37 Perfect Hairstyles for Fine Hair for Women in 2022

short and tousled for fine hair

Fine hair is often described as silky or baby soft. It has a beautiful, touchable texture. Fine hair is also typically confused with thin hair. Hairstyles for fine hair could actually be sparse or abundant, but what makes hair fine is the diameter of each hair strand. It’s smaller than average hair.

Because of its delicate texture, it is prone to breakage and has a tendency to fall flat. However, with proper care, the right haircut, products, and style, you’ll be able to make your gorgeous angelic hair look thicker. Depending on the length of your fine hair, you could leave it down with waves, or put it up in a half up updo or even a messy bun. Styling options are endless!

So before your next hair appointment, check out these stunning hairstyles for fine hair.

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Very Long Icy Blonde Fine Hair
Instagram @soph.hair.styles

#1: Very Long Icy Blonde Fine Hair

Blonde Fine Straight Hair
Instagram @fabrizio_coloristas

#2: Blonde Fine Straight Hair

Cool Blonde with a Side Part for Fine Hair
Instagram @studio_marteena

#3: Cool Blonde with a Side Part

Silver Layered Bob for Fine Hair
Instagram @jackmartincolorist

#4: Silver Layered Bob

Medium to Long Blonde Fine Hair
Instagram @volkoboyk

#5: Medium to Long Blonde Hair

Look trendy and stylish with medium to long blonde hair. Layering is very important when having medium to long hair. Long hair can be flat and weighed down. Cutting layers will make fine hair lift easier and hold a style better. Remember, don’t cut too many layers because that could result in having your ends appear thinner. Curling fine hair will give it more texture for a fuller-bodied look. Use a volumizing hair spray to finish.

Mid-Length Blonde Balayage for Fine Hair
Instagram @m.albernaz

#6: Mid-Length Blonde Balayage

Blonde balayage takes center stage showing off the layers in a mid-length cut. If you like to be blonde but hate the high maintenance of highlights, a balayage look is a great alternative. The rooted dimension keeps your color low-maintenance while the balayage ends keep your blonde bright. Try styling your layers with curls or waves to help really show off the dimension in your color.

Blonde Wispy Mid-Length Fine Hair
Instagram @mateusvicctorhair

#7: Blonde Wispy Mid-Length Hair

Blonde wispy mid-length hair is perfect for finer hair if you want it to look fuller. Having a full side bang and adding curls will really make the volume stand out. Seal your style off with some hairspray so it lasts you all day!

Effortlessly Textured Mid-Length Fine Hair
Instagram @yukistylist

#8: Effortlessly Textured Mid-Length Hair

Get cool-girl hair with effortlessly textured hair cut at mid-length. Your fine hair will look fuller and thicker with tousled layers and waves. The mid-length will prevent your hair from just hanging and will give your locks a more voluminous look. Wave with a curling iron and show off your massive texture.

Blonde Shaggy Haircut with a Center Part for Fine Hair
Instagram @kultura_moscow

#9: Blonde Shaggy Haircut with a Center Part

California blonde with a textured lob hair cut is ideal when wanting a new modern look. Consider warm blonde hues when you have pale skin tones to add color and brightness to your overall look. Ask your stylist for a money piece, especially when you rock a center part, it will take your color to a whole new level.

Short Shaggy Haircut for Woman with Fine Hair
Instagram @bettiesdenver

#10: Short Shaggy Haircut for Fine Hair

A short shaggy haircut for fine hair helps add texture, movement, and volume to otherwise limp and lifeless locks. Ask your stylist to point cut into the lengths around the face and in the crown to minimize weight on the ends to help lift the roots. Doing this and adding the right products is beneficial in creating the illusion of height and density.

short and tousled for fine hair
Instagram @cutyourhair

#11: Short & Tousled for Fine Hair

Tousled layers on a flattering, chin-length bob give life to fine strands. The chin-length bob with layers is the best haircut for fine hair due to its versatility.

