50+ Flattering Hairstyles for Women Over 70

The best haircut for women over 70

The most flattering hairstyles for women over 70 are created to “boost volume for naturally thinning hair, fit your everyday routine, lifestyle, and fashion sense,” says Lupita Ornelas, a licensed hairstylist from Frisco, TX.

Key Things to Know

Your hair texture:

  • Fine Hair: A razor cut on fine hair creates more texture which helps give more lift.
  • Average to coarse hair: you’ll want a deep texture which is especially important with heavy hair because the weight of it combined with gravity can make it harder to keep the lift.
  • Wavy/curly hair: make sure your hairstylist is mindful of the size of your curl pattern and overall cut length to ensure the style works for your texture.

Have Thinning Hair?
This is common for older women, especially women in their 70s. However, I and other hairstylists use modern hair cutting and dyeing techniques that allow more space for versatility that you can enjoy even with fine hair.

Are you ready to be inspired? Here are pictures of the best hairstyles for women over 70!

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Stunning Side Part Inverted Bob for Ladies in Their 70s
Instagram @leegravessalon

#1: Stunning Side Part Inverted Bob

Hairstyles for women over 70 can be customized to suit your unique personality. Add a side part to your inverted bob for a classic look. A side parting can make your hair appear to have more volume. It can still be made to be versatile to part wherever you would like. Having the nape of your hair cropped shorter gives an amazing shape as well as removes bulk from your thicker hair, making it easier to style. Be sure to ask your stylist about personalizing your bob to suit your style and needs by adding layers or a fringe!

Jaw-Length White Hairstyle with a Side Part for Women 70 and Over
Instagram @fredericahazen

#2: Jaw-Length White Hairstyle with a Side Part

Haircuts for women over 70 can really pop when paired with grey or white hair. Consider a jaw-length hairstyle if you have white hair like the woman in the photo. The length is classic and beautiful. Keep your white hair looking pure with the Pravana Purple Toning Mask.

#3: Youthful-Looking Short Pink Hair

Have some fun with your locks with youthful-looking short pink hair. Look 10 years younger by cutting your hair to the perfect length and adding a pop of fun color. A shorter cut is great if you want to spend less time styling and still look super trendy. If you already have white hair, putting a fashion color over it is a cinch.

#4: Beautifully Rounded Bob with Stacked Layers

If you want to add volume to your short hairstyle, try a rounded bob with stacked layers. This cut pairs especially well with some subtle highlights but would look beautiful with your natural hair color as well.

Short Feathered Cut for Wavy Hair with Glasses for 70-Year-Olds
Instagram @guelsen.tasch

#5: Short Feathered Cut for Wavy Hair with Glasses

Hairstyles for women over 70 need layers if you have curly or wavy hair.  A short feathered cut is a great choice if you’re a woman with naturally wavy hair. The feathered layers help to remove bulk while adding shape and body. Short hair is especially flattering if you wear glasses because it creates a pretty face frame without crowding your features.

Dirty Blonde Chin-Length Classic Bob Cut for Women in Their 70s
Instagram @_shanxhair

#6: Dirty Blonde Chin-Length Classic Bob Cut

Add some style to your shape with a chin-length bob. Ask your stylist for medium layers to give your bob more texture and movement than a one-length cut. You’ll want to dry your hair with a soft mousse and a medium-round brush moving towards your face. Keep in mind, that modern bobs are finished with less volume, so you’ll want to try to keep your roots flatter to your head. If you have a narrow face shape a bit of volume on the sides is recommended for balance.

Bright Copper Red Hair with Wispy Bangs for Ladies in Their 70s
Instagram @hairby_caseyw

#7: Bright Copper Red Hair with Wispy Bangs

If you’re looking to show off your unique personality try copper red hair paired with wispy bangs. A cute and sassy cut will make you feel and look amazing. Warm red tones will make you stand out in a crowd and is eye-catching, but be ready for some serious maintenance. You will have to refresh your color every 4 weeks to keep your red bright and vibrant.

