18 Stunning Face-Framing Layers For Ladies With Medium Hair

Face framing layers medium hair

Face-framing layers for medium hair are the pieces of strands around the face that accentuate a woman’s best features. The layers are cut in varying lengths to suit any face shape.

Haircut specialist Molly Casso of Austin, TX lists down the perks of having this chop.

“Its biggest benefit would be the movement it creates around the face. The mid-length cut’s structure can flatter a woman’s jawline or cheekbones,” Casso explains.

This also adds an appeal to a simple ponytail. “Having the front layers down and everything else up create a beautiful look,” she adds.

Your hair type can dictate whether a layered cut will work for you, so get your stylist’s opinion about it.

For instance, with fine or thin hair, layers can take away weight from the perimeter. Curtain bangs would be more ideal, then.

On the other hand, front layers might lay weird on pin-straight hair and would need extra time in styling.

To help you decide what look to opt for, consult your stylist first. Bring them inspiration photos—either curled or blown out.

“Ask your hairdresser about the styling it’ll take to achieve the look. “This is to determine if the style is realistic for you to recreate at home,” Casso states.

Understand that having face-framing layers will limit your ability to do seamless braids. Feel free to discuss this with your stylist, as well.

Try a new layered haircut to freshen up your look. These inspiring images show the trendiest ways to wear face-framing layers for medium hair.

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Fresh Face-Framing Layers for Medium-to-Long Hair
Instagram @hairbykaitlynbrown

#1: Fresh Layers for Medium-to-Long Hair

To prevent hair from hanging flat on medium to long hair, try some fresh layers. Long or short layers can be used to create movement and body. Layers give fine hair a boost and can lighten up thick hair when taking out bulk. Layered angles around the face add softness to square or longer face shapes. Use a big round brush to get the perfect voluminous blowout.

Face-Framing Lob Cut for Thick Hair
Instagram @breebunks

#2: Face-Framing Lob Cut for Thick Hair

A face-framing lob cut for thick hair takes a ’90s spin on a classic haircut. Try adding wispy bangs to give it even more of a retro vibe. Medium-length thick hair with face-framing layers removes unwanted weight while still allowing swing and bounce in the haircut.

Shoulder-Length Layered Wolf Cut with Bangs
Instagram @pinkdagger

#3: Layered Wolf Cut with Bangs

A layered wolf cut with bangs is a toned-down version of a mullet. Try a medium layered hairstyle like a wolf cut if you want the feel of a mullet, without the commitment. Add thicker fringe and choppy layers to a wolf cut hairdo if you want an edgier vibe.

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Mid-Length Middle Part Hairstyle with Front Layers
Instagram @bylauracarita

#4: Middle Part Hairstyle with Front Layers

A middle part hairstyle with front layers is a soft fun way to add movement to a simple shoulder-length hairstyle. Blended layering can be achieved by doing soft dry texturizing, ask your stylist to soften the layers at the end of your service. I recommend a blow dry round brush like Amika’s Blow Dryer Brush 2.0 to add soft volume and accentuate the layers.

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Medium Chunky Layers for Round Faces
Instagram @brianaguilarhair

#5: Chunky Layers for Round Faces

Chunky layers for round faces on mid-length hair add angles and lines where your face shape is soft. Ask your stylist for eye-level, modern layers to accentuate the cheekbones. A layered style can also add volume to the top of the head, softening out the round cheeks. You can try Number 4’s Blow Dry Lotion for a soft and voluminous blowout.

Medium-Long Layered Cut with Side Bangs
Instagram @reesdoeshair

#6: Medium-Long Layered Cut with Side Bangs

A medium, long layered cut with side bangs is a staple medium hairstyle. When cutting a long layered cut, it’s important to use blended elevation and point cutting techniques to make sure there are no harsh lines within the haircut. When using elevation to blend layers, avoid cutting a blunt line, instead, elevate the hair and then point cut to remove length and bulk. Point cutting techniques will prevent harsh layers and save you time when doing the final touches of the cut.

Long Tousled Bob with Short Layers
Instagram @mainpointsalon

#7: Long Tousled Bob with Short Layers

A long tousled bob with short layers helps bring out a natural wave pattern. It’s best to keep your layered haircut when working with natural texture. Add a chunky bang to a medium-length hairstyle to create optimum volume and softness in the shape.

