50 Best Hairstyles for Thick Hair & Thick Haircuts in 2022

Hairstyles for thick hair

Hairstyles for thick hair will give you versatility and extra sophistication in your daily looks. Having a dense hair type allows you to experiment with a variety of styles that will complement your face shape.

Marianna Jaramillo is a hairstyle expert from Winter Park, FL. She told me secrets on how to nail the perfect cut for thick tresses.

💡 Key Things to Know First

  • Think about your routine and how frequently you wear your hair up or down.
  • A layered haircut is mostly suggested for ladies with thicker hair. It allows the hair to lay beautifully in unison with enough movement, showing off the natural texture.
  • However, shorter layers have a drawback, especially for women whose hair is tied up most of the week.
  • The emergence of the shag and mullet, generating several layered cuts, reveals to many women the full potential of their hair, like greater bounce.
  • Learn how to style your hair step-by-step and other things that you can do with it at home.

Time to utilize your hair to its full potential. For inspiration, take a look at these pictures of gorgeous hairstyles for thick hair.

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Modern Medium Shag with a Middle Part for Thick Hair
Instagram @megumicolor

#1: Modern Medium Shag with a Middle Part

Look cool and modern with a medium shag with a middle part. Medium-length haircuts for thick hair are perfect because you still have a little length and weight to pull your strands down and prevent them from being too big and wide. Layers will help remove bulk from your locks and give movement. Show your stylist pictures of medium haircuts and pick the perfect one for your hair type.

Highlighted Brunette Thick Hair with Swoopy Layers
Instagram @canozermann

#2: Highlighted Brunette Hair with Swoopy Layers

Give your thick hair a lift with highlighted brunette hair paired with swoopy layers. Adding moving layers and a face frame will remove weight for a light airy feel. Options are endless when it comes to hairstyles for thick wavy hair. Wearing it all down, all up or half up your locks will always look ready for any big event.

#3: Dimensional Blonde Bob with Jagged Ends

Women with thick hair should consider a dimensional blonde bob with jagged ends. A short bob for your thick hair will be much less maintenance than your longer strands. Make sure that you take weight out of bulky dense areas to make the cut sit better, making it easier to style. To get a more jagged edgy style use a razor at the mid-shaft and ends to create movement and texture.

Voluminous Thick Brown Hair with a Side Part
Instagram @georgiykot

#4: Voluminous Thick Brown Hair with a Side Part

One of the best ways to create this side-part style in the salon is to have styling aids to help achieve it. Redken’s Big Blowout paired with a medium round brush and velcro rollers helps to ensure the foundation of your look and will enable your style to avoid going flat.

Thick Long Blonde Surfer Hair
Instagram @joahhmendes

#5: Long Blonde Surfer Hair

Look like you spent the day at the beach with long blonde surfer hair. When it comes to long blonde hair, it looks easy-breezy but it does take serious effort. Coloring, toning, and cutting every couple of months will keep it looking fresh and healthy. When curling your hair it will be helpful if you have some layers so your curls will hold. You will get more body and movement. Use a salt spray to finish and get a beachy look.

#6: Thick Curly Mid-Length Cut

This curly mid-length cut tames even the thickest natural hair. If you’re trying to strike a balance between longer locks and bouncier curls, a shoulder-length style is your best bet. Note that in order to preserve your curl pattern without sacrificing too much weight, it’s better to cut your hair when it’s dry.

Silver Shaggy Cut for Thick Hair
Instagram @rachelwstylist

#7: Silver Shaggy Cut

Try a bold trend with a silver shaggy cut. Perfect for thick hair, a shaggy cut will give movement to your heavy strands. If you wear your hair with layers a shag cut is perfect. All the layers will release some unneeded weight and you will get lift and volume.

Thick Lived-In Shag with Ombre
Instagram @nothingobvious

#8: Lived-In Shag with Ombre

Who doesn’t love a lived-in shag with ombré color? With my years of experience, a shaggy cut on soft length is always a crowd pleaser. The messy style is easy to achieve with a natural wave or a medium curling wand, and compliments all face shapes. A caramel ombré will give you a dipped look on the ends and is a great choice for brunettes.