#8: Timeless Short-Length Feathered Hair

A short-length feathered hairstyle is a timeless look that will never go out of style. If you want to try a shorter cut while keeping volume, ask for feathered layers on your next trip to your hair salon. Style with a Revlon Blow Dry brush to create the full, blowout look.

Modern Straight Shag Medium Hairstyle for Ladies Past 70
Instagram @jay_r_826

#9: Modern Straight Shag Medium Hairstyle

Haircuts for women over 70 have to suit your hair’s natural texture. Consider a medium-length shag if you have straight hair and are looking for more movement and texture. Shorter layers throughout your hair help to create the illusion of fullness and volume. The addition of bangs is an incredibly easy way to hide any fine lines and wrinkles around your face and eyes, while also enhancing your cheekbones and face shape.

#10: Edgy Tapered Pixie with Layers

A tapered pixie when paired with layers is a beautiful and edgy hairstyle. To style with volume, backcomb at your crown and spray with the Redken Quick Tease Finishing Spray.

#11: Easy-Maintenance Short & Messy Curly Hair

You’ll want to try short curly hair if you are searching for an easy style and you have natural messy waves. Ask your stylist for short layers throughout, leaving softness around your ears and nape. If you have straight hair and love this style, a loose perm could be the answer. Apply some curl amplifier to your cut and air dry for a super easy finish.

Flattering Highlighted Pixie Hair for Women 70 and Up
Instagram @hairlove_salon

#12: Flattering Highlighted Pixie Hair

Hairstyles for women over 70 look especially flattering with highlights or lowlights.   Highlighted pixie hair creates a fun and youthful look, and is perfect for mature women. Pixie haircuts can add volume to the crown area which helps elongate your face. The highlights help to brighten and bring out the color in your eyes, too.

Beautiful Blonde Concave Bob for Women 70 and Over
Instagram @zoe_tara_salon

#13: Beautiful Blonde Concave Bob

You can rock a concave bob and feel stylish and beautiful. If you want healthy hair, cutting your length up will get rid of tired split ends and make your hair look amazing. Ask your stylist for long concave layers, and your hair will have soft movement. You’ll want to blow out your bob with a large metal barrel round brush and a smoothing serum for bounce and shine. Your hair will need to be cut about every 5 weeks to keep your shape perfect.

#14: Very Short Graduated Pixie

A lot of women over 70 have a very short graduated pixie. A bold, no-fuss pixie is a great short cut that has a wash-and-go style. If you’re like most senior citizens, I’m sure you don’t want to be bothered with long styling time, so a short pixie is the way to go. Use some texture paste and be out the door.

#15: Sweet Curly Hairstyle on a Bob Cut

When it comes to haircuts for women over 70, picking something to suit your natural texture makes styling easy. Try this cute curly bob cut. Cut dead weight off your strands and embrace your curls. A bob haircut is a perfect length for your curls to lift easily and spring up. Use some curling gel to help your hairstyle stay in place and keep frizz at bay.

Layered Hairstyle with Bold Money Pieces for a Woman in Her 70s
Instagram @hairhaven_ma

#16: Layered Hairstyle with Bold Money Pieces

Haircuts for women over 70 are most flattering when paired with dimensional color.  If you want a trendy style, try a layered cut with a money piece. A bright bold money piece will make your skin tone appear brighter. A layered haircut will look stylish when blow-dried with a round brush to give your hair bounce and shine.

Sassy Choppy Gray Pixie Bob for a 70-Year-Old Lady
Instagram @jujuchanhair

#17: Sassy Choppy Gray Pixie Bob

If you like a versatile look that can transition from bold and edgy to sleek and elegant, try a choppy gray pixie haircut. The texture in a choppy cut will help to create an effortless, messy look to your hair. As a mature lady, your hair also becomes thinner, and a cropped cut helps to give the illusion of more volume and fullness. If you crave a more edgy look, try a longer side-swept bang for an asymmetric look to your style.