Fine hair with a side fringe
Instagram @ryabchik.moscow

#12: Fine Hair with a Side Fringe

Fine hair with a side fringe can evolve your style and add some much-needed shape to it. Fine hair should generally avoid full-on bangs due to the amount of hair taken away from the length. However, a soft side fringe can add more life to the hair and prevent it from looking lank, whether worn up or down.

Fine Hair with a Deep Side Part
Instagram @amy.r.stafford

#13: Fine Hair with a Deep Side Part

This brightened up bob was created by stylist Amy Reid Stafford of Louisville, KY. “We decided on this cut for fine hair to give her hair more style. I love how this makes her hair appear so much thicker,” says Reid Stafford.

“My advice to any client with finer hair and wanting a change would be a shorter style,” she adds. “This gives the hair more volume. Also, Pureology Clean Volume Levitation Mist at the root and Redken Pillow-proof before the blowout create shine, volume, and this complete look!”

Lots of Layers to Add Thickness to Finer Hair
Instagram @pusssykat

#14: Lots of Layers to Add Thickness to Finer Hair

“The short to medium to long layers make it lightweight and easy to style,” says stylist Cesar Umaña of Sugar Land, TX.

“My favorite part is the blowout making it look bigger, sexier, voluminous, and polished that lasts for days! I use minimal products such as a Redken 25benefits leave-in conditioner to restore health and a Tigi Catwalk blowout serum for heat protection,” explains Umaña.

Umaña says this cut, color, and style are for the woman with fine hair who wants to go from a plain and basic look to a chicer and sassier one. “It’s for the woman who can fit in retouches and trims every 6-8 weeks depending on hair growth. Round brush and blow-dry, and you’re done! If not, schedule a style appointment or stop by a blow-dry bar,” he adds.

Medium-Length Cut with Chunky Bangs
Instagram @jessicahairnyc

#15: Medium-Length Cut with Chunky Bangs

This cut is a great example of an updated shag with bangs. It was created by senior stylist Jessica of New York, NY. “It uses all of her fine hair to its fullest potential. I love the way the color makes the chunky texture of the cut pop,” says Jessica.

Jessica also says this would be a great choice for any woman with a lot of fine hair and works on any face shape. “I love a fringe on most faces but growth patterns around the face are the biggest thing to consider before getting bangs,” she adds.

She goes on to say, “this can be quickly rough-dried, blown out, or even tonged with a minute spent smoothing the bangs with a brush. Spray wax will be your best friend with this cut! My fav is Wax Poetic by Together Beauty on wet or dry hair.”

Blended Mocha Hairstyle for Fine-Haired Women
Instagram @blarrrcurtis

#16: Blended Mocha Color for Fine-Haired Women

This is a blended highlight mixed with some mocha lowlights to give more of a natural dimensional look. It was created by stylist and salon owner Blair Curtis of Indiana. “I think my favorite thing about this look is the different contrasts of tones throughout the hair so she appears to have thicker and fuller hair than she actually has,” says Curtis.

For styling, Curtis encourages you to “start off with a very small amount of Moroccan Oil at the ends and work your way up the hair strand. Be careful not to get it on the scalp or your hair will appear oily. If regular Moroccan Oil is too heavy, you can always try Moroccan Oil Lite.”

“I believe this is a great hairstyle for fine hair,” she adds.

Summer Blonde for ladies with fine hair hairstyle
Instagram @colorsbytaylor

#17: Summer Blonde for Ladies with Fine Hair

This is a natural-looking summer blonde for ladies with fine hair. It was created by hairstylist Taylor Earley of Fredericksburg, VA.

To maintain this look at home, Earley recommends using purple shampoo and either a strengthening treatment or conditioning treatment once a week.

“This woman has fine hair, but the color actually works for all hair types. With smaller weaved highlights, the line of demarcation becomes diffused,” she adds.

Blonde Illusion hairstyle for fine or thinning hair
Instagram @vanwhitehair

#18: Blonde Illusion for Fine or Thinning Hair

If you have fine or thinning hair, opt for a very light, beachy blonde. This particular cut was done by stylist and color specialist Savannah White of Atlanta, GA. “My favorite thing about this transformation is how soft her blonde looks and how much it changed her complexion.”

