37 Popular Red Hair Color Ideas Trending Right Now

Red hair colors

Red hair is more than a color, it’s an attitude. Redheads are fun, fierce, and ready to take on the world! If you have the desire for a red hair shade, then you’re in the right place. Red hair colors vary in shades of strawberry, copper, auburn, and burgundy. All you have to do is find the best red hair color for your skin tone and eye color. Scroll to see pictures of the best red hair color ideas for this year and find the right color for you.

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Brick Red Middle Part

brick red middle part hair
Instagram @perf.scherf.parlour

This brick red middle part hair is looking very appealing.

You’ll love wearing it each day!

Keep your tresses, long, and let your red haired curls shine.

That’s how the added color gets accentuated, too.

Peachy-Pink Undertones

Red hair with peachy-pink undertones
Instagram @gerilynghaisarzadeh

Peachy-pink undertones are an envy-inducing combination of colors. This peach pink balayage for long hair highlight these candy colors.

Auburn Highlights

Red hair with auburn highlights
Instagram @hollywiit

Auburn highlights are an easy way to attain that modern style. Streak your bright red hair with a reddish hair dye and give yourself that sassy and trendy image in your photos.

Hints of Strawberry Ombre

A dark red to strawberry red ombre hair color
Instagram @constancerobbins

Hints of strawberry ombre within this red strawberry hair will take you places!

Auburn Red Hair

Picture of a red hair bob
Instagram @daniellestyle

This auburn red hair features a red copper color melt. While coloring your red hair, keep it safe by using the best products recommended by your trusted stylist.

Vivid Red Highlights

Picture of a short dark red hair
Instagram @the_hairbend3r

These vivid red highlights next to the edgy red ombre are vibrant!
Use color-safe products to keep the red vibrant. Don’t worry about the black root because you’ll have no problem with the grow-out.

Peachy Pastel

Picture of a pastel red hair
Instagram @sydneyannlopezhair

This peachy pastel red hair is a mixture of pink pastel with peach undertones. This color melt goes on fair to neutral complexions.

Dark Ruby Red

Picture of a dark and shiny ruby red hair
Instagram @amberbeckjordhair

Embrace a fiery look now! This dark ruby red balayage leaves tresses looking edgier and dimensional. Style your hair with subtle waves, finishing it off with a shine spray, and see how the color pops out even better.

Burnt Orange Red

Picture of a burnt orange red hair
Instagram @ailihudson

Burnt orange red hair dye is a great way to spice up your plain ginger hair. Paint your strands with blonde highlights on your red hair and some pink and orange hues inside.

Mahogany With Blonde Highlights

Mahogany With Blonde Highlights
Instagram @lafranceglam

Q&A with style creator, Nicole LaFrance
Owner @ LaFrance Glam Artistry in Millbury, MA

How would you describe this?

Mahogany with blonde highlights is a low maintenance color with a bit of spice! Warmer red hair colors like mahogany are absolutely stunning. Ask your stylist to keep the mahogany base through your hair. Then add in copper balayage pieces to give it a nice dimension.

Reds tend to fade faster than other colors. Touch up your balayage every 4-6 months. A quick routine color melt will get this color looking completely refreshed!

What’s your best advice?

I always remind them that reds are more high maintenance than most colors because of the faster fade out.

Use cold water to wash your hair. Hot was will open that cuticle and make it easier for your color to slip out.

Lastly, like having any other color service done, use a good leave-in conditioner once a week! This will help with any color-treated hair damage and restore your hair’s moisture!

Scarlet Red Balayage

scarlet red balayage
Instagram @jentheunicornstylist

This scarlet red balayage is a glorious pigment, and it does suit long-length tresses.

Scarlet Red

Q&A with style creator, Danon Christoffers
Licensed Cosmetologist / Master Colorist @ Redefined Beauty Bar Salon in Barrington, IL

How would you describe this?

This scarlet red color is a true red. It’s a fierce one color application that adds the illusion of highs and lows in the hair. For the color red, hair-like this needs a touch up every 4-6 weeks.

What’s your best advice?

Women considering going scarlet red definitely needs to know a few things.