Fabulous Long Pixie Cut for 70-Year-Olds with Fine Hair
Instagram @studio.17.hair

#18: Fabulous Long Pixie Cut for Fine Hair

If you’re an older woman with fine hair that’s short, opt for a long pixie cut. Short haircuts are great for women with thinning hair. Cutting off your long strands will help give more body at the crown for a fuller appearance. 70-year-old ladies can style a pixie with ease and look fabulous. For a more voluminous style, use a small curling iron to give your locks a lift.

#19: Trendsetting Tousled Pixie Bob

Look nothing like a grandma with a tousled pixie bob. A pixie bob is trendy and effortless. With weightless layers and movement, your hair will style with little effort. Have your stylist use texturizing sheers around the edges for a more feminine touch.

#20: Short Feathered Crop with Dimensional Balayage

Hairstyles for women over 70 should always focus on adding more body, shape, and volume. Grey hair tends to be thinner and unruly, so make sure your haircut addresses these challenges. A short feathered crop cut is the definition of fullness, texture, and dimension. Adding defined balayage highlights to your natural hair color will really help the layers pop by giving a two-tone look, that is very eye-catching. This style will be the star of the show no matter where you are with its bold, voluminous finish.

#21: Bob with Side Bangs and Salt-and-Pepper Hair Color

The bob with side bangs paired with a salt and pepper hair color is one of the best hairstyles for older women like you. It gives you a chic, stylish, modern finish. The side bang with a bob is a dream team, it adds so much movement allowing your sparkling hair to really shine and be the center of attention.

#22: Short Choppy Pixie Haircut with Disconnection

A short razored pixie is a chic, and fun style if you’re a senior wanting an easy, yet youthful finish. Short clean sides and a longer top will make your daily styling super simple and fast. Use a pomade to add texture by spiking and adding lift. Asking for a razor cut is important if you’re looking for a soft texture, which is great for fine, light hair.

Blunt Short Haircut with Bangs for a 70-Year-Old Lady
Instagram @ecohillhair

#23: Blunt Short Haircut with Bangs

A blunt chin-length bob paired with a fringe is a very sophisticated style. Older women tend to choose a bang to hide forehead wrinkles, giving them a chic finish to their look. Highlights, a bob, and a sleek straight finish shown in this picture are a classic, go-to style for women, as it’s just super simple for maintenance and styling.

#24: Gorgeous Long Hairstyle with Soft Waves

Show off your beautiful tresses with a long hairstyle combined with soft waves. Hair length has no age and when done correctly, it looks classy and timeless. Opt for soft layers instead of anything choppy so your hair will flow very easily. Use a big barrel curling iron to get big soft flowing waves.

#25: Soft Medium-Length Side-Parted Hair

Try a medium-length hairstyle for a sexy shape that will compliment you. The gentle face frame and layering soften facial features and necklines. Make sure you blow-dry with a body booster and a round brush for added volume. The side part is also a great choice to create lift on the top. Medium-length hair is complimentary for most face shapes and is fairly low-maintenance with trims about every 6 weeks.

#26: Younger-Looking Stacked Pixie Bob

A stacked pixie bob is a great style choice if you are looking for a low-maintenance style that holds volume well. Ask your stylist about different length options to best suit your lifestyle.

#27: Short Pixie Cut for Women Over Seventy

A textured short pixie cut is one of the best hairstyles for women over 70 because it boosts volume and is easy to style. It’s the perfect go-to hairstyle for women with thin and fine tresses. If you wear this kind of pure sassy, white hair, you’ll look impressive with ease.

#28: Sophisticated Piece-y Bangs

Adding piece-y bangs to any hairstyle looks best when paired with shattered layers on a medium length. By using a pomade or clay, you can emulsify the product into your hands and just start grabbing small little pieces of your bangs to create the “piece-y” effect and mold your hair.

