24 Best Long Graduated Bobs for a Trendsetting Look in 2023

long graduated bobs
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A long graduated bob is an angled haircut, where the layers in the back are shorter than the pieces in the front. Also known as a medium-length cut, it has a parameter that sits right on the shoulders or the collarbones.

Jess Le is a haircut specialist from Scottsdale, AZ. She recommends a lob for ladies who want a bob cut but aren’t ready to commit to short hair.

If there’s a golden rule in wearing a graduated long bob, that is to be prepared to style it every day. “This haircut isn’t for you if you like to just get up and go. When not styled, it’s not going to lay right,” Le explains.

Another tip from Le is to get a graduated lob haircut only if you have a longer neck. Without enough structure to allow the hair to hover above the shoulders, the chop will appear quite like a short chin-length bob.

Graduated cuts are somehow tricky to create. Elevation in the graduation determines how steep that stack in the back is and what the layering will look like. Le suggests, “Bring photos with styles that you like and don’t. Then show your stylist what to stay away from and what to focus on.”

Once you finalize your desired cut, understand the upkeep. Learn the best styling techniques that will work for your lifestyle, too!

Dive into this stunning hair idea and make a statement. Find here the trendiest styles for long graduated bob cuts!

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#1: Tousled Graduated Lob on Straight Hair

Tousled graduated lobs on straight hair are a very sleek look, and easy to style while always looking amazing. Lob hairstyles are low-maintenance when it comes to daily styling. Just round brush blow-dry and hairspray to finish is all it needs.

Medium-Length Graduated Bob with a Full Fringe
Instagram @coloredbyliz

#2: Medium-Length Graduated Bob with a Full Fringe

A medium-length graduated bob with a full fringe is a very chic look for younger women. A medium-length graduated bob with a fringe is very versatile, having the length gives a lot more options when it comes to styling.

Sharp Graduated Long Bob
Instagram @rhandy_art

#3: Sharp Graduated Long Bob

A sharp graduated long bob is a very classic haircut. The sharp graduated hairstyle needs to be blowdried and set to get this beautiful stacked effect.

Messy Shaggy Lob with Blunt Bangs
Instagram @lindalu.ra

#4: Messy Shaggy Lob with Blunt Bangs

Go for a messy shaggy lob with blunt bangs to give off a rock star vibe. Long shaggy bob cuts are a fun way to spruce up your haircut without removing much length.

#5: Long Graduated Bob with Soft Waves

A long graduated bob with soft waves is a modern, trendy style. Short hairstyles don’t need a lot of effort to look amazing. Adding a few curls using a flatiron and finishing with a shine spray will keep this short style looking fabulous.

Low-Maintenance Long Graduated Bob
Instagram @icandy_cove

#6: Low-Maintenance Long Graduated Bob

A long graduated bob is a haircut made for older women wanting a trendy modern look. Short haircuts are easily styled making it an overall low-maintenance style.

Mid-Length Dimensional Graduated Lob
Instagram @gabbyespinosa_

#7: Mid-Length Dimensional Graduated Lob

A mid-length dimensional graduated lob is perfect for middle-aged women. A longer bob with beautiful dimensions from the color and haircut keeps the cut low-maintenance, which is why a lot of women choose graduated long bobs.

#8: Long Inverted Bob with Wispy Bangs for Thin Hair

A long inverted bob with wispy bangs for thin hair helps with thickness and fullness. A lot of women over 50 prefer this haircut because the styling is very simple. Round brush blowdry with a light flatiron after is all this style needs to look amazing.

#9: Long Graduated Bob for Curly Hair

A long graduated bob for curly hair is a simple haircut to style. Adding a serum and mouse to this lob haircut and setting with a diffuser will keep this overall style looking very sleek.

Long Textured Bob with Layers for Wavy Hair
Instagram @hair_by_rt

#10: Long Textured Bob with Layers for Wavy Hair

A long textured bob with layers for wavy hair is a classic style for women’s textured hair. A long layered graduated bob helps with the waves without removing much length.

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Angled Bob with Full Bangs
Instagram @honey.bee.hair

#11: Angled Bob with Full Bangs

A long angled bob with full bangs is a perfect cut for women with a wider forehead. A long graduated bob with bangs is also a very professional look, which makes it an ideal cut for a lot of businesswomen looking to change up their style.

Edgy Long Bob with Stacked Layers
Instagram @iam.bobcut

#12: Edgy Long Bob with Stacked Layers

An edgy long bob with stacked layers is a classic bob for women with thicker hair. Adding layers to a bob haircut helps remove some weight. Stacked layers help with shaping the overall haircut.

#13: Neck-Length Bob Cut with Slight Graduation

A neck-length bob cut with slight graduation is an ideal cut for women that want a bob with a little bit of drama. Having the slight length variation in the front gives this style a lob style effect.

Layered Lob with a Side Fringe
Instagram @hairbymerritt

#14: Layered Lob with a Side Fringe

A layered lob with a side fringe is ideal for mid-aged women. The medium-length graduated layered bob is the perfect length for women wanting a light, airy style.

Graduated Brown Lob
Instagram @hushnorthfield

#15: Graduated Brown Lob

A graduated brown lob is a stunning graduated cut that complements the richness of the color. The graduation in the haircut adds overall fullness to the style.

#16: Blonde Lob with Black Hair Underneath

A blonde lob with black hair underneath is a very stylish look. A blonde graduated long bob can sometimes look finer but adding the black underneath helps by adding fullness to the entire style.

#17: Choppy Graduated Lob with Bangs

A choppy graduated lob with bangs is ideal for women with thinner hair, and the choppiness in the layers helps with adding fullness. A long graduated bob with a side fringe shapes the face beautifully.

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#18: Stacked Lob Cut for Thick Hair

A stacked lob cut for thick hair is definitely the way to go. The thickness in the hair helps this bob style really stack and stand out. Graduated long bobs are a good option for women with thicker hair.

Long A-Line Bob with Blue and Green Tones
Instagram @hairbygreer

#19: Long A-Line Bob with Blue and Green Tones

A long a-line bob with blue and green tones is a perfect style for adding dimension and texture all in one. Graduated haircuts complement vivid colors very well.

#20: Graduated Shoulder-Length Bob

A graduated shoulder-length bob is a classic bob with a little drama in the front. Adding a longer side fringe helps shape the face perfectly. Longer graduated bob hairstyles are suitable for mid-aged women.

#21: Wavy Long Bobbed Hair with Highlights

Wavy long bobbed hair with highlights is a very modern, trendy and classic hairstyle. Keeping length in the front helps frame any face shape.

#22: Curly Graduated Lob for Women with Round Faces

A curly graduated lob for women with round faces helps elongate the face. Women with a round face shape appreciate long curly graduated bob haircuts because you get the best of both worlds, length in the front while having your curls bounce up because of the shorter length in the back.

#23: Graduated Lob with Slight Asymmetrical Sides

A graduated lob with slight asymmetrical sides is ideal for women with a funky yet sleek style. Long graduated bobs are perfect when having a defined jawline. Graduated styles are so versatile which is why many women choose them.

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Sleek Graduated Bob for Fine Hair
Instagram nikki_musehairandbeauty

#24: Sleek Graduated Bob for Fine Hair

A sleek long graduated bob for fine hair is one of the better styles to add fullness to fine hair. Keeping finer hair short gives the illusion of thickness to your hair.

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