40+ Amazing Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

When it comes to straight hairstyles, natural straight hair is effortlessly gorgeous. It’s beautiful on its own and doesn’t require a lot of fuss to look good. Its smooth nature gives you a head start in sculpting it into many different styles. They have great natural shine because it gives the light a flat surface to reflect on.

It’s naturally healthy since the oils from our scalp easily travel down the hair shaft. Your straight hair is awesome, and guess what? It is time to fall in with your beautiful natural texture all over again!

Before your next hair appointment, check out these inspiring photos of the most flattering hairstyle for straight hair. They’re flattering because of how stylish and modern they are and how well they keep straight hair from appearing flat and dull.

Straight Neck-Length Bobs
Instagram @nacirsomera

#1: Effortless Straight Neck-Length Bob

This straight neck-length bob is so effortless. This straight hairstyle could use a blowdrying method to boost its volume.

Sleek Straight Hairstyle with a Side Part
Instagram @studio_mostton

#2: Sleek Straight Hairstyle with a Side Part

A sleek, straight hairstyle with a side part is attractive. However, straight hair can easily show off split ends. If you want superb, damage-free hair, consider a dusting haircut. In a dusting haircut, only the dry ends are trimmed.

#3: Pale Light Blonde Straight Hair

The pale, light blonde haircut is timeless and versatile. It offers a fresh and subtle look. The haircut has a sleek and smooth look, and it features clean and even lines. This hairstyle is best for people with straight hair. It enhances the natural shine and luster of the hair. The pale light blonde color gives the style a feminine touch. You’ll wear your hair with pride! This haircut works best for those who prefer a simple yet fashionable look that can be styled for any occasion. To maintain the sleekness and shine of this cut, you should have regular trims as your stylist recommends.

Side-Parted Medium Straight Hair for women with a diamond face
Instagram @studio_mostton

#4: Side-Parted Medium Straight Hair

Ask about a straight, medium-length, and side-parted hairstyle. If your hair is naturally straight, you can add some movement and body easily with a mid-length cut. Also, ask for face-framing layers. Using a round brush will also give your hair some movement if you use the hot and cold settings to set the style.

Mid Back-Length Straight Blonde Butterfly Hair with Face Frame
Instagram @hair_bybash

#5: Straight Blonde Butterfly Hair

Looking for a way to add more movement to your straight blonde hair? Try the butterfly cut to add movement and enhance the fullness of your thick hair. The butterfly haircut is best suited for someone with thicker hair density due to the amount of layering in the cut.

#6: Straight Balayage and Dark Roots

For women seeking an on-trend and fresh look, consider a straight balayage with dark roots. This hair trend creates a gradient effect that adds dimension to the hair. It gives it a more natural look than traditional highlights. The dark roots blend effortlessly into the rest of the hair. This creates a low-maintenance style that allows you to go longer between touch-ups. This style works well for hair types, textures, and face shapes. It’s a versatile option for anyone seeking a modern update to their look. For the best upkeep, invest in a good purple shampoo from a brand such as Redken Color Extend Blondage Shampoo. Use this every 3 washes to keep your ends bright, lasting till your next appointment.

#7: Amazing Straight Hair Makeover

Straight hair can sometimes feel shapeless and flat. But, a blunt perimeter with a slight texture can help create movement in the hair. And styling with a round brush will give it body. If you’re not good with a round brush, try a 2-inch curling iron to create a bend or slight waves. Coloring your hair will give your hair more texture as well. It will give you more body through the crown by swelling the cuticle.

#8: Gorgeous Balayage on Straight Hair

Here’s a gorgeous balayage on straight hair. You usually see balayage photos online with curly hair. But you know it’s good work when you see it completely straight. The most effective way to balayage hair is on a smooth surface. The best way to do this is to come with your hair clean and blown straight. Unless your stylist specializes in curly balayage placement.

#9: Stunningly Sleek Straight Hair

For women in their 30s, a sleek haircut with a center part is the best way to exude elegance. The sleekness of this haircut gives a feeling of effortless glamour. And the center part adds a touch of chic symmetry. This hairstyle is ideal for those who want a polished and put-together look. And all without sacrificing high-maintenance styling. I suggest starting with blow-dried hair and a straightener to create a smooth finish. Finish off with a serum to add shine and sleekness while keeping flyaways at bay.

