57 Hottest Shoulder-Length Bob Haircuts to See Before You Decide

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Shoulder-length bobs are totally having a moment, transforming from the classic, sleek look we all know to something way edgier and more fun, with cool, uneven cuts and pops of wild color that really let your personality shine through.  Check out these photos of the best ways you can get a shoulder-length bob haircut!


#1: Straight Angled Lob with Money Pieces

If you’re looking for an eye-catching hairstyle, try a straight, angled lob with a money piece. This style is perfect for those with medium-length hair who want to add dimension. The money piece will frame your face, creating a look that will draw attention to your eyes. To get this look, use a flat iron to create smooth layers and then finish it off with a texturizing spray or mousse. With proper care and maintenance, this bob for straight hair can last up to six weeks.

Unique angled bob for medium hair

#2 Unique Angled Bob for Medium Hair

You don’t have to worry. A classic angled bob always stays in style! This unique medium-length angled bob haircut creates a low-maintenance style on straight, black tresses. It’s the chop that reinforces the density of thick hair. Go for this haircut if you want to soften your jawline and add symmetry to your face.

Medium Layered Hairstyle for Square Face Shape

#3 Softly Contoured Square Frame Cut

This medium-length cut, adorned with soft layers that gently curve inward, is an exemplary style for those with a square face shape looking to add a touch of softness around the jawline. Ideal for women in their late 20s to early 30s, it offers a contemporary, sophisticated vibe with its thick, medium-textured hair. The layers provide movement, accentuating the face’s natural contours without overpowering them. For someone considering this style, it’s worth noting that the subtle layers offer versatility in styling, although the shape can require regular upkeep to maintain the crisp silhouette. Using a round brush during blowouts will enhance the inward curve, creating that polished, face-framing effect.

Medium Layered Jet Black Hair on Woman with Oval Face

#4 Lustrous Black Cascade with Face Framing

This shoulder-grazing cut with a subtle layering effect perfectly complements the oval face shape and offers a timeless elegance suitable for young adults. The jet black hue adds a lustrous sheen that enriches the appearance of thickness and health in the hair. If you’re contemplating this style, it’s a dream for those with naturally straight and thicker hair types, promoting ease of styling and a smooth silhouette. A consideration for this hair color, especially if it’s a change from your natural shade, is the commitment to color maintenance to keep the black vibrant and true to tone. Be prepared to use color-protectant products and indulge in regular gloss treatments to maintain the sheen.

Hot Blonde Shoulder-Length Bob with Layers

#5 Hot Blonde Bob with Layers

A blonde bob with soft layers is a hot trend. Revive your length with a shoulder-dusting blunt cut instead and a blonde color to pair it with! Internal weight removal helps deflate overly dense hair, so layers are minimal if any. Face-framing is minimal but can be customized according to face shape. It’s also a great length for any style of bangs. When it comes to hair texture, this medium bob with layers is great for straight to wavy textures (since most curls like more layering). Most densities work with this bob, but thicker hair may need more internal weight removal.

Gorgeous Medium Formal Bob Hairstyle

#6 Gorgeous Medium Formal Bob Hairstyle

A formal long bob hairstyle goes well with chic and elegant attire. These bobs like this are great to add to curls for a gorgeous evening vibe. The volume at your hairline brings extra height to your mane, which suits women with a heart face shape. Try Alterna’s Bamboo Shine Luminous Shine Mist to give your hair a weightless, mirror-like shine to style.

Tapered Medium Bob Haircut with Long Side-Swept Bangs and Ash Blonde Hue

#7 Tapered Medium Bob Haircut with Long Side-Swept Bangs and Ash Blonde Hue

If you have thin hair, add ash-blonde tones and layers to this wispy rounded bob to give the illusion of thickness. The subtle lowlights and side-swept bangs show off your tapered, above-the-shoulder bob well.

Asymmetrical Shoulder-Length Bob with Subtle Golden Blonde Highlights

#8 Asymmetrical Bob with Subtle Golden Blonde Highlights

An asymmetrical bob complements most hair textures. It adds a modern twist to a classic shoulder-length cut, too. A medium-length asymmetrical bob emphasizes the side part with an extra flowing length on one side. This adds a bit of glam to your style.

trendy mid-length bob haircut

#9 Trendy Mid-Length Bob

The best thing about this mid-length bob haircut is the texture and how elegant it shapes the face. This is a good cut for women who want an easy yet fun haircut. There is a lot of versatility with mid-length bob hairstyles. You can make it straight and sleek or curl it for waves. Also, you can still put it up and wear it down for a more elegant style if you need to.

