41 Best Face-Framing Haircuts for Every Hair Type and Face Shape

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Face-framing haircuts accent women’s best features and create soft, feminine styles. These are achieved with front layers, bangs, or money pieces. With this chop, you can now flaunt a fresh look without sacrificing inches of length!

Matthew Jones is the director and head of EdwardsAndCo’s Cutting and Styling Education in Australia and has great skills and knowledge about trendy cuts and styles.

“The great thing about a face frame is the cut’s length and shape that suits everyone,” says Jones. What matters the most is finding the type of cut that flatters your face shape.

Jones suggests speaking to your trusted stylist and asking for their opinion. Discuss your needs and how much you’re prepared to style your hair every morning.

Ask essential questions like, “How to style and blow my hair dry? What tools and products will I need to recreate the look?”

Ladies who aren’t willing to put in any effort to prep run the risk of this hairstyle looking messy. It’s not a wash-and-wear kind of trend.

“These face-framing cuts include shorter layers and bangs. The less you look after the shape, the more unkempt it appears,” Jones explains. If you can’t style your hair every morning, opt for subtle layers instead.

Feelin’ inspired to rock a new look? Here are the inspiring images of the most popular face-framing haircuts you must consider!

The Ultimate Face-Framing Layers and Bangs
Instagram @glamourbycee

#1: The Ultimate Face-Framing Layers and Bangs

People looking for a simple hairstyle should consider layers and bangs that frame the face. This cut looks good on practically anyone and is also easy to style, and it’s currently in fashion.

Medium-to-Long Shag with a Face-Frame
Instagram @yukistylist

#2: Medium-to-Long Shag

If you are searching for a current new style for long hair, consider a medium-to-long shag. A shag is one of the best cuts for soft and flowing long hair. The face-framing layers look amazing on most face shapes. If you can, try to style the front away from your face for the most up-to-date style. Shags can be worn straight as well, but just remember to keep it moving backward around your features.

#3: 90s-Inspired Long Fine Hairstyle

If you have long, fine hair, try going for a 90s-inspired hairstyle. The many layers and fringe of this style add an effortless volume. If you need a recommendation for a good blowout product, I recommend using a light-volume mousse.

Blonde Face-Framing Choppy Bangs and Hair
Instagram @hirohair

#4: Face-Framing Choppy Bangs and Hair

These blonde, face-framing, choppy bangs are perfect for adding dimension and a playful touch to your look. The advantages of choppy bangs are that they create movement and soften facial features. They suit many face shapes well. The lighter blonde highlights around the face enhance the overall effect and brighten your complexion. People with medium to long hair lengths will find this hairstyle versatile and easy to style. To style, apply a volumizing mousse to damp hair to add body and texture. Use a round brush when blow-drying to create smoothness and volume at the roots.

80s-Inspired Chest-Length Classic Blowout Hairstyle with Face-Framing Layers
Instagram @rachelwstylist

#5: Blowout Hairstyle with Face-Framing Layers

An 80s-inspired blowout hairstyle with face-framing layers is an amazing way to have a polished style. The blowout adds volume and smoothness to your hair, making it sleek and shiny. Face-framing layers help to frame the face and accentuate your unique features. With this hairstyle, you will feel confident all day.

Mid-Length and Face-Framing Layers
Instagram @yukistylist

#6: Mid-Length and Face-Framing Layers

These layers, which are mid-length and frame the face, can add volume and texture to medium to long hair. This look complements most face shapes and can be worn straight, curly, or wavy. If you’re feeling bold, you may want to incorporate bangs to further accentuate your eyes and cheekbones.

Waterfall Bangs with a Face Frame Haircut
Instagram @hirohair

#7: Waterfall Bangs with a Face Frame

Adding waterfall bangs and face-framing can make any standard haircut stand out. You can include these elements in almost any haircut for a total appearance change. A pro tip to avoid awkward fringe growth is to plan for a bang trim. This move ensures that your face-framing remains sharp.

#8: Layers for Face-Framing

Layers for face-framing can be the perfect solution for women with long blonde hair. You can add some dimension to your locks without sacrificing length. Face-framing layers can accentuate facial features and create a flattering look. If you have long blonde hair, adding layers can add volume and movement to your hair. Plus, it will make it look healthier and more polished. Layers work especially well for those with round, oval, or heart-shaped faces.

#9: Bright Platinum Mid-Length Hair

Bright platinum mid-length hair with face-framing layers is a great way to add color to your look. Frequent toning and touch-up appointments will be necessary to maintain this look. Your stylist needs to lift your hair to level 10. Any lower will not result in a platinum color.

Face-Framing Barely-There Bangs for ladies with long ombre hair
Instagram @salsalhair

#10: Barely-There Bangs

Barely-there bangs are a go-to for anyone thinking about bangs but have been hesitant to get them cut. Bangs can be a great option to frame your face but require much maintenance to keep them looking their best. Barely-there bangs can be blended and hidden into the rest of the hair if you decide they are not for you. Ask about options with your stylist when it comes to the length of the bangs and how to blend them with your hair best. Pair the barely-there bangs with face-framing layers for softness around the face.

