Top 29 Mullet Haircuts for Men in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Neck-Length Sleek Shullet with Spikes for Guys
Instagram @titan_barber

#1: Sleek Shullet with Spikes

This sleek shullet with spikes combines a mullet and a shag cut to create this masterpiece. More length has been left to cut into and style it as you would a shag cut, but it leaves more length in the back for the classic mullet. You must spend time styling this, so ask your barber for advice.

Disconnected Mullet Cut for Men
Instagram @bk_barber_

#2: Disconnected Mullet Cut

If you want a modern and durable hairstyle for men, ask about a disconnected mullet cut. This hairstyle has a long length at the back and short sides and top. It gives a bold and unique look. The long hair at the back gives you many ways to style it. You can make it sleek and shiny or textured and messy. This haircut fits well for men with varied face shapes and hair types, as it can be tweaked to match personal likes. Use pomade or wax for the mullet to set and detail it. You can use a comb or your hands to fix its shape.

Spiky Mullet with Shaved Sides for Guys
Instagram @ernestomeneses

#3: Spiky Mullet with Shaved Sides

If you want to stand out, consider this distinctive spiky mullet with shaved sides. The hair above the ear is cut very short, almost to baldness. If you like this style, ask for extra texture. This gives it more movement and diverse spike lengths.

Edgy Mullet with Textured Fringe for Men
Instagram @juhlealmakeup

#4: Edgy Mullet with Textured Fringe

Sport the mullet with a textured fringe for an edgy and confident look. The textured mullet features long hair at the back for a distinctive shape, and the added fringe provides style and dimension. This style is perfect for men who want a bold, fashion-forward look that stands out. To get the desired texture, ask your hairstylist to use techniques like point cutting or razoring. It’s simple to style this haircut – apply some styling cream to your damp hair and tousle and shape with your fingers.

#5: Tousled Curls with Mullet Haircut

To create volume, the age-old way is to perm. There are many different levels to be achieved by using different-sized rollers. These tousled curls with the mullet haircut have a medium curl to it. This allows for more volume and makes it easier to curl. There are many ways to style curls. The easiest technique I use is to apply Argan oil to damp hair and let it dry naturally.

#6: Razor Cut Mullet with Blunt Bangs

The blunt cut on the top created a statement with the blunt but textured bangs. Lots of texture has been cut into the length. One technique I like to use is razor cutting. Your tool looks like a regular cutthroat but has a guard over the blade for safety and control. If you want to try this technique, ask your barber first, as not all know how to razor cut.

Spiked Mullet Fade Haircut on Guys
Instagram @barberfirmat

#7: Spiked Mullet Fade Haircut

Modern mullets, differing greatly from the 80’s classic, have many shapes and forms. For a textured back and top, I use the point-cutting technique on a spiked mullet fade. For added volume, apply sea salt spray and roughly dry your hair. Finally, use Crazy Bull Space Dust Powder to finish the style.

Mid-long Textured Mohawk Mullet on Gents
Instagram @ernestomeneses

#8: Textured Mohawk Mullet

The top of this cut has been taken short to create the mohawk mullet. I would treat this as two separate cuts. Disconnect the back, let it grow, and occasionally add texture with point cutting. The sides I would fade out quite short and blend them into the top, giving you the birth of the mohawk mullet.

Temp Fade Mullet with Unique Taper Design for Gents
Instagram @giancardinale

#9: Temp Fade Mullet with Taper Design

A good way to add character to your style is by having designs razored in. The mullet has been cut traditionally: long back, short sides, and a shorter top. One side has a design razored in with a cutthroat razor. This makes it stand out more, and these need upkeep for the sharp finish.

#10: Wavy Mullet with Choppy Bangs

Lots of lengths on the back of the mullet can give a bold style. This wavy mullet with choppy bangs stands out. The top has been cut short to fit the vintage remix of the classic style. This gives you more opportunities to style it in many different ways.

Modern Mullet with Texture for Young Men
Instagram @arenakappers

#11: Modern Mullet with Texture

You will come across many takes on the mullet. Many clients look at various pictures and like something out of all of them. With this, you can create a modern mullet with texture. A style like this can be a starting point for a bigger mullet, or you might choose to stick with this. I recommend using Crazy Bull Space Dust Powder to style.

