32 Awesome Wolf Cuts for Medium-Length Hair

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Brunette Shoulder-Length Wolf Cut with Choppy Fringe

Rock a brunette shoulder-length wolf cut with choppy fringe to add life to medium-length hair. Brunette being one of the easiest hair colors to maintain without frequent salon visits, you can focus more on the styling of this wolf cut. The layers already give a ton of volume to the style. Use a flat or large barrel iron with light working spray to piece the layers and style.

#2: 80s-Inspired Medium Wolf Cut

The medium-length wolf cut, inspired by the 80s, is regaining popularity. 80s hairstyles are trending on Instagram and are great for fall style. Wispy bangs and soft petal-like texture make this haircut stylish and funky. Razor haircuts are ideal for getting the wolf cut style.

#3: Copper Mid-Length Shaggy Wolf Cut

A mid-length wolf cut with a shaggy look would be great for highlighting your copper color. At home, use a quality texture spray along with a color-enhancing shampoo. I suggest discussing with your stylist the ideal copper tone and hair length for your face shape and texture before opting for this shaggy wolf cut with a copper color.

#4: Charming Wolf Shag

A charming wolf shag is a great way to wear your hair if you love lots of layering in your hair. You can wear this curly or straight, depending on your hair texture.

#5: Medium Wolf with Curtain Bangs

The medium wolf cut with curtain bangs style perfectly matches women with very dark hair. This versatile cut works best for those with straight to wavy hair and can be tailored to suit a variety of faces. I suggest adding layers and keeping the length around the collarbone. This creates volume and dimension while maintaining a polished look.

#6: Shaggy-Styled Wolf Cut

Wow, this shaggy-styled wolf cut is stunning and trendy – perfect for a lived-in look. You get to keep your length, and with the added short layers and bangs, you can achieve shape and height. And this helps frame most face shapes. This is the wolf cut women should wear to bring some life back to their medium and long-length locks.

#7: Messy Wolf for Thick Hair

If you’re looking to bring out your natural texture, you can cut out weight from thicker hair. A wolf-cut hairstyle will have a lot of lighter layered pieces. Adding texture with slicing, a razor, or texture shears will remove the weight. It will also create skinny tapered ends.

Mid-Length Thick Copper Wolf Cut
Instagram @ernestomeneses

#8: Thick Copper Wolf Cut

A thick copper wolf cut for medium-length hair is a stunning option for women who love a cut with a lot of texture. Be prepared to see a lot of hair missing from your head, but don’t be alarmed! This is because of the heavy texturizing around your face.

#9: The Bright Red Wolf

bright red wolf cut is perfect for those looking to add extra edginess to their medium-length hair. This style works best on thick, straight hair. It pairs excellently with round or oval face shapes. To get the look, start by parting your hair down the middle. Trim the sides slightly shorter than the top layers. Finish with a texturizing product like Bumble + Bumble’s BB Texture Cream. It helps to achieve maximum volume and to prevent flyaways.

Mid-Length Wolf Cut with Curtain Fringe
Instagram @nothingobvious

#10: Mid-Length Wolf Cut with Curtain Fringe

Ladies with a more square face shape can rock a mid-length wolf cut with curtain fringe. This cut will allow you to maintain your length while adding layers for volume, fullness, and texture. To spice up your look, curtain fringe is the best option.

#11: Messy Wolf Haircut with Heavy Bangs

Try a messy wolf haircut with heavy bangs for a lived-in and textured look. Adding shaggy bangs can bring attention to the eyes and frame the face.

#12: Wavy Wolf Hairstyle for Fine Hair

Try a wavy wolf hairstyle for fine hair to create the appearance of fullness. Adding a fringe to a wolf cut for wavy hair can frame the face beautifully.

#13: Razored Wolf Cut with Bangs for Thick Hair

A razored wolf cut with bangs for thick hair is great for a heavily layered style. Created using a razor technique, a stylist can make texture and wispiness for a fun, shaggy cut.

#14: Wolf Shaggy Cut for Curly Hair

Try a wolf shaggy cut for curly hair for an effortless style. Adding extra layers makes a wolf cut on naturally curly hair a very curl-enhancing medium hairstyle.

#15: Curly Wolf Hairstyle

A curly wolf hairstyle is a great look for enhancing coils and curls. When asking for a wolf cut for curly hair, ask your stylist to layer according to your curl pattern for a new, fun look.

Wolf Shaggy Lob with Face-Framing Bangs
Instagram @skipdoeshair

#16: Wolf Shaggy Lob with Face-Framing Bangs

Try a wolf shaggy lob with face-framing bangs for a voluminous wolf haircut. Beautiful on any hair type, including fine, straight hair, this chop can add much volume.

70s Mid-Length Shag with Choppy Bangs
Instagram @clubglam2

#17: 70s Mid-Length Shag with Choppy Bangs

A 70s mid-length shag with choppy bangs is the perfect hairdo for an updated and fun look. Great on medium or thick hair, a choppier cut can be styled easily with very low maintenance.