White would recommend this look to women that can’t give up their low bun or ponytail, but has fine or thinning hair. “The subtle layers and multi-dimensional blonde color gives the illusion of fullness and creates lots of movement,” she adds.

#19: Curly Fine Hair + Blonde Ombre

This curly fine hair blonde ombre was created by hairstylist Kelsey van Bodegom of Canada.

This blonde ombre is a perfect way to brighten up your blonde without having to worry about a regrowth line. “My favorite part about this look is that adding in the highlights gives her natural hair color dimension and depth and the color will look good both straight and with curly hair,” says van Bodegom.

For women with fine hair, von Bodegom always recommends using product. “It really is a must have to achieve any look. When your hair is wet, I would start off with a mousse or something that will give volume. I used Ref Root on top. This product is a root lift and allows a bit of grip to hold her curls,” she explains.

“I recommend this haircut for fine hair to women who want to add definition to their blonde,” she adds. “Women with fine hair will do anything to create fullness, and this is a perfect way to do that without having to add more hair. It is also perfect for women who can’t always get into the salon.”

#20: Fine Hair with Layers & Honey Babylights

This look is a combination of long layers with a side-swooping bang combined with soft, honey-toned babylights. They were created by hairstylist and colorist Megan Reilly of New York, NY.

To maintain long haircuts for fine hair, Reilly recommends Kevin Murphy’s Angel Wash or Plumping Wash to shampoo at the scalp/root area. “Both are great for fine, color-treated strands and help with volume,” she adds. “I recommend following up with Kevin Murphy’s Angel Rinse or Plumping Rinse on just the ends. Both conditioners are great for fine hair and will hydrate without the added weight or greasy build-up.”

Reilly also says this look is for women with finer, thinner hair types who are natural light brunette or blonde. “The bangs are great if you are trying to hide a large forehead or wrinkles. Bangs are also a great way to open up a round, square, or heart-shaped face. Oval and diamond face shapes work well with the long layered aspect of the haircut too.”

#21: Stacked Bob for Women with Fine Hair

This short, stacked and angled bob with shattered edges was created by stylist and master colorist Liza Kaleel of Jacksonville, FL. “I love that it gives a woman an instant facelift and the shattered edges create softness around the face,” says Kaleel.

Kaleel only uses and recommends Bumble and Bumble hair products. “I used Holding Spray mainly at the crown and top back to give volume, and I finished with Spray de Mode which is a light hairspray with lots of shine.” To prevent flyaways, use a flat iron to straighten the ends.

This cut and style look good on all face shapes, all ages, and all textures. The younger the client the more angled the cut.

#22: Blunt Cut Bob for Fine, Thin Hair

This is a modern long, one-length bob that is blunt cut to create volume and thicker-looking hair. It was handcrafted by stylist and owner Alon Shalom of West Hollywood, CA.

“This type of cut is for women with fine and straight hair,” says Shalom. “If your bangs have some wave or curl, you should blow dry them with a round brush. The rest of your hair can be natural, which is actually very sexy.”

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Summer Balayage hairstyle
Instagram @modernstrands

#23: Summer Balayage

This balayage for fine hair was created by master stylist Eva Abadjian of Sherman Oaks, CA.

“This look is super easy to maintain too, all you need is a purple shampoo so the blonde stays nice and icey! No one likes brassy blondes. To recreate, see your trusted stylist. This is definitely a look you don’t want to try at home,” explains Abadjian.

“This look is great for women with a busy schedule and women who are on a budget because they don’t have to go back to the salon for months,” she adds.

Pinterest Curls hairstyle for Fine Hair
Instagram @emilycaitt

#24: Pinterest Curls for Fine Hair

These Pinterest curls for fine hair were handcrafted by stylist and color coach Emily of Farmington, MI. “This is actually my favorite type of curl as it looks extremely natural and adds lots of texture without looking too contrived,” Emily said.