#12: Long Mullet with Short Fringe

A long mullet with a short fringe combines many classic styles and techniques into a new look. The top has been cut short into a crop-like style leaving the back disconnected and long. I would use a lot of point cutting to create the texture on top, making it easy to style.

Medium Choppy Mullet with Fade for Guys with Beard
Instagram @osantocorte

#13: Choppy Mullet with Fade

This mullet has stuck with the classic techniques to leave this choppy mullet with fade. The sides have been classically taken short and blended into the short textured top. The back piece has been disconnected and allowed to grow out. I personally like point-cutting texture into it to create a choppy look.

Medium Slicked Back Mullet on dudes
Instagram @gaiani_salon

#14: Slicked Back Mullet

This slicked-back mullet has combined a few classic styles and techniques. The sides have been faded tight, and length has been left for the classic look. The top and sides have been dried back for a clean finish similar to the retro pompadour. I recommend drying sea salt spray into the hair for maximum hold.

#15: Medium-Length Mullet with Thick Beard

This medium-length mullet with a thick beard has been cut traditionally. This is shaved sides and length left at the back. The sides have been taken short but fade out nicely into the beard. The thickness of the beard works well with the length on the sides. Beards always need to come into consideration as they can compliment the look.

Mid-to-Long Jagged Mullet with Piece-y Bangs for Guys
Instagram @mandaziegelman

#16: Jagged Mullet with Piece-y Bangs

This jagged mullet with piece-y bangs has been combined with a shag cut to leave this masterpiece. I would use various scissor techniques, such as point cutting. This method helps to create texture. Finish with texturing scissors for an edgy finish. It can be left natural, or a volume powder will give you the piece-y style.

#17: Wavy Tapered Mullet

Mullets can be as big or as subtle as you like. This wavy tapered mullet has a much more subtle style. The sides have been taken to a grade 2-3 and blended softly into the top. Weight had been left at the back for the mullet remit. The tidy style on top gives coin to the classic phrase “Business in the front and party in the back.”

Nape-length Straight Scissor Cut Mullet for men
Instagram @bridgwater.modernman

#18: Straight Scissor Cut Mullet

So many trendy twists can be found on the popular mullet. This straight scissor-cut style is a great example. This style has been cut in mostly scissors to utilize the length and create sharp edges on the length. To finish off and give it the trademark, the sides have been tapered in low.

#19: Retro Permed Mullet

This flashback is straight out of the 80s. The retro permed mullet has the right vibe. Curls need styling to achieve a tight finish. Using the wrong products and techniques will end in a voluminous frizz. With this length, I recommend using a curling cream or a mousse scrunch dried with a diffuser.

Textured Mullet with Burst Fade on guys
Instagram @harrisandfox

#20: Textured Mullet with Burst Fade

Curly hair can add texture to many styles, as seen with this mullet and burst fade. For this, I would disconnect the sides to give me plenty of room to create the fade leaving more length on top. The faded sides stand out well against the curls finishing off the mullet.

Natural Curly Mullet for Bearded Men
Instagram @rafaeldonda

#21: Natural Curly Mullet

This edgy mullet uses natural curls to full effect. The main base of a mullet is short sides and length at the back. This has had the sides faded out to the skin and blended tightly for maximum curl. The fade blends back into the beard and has been lined in to leave a masculine jawline.

Dark Hair Mullet with Blonde Bangs and Highlights for males

#22: Dark Hair Mullet with Blonde Bangs

Color can completely change the finish of a style. The dark hair mullet has had the bangs colored blonde to stand out. If you’re thinking of trying color, I fully recommend dying a small part first to test the waters. It’s not so much to correct if you don’t like it. Always remember to do a patch test first.

#23: Soft and Short Mullet

The journey to a mullet always starts somewhere. This soft and short version is a great starting point. The sides have been cut short and blended into the top to create the base of a mullet, and the top brushed forward. This is a great way to try out the style without fully committing. For even more edge, ask your barber to texturize your fringe.