Stylish Inverted Bob for Medium-Length Hair

#10 Stylish Inverted Bob for Medium-Length Hair

An inspiring inverted bob for medium-length hair is the perfect style for ladies looking to make a statement. Shoulder-length inverted bob haircuts have no layers and are best styled on sleek, straight hair. However, you can add soft beachy waves and tousle your hair for an edgy, undone look.

Mid-length bob with feathered layers for older women

#11 Mid-Length Bob with Feathered Layers for Older Women

A pretty mid-length bob with feathered layers for older women is a fabulous choice if you are afraid to go too short. The mid-length still allows you to feel the length of your hair, while the feathered layers work well to brighten your face. Highlights can complement this style by hiding the grays and creating a bright glow.

Medium Rooted Bob with Ashy Ends
Instagram @kainandecanine

#12: Rooted Bob with Ashy Ends

If you want to try a blonde bob, request a rooted bob with ashy ends. This bold and stylish look can totally change your fashion style!

Shoulder-Length 90s Layers on a Bob Cut
Instagram @yukistylist

#13: Shoulder-Length 90s Layers

If you’re searching for a trendy, stylish hairstyle, consider sporting shoulder-length 90s layers paired with chunky bangs. This particular style offers a perfect balance of low maintenance and high impact. Remember, some styling is essential to accomplish the desired volume and texture. For this, a round brush blow dryer such as the Amika Hair Blow Dryer Brush is recommended.

#14: Auburn Balayage on a Medium Bob

If you have medium-length hair, think about trying an auburn balayage. Any skin tone can match with an auburn balayage due to its versatility. Consult with your stylist about what suits you best. Don’t hesitate to make a change. You can use color-depositing shampoos at home to add brightness.

Medium-Length Barbie Blonde Slob Hairstyle
Instagram @muratlkilic

#15: Barbie Blonde Slob Hairstyle

The shoulder-length Barbie blonde slob is modern and versatile. It suits those wanting a chic, effortless style. This style has a shoulder-length cut with straight tresses. If your hair is dark, the blonde color brightens it. The bright color also adds a playful touch. This hairstyle works well for women with various face shapes and hair textures.

Bright and Shorter Lob with Choppy Fringe
Instagram @rachelwstylist

#16: Bright and Shorter Lob with Choppy Fringe

A bright and shorter lob with a choppy fringe will give you a modern and fresh look that is both trendy and versatile. This hairstyle works well for women who want to showcase their facial features and add an element of playfulness to their appearance. The choppy fringe adds texture and movement to the hairstyle, while the shorter length of the lob keeps it manageable and low-maintenance.

Sun-Kissed Wavy Medium Bob Hairstyles
Instagram @jeypi.beauty

#17: Sun-Kissed Wavy Medium Bob Hairstyle

Mid bob hairstyles like this natural, sun-kissed dirty blonde on dark roots with a natural textured wave are what every girl wants. It’s such a fun, loose, edgy cut and style that it goes well on almost all women. This bob with blonde highlights goes well with all hair types. Because of the diversity of the cut, you can wear it with all sorts of hair textures. And depending on your face shape, it can suit some side bangs, too!

#18: Lob Cut with Medium Choppy Layers

With choppy layers and framing, the lob cut is a great way to add dimension and texture to medium-length hair. Its modern appeal lies in the versatility of styling. Your hair will look incredible whether you style it sleek or tousled. The beauty of this shoulder-length long bob haircut is that it looks good with minimal styling. So if you’re looking for low maintenance but still want to keep up with trends, this is a perfect choice!

Bright Blonde Medium-Length Bob with Darker Roots
Instagram @colorbykriss

#19: Bright Blonde Bob with Darker Roots

Check out this bright blonde with darker roots! This look is perfect. It’s comfortable, off the shoulder, and in this case, it’s a low-maintenance color to prolong visits between highlights. I recommend asking your stylist for a bob right at the shoulders. Ask for a balayage with a root shadow for the color.