Reds can bring out beautiful undertones in your skin that you’ve never noticed. There are many different shades of red ranging from coppery red to violet-red or true red.

Reds fade fast, so get a good shampoo to not over-cleanse that new pretty tone right off the hair strand.

Also, it’s normal for scarlet red tones to stay a bit on the outside of the hair shaft especially if you go a semi. Seeing a red runoff in the water when washing or bleed onto towels is very normal, so grab some old ones or dark ones!

Natural Redhead

Natural redhead hair color
Instagram @beth_conlin

A natural redhead is the rarest hair color for modern ladies. Nothing can go wrong for you lucky ladies who have natural red hair.

Q&A with style creator, Beth Conlin
Hairstylist @ Beth Conlin Hair at Malva House of Hair in Tigard, OR

How would you describe this?

This natural red color is a modern take on the shag cut.

What’s your best advice?

You could air dry with some salt spray and still have a messy look to your natural red hair.

Deeper Red Lowlights

deeper red lowlights
Instagram @haircraft_bysarah

Deeper red lowlights create a rich hair color that ladies will drool over. Its flattering reddish tone appears perfect on long, thick hair. Subtle layers will accentuate the color even better.

Magenta Red

Picture of a magenta red hair
Instagram @beautyby_coley

Q&A with style creator, Nicole
Hairstylist / Makeup Artist @ Advanced Hair Etc. in Derry, NH

How would you describe this?

Magenta red can be super fun! The deep cranberry hues give it just enough subtleness for something a little funky. This color creation is the mix of depth and vibrancy together.

What’s your best advice?

Women with red hair dye ideas should keep this in mind: Fantasy colors are a lot of upkeep.

Pre-book with your stylist every 6-8 weeks to keep this color fresh.

If you want a hair color like this dyed magenta red, dry-shampoo is your best friend. The less you wash it, the longer the color lasts.

Cinnamon Red Fashion

cinnamon red hair fashion
Instagram @radicaljason

Q&A with style creator, Jason Bunce
Owner / Barber / Stylist @ Skull & Combs Co. in New Haven, CT

How would you describe this?

This cinnamon red fashion color is a rich, fiery red! It’s pre-lightened from the roots to the ends and then color-melted using a two-part formula to achieve maximum dimension!

What’s your best advice?

If you want a red hair color, take your skin tone, eye color, and natural hair-color into consideration.

Garnet Red for Short Hair

Picture of a red short hair
Instagram @thehivesalonuk

Q&A with style creator, Chloe Lyons
Hair Director @ The Hive Salon in West Midlands, UK

How would you describe this?

Garnet red for short hair screams vibrancy. Ask your stylist for a reddish tone on your first visit. Then ask for a plum red tone during your second visit.

What’s your best advice?

This garnet red hair color is amazing for that instant uplift to your hair. It’s a high maintenance color that needs to be topped up with toners.

You need to be bright, bubbly, and have a strong personality to pull off this garnet red.

Anyone could go for this amazing bright color. Talk to your hairstylist about tones such as reds, coppers, and plums.

Rose Gold Balayage

Rose Gold Balayage
Instagram @beautyby_brittanyjean

Rose gold balayage is a fierce red hair color.

Chocolate Red Highlights

Picture of chocolate red highlights
Instagram @krs_styles

Q&A with style creator, Katie Spidle
Stylist @ Park Place Boutique and Salon in Columbus, MS

How would you describe this?

This color is unlike the more modern shades of red hair.

Red could be a hard color to remove from your strands. This color is for women who want a more copper, auburn red rather than something bright.

What’s your best advice?

There are two main things you must consider: the shade of red you want and the type of upkeep you’ll be dealing with.

There are many different shades of red hair color: red-orange, red-violet, blue-red, auburn red, and more!

Red tones can either fade very fast or do quite the opposite and take many sessions to remove.

If your color is fading pretty fast, invest in a color depositing sulfate-free shampoo or conditioner. Also, cut back on how much you wash it.

Cherry Red Balayage

Cherry Red Balayage
Instagram @nathaliegavrailov

This cherry red balayage features black highlights painted over copper-red hair.

Sunny Red Bronze

sunny copper red bob hair color
Instagram @jennie2479

Q&A with style creator, Jennifer Ebbinghouser
Hairstylist @ Salon Serendipity in Sparta, NJ

How would you describe this?