Waved Mullet Style with Side Burns for Guys

#24: Waved Mullet Style with Side Burns

Mullets can come in many different shapes and forms. The basis is a longer back than the top and sides. This waved mullet style with sideburns has had more length left on the sides than the normal shaved look. With the extra length, the stylist has created shapely sideburns giving more flow and texture.

Balanced Mullet with Messy Texture for gents
Instagram @iamsrwin

#25: Balanced Mullet with Messy Texture

Some don’t like the harsh finish of a classic mullet. This balanced mullet with a messy texture is a great twist on a classic. Volume has been styled into it by drying a volume spray or mousse. This will give it a softer, more natural finish. I recommend finishing off with Crazy Bull Space Dust Powder for added texture.

#26: Layered Mullet Haircut

Layers have been cut into this mullet to create movement. I would use various point-cutting and texturing scissors to achieve lots of movement. The top has been blown back to transition into the length at the back. Using a sea salt spray will give you maximum hold.

Long Spiky Mullet Hairstyle for Young Dudes

#27: Long Spiky Mullet Hairstyle

The length has been left to create this long spiky mullet hairstyle. The basis behind the mullet is for the back to be longer than the sides and top. This has been combined with a shag cut for this edgy look. I would cut this with lots of layers to get the texture. You will need to style this daily to achieve the finish.

Mullet Fade with Textured Top for Young Men
Instagram @barberfirmat

#28: Mullet Fade with Textured Top

Mullets have had a resurgence in modern times, taking many forms and cool styles. The sides have been skinned out with a tight fade on the sides, leaving textured length on the top and back. This stylish twist on a classic will make you stand out. I recommend using Crazy Bull Space Dust Powder for extra volume and hold.

Funky Mullet Cut with Blue Highlights for Men
Instagram @piatupop

#29: Funky Mullet Cut with Blue Highlights

You can stand out from the crowd. Just ask for a funky mullet cut with blue highlights. After a detailed consultation, you and your stylist can create a textured style. This style will be proportionate and fit your hair type. Also, you can choose a jewel tone that you like. A haircut every 6 weeks is key to keeping this style and freshening your hair color.

Are you ready to rock a haircut that effortlessly blends contemporary style with a dash of old-school flair? The mullet haircut has been making a bold comeback, especially when paired with wavy or curly hair textures. I had the privilege to chat with Zack Leighton, a renowned barber with a keen eye for mullet magic. Let’s dive into his advice on how to rock the mullet while considering various hair textures, face shapes, and lifestyles.

Meet The Expert

Zack Leighton
Zack Leighton
Zack is a professional barber with over 9 years of experience.
You can find him at Motley Crew Barber Company in Worcester, MA

Mullet Marvel: Tailoring the Cut to Your Hair Texture

Leighton enthusiastically shares, “I think what’s really in for guys right now are mullets with wavy or curly hair. These styles are the best-looking ones, very modern rather than old school.” According to Leighton, achieving that modern twist hinges on the right cut. He advises, “Leaving too much weight around the ears just looks like a taper, and taking the sides too tight makes you resemble Billy Ray Cyrus.” Finding the perfect balance between structure and flow is key.

The Art of Face Shapes: Sculpting Your Mullet

When it comes to face shapes, Leighton advises, “Traditionally, square shapes are associated with being masculine. For that bold look, leave weight around the corners of the head. For a softer vibe, round out those corners.” As for longer faces, he suggests, “Opt for a fringe to balance it out, or slick it back for added height and volume.” Leighton’s insights demonstrate that mullets are adaptable to a range of facial structures.

Styling Simplicity: Effortless Mullet Maintenance

Leighton has noticed a trend: men are embracing diversity in hairstyles but seeking minimal grooming time. He remarks, “In our fast-paced lives, men want hairstyles that demand less effort.” For those who crave a beachy look, Leighton recommends, “A sea salt spray scrunched into the hair will give you that easy, breezy vibe with minimal effort.” Alternatively, he suggests, “Styling powder at the roots can offer volume and texture that’s easy to play with throughout the day.” These tips cater to various lifestyles, from the busy dad to the retired gentleman.

Photos of Modern Mullet Haircuts for Men