54 Flattering Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces in 2023

Medium haircuts for round faces
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Here, you’re going to see the most popular ideas for medium haircuts for round faces. When picking out a style for your round face, you want one that thins out the roundness of your face while accentuating your eyes, lips, and cheekbones.

Medium is the best hair length for round faces. Face-framing can be achieved with bangs and layered tresses. These chubby face medium-length haircuts are versatile and fun and can be worn with almost any hair texture when styled properly. These hairstyles are designed to be flatter to a round face by making it appear longer and framing key areas.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these amazing photos of medium-length hairstyles for round faces:

Medium Center Part and Razored Ends for Round Faces
Instagram @pinkdagger
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#1: Center Part and Razored Ends

Texture and layers are a great option for adding narrowness to a rounder face shape. A middle part with cheekbone framing can give more of an oval appearance. Want to know a little hack? Texture the ends of your layers. This one small adjustment can add movement and remove bulkiness from your ends. Allowing your curls to not weigh down.

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#2: Curled with an Off Center Part

Consider a slightly off-center part if you prefer a formed curl look. This is softer than a middle part, which can be harsh for some face shapes. In contrast, the center part demands semantically balanced curls, whereas the side part is more forgiving. Once the hair has cooled, you will need a good hairspray. You can tease your hair into place with a pronged comb. However, avoid brushing as it can lead to too much softness and break up the form.

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#3: Mid-Length Thin Tresses with Curtain Bangs

Anyone searching to give some shape to their haircut should try a mid-length thin cut with curtain bangs. This style is a timeless choice. Mid-length hair is low maintenance and doesn’t need frequent trims like a bob. It can fit in a ponytail on off days, just like long hair. Curtain bangs add a face-framing effect, enhancing your look. For added texture, ask your stylist to ‘point cut.’ To maintain density on thin hair, opt for ‘blunt cutting.’

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#4: Medium Blonde Balayage with a Center Parting

There are many benefits to trying a medium blonde balayage with a center part on a round face. The color will bring light to your complexion, and the center part and curtain-style fringe will create balance, making your face look more symmetrical.

Sassy Mid-Length Hair for Round Faces
Instagram @yukistylist
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#5: Sassy Mid-Length Hair

If you want to cut your hair but need more time to decide about going too short, I recommend a sassy mid-length hairstyle. The benefit of this haircut is that you can still tie it up if required. I also love how easily and effortlessly it can be styled. You can style this chic haircut in many ways. Let your natural texture air dry, and then touch up some of the top layers with a small iron to create a slight bend.

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#6: Beautiful Dark Purple Mid-Length Hair

dark purple tone is the best way to change dark mid-length hair. Adding the purple tone will add shine and dimension without bleaching your hair. To safeguard the new color, use a good color-safe shampoo.

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#7: Shag with Dark Money Piece

Try a shag with a dark money piece on the hairline for a trendy hairstyle. This shag adds texture and movement to the hair, while a dark money piece creates contrast. It also adds an edgy element to the overall look. One of the best things you can do is add a soft bang to your round facial features. This will soften your overall face shape and add definition.

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#8: Face-Framing Waves for Medium-Length Hair

Try face-framing waves for medium-length hair if you want to update your look. The soft waves add depth and dimension to the hair. And the framing pieces highlight the face’s best features. This style is easy to maintain and can suit a variety of hair textures, from straight to wavy. To achieve this look, consider using a medium-barrel curling iron. Then, alternate the direction of the curls. Finish with a lightweight hairspray to lock in the waves to avoid weighing them down.

Medium-Length Deva-Cut Thick Curls for Round Faces and prominent cheekbones
Instagram @domyhairblu
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#9: Deva-Cut Thick Curls

Check out these volume-packed deva-cut thick curls. Wow! It’s a perfect combination of texture and healthy, sealed coils with a bang for some spice. I suggest a curl mousse for fast-drying, voluminously defined curls. Or a curl creme if you need that extra hydration, are okay with losing some height. You can talk to a curly hair specialist today. They can explain your specific curl type for the curly cut of your dreams.