Thick Blonde Balayage
Instagram @emanuelrodhair

#9: Thick Blonde Balayage

Thick blonde balayage will be the perfect color for you if you like warm golden, or even caramel shades of blonde. In my professional opinion, it’s a bold color achieved by free-hand heavy paint balayage that looks fantastic on straight to wavy hair textures. If you opt for it, be prepared to spend a lot on suitable hair cosmetics like Olaplex.

Sweet Asymmetrical Bob with Texture for Thick Hair
Instagram @ambermcmahen

#10: Sweet Asymmetrical Bob with Texture

Haircuts for thick hair look amazing when paired with a platinum blonde hair color and dark roots! Don’t just pull off a common short and thick hairstyle. Take a step up! Rock a deep side-parted, asymmetrical bob. To style thick hair hairstyles like this blunt chop, use minimal texture, and you’re good to go.

Modern wavy lob cut for thicker hair
Instagram @richiemiao

#11: Modern Wavy Lob Cut

One of the best thick hairstyles is a modern wavy lob that is suitable for women with thicker hair that is straight or wavy, and that hits just below the shoulders. The best way to achieve such a stunning medium haircut is to have a stylist do a lot of texturizing and create longer layers to remove bulk and weight from your hair. It will also make hair styling a lot easier if you use a 1 1/4” curling iron.

Wearable thick choppy bob haircut
Instagram @kaansayar1

#12: Wearable Thick Choppy Bob Haircut

A lovely thick choppy bob haircut can remove heaviness from your hair.  Choppy layers work well with thicker locks because they reduce weight. They can even have a movement-enhancing effect on your hair when cut correctly. Most thick-haired ladies tend to avoid bobs due to the density of their hair. However, hairstylists can adapt layering techniques to help make this style wearable for you.

#13: Voluminous Long Choppy Hair with Bangs

If you wanna keep your long thick strands, but you’re not up for the upkeep, the messy shag with choppy layers is a great option. Thick hair may offer a curly texture if you tousle your locks, volume in the crown, and volume throughout your hair. Low-maintenance haircuts for long thick hair are the way to go to save time and energy styling.

#14: Flirty Thick Textured Bob with Waves

A flirty textured bob is a modern version of the vintage bubble cut. Waves on your short bronde locks create shape and movement, giving you a beautiful appearance for your thick hair style.

Defined Texturized Shoulder-Length Lob Haircut for Thick Hair
Instagram @maurajannetta

#15: Defined Texturized Shoulder-Length Lob Haircut

This shoulder-length haircut for thick hair is a cross between an effortless lob haircut and an updated shag cut. Medium thick hair haircuts should be easy to style if you’re embracing your natural hair texture. When styling haircuts for thick wavy hair, work in sea salt spray and air dry it to bring out your natural waves. If more volume is desired, blow dry just your roots. Then, take a 1-inch curling iron or wand and wrap random sections around it to give your hair some polish and to define the waves.

Best Thick Cut for an Oval Face
Instagram @romeufelipe

#16: Best Thick Cut for an Oval Face

When it comes to glamorous haircuts for thick hair, the best thick cut for an oval face allows for some depth and dimension to your hair with textured layers. Layers are what bring your face and length some unity. Long hair can drag a face down with added texture and layers, as these create a flow between this space. Beach waves are a diverse way to add shape and lighten heavy hair, making it one of the best hairstyles for thick hair.

#17: Wonderful Thick Layered Haircut with Texture

If you’re looking for a new hairdo, ask your hairstylist for a layered trim. This wonderful long layered hairstyle for a thick hair type lessens the fullness and thickness of your hair into a more manageable state without removing volume.

Thick Lob Cut with Deep Side Part and Messy Texture
Instagram @hairstar86

#18: Thick Lob Cut with Deep Side Part and Messy Texture

When a shoulder-grazing lob meets voluminous beachy waves and jagged layers, the result is breathtaking! And, that’s evident in this thick and deep side-parted hair trend. Perfectly hand-painted balayage and babylights work hand in hand to carry out a nice bronde dimensional illusion in this messy long thick bob cut.