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To create this look, Emily prep towel-dried hair with a generous amount of Aveda Thickening Tonic from roots to ends, and a pump or two of Aveda Phomollient at the roots. “I then pre-dried to about 80%, finishing the blowout with a quick over-directed round brush to encourage volume,” she explains.

Emily believes this cut works best for fine to medium textured women that are looking for a quick 15-minute style that will add tons of volume and texture.

Soft Curls with Texture
Instagram @salondediosa29

#25: Soft Curls with Texture

These soft curls with texture were created by hairstylist Katherine Hemenway of Dover, NH.

Hemenway used Kevin Murphy’s Oil-Free Volumizer, followed by Session Spray to hold the style in place and to style this cut.

“Styles for fine hair would be great for all face shapes as these have lots of texture and softness,” she adds.

#26: Sandy Bronde Dimension for Finer Hair

This sandy bronde hair color for fine hair was created by hairstylist Holly Painter of South Hill, VA.

“I recommend this cut for fine hair or someone looking for low maintenance because it gives the hair dimension without looking streaky,” says Painter.

Disconnected Bob for Older Women with Fine Hair
Instagram @bessdejolie

#27: Disconnected Bob for Older Women with Fine Hair

This is a disconnected bob for older women with fine hair. It’s a little longer in the front and tapers in the back with bangs that frame the face, which is perfect for a fine hair texture. It was created by master stylist Besma Garmou of Macomb, MI.

“My favorite thing about this haircut is how thick her hair looks and how low maintenance it is to style,” says Garmou.

“If you’re a fine haired woman, use a root lifter and gel to add volume for a smooth look. And of course, never blow dry hair without applying heat protection first,” she adds.

She goes on to say, “bobs make for wonderful haircuts for fine hair and the two lighter shades of highlights and two darker shades of lowlights add even more body and bounce to this fine, thin hair.”

Undone Bob hairstyle with messy waves
Instagram @nadiachatshair

#28: Undone Bob with Messy Waves

This undone bob with messy waves was created by master stylist Nadia Elias of Canada.

“Sometimes cutting fine hair can be a balancing act because women want volume through layers, but need to keep as much hair as possible to thicken their perimeter,” explains Elias.

“To keep this in consideration, I drastically over directed while cutting layers to preserve thickness while achieving height at the root,” she adds.

Blended Bob for the Finest Hair hairstyle
Instagram @nikikinghair

#29: Blended Bob for the Finest Hair

This short, blunt, chin-length bob. was created by senior colorist and stylist Niki King of Canada. “My client has super dark roots but finds being lighter more pleasant. The different colors add depth and a sense of texture to her fine hair,” explains King.

King likes to use a minimal amount of product on fine-haired girls. “Style your fine hair with Living Proof Full Thickening Mousse and finish with Puff Me Volumizing Cloud Mist.”

She recommends this look for most fine haired clients. “Blunt perimeters make the hair look fuller and add a weight line that stays in its shape. I always cut her hair dry with my clippers. The line the clippers create is very unique and sharper than if done by hand,” she adds.

#30: Warm & Layered

This warm and layered cut was created by hairstylist Vanessa Sgrott of Guilford, CT. “As far as her haircut, we did some soft layering to keep her perimeter strong. She has fine hair and if we over layer then she loses all the strength and bulk on her ends which makes it look wispy and unhealthy,” explains Sgrott.

As far as styling goes, Sgrott’s go-to product for all her fine haired ladies is a lightweight volumizing mousse on damp hair.

Toffee Tones for Thin, Fine Hair hairstyle
Instagram @kittycolourist_

#31: Toffee Tones for Thin, Fine Hair

These toffee tones for thin, fine hair were created by color director and stylist Karen Phengkhamhack of Australia.

When it comes to long to medium haircuts for fine thin hair, Phengkhamhack says “invest in a good strengthening and densifying shampoo and conditioner like Kevin Murphy Plumping Wash and Rinse, as well as a weekly bond-building treatment like La Biosthetique Protection Cheveux Complexe (PCC) Set Volume to keep those lightened ends super strong.”