Chic silver layered hair with dark roots for a mature, sophisticated makeover.

#11 Stunning Face-Framing Silver Layers

Flaunt your maturity with flair with this mid-length style that artfully blends silver strands into your natural color for a seamless transition. Perfect for those with heart-shaped visages, the sweeping bangs and voluptuous layers complement a thicker mane, enhancing its natural wave and creating lively movement. Keep in mind, the silver’s cool elegance requires regular toning to preserve its depth and vibrancy

Soft Bob with Face-Framing Front Layering and Curtain Fringe
Instagram @hair_by_hopie_

#12: Soft Bob with Front Layering and Curtain Fringe

The soft bob with front layering and curtain fringe is one of the best things you can do to frame your face shape. Its lightweight layers give movement to any hair type – whether fine or voluminous. This cut looks amazing on round faces because it can slim down your features. And all without compromising texture and volume. To style this look, use a medium-hold styling product. Oribe’s Imperial Blowout Transformative Styling Crème is good for a smooth finish and flexible hold. Make sure you communicate with your stylist about the length of the layers for an optimal effect!

#13: Face-Framing Golden Copper Balayage

If you are looking to add brightness to your ginger-colored client, add a money piece. The framing of the highlights should be bold enough so you can soften the facial features. When you add blonde to a ginger base, make sure to stay with warm tones such as neutrals or gold. This will help from taking away from the natural warmth and richness. And, to also keep a soft blend in the two tones.

#14: Long Layers for Long Hair

Give your fine, long hair a boost with long layers. Long layers will liven up your locks and your hair will look full and voluminous. I recommend having some face-framing layers to bring some movement to your strands. Plus, these layers balance out your facial features.

#15: Long Layers on Mid-Length Hair

Long layers on mid-length hair check all the boxes. Mid-length hair can still be pulled up, and the long layers are soft and pretty surrounding your face. This shape can be parted in the middle but will lay flatter. If you like lift in the front, try a side part and this should solve this problem. You’ll want to blow dry your hair with a medium round brush to create light waves on the ends.

Blonde Face-Framing Curtain Fringe
Instagram @hirohair

#16: Blonde Curtain Fringe

Try blonde fringe for a fun haircut that frames the face. Great for fine or medium hair, a curtain fringe can be styled to add fullness and soft volume.

#17: Long Face-Framing Layers

Long layers are a great way to frame a round face. By adding a middle part to the face-framing layers, you can easily elongate wider face shapes and soften harsh features. Longer layers are typically less maintenance when it comes to trims and styling, but do tend to need a little bit of attention in order to look just right.

Face-Framing Lived-In Mid-Length Choppy Hair
Instagram @anhcotran

#18: Lived-In Mid-Length Choppy Hair

Lived-in mid-length choppy hair can be the effortless shape you want. If you have subtle waves or texture in your hair you’ll likely be able to air dry or scrunch dry your choppy layers. In fact, lived-in hair may be the easiest cut you ever had. I recommend a texture or beach spray to enhance the natural body and create this organic style.

#19: Gorgeous Blonde Face-Framing Cut

Try a gorgeous blonde face-framing cut. Medium to long layers are great for the professional or SAHM who wants to wear their hair up away from the face and down with waves or a blowout. Face-framing blonde highlights the eyes and cheekbones by opening up the face with the rule of 5ths principle.

#20: Long Layers with a Side Part Hairstyle

Try a long layered hairstyle with a side part in order to open up facial features and accentuate key facial features. Long layers are a great way to add movement without losing the length. For soft layering, ask your stylist to try a point-cutting technique.

Medium Face-Framing Haircut with Platinum Highlights
Instagram @slayejae

#21: Medium Face-Framing Haircut with Platinum Highlights

A medium face-framing haircut with platinum highlights is a daring and bold style to uphold. Face-framing hairstyles for medium hair frame the face nicely which accentuates your features beautifully. Make sure to have Redken Blondage Shampoo in your shower to keep your platinum highlights bright.

Razored Shag with Heavy Face-Framing Fringe
Instagram @nothingobvious

#22: Razored Shag with Heavy Face-Framing Fringe

For something different this season, try a razored shag with heavy face-framing fringe. Face-framing haircuts with bangs are so in this year and will have you turning heads in no time. Make sure you are seeing a stylist that is experienced in this type of haircut before taking the plunge.

#23: Curtain Bangs and Face-Framing Layers

Try curtain bangs and face-framing layers for a new, fun look. Face-framing medium haircuts are relatively low-maintenance and easy to style. This style can work well with any hair texture, but especially with thick hair.

#24: Long Textured Shag with Tousled Bangs

A long textured shag with tousled bangs could be exactly what you need to try this season. Beachy waves are a messy but cute style that will have you looking like you barely did anything to your hair but it still looks amazing! Spritz your hair with a little Redken Control Addict hair spray after styling for a flexible but strong hold.

#25: Long Side Fringe with Layers for Oval Face Shapes

Try a long side fringe with layers for oval face shapes if you like a classic look. Hairstyles with long side bangs frame the face nicely without having the high maintenance of a full bang. Try using hot rollers to give your hair a nice bounce.