#10: Bold Straight and Sleek Middle Part Bob

This sleek middle part bob features an edgy fantasy color melt. Maintaining this silky straight hair is super easy! Leave-in conditioner is key to keeping your hair healthy and soft, and my favorite is Supershine Light from Oribe because it’s so weightless. Depending on your hair texture, any sort of smoothing product is helpful to keep your hair smooth while blowdrying with an air condenser attachment and a large boar bristle brush to help distribute product and oils throughout your hair to keep it smooth.

#11: Medium-Length Hair in Straight Shag Cut

Consider a medium-length straight shag with bangs as it has exceptional flair. Tousling your back area to perfection makes a difference. The light strawberry blonde tone adds a softer finish to this straight hairstyle. It can be the best haircut for straight medium-length hair that you must try at least once!

#12: Healthy Short and Straight A-Line Bob Cut

The best short haircut for straight hair is a straight a-line bob featuring a sharp, dramatic angle.  Straight hairstyles like this need to have a healthy, luxurious finish. Use Joico Color Therapy Oil to give moisture, strength, shine, and softness. A bob can work for all women with straight short hairstyles. A-line bobs can be adapted to suit all straight hair types, face shapes, and lifestyles.

Medium Shag with Face-Framing Layers and Thin Bangs for Straight Hair
Instagram @nat.aiman

#13: Medium Shag with Face-Framing Layers and Thin Bangs

You’ll be soft and attractive in a medium shag with face-framing layers and thin bangs. The soft pieces that surround your face are so beautiful and try a thin bang to accentuate your eyes. Complement it with a balayage for dimension and you’ll be the envy of all your friends. Pull your medium shag up in a ponytail, leaving the face frame out, and add some accessories for a party style.

Razored Straight Shaggy Cut
Instagram @victoria.hairart

#14: Razored Straight Shaggy Cut

If you have thick hair and ask for layers, one of the best cuts on you is a shag. The layers add shape and make your styling less complicated. Wispy curtain bangs with heavy framing can also accentuate your facial features. If you have straight hair, this will allow your hair to look more tousled. If you have wavy hair, you can get away with a wash-and-go most of the time.

Middle-Parted Brown Straight Hairstyle
Instagram @kelceyoverton

#15: Middle-Parted Brown Straight Hairstyle

If you want to remove weight and add shape to your long thick hair, consider adding long textured layers. When the ends of your layers are thinned, they make your hair lighter in weight. This gives you movement and bounce. Plan to learn a good blow-dry routine.

Center-Parted Long Straight Hair with Front Layers
Instagram @@rashan.mh

#16: Center-Parted Long Hair with Front Layers

The center-parted long hair with front layers is super ideal for naturally thick hair. Pull your hair into a low-back ponytail, split it into two sections, and twist it into a low bun while pinning it in place. Leave your front layers pieces out or keep them tucked behind your ears. Another look is to take a flat iron and give your style some waves and bends.

Straight Shoulder-Length Sliced Bob with Wispy Bangs
Instagram @taichisuzuki

#17: Shoulder-Length Sliced Bob with Wispy Bangs

A shoulder-length sliced bob with wispy bangs is versatile and easygoing. The slicing will create texture and movement to otherwise limp hair. Wispy bangs are the perfect accessory to a nice bob to show off your eyes and cheekbones. Be sure to get advice on how to style at home from your stylist. I suggest using volumizing products and rough drying your hair, and finishing with a little round brush action to hold the shape and add shine.

Shadow-Rooted Blonde Highlights on Extra Long Straight Hair
Instagram @bormannjr

#18: Shadow-Rooted Blonde Highlights on Extra Long Hair

Shadow-rooted blonde highlights on extra long hair are the way to go. We love the brightness and dimension that comes with a full head of blonde highlights on long hair. You’ll want to start with a full highlight if you wear your hair in a ponytail for blonde throughout and avoid seeing dark when your hair is up. You don’t need to get a full highlight at every salon visit. I would suggest a partial highlight about 6 to 8 weeks after a full highlight. Color glaze appointments in between highlighting services will keep the blonde bright and shiny.