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#10: Dark Rooted Blonde Loose Curls

dark-rooted blonde with loose curls is soft, dimensional, and easy to maintain. Darker roots are a great choice if you like to go longer in between foiling sessions. Especially if you choose a color close to your natural shade. Soft curls pair well with the dimensional color and add a pretty texture to your style. You’ll want the length of your cut right below the shoulder line. And avoid too many layers to achieve the perfect ringlets. Dry your hair straight and spend time curling 1-inch sections, and you’ll love your results.

Modern Middle-Parted Shaggy Mid-Length Cut for Round Faces and fine hair
Instagram @nothingobvious
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#11: Modern Middle-Parted Shaggy Cut

A modern middle-parted shaggy cut is a great choice if you want to frame your round face beautifully. To achieve this look, ask your stylist to layer your hair to create movement, texture, and volume. This will help fine hair look thicker and fuller. As a bonus, the shaggy look is low-maintenance, with trims necessary every couple of months.

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#12: Sweet Bronde Balayage

Ask your stylist to give you a sweet bronde balayage. It is a perfect choice if you have a round face and want to enjoy brunette and blonde. A bronde is the combination for you. If I were you, you would need to make sure your hair can be lightened enough to wear the blonde by asking a professional. Either way, a balayage looks great on just about anyone.

Mid-Length Messy Shag for Curly Hair with Bangs for Round Faces
Instagram @y_ctrl_
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#13: Messy Shag for Curly Hair

Layers on curly hair are a great style for round faces! The mid-length hairstyle helps to draw attention away from the roundness of your face. The bangs provide balance and structure. To get the most out of this style, keep the layers short and use plenty of product to keep the curls bouncy and defined. Avoid too much volume on top, as this can make your face look more round. With the right styling, this curly layered mid-length hairstyle will have you looking your best!

Medium Long Bob Blunt Cut with Textured Ends for Rounder Faces
Instagram @hairby_alva
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#14: Long Bob Blunt Cut with Textured Ends

When considering short hair, please don’t shy away from it because of your face shape. Providing the right angle and layers, the haircut can complement you with a style you’ll love. The long bob, blunt cut with textured ends, is great for thicker hair to help soften the bulk it condenses.

Medium-Length Blowout for Round Face Shapes
Instagram @margostyles.mpls
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#15: Medium-Length Blowout

Are you trying to keep your hair full of volume for a few days? Try this medium-length blowout. A blowout consists of freshly washed hair prepped with product from roots to ends. Try Eleven’s Volumizing Foam. After applying your product, make sure you have a round brush and a hairdryer. Start by using your hairdryer to dry out your hair. After your hair is 50% dry or better, use your brush to start drying your hair in sections. This process will give your hair volume for at least 3-5 days with proper care.

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#16: Vanilla Blonde Mid-Length Cut

Color and placement are very important factors when deciding on your next color. If you wear your hair down, a color like a vanilla blonde allows you to show color on the surface. Rather than within the hair. If you can, tell your stylist during a consultation your lifestyle and how it relates to your hair. You’re likely to both collaborate on your next best hair color.

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#17: Face-Framing Medium Cut with Curtain Bangs

My favorite style for the busy but youthful client is a style with highlights at the ends. It helps to pair with a lived-in style like a medium cut with face-framing curtain bangs. Collectively, the style looks chic and intentional while remaining low-maintenance.

Mid-Length Copper Wavy Hair with Pops of Blonde for a Round Face
Instagram @thatkayty
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#18: Copper Wavy Hair with Pops of Blonde

Pop some blonde in your copper wavy hair for a fresh change. The short, wavy layers will draw attention to your hair’s movement. The blonde pop frames your face for an edgy effect. When you go to the salon for touch-ups, you can play with many different tones, making this a versatile color.