Layered Shag with Face-Framing Curtain Bangs
Instagram @coastalhair_sf

#26: Layered Shag with Face-Framing Curtain Bangs

A layered shag with face-framing curtain bangs is the look to have this year. Long layered haircuts with curtain bangs are super flattering and there are so many face-framing styles you can try with them! Try washing your hair with Redken Volume Injection for added fullness.

Shoulder-Length Face Frame on Long Layered Hair
Instagram @texturedbymeg

#27: Shoulder-Length Face Frame on Long Layered Hair

A shoulder-length face frame on long layered hair creates a style that draws the eye without having to lose length. Balayage is a technique that creates seamless, natural highlights. A layered hairstyle helps to accentuate the highlights and pull together the perfect look.

#28: Long Shaggy Layers with a Face Frame

Long shaggy layers with a face frame is such a vibe. Face-framing haircuts for long hair allow for a look more pleasing to the eye without having to take much length off. This look works extremely well with fine, thin hair.

Face-Framing Highlights on Layered Hair
Instagram @jen_matthews

#29: Face-Framing Highlights on Layered Hair

Try face-framing highlights on layered hair for something new this season. Layered hairstyles are currently very in style and obviously, super flattering. Ask your stylist if they think something like this would work for your hair texture and lifestyle.

Side Part Hairstyle with Soft Layers
Instagram @say_yes_eul

#30: Side Part Hairstyle with Soft Layers

A side part hairstyle with soft layers is always a safe option if you want to have cute but low-maintenance hair. Face-framing haircuts for shoulder-length hair are low-maintenance and extremely easy to take care of. If you’re looking to try something new this season, a face-framing hairstyle could be it!

Chin-Length Face Frame with a Middle Part
Instagram @thelisadoan

#31: Chin-Length Face Frame with a Middle Part

Try a chin-length face frame with a middle part next time you’re in your stylist’s chair. Face-framing hairstyles are very flattering and easy to take care of. Spray your hair all over with Redken Quick Blow-Out before blow-drying to shorten the dry time and protect your hair from the heat

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#32: Long Face-Framing Layers on Medium Hair

Have you tried long face-framing layers on medium hair? Mid-length face-framing haircuts frame the face well and accentuate your features. Since the framing pieces are long, you can still put your hair up without worrying about little pieces falling out.

Layered Bangs and Face Frame for Long Hair
Instagram @amhaduck

#33: Layered Bangs and Face Frame for Long Hair

Try layered bangs and a face frame for long hair if you’re looking to spice up your look. Face-framing bangs draw the eye and create a soft look that is unmatched. The wispy layers give tons of soft movement that will be hard to look away from.

#34: Feathered Layers on Medium-Length Hair

Try feathered layers on medium-length hair for a timeless and easy style. Face-framing haircuts for thick hair remove unwanted weight and make styling your hair more manageable. Ask your stylist if they think this could work for you.

#35: Long Layers with Face-Framing Pieces

Long layers with face-framing pieces are one of the most flattering styles you can choose. Face-framing long haircuts allow you to have fun with your long hair without chopping it all off. Apply a few drops of Olaplex No. 7 Bonding oil to your ends before blowdrying to protect your hair from the heat and for added softness and shine.

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Messy Waves with Face-Framing Feathered Bangs
Instagram @agiart_byivana

#36: Messy Waves with Face-Framing Feathered Bangs

Messy waves with face-framing feathered bangs can be extremely flattering. Blended layering creates seamless movement in a face-framing haircut that is hard to match. Ask your stylist whether they think this style would work with your hair texture.

#37: Low-Maintenance Wavy Cut with Choppy Layers

If you aren’t a fan of always going to the salon, try a low-maintenance wavy cut with choppy layers. Face-framing haircuts for wavy hair always give such a flattering frame to the face. The softness in this style could be perfect for your hair.

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#38: Full Bangs and Face-Framing Layers

Trying full bangs and face-framing layers is bold and exciting. Long layered face-framing haircuts are low-maintenance and easy to style. This look works extremely well with fine hair.

#39: Swoopy Layers on Long Brunette Hair

Try swoopy layers on long brunette straight hair for something soft and pleasing to the eye. Face-framing layered haircuts are amazing if you have long hair that you’d like to give body and volume to. Try blowdrying with a round brush to achieve this silky look.

Layered Cut with a Side-Parted Face Frame
Instagram @albiedoeshair

#40: Layered Cut with a Side-Parted Face Frame

Try a layered cut with a side-parted face frame for a look that is timeless and low-maintenance. Face-framing haircuts for thin hair give volume and body to make it look fuller and more voluminous. Before blowdrying, apply Redken Guts 10 on the root area all over for added volume.

Curly Shag with Shorter Layers for Round Face Shapes
Instagram @hairabee

#41: Curly Shag with Shorter Layers for Round Face Shapes

If you have curly hair, try a curly shag with shorter layers for round face shapes. Face-framing haircuts for curly hair allow for super cute curls framing your face to soften your features and jawline. Moroccan Oil Curl Defining Cream will work wonders on your curls.