The Best Haircut a Round Face and Long Thick Hair
Instagram @ricardomaiabsb

#19: The Best Haircut a Round Face and Long Thick Hair

The best haircut long thick hair can have is added layers to free up some movement and to help lift your hair in a voluminous way. Women with thicker hair will appreciate the lighter feeling that layers give. Women with a rounder face shape will benefit from the lift and movement, which help elongate their faces.

#20: 70s Layering with Bangs

Layers with bangs for thick hair often tend to result in a soft, finer appearance. Think of Brigitte Bardot. Gorgeous and classy, right? Thick haircuts are textured, lived-in, and layered to make your thick hair appear less poofy. For women considering haircuts for thick tresses and who need some sort of style, this is the one. Plus, adding bangs is a great option if you want to hide your larger forehead.

#21: Side-Swept Thick Wavy Medium Cut

Smooth vintage waves on your thick locks are one of the best haircut ideas. Having thick hair is a great way to create fancy and wavy hairstyles. If you don’t need to add volume to your medium-length hair, then this is your look. To style, grab your comb and a really good long-lasting hairspray, put some beautiful make-up on to complement your waves, and you’ll be ready to walk the red carpet!

Perfect Cut for Women Over 60 with Thick Hair
Instagram @nakedeyebeauty

#22: Perfect Cut for Women Over 60

Shoulder-length bobs are the most stylish bob haircuts for women over 60. This elegant and straight natural-colored bob haircut flatters older women with thick tresses the best. It’s also easy maintenance, what more can you wish for if your hair is thick?

easy-to-wear haircut for women over 50 with thick hair
Instagram @mal.hair

#23: Easy-to-Wear Haircut for Women over 50

The best haircuts for women over 50 with thick hair are long pixies, pixie bobs, and shags like the model in the photo above. When it comes to cutting your hair length, less is better if you want to remove weight off your thick hair. Leave some ear-length feathered layers to serve as a face frame.

White Blunt Bob for Thick Frizzy Hair
Instagram @elspethfit

#24: White Blunt Bob for Thick Frizzy Hair

Get the most out of your hairstyle and go for a textured bob that’s perfect for thick frizzy hair! This short hair has minimal layers to create a heavy look at the bottom, but just enough layers to give it movement and bounce. It’s the perfect haircut for girls with a thicker density who are considering bob haircuts for thick hair!

#25: The Polished Angled Bob

If you have naturally thick hair, an undercut is the way to go! The polished angled bob is shorter at the back and longer at the front. Hairstyles for thick coarse hair need a lot of undercutting to prevent a bushy look.

soft layering for thick long hair
Instagram @rachelwstylist

#26: Soft Layering for Thick Long Hair

Opt for soft layering if you have blonde thick long hair. Lots of hair was taken out to thin out the thick and healthy hair. For long-length hair, some women prefer taking off some weight with layers. However, you can embrace the fullness and simply take the weight out by adding lots of soft layering around your face and long layers through the back.

When it comes to hairstyles for long thick hair, you have to think about how taking weight out makes it more frizzy if it’s not done right. Thick, layered hair isn’t always a struggle when it’s cut right. Also, it won’t hurt to consider some highlights to add a bit of radiance to your hairstyle.

Face-Framing Cut for Thick Strands
Instagram @colourmesue

#27: Face-Framing Cut for Thick Strands

A face-framing cut for thick strands looks modern and soft. It can accentuate your cheekbones and expose your neck area beautifully. This haircut works best on women with thick strands. This style for thick hair can be straight or wavy, too. Make sure to go to the right stylist to cut your locks. It has to be well proportioned depending on your face shape and its structure, and seasoned stylists understand this.

#28: Feminine Layers with Wispy Bangs

Choose layers with wispy bangs if you want to give soft, weightless movement to your locks. Layers make the best haircuts for thick hair, reducing the bulk while also lifting up heavy hair. Wispy bangs add to the flowing layers and bring an element of softness back to your face. They’re also super versatile as you can wear them to the side, parted in the center, or as full-on bangs.

cute shoulder-length haircuts for thick hair
Instagram @hirohair

#29: Cute Shoulder-Length Haircut

Shoulder-length haircuts for thick hair work best when layers are added to remove weight and volume.  A long shag offers the length to showcase thick manes and also removes weight from your hair at the same time. For these types of haircuts for thicker hair, try a thermal protectant or primers like Bumble and Bumble Hairdressers Invisible Oil Primer to help smooth out your cuticle surface. This will add moisture to your hair. All the styling products coat the outside of your hair shaft to allow for a better blow-dry.