#20: Straight Wispy Layers on Medium-Length Brown Hair

Try this bob with straight wispy layers to achieve a fresh and modern look. The medium layered bob gives the hair lengths perfect for framing your face while keeping it light and airy. This style offers versatility and is easy to maintain. Use a round brush when blow-drying for added volume or leave it as is for an effortless, natural look.

#21: Deep Side-Parted Classic Lob

When changing lengths, this deep side-parted cut lob is classic hair to wear. This haircut sits on the shoulders, and the color perfectly frames the face to brighten up your features. Long enough to pull back but short enough to be a real style!

Wavy Collarbone Bob with Caramel Highlights
Instagram @ailainajean.hair

#22: Wavy Collarbone Bob with Caramel Highlights

This wavy collarbone bob with caramel highlights is fun, versatile, and truly a style for all. Bangs are all you need to personalize and tailor this haircut to your facial features and make it your own.

Middle-Parted Brunette Bob Hair with Textured Ends
Instagram @hairbylc_

#23: Middle-Parted Brunette Hair with Textured Ends

Frame your face with middle-parted brunette hair with textured ends! The shorter layers around the face are enough to give you some volume and dimension around your face without committing to a bang. Try this beautiful style for brunettes next time you hit the salon!

#24: Burgundy Stacked Short to Medium-Length Bob

There’s nothing more radiant than a literally flawless and perfectly cut stacked bob! These smooth and shiny straight strands on this medium bob haircut also emphasize the vibrant burgundy shade.

#25: Modern Long Bob with Undercut

An eye-catching long bob with an undercut is suitable for thick-haired women with straight or wavy hair textures that want to amp up their style with a dose of unique edginess.

Jet Black Lob for Thick Hair
Instagram @greccothassos

#26: Jet Black Lob for Thick Hair

A classic style that never goes out of being trendy is a lob for thick hair. It’s one of my favorite medium hairstyles for thick hair you can customize to any face shape and hair texture. Please keep in mind that you may need more layers in the style. You’ll want to preserve the density but still maintain the shape. You do not need to be afraid to take too much length; however, have fun!

#27: Very Soft Medium Bob with a Center Part

Clients often ask me if a bob is a good choice for them. The answer is almost always yes. Face shape and hair density come into play when deciding on a length for the bob. If you have a lot of hair, adding light layers on top may be helpful to remove some weight. Overall, this haircut looks good on almost everyone.

Sassy Shoulder-Length Bob with Bangs
Instagram @yukistylist

#28: Sassy Shoulder Bob with Bangs

Get excited about a sassy shoulder-length bob with bangs. This style is a great way to step into a new cut and keep a bit of hair. Pair this length with some shaggy layers; you’ll be on trend and have an enticing allure. Compliment your face with the cute bang and messy layers. Try blow drying with your hands and some molding paste, like Mess It Up by Pureology, and you will look amazing.

Cute Shoulder-Length Blonde Balayage Bob Cut
Instagram @romeufelipe

#29: Cute Shoulder-Length Blonde Balayage Bob Cut

A shoulder-length blonde balayage bob cut is complimentary for women with longer necks. You will typically see this haircut with taller women to help add balance to them. By adding face-framing highlights, it can add brightness and compliment your hairstyle. You can ask for a bob that floats slightly above the shoulders if you’re on the shorter side.

Glamorous Long choppy angled bob
Instagram @geribleach

#30: Glamorous Long Choppy Angled Bob

A glamorous long choppy, angled bob hairdo requires special products for hair color. The treatment must be intense to maintain your hair’s hue and care for your hair’s health.

Weave Mid-Length Bob Cut
Instagram @barbies_vanity

#31: Weave Mid-Length Bob Cut

A flawless sew-in neck-length bob like this will undeniably give you the confidence to look like you’re in your A-game. This hairstyle is best for round faces and women with large foreheads. Straight hair adds length to your face and makes your bone structure pop out!

#32: Sew-in Bob for Medium-Length Hair

One of the best ways to reduce the time it takes to style your hair is by having a naturally curly texture in your hairstyle. Popular medium bob haircuts can give you those feminine vibes wherever you go!

#33: Dimensional Medium-Length Graduated Bob

Wear this head-turning long graduated bob, or get a straight layered bob to add bulkiness to your hair without weighing it down. This cut is perfect with a sandy beige or honey-blonde hair shade. The layers and the chop’s rounded shape can enhance the dimension of your hair color.