Medium Center-Parted Curls with Layers for Round Faces
Instagram @thatkayty
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#19: Center-Parted Curls with Layers

Center-parted curls are a soft and pretty way to accentuate your natural texture. Adding the side part to your curly cut to balance out the shape helps even out the volume and texture. I recommend a dry haircut to avoid shrinkage and create a custom silhouette.

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#20: Dimensional and Multi-Layered Shaggy Haircut

Try a feathered cut with shorter layers to flatter your wide-shaped face. The shorter pieces that follow your round face softly bring your sides inward. This camouflages your width. Ask for extra texturizing so your layers can move and look weightless.

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#21: Soft Disheveled Medium Shag with Brow-Length Bangs

If you want a soft, medium shag with bangs, find a stylist with an eye to create this style. The layers at the crown help to customize the look, making your face appear elongated or soft. The right stylist will know how to work with your features.

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#22: Low-Maintenance Rooted Blonde Lob

Inspiration can strike while browsing for looks. Some examples are the best length for round faces and a common search. Ideally, you’d want it to be sassy but low-maintenance. A style like a rooted blonde lob gives a transition to the color and canvas while elongating the shape of your face.

Mid-Length Buttery Blonde Razored Shag for Round Faces
Instagram @nakedeyebeauty
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#23: Buttery Blonde Razored Shag

Achieve that 70s bombshell vibe with a buttery blonde razored shag. Razor cutting is one of the best ways to cut a shag haircut because it allows your stylist to achieve softer layers and tapering around your face. Shag cuts are great for framing round face shapes. Remember to use a dry texture spray for more separation and volume.

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#24: Balanced Curly Shag

If you want a more balanced curly style to avoid the triangle shape, try to find a stylist who can cut shaggy layers into curly hair. Round layering will give you a great balance to your layers so they shape your hair nicely.

Beautiful Medium Face-Framing Layers with Balayage for Round Faces
Instagram @eunicekimhair
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#25: Beautiful Face-Framing Layers with Balayage

You should consider face-framing layers if you’ve been toying with the idea of getting bangs. Ask your stylist to slide cut or point cut your face-framing for better blending and flow of the rest of your hair. Paired with bold money pieces and balayage, these face-framing layers will have more dimension.

Blonde Medium-Length Shaggy Cut for Round Faces
Instagram @nothingobvious
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#26: Blonde Medium-Length Shaggy Cut

A medium-length shag is a flattering haircut for women with round faces because the layers elongate your face. It’s a versatile mid-length cut that professionals highly recommend. Getting textured, shaggy layers and adding tousled waves create a picture-perfect lived-in look. I recommend spraying some AIIR Texture AIR texture spray to get the undone look.

carefree vibes highlights with medium wavy style
Instagram @gennarichelle
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#27: Carefree Vibes Highlights with Medium-Length Wavy Style

Shoulder-length hair for round faces allows you to wear smooth, wavy, tousled, or glam. It’s easy to style and always looks great. The shape of the cut has a slight angle, which always gives your hair a style, no matter how it’s worn. All women can rock this style if they want a low-maintenance cut.

Trendy Shoulder-length choppy cut for round faces
Instagram @ataminnaa
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#28: Trendy Shoulder-Length Choppy Cut

What’s great about a shoulder-length choppy cut is its suitability for any hair type and face shape. This haircut offers lived-in vibes, for sure! Ask your stylist to use a feather plier razor for this chop and to use it in smooth downward strokes, removing weight in every section.

Medium Face-Framing Hair with Soft Waves for Rounded Face
Instagram @thebangsbabe
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#29: Medium Face-Framing Hair with Soft Waves

A medium face-framing haircut complements a round face shape. The middle part is the style that gives your face the perfect balance. The face frame on medium-layered haircuts looks way better with waves, providing a more voluminous edge. It even makes a great transition from short to long hairstyles.