This sunny red bronze is a sunny copper color suited well on a wavy bob cut.

What’s your best advice?

Ask your stylist about a small triangle pattern while freshening up your balayage. While toning your red bronze highlight, ask for Redken Shades.

Dyed Poison Apple Red

apple red hair color
Instagram @kendalleileen

Q&A with Style Creator Kendall Wooding
Hairstylist @ Stratosphere Hair Salon in Washington

How would you describe this?

This dyed poison apple red color adds brightness to your face.

What’s your best advice?

If you want red hair color, you must be willing to use professional products. Try a pigmented shampoo and conditioner for maintaining reds like Davines Red Alchemic System.

Dyed reds look great on women with pale skin, and those who don’t have pinkish tones in their skin.

Merlot Red Hair Color

dark merlot red hair color
Instagram @hairbytawnee

Q&A with Style Creator Tawnee Hedley
Hairstylist @ Heartwood & co. in Victoria, BC

How would you describe this?

This merlot red hair color is a deep true wine color with balayage bright pieces. The red pieces are painted throughout the ends and in front to frame the face.

What’s your best advice?

The depth of this hue allows it to compliment most skin types.

This merlot red shade is also perfect to bring out some stunning green eyes!

A bright reddish color can be pulled off on many hair types, but I think it’s best paired with healthy hair.

Mahogany With Blonde Highlights

red hair with blonde highlights
Instagram @bam_good_hair

Q&A with style creator, Ashley Bahm
Senior Stylest @ Salon Lakota in Stillwater, OK

How would you describe this?

This mahogany with blonde highlights color melt. It features a vibrant copper orange with golden balayage accents.

What’s your best advice?

This color combo is great for women with warm and fair skin tones.

I especially love this combo on women with green eyes! This mahogany color is great for women of all hair types.

Use the base color and balayage throughout (alternating) to add dimension to your color! Using a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner and always washing/rinsing with cool water will help maintain your look and keep it beautiful and vibrant. If using a hairspray daily, I would also recommend staying away from hairsprays that are high in alcohol. Alcohol will cause your color to fade faster and get very brassy.

Crimson Red Ringlets

A red crimson hair color
Instagram @hairbymeagan

Q&A with style creator, Meagan Eldridge
Stylist @ William Edge Nashville in Nashville, TN

How would you describe this?

These crimson red ringlets feature vibrant reds and coppers. Ask your stylist to combine vibrant crimson with intermingling coppers and bright reds.

What’s your best advice?

The right shade and tone of red or copper should be chosen after a thorough consultation. Reds are stunning, full of life, and worth every penny.

Maroon & Violet Burgundy

pops of red and violet burgundy hair color
Instagram @ameliarempel

Q&A with style creator, Amelia Rempel
Hairstylist @ Edward Carriere Salon in Winnipeg, Canada

How would you describe this?

This maroon and violet burgundy color is a rich maroon with balayage highlights. I love the pops of bright copper that run throughout!

What’s your best advice?

This color is best suited on women with cooler skin tones or women with fair skin and pink undertones.

Use cooler water and don’t overwash your hair to save the color. If you want to get a color like this, ask for multiple tones of red/copper/violet.

Wash your hair with a color safe shampoo and conditioner such as Goldwell Fade Stop and R+Co Gemstone. If you want to get a color like this, ask for multiple tones of red/copper/violet. The dimensions will give you a really nice fade out until you can get back to your stylist.

This color is best suited to someone with cooler skin tones or someone with fair skin and pink undertones.

Here’s what your colorist should know about the products used for this color:

The base was applied first. Using Topchic Effects and Silk Lift were applied using a freehand balayage technique. This was to make sure the base color would blend in. It was processed for 30 minutes and then toned at the basin for 15 minutes.

Burgundy Red for Summer

Q&A with style creator, Sarai Speer 
Master Colorist @ ReHab Hair in Kansas City, MO

How would you describe this?

This burgundy red for summer is an edgy color that’s wearable all year long.

What’s your best advice?

This is a pretty low maintenance hairstyle. The color should be touched up every six to eight weeks to maintain vibrancy.