Mullet Wolf Hair with Soft Waves
Instagram @sergeycher03

#18: Mullet Wolf Hair with Soft Waves

Mullet wolf hair with soft waves is perfect for medium-length hair looking to add volume and texture. Soft yet edgy, a layered mullet hairstyle can be created using a hot tool when hair is not naturally wavy. Ask your stylist how to replicate it.

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Layered Wolf Cut with Short Bangs
Instagram @xandrias.hair

#19: Layered Wolf Cut with Short Bangs

A layered wolf cut with short bangs is great for women over 50. Layered hair can give great movement and definition to medium-length hair.

Shoulder-Length Wolf Haircut
Instagram @marmaladesalon

#20: Shoulder-Length Wolf Haircut

Try a shoulder-length wolf haircut for a medium style. Simple yet edgy, a wolf cut on shoulder-length hair can be styled to accentuate texture. Ask your stylist for a lot of piece-y layers.

Dimensional Wolf Hair with Pink Highlights
Instagram @elyserox00

#21: Dimensional Wolf Hair with Pink Highlights

Dimensional wolf hair with pink highlights is a fun and edgy style. Asking for long face-framing pieces can bring out a medium-length cut and is great for pops of color.

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#22: Wolf Shag for Thin Hair

Try a low-maintenance wolf shag for thin hair to make the hair appear fuller. With proper styling and texture or volume products, a wolf shag haircut is a great option to add volume.

#23: Wolf Cut with Choppy Layers

A wolf cut with choppy layers may be the next haircut to try for a new, fun style. A medium haircut adds shagginess for a messy yet easily styled cut.

Short Textured Layers on a Mid-Length Wolf Cut
Instagram @ernestomeneses

#24: Short Textured Layers on a Mid-Length Wolf Cut

Short textured layers on a mid-length wolf cut give women over 40 a natural yet edgy style. When asking for shorter layers, your stylist can build fullness and texture for the added definition of medium-length hair.

Wolf Cut with Shaggy Layers and Bangs
Instagram @arinathehair

#25: Wolf Cut with Shaggy Layers and Bangs

A wolf cut with shaggy layers and bangs can frame and compliment a round face. Great for medium-length hair, a wolf cut is great for an effortless style, and the layers give a ton of texture.

#26: Medium-Length Razor Shag

Try a medium-length razor shag to enhance natural texture. By adding a lot of layers to curly or wavy hair, a shag gives a great bounce to medium-length hair. Ask your stylist if a razor will work with your type of texture.

Mullet Wolf Cut for Straight Hair
Instagram @pale_3

#27: Mullet Wolf Cut for Straight Hair

A mullet wolf cut for straight hair is a great option to add texture and volume to finer hair. Adding a lot of layers looks great on a mullet haircut and gives a shag effect similar to a Miley Cyrus cut.

#28: Wolf Cut with Heavy Crown Layers

A wolf cut with heavy crown layers can give a lot of volume and fullness to the top of the head. Great for any hair texture, a wolf cut for medium hair adds lift to all the right places and leaves plenty of length.

Tousled and Textured Wolf Hairstyle
Instagram @dmitrovahair

#29: Tousled and Textured Wolf Hairstyle

Try a tousled and textured wolf hairstyle for a soft yet edgy look. Great for a medium cut, adding layers can be styled easily with a hot tool and texture product.

Curtain Bangs on a Wavy Wolf Style
Instagram @romerostyle

#30: Curtain Bangs on a Wavy Wolf Style

Curtain bangs on a wavy wolf style are the perfect haircut to add wanted fullness in all the right places. Soft layers can give this cut a great texture. Curtain bangs are the perfect addition for fullness in all the right places.

Wolf Haircut with Feathered Layers
Instagram @sergiojunior

#31: Wolf Haircut with Feathered Layers

A medium wolf haircut with feathered layers gives a fun, bold style wispiness. Since some wolf cuts can be choppy, a feathery texture can soften a haircut for certain hair types, including medium and fine hair.

#32: Choppy Wolf Cut with Bangs

Try a choppy wolf cut with bangs to get a Billie Eilish look! Great for straight hair, choppiness on a medium-length wolf haircut can add a lot of fullness and texture.

A medium-length wolf cut is a fusion of classic shag and mullet to create a trendier haircut. The cut sits around the shoulders for versatility, allowing women to wear various styles.

Jasmine Kokoszka, a stylist and salon owner in Austin, TX, explains why this chop works on most hair types. “The wolf cut removes bulk from thick hair and releases texture. It can also be tailored to fine hair for fullness,” she states.

Layers in this chop result in significant changes. The cut’s perimeter looks sharper, and it can highlight stronger details around the face. Face-framing layers are a great alternative if you’re afraid to commit to the style fully.

Ask for a variation of the wolf cut that suits your hair texture and type best. Consult your stylist, as they know where to add volume and movement.

Feel free to bring inspirational photos. “Your hairstylist can guide you on some styling nuances to get the most out of your new look,” says Kokoszka.

Here’s the hair trend that will make you look so iconic. Images here show the most popular medium-length wolf haircuts you must consider getting!