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#30: Alluring Asymmetrical Bob Medium-Length Hairstyle

An asymmetrical bob medium-length hairstyle is perfect for women wanting to maintain length and add flair to the cut. Creating asymmetry in a cut is a great way for any woman to see what shorter hair would look like without fully committing to it.

Textured shaggy lob for round faces
Instagram @hirohair
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#31: Textured Shaggy Lob

Shaggy lobs for round face shapes are the superior choice. Messy hair around the cheeks and chin creates a slimmer appearance. A side part also compliments this style. Wavy hair works best with a shaggy lob, but for straight hair, you can create movement with an iron.

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#32: Sweet Medium-Length Angled Bob Cut

A medium-length angled bob cut has a super straight and well-aligned base. The peak at your ends gives lightness to the medium cut for round faces.

Trendsetting long wavy bob hairstyle with side bangs for round face shapes
Instagram @maurilima_
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#33: Trendsetting Long Wavy Bob with Side Bangs

A long wavy bob with side bangs is trendy for young women looking to update their style. Create a messy vibe by scrunching this mid-length style with some gel. A long bob is also convenient because you can still pull it up to get your workout. The soft waves around your face and side bangs look great on round face shapes.

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#34: Sleek Straight Bob with Bangs

Opt for a straight bob with bangs if you’re down for a new hair transformation and want to flaunt medium-length, wispy hair. This shoulder-grazing haircut looks flattering and complements the roundness of your face, and the style can make a nice go-to cut for ladies with thin hair. It’s perfect for women who are growing out short hairstyles, too. The bangs in this bob hairstyle hide a more prominent forehead, balance out facial features, and accentuate a unique eye color.

Modern Shag Haircut with Side Bangs and Choppy Ends for Round Faces
Instagram @raularaujohair
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#35: Modern Shag Haircut with Side Bangs and Choppy Ends

Lovin’ a good medium shag haircut with side bangs? If so, give this shag a try! This wavy, mid-length hair is one of those stunning shag medium hairstyles for round faces, and it’s a modern version of the typical, classic shag. Thanks to the added streaks of the blonde shade, it looks more flattering.

Stunning medium-length curly hairstyle for round face shapes
Instagram @nubiarezo
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#36: Stunning Curly Hair

Graze your shoulders with curly hair with your round face to bring life back to the curvature of your curls and give you height. Curly medium-length haircuts for round faces require a variety of height and width in the right places. The length instantly brings width to under your face, balancing a rounder face, while the lift from the shape gives a feel of elongation, which this shape needs.

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#37: Curtain Bangs and a Wavy Hairstyle

Packed with a fresher and classy vibe, curtain bangs for round faces on mid-length hair never fail to add an extra flair to a chop. This fringe draws attention down to your cheek area. It’s also optimum for a shoulder-grazing shag, boosting the wavy hair texture. Feel free to paint subtle light brown highlights on your dark tresses to shake things up.

Texturized and Medium Layered Lob for Round Face Shapes
Instagram @selda_dauti
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#38: Texturized and Medium Layered Lob

A texturized and medium layered bob with a middle part, when volumized with waves, becomes very elegant-looking. Parting a long bob adds fullness to your hair, which flatters a round face shape. Copy the style in the picture using a 1.25″ curling iron, alternating between loose curls and crimped waves.

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#39: Organic Middle Part Natural Waves

Organic middle-part natural waves for a round face shape give balance to a wider face, while the one-length medium hairstyle creates a slimmer feel, skimming the sides of the face. Medium haircuts for round faces look great with natural-looking loose waves that add an in-and-out effect to your hair.

Modern Simplicity Highlights with Medium Wavy Hair
Instagram @haircreators
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#40: Modern Simplicity Highlights with Medium Wavy Hair

Those modern simplicity highlights with medium wavy hair are a gem! The soft waves create movement, which accentuates the added bright blonde strands. Keep the length where it grazes your shoulders to achieve a more flattering hair style for chubby face shapes.