She goes on to explain, “Blow dry in Kevin Murphy Body.Mass until completely dry, then starting from the nape, use the H2D 19mm curling wand to wrap hair in generous sections using a brick lay pattern to create natural cascading waves. Let the hair cool completely. Do not skip this step! Then brush the hair out using a boar bristle brush and finish with Doo.Over for a voluminous lasting hold.”

The best thing about this look is that it’s extremely versatile and can be adapted to suit shoulder-length hair or longer, as well as all face shapes. “It’s perfect for fine hair, which normally needs the right amount of light and shade of highlights to create fullness and texture,” she adds.

Frosty Blonde hairstyle for thinning hair
Instagram @staceykhuu

#32: Frosty Blonde for Thinning Hair

This frosty blonde with a shadow root for thinning hair was created by independent stylist Stacey Khuu Artistry of San Rafael, CA.

“This look is for the chic fashionista who has the time and money to invest in her hair. This look can go with many face shapes and hair types,” she states. “This look calls for either a styling wand or a 1 to 1.5-inch curling iron to achieve the waves.”

#33: Layered Short Hair for Women Over 60

A layered short hair for women over 60 consists of disconnected layers and an undone style. Stylist Jessica Morgan from Tucson, AZ is behind this “Miley Cyrus” look.

The best thing about this is it’s low-maintenance and easy to style. “It allows a woman to air dry her hair if desired and blow-dry with her fingers.” Morgan adds, “This is beneficial for a woman who likes to feel fun and playful with her hair.”

Cool Red for fine, layered hair hairstyle
Instagram @pressuresalon

#34: Cool Red for Fine, Layered Hair

This is a cool red for fine, layered hair was created by stylist and owner Millie Kay of Toronto, Canada.

“I wouldn’t recommend this for women that have artificially darkened or have a lot of damage to their hair,” says Kay. “That combination doesn’t work for many lighter hair changes. Other than that, this color is great for everyone. You can rock this Rapunzel hair or a sexy pixie cut.”

Betty Page hairstyle for fine-haired women
Instagram @bethanysmoker

#35: Betty Page Hairstyle for Fine-Haired Women

This long, rounded bob with Betty Page bangs was created by independent hairstylist Bethany Smoker of Chicago, IL.

“I made sure the bottom line of the shape was very blunt with no layering on the visible surface of the cut. I chipped into the hair from underneath, cutting deep points and some small chunks close to the bottom of her hairline. This creates roundness and a gentle A-line effect, maintaining a blunt bottom line,” explains Smoker.

For short haircuts, she recommends a light volumizing spray for blow drying, especially if you have very short fine hair, but also a frizzy, wavy texture. “You need a product to protect from heat, add shine, plump the hair, and also smooth without residue,” she adds.

The bob for fine hair is a classic because it’s so versatile, and every hair type and face shape can look good in it. The blue black color and Betty Page bangs are for that woman with a bold style.

Layered Angled Bob for Fine, Wavy Hair
Instagram @evolvehairstudiotoronto

#36: Layered Angled Bob for Fine, Wavy Hair

Layers always guarantee body and form, especially for thinner, wavy hair. Layers in a bob are always a winner and offer lots of styling options ranging from a low ponytail to a cute fashion braid around the crown.

Luminous Blonde hairstyle for fine hair
Instagram @terrystylez

#37: Luminous Blonde for Fine Hair

“This is look is truly a sophisticated and luminous blonde for fine hair that was created using a balayage, tease and foil technique with a gloss for an almost iridescent result,” says lead stylist Terry Moore of Columbia, SC. “The best part is how the combination of techniques give it a natural feel and a healthy look to the hair.”

As an Aveda stylist, Moore recommends Aveda’s Damage Remedy Reconstructing Masque to keep the integrity of that long hair strong and healthy.

“This look would be great for anyone. This look was done on someone with fine hair, which is perfect because the natural dimension creates the illusion of thicker hair,” he adds.

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