 hairstyle with glasses is a short stacked bob, and it’s edgy. The shape has been exaggerated for visual appeal. By taking the fringe shorter and blunter, it opens up the face and creates more of an impact.

Hairstyles for 70 year old women with glasses like this is a versatile cut. It allows you to either wash and go, or spend some time with your blowdryer to add volume and smoothness.

Short Wedge Cut for Older Women

Short wedge haircut for women in their 70s
Instagram @oldushkamodels

Choose a short wedge cut if you still have fuller hair, but don’t want it too long or too short. With the right products, you can have plenty of volume and movement.

For products, use a blow drying mousse for volume and then fine tune the desired look with a dry texture spray.

Short Cut for Women Over 70 with Fine Hair

Short haircut for women over 70 with fine hair
Instagram @hincapiehair

This short cut is gritty and for old ladies who are always in step with fashion and new trends.

For products, a wax or lacquer manages to create multiple looks – from the most rock and disheveled to the most elegant and refined.

With 70-year-old women haircuts, always be accompanied by a beautiful color. As in this case, where you can add highlights to enhance your natural gray and look like it’s always well cared for in detail!

Graduated Lob for Women

medium length cut for woman over 70 with dark brown hair
Instagram @ssbcosmetology

Sleek and shiny—two words to describe this hairstyle the best! Flaunt a medium-length cut on dark brown hair, and get that ageless beauty. Don’t forget the bangs for a youthful final touch.

Wavy Bob for Older Women with Thin Hair

Woman in her 70s with a wavy bob haircut
Instagram @alivefitandfree

Beauty is ageless, and even if your tresses get finer and finer, you have to wear them with class! Don’t fret flaunting a short chop, pairing full highlights on a sandy blonde shade. Feel young as you wear the perfect wavy bob haircut for thin hair.