Bouncy Long Layers for Thick Hair
Instagram @mirianmay_

#30: Bouncy Long Layers

Try bouncy long layers for thick hair to make your locks feel lighter instantly. Layers are a great option as they add movement and bounce. Another great attribute of the layering technique is the removal of weight from your hair. Keeping your layers long on your thick hairdo allows the weight to be removed from the perimeter, while still feeling the benefits without being overly layered.

Sassy Mid-Length Hairstyle for Thick Hair
Instagram @romeufelipe

#31: Sassy Mid-Length Hairstyle

It’s worth it to try this mid-length hairstyle for thick hair. Short cuts can make your tresses appear fuller, and this isn’t what a dense mane needs. So, a collarbone-length chop is perfect. Wanna go shorter without letting your hair look bulky? Just choose one of the trendiest medium-length hairstyles for thick hair! Here’s an example of how to pull off a long bob if you have wavy thick hair. Long bobs are trendy and versatile, so what else is there to look for?

Long Thick Dreadlocks Hair Trend
Instagram @amakiya_

#32: Long Thick Dreadlocks Hair Trend

Imagine the uniqueness you can manifest with these long thick dreadlocks. Change your hairstyling game, and give your dark brown tresses a new appearance. Wear your sweetest smile and look gorgeous as you pull off this thick, brown hair color paired with a mid-length cut.

#33: Flattering Thick Layered Bob on Blonde Hair

If you need a youthful vibe, a dimensional blonde is sure to revamp a shoulder-grazing cut like this. Opt for this thickly layered bob with more textured ends, which also removes weight from your hair.

Cute Curly Bob for Thick Frizzy Hair
Instagram @sabina.styles

#34: Cute Curly Bob for Thick Frizzy Hair

In this neck-length hairstyle, the texture is everything! Your thick hair with curls and subtle bangs brings out a new life in your tresses. Medium hairstyles for thick frizzy hair should run from the chin or slightly past the shoulders to get maximum flow while enhancing its natural texture.

Alluring Textured Stacked Bob for Thick Hair
Instagram @catkeenam

#35: Alluring Textured Stacked Bob

Remove the bulkiness from your dense, brown locks by having some edgy graduated layers in a stacked, inverted bob cut. Stacked bobs for thick hair will also help you achieve a round shape at the back of your head.

#36: Naturally Curly Bob for Gorgeous Curly Hair

Be smart enough to choose the perfect haircut, which can bring the bounciness out of your brunette locks. Go for this naturally curly bob where the ends go around your collarbone. Adding a dark brown hue will boost the lively spirit of your new hair style.

Dense Long Thick Wavy Haircut
Instagram @colorbymarina

#37: Dense Long Wavy Haircut

A long haircut for thick wavy hair is perfect if you seem to get overwhelmed by your thick tresses. Whether you have a smaller face shape or your hair is just very dense, adding some waves is ideal. They don’t only give a bounce but also stop your long layered thick hair from dragging your facial features down. Try using a straightener to add loose waves when styling. As thicker hair tends to be heavier, this will ensure your style stays put all day.

#38: Thick Long Shag Haircut with Soft Choppy Layers

A thick long shag haircut is sure to make you look darling. The soft shaggy layers bring out a chic and very feminine appearance. The long shag is one of the best hairstyles for thick hair. It offers layers to add volume and movement while thinning out your mid-lengths and ends.

#39: On-Trend Textured Cut for Very Short Thick Hair

This is a flattering textured cut for very short thick hair. You should know it’s a commitment to style it each day. The best short haircuts for thick hair are layered and sassy – like this! Ask your hairdresser about at-home hair care products you should be using when washing, drying and styling your hair.