Layered Loveliness with Wide Bangs for Round Faces
Instagram @kvttykatmke
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#41: Layered Loveliness with Wide Bangs

A layered loveliness with wide, long bangs makes a dazzling, cute-looking hair style. Choose a type of fringe that goes well with this medium hair with layers and can be parted in the middle to frame your face. Ladies with fine hair will enjoy this layered hairstyle. It offers a voluminous and full-bodied edge.

Straight Shoulder-Length Shag With Bangs
Instagram @ernestomeneses
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#42: Straight Shoulder-Length Shag With Bangs

A straight shoulder-length shag with bangs is an upgraded version of the classic ’90s hair. A shag on shoulder-length hair is way better with texture, as it adds spontaneous movement to your haircut. The style works great on natural straight locks and complements round faces the most!

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#43: Asymmetrical Bob Medium-Length Hairstyle

An asymmetrical bob is a medium-length hairstyle that creates a flattering frame for round faces. The first step is to cut the perimeter blunt. That way, it’s easier to connect the asymmetry at the back. Use vertical layers or texturize your ends to create a more rounded feel, avoiding an overly geometric look.

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#44: Medium Shaggy Strands with Wispy Bangs

Medium shaggy strands with wispy bangs get along so well and make a perfect match. They make an optimum hairstyle for women with round faces and medium to fine-density hair. A shag with bangs like this never appears cute and stylish. Medium shaggy hair with wispier bangs offers women with fuller faces freedom. This shaggy hairstyle for chubby face shapes is very versatile.

The shag texture and loose style are for women who don’t want to straighten or style their hair daily. This shaggy cut complements all face shapes, especially round faces. Just ensure you’re comfortable with the length and texture of your bangs. If you prefer straight heavy hair, this shag cut isn’t for you. Shags work best on medium hair for round faces.

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One-Length Lob with Blunt Ends Medium Hairstyle
Instagram @olgakursitis
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#45: One-Length Lob with Blunt Ends Medium Hairstyle

This medium-length haircut for a round face shape is a lob with no layers. This straight hair cut for chubby face shapes falls just under the shoulders to hit the collarbone area. Avoiding layers with this mid-length cut is always better so you don’t get that flipped-out effect. If you are considering this chop, I suggest using Bumble and Bumble’s Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer. This pre-styler will protect your hair from heat and UV rays. Styling with this product makes achieving that perfectly straightened look easy. You can also easily use a 1-inch wand to create gorgeous, tousled beach waves.

Messy Textured Shoulder-Length Bob for Round Face Shapes
Instagram @thesanecatlady
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#46: Messy Textured Shoulder-Length Bob

This mid-length cut is the hot length right now; everyone calls it the lob. This medium-length bob is a layered haircut for round face that works on many hair types and is customizable. The cut is chic yet age-appropriate for all women. It looks adorable straight or with a curl and is truly universal. Another huge bonus is that it grows out nicely. The look is such a modern update to a woman’s everyday style. Since the bob is slightly longer around the front, it creates a slimmer face and softens the angles of round-shaped faces.

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#47: Mid-Length Lob with Side-Swept Bangs

For your next haircut, go for an extra-long long bob with a side-swept fringe. Square layers are kept mostly in the back. The length on the sides was kept with a blunt perimeter for a modern edge. This side parting haircut is a great introduction for women looking for a change from their regular long layered haircut. Long bobs can be as short as above the shoulders, collarbone-length, or somewhere between your collarbone and chest. The longer length extends your face vertically, helping to balance your round face.

This wavy lob with bangs that are side-swept continues the elongating effect as opposed to straight across bangs. This length is still great for the active girl who likes to tie her hair back and for the girl who likes to play with her natural wavy texture or wear it sleek and straight. As for products, I recommend Kevin Murphy’s Smooth.Again, for taming your frizz, the dry texture spray by Davines is a great finisher for tousled hairstyles for round faces.