#34: Fantastic Naturally Curly Bob on Medium-Length Hair

A fantastic, naturally curly bob brings out a cute and stunning statement. The texture isn’t the only thing that makes it beautiful. Curly hair must be neat and defined, too! Medium bob hairstyles can be at their best when shiny, so remember to keep your hair moisturized.

#35: Icy Blonde Wavy Bob with Bangs

An icy blonde wavy bob with bangs is for women who love a youthful and stylish hair style. This lovely bob with fringe, enhanced with waves, accentuates the best facial features. The haircut grazes the shoulders to keep your locks looking fuller.

Shoulder-Length Brown to Blonde Ombre Bob
Instagram @hairbyelena

#36: Shoulder-Length Brown to Blonde Ombre Bob

A flirty brown-to-blonde medium bob cut is simply gorgeous. This sun-kissed bob, besides being practical, is modern. This ombre shoulder bob features naturalness with low contrast. From the roots to the ends, there are three shades of difference.

Modern Brunette Medium-Length Bob with Highlights
Instagram @ocstyles

#37: Modern Brunette Bob with Highlights

This super modern and sophisticated medium bob is ideal for the modern woman. For at-home maintenance, use weekly hydration treatments at home, and at least once a month, go to the salon for a deep treatment and color maintenance. Use texture products with a matte effect to maintain modern hairstyles like this! If you’re unsure which shampoo to use at home, ask your hairdresser while at the salon.

Trendsetting One-Length Blunt Bob
Instagram @_isadoragomees

#38: Trendsetting One-Length Blunt Bob

This is a blunt, one-length medium bob that is fun and flattering. A medium bob looks good on all women and is incredibly flattering on women with thinner hair. Chop a lot of hair off to try out a blunt bob if you have longer hair. If you want a haircut, there is a lot to consider. You have to be willing to learn how to style your hair differently if you’ve never had short hair before. You must also be ready to use hair products to get the desired style and battle frizzy hair. It takes some practice but is simple once you learn how to curl your hair to fit the prettiest style of the cut.

Romantic One-Length Bob with Wispy Bangs
Instagram @luvlyly23

#39: Romantic One-Length Bob with Wispy Bangs

A charming one-length bob with wispy bangs makes an excellent combination for a romantic yet classic look. It’s a perfect cut and style worn day and night. Style your hair with all Aveda Smooth Infusion products and a small round brush to create a sleek, straight finish.

Lived-In Medium-Length Shaggy Bob
Instagram @espaco.dlu

#40: Lived-In Medium-Length Shaggy Bob

This shaggy, piece-y bob is a lived-in shag or a textured bob. You get a lot of versatility with a mid-length shag cut like this. It’s meant to be messy, voluminous, easy, and cool. The strategic weight removal gives an airy texture and can be worn in many different ways.

#41: Dark to Light Chocolate Ombre Bob

This shoulder-length bob haircut is chic, current, and effortless. Maintain shoulder-length bob haircuts every 5 to 6 weeks. Almost any face type can rock this cut. Your stylist can show you how to achieve the best finish based on your face shape. This particular cut is best suited for women with straight hair.

#42: Versatile Angled Medium-Length Lob Haircut

Go for a lob that is shorter in the back and slightly angled downward as it transitions forward. This is the perfect shape if you are looking for something low maintenance or not. This shoulder-grazing wavy angled bob is ideal for any face shape. Make sure you and your stylist are both confident about the length wanted in the front. You can style it by transitioning curls throughout and keeping them around your hairline, away from the face. Use a light hairspray or texturizing spray for a more lived-in vibe.

#43: Chic Straight Medium Bob for Thin Hair

A straight bob for thin hair is best when grazing the neck or the collarbone. The result is bolder and fuller! Straight cuts are the go-to look when you want a big change. It makes an excellent cut, especially for long to shorter hair.

Sassy medium-length bob for thick hair and bangs
Instagram @bescene

#44: Sassy Bob for Thick Hair and Bangs

With this medium bob with bangs, your hair can complement your face. That is one of the most important tasks for stylists to accomplish. To complete the look, style your hair with a serum, but you can also use an oil like Dark Oil from Sebastian for more shine. Also, it’s often women with a rounder face or wide jawline that wear this look best because it gives length to their face contour.

Blonde Textured Shoulder-Length Layered Bob
Instagram @jcamphair

#45: Blonde Textured Shoulder-Length Layered Bob

This textured shoulder-length layered bob haircut is fabulous for most face shapes and hair types. A shattered perimeter and textured long layers give this cut its signature tousled vibe.