#19: Sleek Pixie Cut for Short Hair

For an awesome look, a pink pixie cut is something that won’t let you down. When I am doing this trendy cut on my clients, I find it looks best when finished with a lot of texturizing. This ensures the cut falls into place just as it should. Style with a wax or pomade for a cool, edgy look.

Mid-Length Straight Hair with Textured Ends and Full Fringe
Instagram @anna__ujina

#20: Mid-Length Hair with Textured Ends and Full Fringe

Consider textured ends and full fringe if you want to add some life to your mid-length hair! Your hair will look flawless in a high bun or worn straight. If you like versatility then you have found the right hairstyle.

Deep Side Part Style on a Blonde Straight Lob
Instagram @ali.visualart

#21: Deep Side Part Style on a Blonde Lob

A deep side part style on a straight, blonde lob is a great way to be on trend this season. Sharp clean lines are the fashionable must-have, as well as bleach-blonde lobs or bobs. You will surely make a statement with such a classy and sleek hairstyle.

Medium-Length Internal Layers with Tapered Ends for Straight Hair
Instagram @hairflowstudio

#22: Medium-Length Internal Layers with Tapered Ends

The medium-length internal layers with tapered ends are an effortless hairstyle that will be perfect for your naturally straight hair. The layers and tapered ends follow the curvature of your head and create a beautiful round shape, giving you just the right amount of texture.

Straight Long Layered Face-Framing Haircut
Instagram @hairby.darlene

#23: Long Layered Face-Framing Haircut

A long layered face-framing haircut is a classic for straight hair. If you have super straight hair, hairstyles are limited to bobs, long lengths with layers, and avoid shags. If you want to add some heatless curls try using a volumizing cream with some hold and a twisted bun overnight (let air-dry some before twisting). You will love how easy it is to wake up and go in the morning in a cute, wavy style. You can always blow dry with a round brush, but use a heat protectant, and don’t wash too often.

#24: Straight Bob Hairstyle with Middle Part Bangs

A straight bob hairstyle with middle-part bangs is a gorgeous way to get your black hair cut and styled. If you want this look to be perfectly executed, you should book your appointment with a hairdresser that does precision cuts.

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#25: Blonde Straight Lob for Fine Hair

For women with fine hair, try a blonde straight lob. Taking off dead split ends will make your fine hair appear thicker. In my personal experience, when cutting fine hair, cutting the ends blunt or cutting minimal layers will make your hair look fuller. Cutting too many layers will actually make your strands look thinner and skimpier at the ends. When going blonde, be prepared to have some major upkeep. Getting your roots done every couple of months should be expected.

#26: Blonde Balayage with Dark Roots

Look super trendy with blonde balayage with dark roots. Having your natural dark root is one of the best ways to keep your maintenance down. When the blonde is blended beautifully up to your root, the grow-out will be soft and touch-ups can be done only a few times a year. Toners will need to be done in between to keep the blonde looking fresh and true to tone. See more blonde balayage for straight hair ideas.

#27: Copper Blunt Straight Cut

Consider a blunt copper mid-length hairstyle. One of the easiest ways to achieve a fullness in your hairstyle is a blunt cut, which is a straight line and has no added texture. Copper tones work great on a multitude of skin tones and your stylist can direct you in which hue is complimentary to you.

Next-Level Long Straight Hair With Bangs
Instagram @eva.lhsalon

#28: Next-Level Long Straight Hair With Bangs

Long straight hair with bangs is taken to the next level with slight layering and a full fringe. Hairstyles for long straight hair will never go out of style.

#29: Trendy Long Curtain Bangs for Straight Hair

Curtain bangs are a great way to create shape and style. Long curtain bangs on straight tresses allow you to try something different without a huge commitment, they blend and grow out nicely. When styling your hair up, be sure to let your bangs fall on your face to give a fun and flirty look.

Cute Short Bob for Straight Thick Hair
Instagram @yokeplymouth

#30: Cute Short Bob for Straight Thick Hair

A short bob for straight thick hair is a great option for women wanting creative flair. This bob is longer as you approach the front with a rounded back for body.