#29: Shorter Hair Style for Silver Hair

Women over 70 often look for a shorter hair style for their silver hair. A chin-length bob with long layers keeps the weight off your neck but allows for a fuller-looking style. This look perfect if your hair is thinning as you age.

#30: No Fuss Cut for Short Hair

Ladies over 70 who come into my salon often tell me they’re wanting a no-fuss haircut for short hair. A short pixie is my go-to! It has shaved sides that taper into choppy layers adding height to your tresses.

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Edgy Hairstyle for Women Over 70 with Personality
Instagram @lyndalsalmon

#31: Edgy Hairstyle for Women with Personality

Edgy hairstyles are for women in their 70s with personality. If that’s you, then try a short, bright red pixie with sharp lines. Apply hair mousse at the roots to help achieve volume.

#32: Sassy Short Hairstyle

A sassy short hairstyle is perfect for women looking for more volume, especially for thin hair. This style is very versatile and easy to shape. Try using pomade for a messy finish to your style.

Lovely Shoulder-Length Bob Hairstyle for Women Over 70 Years Old
Instagram @hairby.chena

#33: Lovely Shoulder-Length Bob Hairstyle

A lovely shoulder-length bob hairstyle creates a youthful look for women over 70. With several layers, choppy and blended, you can keep your length while adding volume and height to your tresses. It helps create the illusion of a fuller look.

#34: Mature Textured Cut for Thick Hair

Textured cut for thick hair is heavily layered, decreasing the bulk that comes with having thick hair and adding gorgeous movement to your overall look. Face-framing layers can spice up your cut while adding length at the same time.

long straight haircut for a woman in her 70s
Instagram @hair_boldly

#35: Layers for Straight Long Hair for Women

Hairstyles for women over 70 aren’t limited to bobs and pixie cuts. Especially if you have a round face shape, longer hair can give you an elegant and youthful appearance.  A long straight hairstyle like the one above is a great choice if you have thick hair. Plus, you have more hair to flaunt your natural grey hair color. Talk to your hairstylist about adding lowlights and highlights, as they’ll blend well if you’re still transitioning to fully grey.

#36: Edgy Grey Pixie with Long Bangs for Older Women

Hairstyles for women over 70 don’t have to be run-of-the-mill or boring— you can go as punked out or edgy as you want. Try a bright grey pixie with long bangs. It’s an on-trend look, but it does require some extra styling time. Ask your stylist about any products they recommend for you at home.

Casual textured short bob haircut for woman over 70
Instagram @tz_cutnitup

#37: Casual Textured Short Bob

Consider a textured short bob for older ladies with grey-colored tresses. The movement and body that a razor cut offers are enough reasons to love it. Include some side bangs to finish your hair off with some flair.

#38: Youthful Short and Choppy Gray Hair

Bring your short haircut to life by making it a choppy cut. It’s perfect for grey hair, as it can show off the dimension of all of your natural shades of grey. Request for choppy bangs as well and sweep them to a side to balance things out if you have a longer face.

Popular short angled bob with bangs for women over 70

#39 Popular Short Angled Bob with Bangs

A modern angled bob with bangs is a popular hairstyle for women over 70. A short white bob works best for women with straight and medium-density hair. The angled length elogates the face making it a perfect style if you have a rounder face shape.

#40: Polished Feathered Pixie for Older Women

A feathered blonde pixie cut is a short cut that will boost volume for women 70 and up with thin, straight hair. The fusion of root smudge and texture plus the side-swept bangs create an illusion of a fuller look. Include a subtle undercut for the summertime and you’ll stay cooler.

#41: Short Bob with Bangs for Women with Glasses

A face-framing short bob with bangs is an ideal haircut for older women over 70 with glasses. Depending upon your face shape, adding bangs with glasses can bring more focus to your eyes and less focus to unflattering parts, such as double chins, wrinkles, long foreheads, etc.

chin length bob haircut for women in their 70s
Instagram @beautybyjuliek

#42: Dimensional Chin-Length A-Line Bob

What a perfect way to show off the dimension of your blonde locks! An inverted, chin-length bob needs only texture to carry out the depth and emphasis in a hairstyle for older women. A little side-swept fringe is guaranteed to let your youthful vibes out, as well!