Sexy Layered A-Line Bob for Thick Hair
Instagram @hugoalves_h

#40: Sexy Layered A-Line Bob

A layered A-line bob for thick straight hair is a great option when you are wanting to transform from a long to a short haircut. The added layers are always helpful to a girl with thick hair. It provides body, and styling, and lessens the drag of a heavy, thick mane.

#41: Amazing Straight Razor Cut Bob

Try a straight razored-cut bob for thick hair if you want to eliminate bulk. This cut keeps the ends blunt and one length. Razors are great for very thick hair as they still keep your hair’s structure and shape while softening the edges of a bob. This works well for women who prefer their style a little undone.

Fuller Medium-Length Haircut with Bangs for Thick Hair
Instagram @tanarosehair

#42: Fuller Medium-Length Haircut with Bangs

When you want to try something new, this medium-length haircut with bangs is an excellent choice. The chop gives thick, fine tresses a fuller style. The textured ends help remove bulkiness from your hair.

#43: Tousled Collarbone-Length Layered Lob Cut

An ideal collarbone-length layered cut for thick hair must have finer ends. If you’re wanting less bulk, thinning out the edges will prevent it from looking bulky. The wavy and middle-parted style also helps the thick hair to have added movement. This layered lob appears more weightless than it is, and gives us some serious inspiration.

#44: Best Short Pixie Cut with Side-Swept Bangs

The best short pixie cut for thick hair is here! The unique nape part is neatly chopped, making it great to feel the breeze on your neck. The hair on top is longer for versatility so you don’t have to have the same hairstyle every day. Brush them towards the front to form a fringe, or brush them to the back or to the side to create volume. If you’re not wanting volume and prefer a much flatter style, ask your stylist for recommended products that will weigh your thick hair down more.

Side-Parted with Layers for Thick and Straight Medium Haircut
Instagram @nadiafares1

#45: Side-Parted Medium Haircut with Layers for Straight Hair

Layers for thick straight hair add extra volume and body without chopping off the length. This long straight hairstyle is ideal for pretty sophisticated ladies who don’t want a dramatic change. To keep your hair healthy, use Kérastase’s Nutritive Masquintense Thick Hair Mask. It feels softer and can detangle your thick mane. When styling thick hairstyles, use a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Repairative treatments and thermal protection are essentials, too.

Classic chin-length cut for thick wavy hair
Instagram @leighdoeshair

#46: Classic Chin-Length Wavy Hair

Rock this amazing chin-length thick wavy hair to achieve an exciting and low-maintenance style, perfect for the summer. The best haircuts for extremely thick hair are textured for added movement. Experience this thick bob hairstyle and show off the density of your mane. This haircut is a loose, wearable graduated bob. It can be air dried or blown out and curled. The length falls at the mid-high neck, showing off the jawline beautifully. It’s necessary to carve out lots of negative space so it’s easy to style. Shapes that sit above the shoulder take a bit more convincing in the morning than longer hair. If your hair is too thick, it can become helmet-like.

#47: Cute Short Layered Cut

Featuring a cute short layered haircut that pairs well with blonde locks! A chic haircut like this, on women with dense and unmanageable hair, allows the bulk to be removed. This cut has shorter layers to reduce all the weight in thick and frizzy tresses. It’s a textured weightless cut that looks awesome with a bright blonde shade, too.

Edgy Short Stacked Bob for Thick Hair
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#48: Edgy Short Stacked Bob

Here’s an edgy short stacked bob for thick hair. If your tresses are too dense, get a haircut that has shorter layers to remove some weight. A casual chop like this can soften the jawline, too. It’s a great option if you have a square or heart-shaped face.

#49: French-Inspired Jaw-Length Bob

This jaw-length bob is perfect for women with very thick hair. It’s French-inspired and works way better on a straight mane, too. Both your haircut and hairstyle are what will exhibit the fullness of your tresses. Side-swept bangs are added to bring out extra sophistication.

Stunning waist-length long thick hair
Instagram @cocoon_styling

#50: Stunning Waist-Length Long Hair

Grow out your locks and go for styles that fall at waist length. Little to no layers will give your hair fullness and body to finer long hair. It’s a low-maintenance haircut and it’s easy to throw in big barrel curls, braids, or ponytails to change up your style.

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