Classy Collarbone-Length Lob
Instagram @hairxcatherine
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#48: Classy Collarbone-Length Lob

A collarbone-length hairstyle with an off-center part for a round face is timeless. The haircut is adjustable and can range from edgy to conservative. Adding tousled waves makes it easy to change from day to date night. This medium haircut for round face shapes is versatile and a never-ending trendy cut! Consultation is key with your hairdresser. Determining the perfect length for this look is important. Here, we wanted to conceal unwanted features, so we discussed length and movement, which are key for round face shapes.

Asymmetrical Wavy Layered Medium-Length Haircut for Round Faces
Instagram @hairby_yv0
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#49: Asymmetrical Wavy Layered Ombre Medium-Length Haircut

This medium-layered hairstyle is a textured lob haircut. Women with a round face can wear this lob. It can be sleek and classy or edgy and full of texture. This bob haircut is easy to style and works well with most face shapes, especially rounder faces. It can also easily go from casual to professional. To style, I suggest adding a little light mousse to your damp hair, rough drying it, then enhancing the waves with a big barrel curling iron. Now add some texture spray and run your fingers through to finish the style!

Side-Parted Medium-Length Waves on a Blonde Lob for Round Faces
Instagram @luciacsalon
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#50: Side-Parted Medium-Length Waves on a Bronde Lob

This is a dimensional blonde, root-stretched hair color with a long, texturized lob haircut and medium-length waves.  The haircut was done with a slightly blunt inversion toward the face. The last three inches of hair were textured with a razor. For mid-length styles like this, use a 1 1/4-inch barrel curling iron to create the “twist out” beach waves. If you’re a woman with a round face, considering this medium-length haircut, add a fringe around your brow. Bangs for a round face can help to elongate your face.

Perfectly Undone Melted Lob for Round Faces
Instagram @updoguru
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#51: Perfectly Undone Melted Lob

This melted, perfectly undone “lob” or mid-length cut is for any fashion-forward and artsy kind of woman. It’s ideal for anyone who likes maintenance. If you have medium-textured hair and a lot of it, ask your stylist to texturize it to keep that wispy look.

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#52: Cute Long Textured Bob

Try a long textured bob with a deep side part. The side part offers styling versatility and the ease of creating a chic, undone look. Depending on your hair type, I recommend you use a beach texturizer like Kevin Murphy Beach.Resort spray on wet hair. Then, use product to piece out the layers once dry, like Kevin Murphy Bedroom.Hair. A long bob is ideal for women with medium to thick hair and enough hair to have lots of layers. For a woman with a round face, styling can be important in creating a flattering style.

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#53: Effortless Middle-Parted Chic Cut

Consider a middle-parted cut for a rounder face shape. Bedhead and messy waves are trendy right now, and this haircut shows them off perfectly. If you have a round face and want medium-length hair, styling is simple. Wave your hair with a flat iron or a larger barrel curling iron, break up the curls with your fingers, and then spray a texture spray for added grit and volume. Allowing your crown area to have a volume also gives your look a fuller edge. To preserve your style, spray dry shampoo at the roots on second and third-day hair.

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#54: Wavy Long Layers and Textured Fringe

Go for a beautiful mid-length haircut with long layers and a textured fringe. Bangs for round faces help to elongate the face. If you have finer hair, use something for volume, like a mouse or texture spray like Shu Uemura Texture Wave. For coarser hair, use something for smoothing, like Virtue Smoothing Cream.

A chubby face haircut like this is for women who style their bangs every morning. Bangs are a commitment, so if you are up to styling them daily, this is for you. Blunt bangs cut right over your eyebrows help facial framing for round face shapes. This textured medium-length cut works best for hair types on the fine to medium side.