For women with burgundy undertones in their skin, this color will enhance those.
Use Joico Lumishines and Schwarzkopf colors (and of course Olaplex) to create this red shade.

Western Europe Reddish Brown

A western europe reddish brown hair color
Instagram @strutmichelle

Q&A with style creator, Michelle Conway 
Senior Stylist/Colour specialist @ Strut Salon in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

How would you describe this?

This Western Europe reddish-brown base color is broken up with copper highlights.

Warmer red hair color shades give the skin a much-needed glow.

What’s your best advice?

This color is perfect for women who want to lighten up previously red hair. Microfine copper highlights both lighten up the overall red color, but it gives the old color a pop!

A copper shade really suits women with red hairstyles. There are so many red hair ideas including red copper, bright copper, and strawberry blonde.

Rusty Brown Red

Bright red hair color pieces
Instagram @rickikouryakus

Q&A with style creator, Ricki Kouryakus 
Hairstylist / Colorist @ Nude The Salon in Birmingham, MI

How would you describe this?

This rusty brown-red color that looks great on a dimensional redhead. Just add brighter pieces and a strong baseline.

What’s your best advice?

This rusty brown-red is for women wanting an edgy look, and who’s willing to upkeep the dimensional color.

Ruby Red Ombre

A black to red ombre hair color
Instagram @wtfrinna

Q&A with Style Creator Marinna Guasto
Hairstylist @ Salon Kroma in Long Island, NY

How would you describe this look?

This is a bright ruby red ombre with a shadow root.

A darker root makes the ends of the hair seem brighter and lighter.

It gives it an extra kick and actually makes the color last a little longer between sessions. Redheads are very difficult to maintain because it’s hard for the hair to hold this color.

What’s your best advice?

I try to stress to people to not use box color and to see a licensed cosmetologist who uses professional color.

Wash your red ombre hair as little as possible, and always use a heat protectant and low heat. High heat fades color so fast.

Keep the vibrancy and color looking fresh by seeing your stylist every six to eight weeks for touch ups.
Since the color has a dark root, move the highlights and balayage pieces up at your leisure. But come in every six to eight weeks for root touch-ups and glazes.

Warm Red Hue

Warm Red Hue
Instagram @kelsey_theyoungamerican

This warm red hue is seriously giving off autumn vibes! To achieve this red color, ask your colorist for a deep orange-red that brings out flushed cheeks.

Soft Apricot

soft apricot red hair color
Instagram @evielily_hair

Q&A with Style Creator Evie Williams
Graduate Stylist @ Silhouette du Barry in Chelmsford, Essex

How would you describe this look?

This soft apricot copper has reflective tones. It’s vibrant and definitely a wearable color.

What’s your best advice?

A soft apricot copper color can suit any woman, but it is vital to find the right tone. Women with a warm skin tone should ask for a copper gold base.

Red coppers fade quickly, and to keep the hair looking fresh, home care is important.

Light Auburn

Light Auburn
Instagram @emily_at_hc

Light auburn toasted hair colors never fail to make heads turn. This color was created using an ombre technique.

Medium Copper + Irish Red

Medium Copper Hair Color Irish Red
Instagram @hairbyleahoxo

Medium copper + Irish red is a ginger that will make you want more warm hues. A fiery red glow looks amazing on medium hair.

Dark Brown and Indian Red

dark brown and indian red
Instagram @mirhairlove

This dark brown and Indian red with highlights combo is a new idea to brighten up your dark locks.

Dramatic Rosewood Balayage

Dark red hair with black roots
Instagram  @hairgoddesskat

Q&A with Style Creator Kathleen Austin
Hairstylist @ Villa 2000 in Stockton, CA

How would you describe this?

This dramatic rosewood balayage is different than your typical balayage. This is the perfect red hair color for women who want to have fun with their hair.

What’s your best advice?

Use a red shampoo and condition such as Fanola. This red color balayage is for women with medium, olive or deep complexions.

Vibrant Fire Engine Red

Vibrant Fire Engine Red Hair Color
Instagram @hairbykaseyoh

This vibrant fire engine red is so spicy! Doesn’t the bright red color almost look like a wig?