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Amazing Straight short choppy haircut
Instagram @ayhanonluel

#31: Amazing Straight Short Choppy Haircut

A straight short choppy haircut works well for thin hair and medium hair, but both in different ways. For fine hair, the length is blunt and the choppy layers give a little movement without removing too much weight. On medium hair, the choppiness can be adjusted to remove some heaviness from the length and add texture to a stronger outline.

Straight Asymmetrical Haircut with a Side Part
Instagram @zammitneville

#32: Straight Asymmetrical Haircut with a Side Part

Enhance your style with a straight asymmetrical haircut. These hairstyles can look uber-sleek, with one side being slightly longer than the other. If your hair parts naturally on the side, your cut will be longer on the heavier side of your part. Instead of balancing the lengths, ask your stylist to keep the jaw-slimming longer length on that side to achieve this chic asymmetric bob. It really looks elegant and perfect for both casual and formal events.

#33: Youthful Shoulder-Length Straight Shag for Older Women

Rock a shoulder-length straight shag if you’re an older woman and you need to add more life to your locks. Shag styles are great for straight-haired women. You gain movement and shape from the flowing layers curving around your face. The layers also soften your jawline.

Straight Hair with Long Bangs for Women Over 30
Instagram @victorkeyrouz

#34: Straight Hair with Long Bangs for Women Over 30

Opt for straight hair with long bangs if you’re a woman over 30 and if you love a refined style. Longer bangs add a subtle flirtatious feel to hairstyles for straight hair. Keeping your hair one length also keeps the interest at eye level.

Simple Straight Blunt Bob with Blunt Bangs
Instagram @charlotterokk

#35: Simple Straight Blunt Bob with Blunt Bangs

A stunning straight blunt bob with blunt bangs is far from a simple style. The sharp length keeps all of your hair one length to highlight the weight of the edges. Adding a blunt fringe to such a hairstyle for women with straight hair helps the shape frame your face.

Edgy pompadour style for women
Instagram @allthingslynn_

#36: Edgy Pompadour Style for Women

An edgy pompadour style for women is a cool vibe that adds height to shorter hair. Regardless of how short you want to take the sides of your hair, having a disconnected length on top which is pulled up and back, gives heightened volume and takes all your hair off your face for a lifted feel.

#37: Dutch Braid Style on Straight Hair

Try a dutch braid style on straight hair to not only make your hair look amazingly waved without heat once you take it out, but also it’s a great way to add depth and dimension to straight hair instead of tying your hair up.

#38: Feminine Straight Blunt Long Hair

Straight blunt long hair is perfect for finer hair types by keeping the maximum amount of fullness in your length. Layers tend to remove weight from your hair, so keeping a strong blunt line to the outline will always give your hair the fullest effect.

Sleek top messy bun
Instagram @popnation.me

#39: Sleek Top Messy Bun

A sleek top messy bun is the go-to hairstyle for all women. It’s quick, easy, and low-maintenance, and there is really no wrong way to do it. Leave out strands for a purposeful finish and add a colorful headband for a stylish, not-so-lazy result.

#40: Ponytail Hairstyle for Long Straight Locks

A ponytail hairstyle for long straight locks is a great style for women who want some futuristic vibes with a bubble pony. Pro Tip: Use rubber bands that match your hair color for a seamless updo.

Straight Ombre on an A-Line Lob
Instagram @hwhairdesign

#41: Straight Ombre on an A-Line Lob

A straight ombre on an A-line lob is a very soft and modern hair type. This straight style can work well while smooth and sleek, so a nice serum and shine spray would also do the trick. It’s low maintenance and can still easily be put up in a bun which appeals to lots of straight-haired ladies. It’s also great for women who like styling their own hair. Plaits, curls, twists, and a ponytail are versatile styles with this cut.

Simple Half Updo for Long Straight Hair
Instagram @tfosterhair

#42: Simple Half Updo for Long Straight Hair

For a simple half updo like this, pull a section of hair from each side and bring them into a loose knot. It looks simple yet stunning for a wedding, right? Position a pretty-looking hair gem for embellishment and extra security. Now, that’s how you recreate this simple, quick half updo! And, no more boring cut if you give your locks a nice shade of champagne blonde.

#43: Chic Blunt Cut for Straight Thin Hair

This blunt cut for thin hair does a great job of framing your face and softening your jawline. Straight haircuts like this one can pair with whatever color you have, such as a golden blonde hue.