#43: Fun Short Layered Bob for Older Ladies

A short layered bob is one of the most popular short hairstyles for women over 70. The hairstyle is a fun and sassy cut that is low maintenance with a lot of styling options. You could add bangs, a few shorter layers, or leave the front a little longer, and it will still have that great shape to it. If you’re considering a jaw-length cut bob, the most important part is that you know how to round brush to get the full textured look. Hairstyles for 70-year-old women need products! So when it comes to products, use a root boost, spray wax, texture powder, and, as always, thermal spray.

short ash blonde haircut for a woman over 70
Instagram @hairbyannaobx

#44: Short Modern Shag for Women

A modern and shaggier short haircut is achieved through a mix of razoring and point cutting techniques. When it comes to products, I recommend giving it body and texture by using a styling mousse. I prefer the Kendra platinum line series or Big Sexy Hair for volume. I also finish with a Frenzy styling paste by Sexy Hair to create a piecey messy finish and to create even more texture and hold. The style is for older ladies over seventy who love to play with their hair and give it a messier finished look instead of a placed finish. It’s perfect if you’re always on the go and want to have a trendy, modern, younger-looking style.

Easy layered long pixie for ladies over 70
Instagram @oldushkamodels

#45: Easy Layered Long Pixie for Ladies

A long pixie with subtly side-swept bangs is a flattering hairstyle for 70-year-old women. It’s sleek, polished, and ageless. A long pixie is easy to style. A quick, rough blow-dry, and minimal round brushing (depending on how much volume you are looking for) should be just enough to get the sassy look it deserves. Less styling is more for that on-trend, timeless look!

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#46: The Sassy Spiky Pixie Cut

A short, spiky cut is an ideal short haircut for women 70+ with fine hair and a sassy personality. This short style is still feminine because of details like angled sideburns.

Old woman over 70 with a stacked bob haircut
Instagram @aprilbbeauty

#47: Short Stacked Bob on Natural Gray Hair

A short, stacked bob haircut works well for women over 70 with glasses. The shape has been exaggerated for visual appeal. By taking the fringe shorter and blunter, it opens up your face and creates more of an impact. This cut allows you to either wash and go, or spend some time with your blowdryer to add volume and smoothness.

Bright short wedge haircut for women in their 70s
Instagram @oldushkamodels

#48: Bright Short Wedge Cut

Choose a short wedge cut if you still have fuller hair, but don’t want it too long or too short. With the right products, you can have plenty of volume and movement. For products, use a blow drying mousse for volume and then fine-tune your desired look with a dry texture spray.

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#49: Extra Textured Short Cut for Thinning Hair

A heavily textured and tousled short cut is flattering if you’re a 70-year-old woman with thinning hair. The tousling helps hide blading spots, which makes your hair appear thicker.

medium length cut for woman over 70 with dark brown hair
Instagram @ssbcosmetology

#50: The Graduated Lob with Bangs

A graduated long bob works best for women over seventy with thick hair. This style removes the bulk of the hair  around your face leaving you with a sleek, polished look. With a medium-length cut like this, you’ll want to give it an all-over color like dark brown to hide your greys.

#51: Cute Wavy Bob for Thin Hair

A wavy bob is another great hairstyle option for ladies in their 70s with fine hair. Consider adding full highlights to give your hair a sandy blonde shade. Want to see more haircuts for older women with thin hair? Click here to see these pictures.

#52: Blonde French Bob with a Fringe

If you’re looking for one of the most modern hairstyles for women over 70, try a French bob. This haircut is for fashion-forward ladies. However, you’ll need thicker hair to pull this off.

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