Mid-Length Razor Cut Bob with Textured Ends
Instagram @hair_by_mmarie

#46: Mid-Length Razor Cut Bob with Textured Ends

A razored bob haircut offers more detailed and textured ends. Thick hair can enjoy a razor cut, making it seem lightweight. What most beauties will love about this messy bob is its versatility. Even without waves, the effect is still stylish!

Trendy Textured Shoulder-Length Blunt Bob
Instagram @belximenes

#47: Trendy Textured Shoulder-Length Blunt Bob

A textured shoulder-length blunt bob is an excellent way to create movement in your hair. The layers and texture in this bob make styling more accessible and more manageable. They also create those subtle bends in your hair. Finish off with a dry spray wax like Evo She-Bang-A-Bang when styling blunt cuts like this.

#48: A Classic Bob Style

This is a shiny, straight, medium bob hairstyle that frames the face. Its length grazes the shoulders, which will elongate a round face shape. Iron the ends for a more polished finish. A classic style will always add body to your hair. This haircut is easy to maintain and works with most face shapes and hair types.

#49: Bold Asymmetrical Bob for Medium-Length Hair

This haircut is one of those uneven, medium-length bob haircuts that offer edginess. It’s a great option to make thin, fine hair look fuller and healthier. The chop suits an oval face shape, too.

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Bob Hairstyle with Old Hollywood Waves for Square Face Shapes
Instagram @matrimonymanes

#50: Bob Hairstyle with Old Hollywood Waves for Square Face Shapes

This bob hairstyle with old Hollywood waves gives us a major royal vibe! It makes a classy hairstyle that stands out in a fun, elegant ball. The style is perfect for adding movement and volume to straight, blonde locks.

Medium Relaxed Black Bob
Instagram @myfirstwig_com

#51: Medium Relaxed Black Bob

Have a relaxed black bob, and look elegant every time! What’s great about this style is its natural appearance, especially on an oval face. This shoulder-length bob cut can be pulled off on casual days or formal events.

Sleek Medium-Length A-Line Bob
Instagram @kaatyamayhair

#52: Sleek Medium-Length A-Line Bob

If your hair needs a new style, a sleek a-line bob screams sophistication. This hairstyle does the best job if your tresses are black and straight. The result is guaranteed to look classic. You can opt for this medium-length A-line bob for a gorgeous go-to cut.

#53: Collarbone-Length Lob with Bronde Balayage

A collarbone-length lob with bronde balayage can freshen your look and thicken your finer hair. This hairstyle works ideally for fine locks as you’re bringing the length into a blunt one-length bob. This keeps all the weight in the edges, keeping your hair to its fullest.

Cute Mid-Length Deep Side Part Bob
Instagram @yukistylist

#54: Cute Mid-Length Deep Side Part Bob

Medium bob hairstyles like this deep side part bob never fail to offer a trendy, fashionable vibe. This shoulder-grazing bob is an excellent alternative for straight hair that needs root volume. Try styling it with texture, too, so it looks more graceful. You’ll love its versatility.

Middle Part A-Line Shoulder-Length Bob
Instagram @thekriksters

#55: Middle Part A-Line Bob

A middle part a-line shoulder-length bob looks best on round-shaped faces as it can help elongate your face. A medium bob haircut with a middle part has no layers and looks best with a sleek bob style.

Rockin' Shoulder-Length Choppy Bob Shag with Bangs
Instagram @belximenes

#56: Rockin’ Shoulder-Length Choppy Bob Shag with Bangs

To achieve this rockin’ shoulder-length choppy bob shag with bangs, ask your hairstylist for interior textured layers. Opt for wispy curtain bangs above the eyebrow, and you won’t regret it. This bob with short shaggy layers is an excellent cut for any face shape. When styling, use a texturizing spray and diffuse it to create beach vibes all year round.

#57: California Beachy Medium Blonde Bob

Going blonder is an excellent way for women to show off their dimensional texture in a medium bob with jagged ends. Seek a stylist specializing in blonding and balayage colors to achieve this long blonde bob. The California beach blonde trend is the latest obsession, whether you have short, medium, or even long hair. Prep and style with It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-in Conditioner with Keratin to protect against sun and heat damage.