#44: Short to Medium-Length Layered Cut for Straight Hair

This short to medium-length layered cut has tons of texture and movement. It’s a layered haircut for medium-straight hair. This haircut is great for all women. Use a styling cream or blow-out cream to smooth your straight hair out or help with frizz.

Modern Long Shag for Straighter Hair
Instagram @jaxhairatx

#45: Modern Long Shag for Straighter Hair

This modern long shag is a long layered haircut with curtain fringe (aka Bardot bangs). The shaggy framing around your face and curtain fringe is a good idea for women with straight hair. Need straight hair with a twist? Wear it messy, look edgy, and be on-trend.

Easy Sleek and Straight for Long Hair
Instagram @mr_najish_o8

#46: Easy Sleek and Straight for Long Hair

A sleek and straight for long hair cut features a chic balayage. This long straight hair is sleek and polished and the straight style includes a center part. Sleek straight hair is very low-maintenance. This straight style is easy to recreate, but product and technique are key. For fine to medium textures, use Elixir Ultime shampoo and conditioner by Kerastase. Coarse hair needs more nourishment, so use Discipline shampoo and masque.

#47: Romantic Blunt Cut for Straight Fine Hair

A classic blunt cut for straight fine hair maximizes fullness. Cutting the length bluntly and at all the same length ensures all the volume is in the baseline. It makes blunt bob hairstyles for fine straight hair give its thickest appearance.

#48: The Asymmetrical Pixie-Bob for Short Straight Hair

The asymmetrical pixie bob for short straight hair makes a voluminous style that can match your natural glam. It even looks more flattering with a luscious dark red shade. Ask your stylist for this short side-swept cut if you have an oval, square, diamond, or heart-shaped face and short hair.

#49: Empowering Straight Lob with Bangs

A straight lob with bangs is also called a long bob. The lob allows you to not have to commit to the shortness of the classic bob with bangs, but have the same style. Bobs and lobs are empowering looks that exude confidence. Medium to fine, straight textured hair is perfect for this cut. If you have a round face shape, try keeping a little more length in front and/or add some asymmetry. If you’re a curly-haired girl, leave more length and add layers.

Sleek Simple Cut for Long Straight Hair
Instagram @_dylus_

#50: Sleek Simple Cut for Long Straight Hair

This simple cut for long straight hair has a sleek look. Adding volume in the back will result in more straightness. To straighten your hair with a heat protectant, use hair products by L’Oréal Professionnel. This style is perfect for women who like sleek cuts and clean shapes. It’s a cool style for straight-cut hair without many layers. It works well with fine hair and gives an amazing look with less effort but much effect.

Cute Braids for Longer Straight Hair
Instagram @tzofiakapach

#51: Cute Braids for Longer Straight Hair

Cute braids are an adorable hairstyle, especially if you have straight hair. A plait around your crown creates a braided headband you can wear for a prom or for your day-to-day life. Apply oil through your straight strands for a shiny finish. Ideas for straight hairstyles with braids include a french braid and fishtail braid. Even a waterfall braid would look good on any woman wanting braids on their straight hair.

Layers for Women Over 40 with Long Straight Hair
Instagram @beautifullife9

#52: Layers for Women Over 40 with Long Straight Hair

Layers for women over 40 with long straight hair are a smooth look when texture is added. The long layers are perfect for women who want their hair long, but conservative. To keep the smoothness of this style, use Aveda Smooth Infusion Style Prep. This will give you hair frizz control over your straight hair.

#53: Casual Long and Sleek Shag

A long and sleek shag cut works great on straight long hair. In fact, it makes a breathtaking long and sleek shag hairstyle. The look features a fringe to accentuate your eyes and layers to bring out movement. Go extra and paint your locks with a sunflower blonde shade, too!

80s Feathering for Blonde Straight Hair
Instagram @remedysalon115

#54: 80s Feathering for Blonde Straight Hair

Ans 80s feathering haircut looks even better with a bright blonde hue. Show off the feathered layers by styling your locks with a bit of texture. It’s such a chic option that offers movement to a fine straight mane and removes weight from the straight surface of your hair. A mousse works great when prepping this feather cut for long hair like yours, too!