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Medium-Length Razored Layers on Thin Hair
Instagram @wehair_studio

#8: Razored Layers on Thin Hair

Razored layers in thin hair can help boost volume on fine hair types. You’ll need to be sure your stylist is familiar and comfortable with razor cutting to maintain the density. Shoulder-length hair with face-framing bangs can help enhance the illusion of fuller hair.

Medium Wavy Hair with Long Layers and Bangs
Instagram @elanofficiaal

#9: Medium Wavy Hair with Long Layers and Bangs

Medium wavy hair with layers and bangs is a soft take on a modern shag. You’ll want to style it using a 1-inch curling iron to create a soft beachy wave. With medium-length face-framing layers, most of the shape will be around the eyes and cheekbones, accentuating your main features.

Face-Framing Bangs on a Mid-Length Layered Cut
Instagram @_bleachbaby

#10: Face-Framing Bangs on a Layered Cut

Face-framing bangs in a layered cut are the definition of chic! A medium-length haircut with lots of retro layering is the perfect throwback for all types of girls. To create a sliding haircut, talk to your stylist about a shag. To achieve a retro style, it’s best to set the bangs with wide-set rollers.

Feathered Layers on Mid-Length Hair
Instagram @victoria.hairart

#11: Feathered Layers on Mid-Length Hair

Feathered layers on mid-length hair are a perfect face-framing hairstyle for any hair texture or face shape. A medium cut is low-maintenance, versatile, and easy to style which makes it a timeless haircut that only ever grows in popularity. Feathered layers are great for any hair thickness or curl pattern because they fall into place with the natural curl pattern of the hair strand, making them a convenient way to experiment with different focal points and face shapes.

Shoulder-Length Hair with Face-Framing Curtain Bangs
Instagram @megumicolor

#12: Shoulder-Length Hair with Curtain Bangs

Shoulder-length hair with curtain bangs is the new modern spin on the classic bob. If you have thin or flat hair, try this trendy shape. A face-framing haircut with curtain bangs and layers adds volume in all the right places while maintaining fullness where it’s necessary. Keep in mind a good dry shampoo will be your best friend.

Layered Curly Medium-Length Hair
Instagram @cheverayuweldagoed

#13: Layered Curly Hair

Layered curly hair is at its best when hydrated and relieved of unwanted weight. A face-framing hairstyle can give your curls the bounce and volume they need. Ask your stylist to perform a dry haircut on your curls and add on a deep conditioning mask to every appointment.

Medium Wavy Face-Framing Pieces for Square Faces
Instagram @mustafahairdesign

#14: Wavy Face-Framing Pieces for Square Faces

Wavy face-framing pieces for square faces are a soft subtle change that can be done on various hair types. If your square face shape seems a little too sharp, ask your stylist to incorporate these small but impactful layers. A shoulder-length haircut would be the best fit for these types of layers.

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Medium-Length Shag with Face-Framing Layers for Oval Faces
Instagram @hairbyelvisp

#15: Medium-Length Shag for Oval Faces

A medium-length shag for oval faces creates symmetry and balance. Consider getting a razor cut to help create volume and texture in all the right places. Your shoulder-length hair with face-framing layers will add angles to your soft features.

Framing Layers and Bangs on Mid-Length Straight Hair
Instagram @olgakursitis

#16: Framing Layers and Bangs on Straight Hair

Framing layers and bangs in straight hair helps create movement around the eyes and nose. It’s the perfect haircut for women who love medium-length hairstyles. Consider asking your stylist about a dry haircut to add texture and face-framing layers to your medium hair length. Try a dry texturizing spray by ELEVEN Australia to add volume at the crown.

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Medium Haircut with Choppy Layers for Face-Framing
Instagram @rokkelvin

#17: Medium Haircut with Choppy Layers

A medium haircut with face-framing choppy layers is perfect for someone who wants a low-maintenance style. Keep in mind a haircut with face-framing choppy layers on shoulder-length hair, might need a bit of hand styling. Once you get the hang of it, it’s perfect for the gal on the go. I recommend using an air-drying balm such as Bumble & Bumbles Don’t Blow It, for a defined soft texture.

Wispy Layered Cut on Collarbone-Length Hair
Instagram @chahong_official

#18: Wispy Layered Cut on Collarbone-Length Hair

A wispy layered cut on collarbone-length hair is best suited for women with coarse, straight hair types. Having soft layers and length taken up softens the shape and removes unwanted weight. A face-framing cut can diminish any harsh lines around the face.