100+ Hair Bangs Ideas for Women

Down below, you can browse through galleries that are filled with lots of ways you can get bangs for your next haircut.

Bob with side bangs
The best way to nail a carefree, romantic style? Make an impression with one of these updated looks.
Long shag with bangs
Long shags always look better when paired with bangs. See why here!
Wispy bangs short hair
Wispy bangs will add softness to your face. Plus, it looks ever chicer on short hair!
Long hair with bangs
It's time to mix up that long hair of yours with a gorgeous set of bangs. Let these looks inspire you!
Medium hair layered side bangs
If you're hair is medium-length, add layered side bangs to bring out your best features!
Thin hair with bangs
Who else is obsessed with fringe styles? Even if you have thin locks, there's a style of bangs that will surely work with such a hair type.
Long bob with bangs for thin hair
Lobs work wonders on thin hair. If you're a thin-haired lady, opt for a long bob!
Thin fine hair bob with bangs
If you have short hair, or want a short cut, opt for a bob with bangs. Bobs with fringe compliment thin fine hair the best.
Best ideas for side swept bangs
No matter what anyone tells you, it’s totally possible for any woman to pull off side-swept bangs. You just have to find the right look for yourself!
Hairstyles with side bangs
Fringe up your look! Side bangs and fringes are all the craze right now, and it looks like they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. I spent a good chunk of time gathering up the hottest, sexiest, and edgiest side fringe hairstyles to rock right now.
Long hair with side bangs
No idea on how to upgrade your long mane? Come see this updated gallery of long hair with side bangs!
long side bangs
Longer side bangs are better than short side bangs. Don't believe me? Check these out...
short hair with side bangs
If you have short hair, opt for side bangs instead of the same old boring fringe most women opt for.
Long curtain bangs hairstyle
Add long curtain fringe to your next hairstyle for instant volume and face-framing effects.
Short hair with long bangs
For those who plan to rock a cropped cut with a cute, lengthy detail added, take a cue from these screenshot-worthy photos.
long bangs long hair
Longer bangs are sure to add a little va-va-voom to your tresses. Get the best long hair ideas from this gallery!
pixie with long bangs
Pixies with longer bangs are the best way to rock a short hairstyle!
Trendy inverted bob with bangs haircuts and hairstyles
Decided to go chopped and fringed? Charm everyone with a dramatic and fitting cut that you'll see right here.
aline bob with bangs
Go short and opt for an a-line bob hairstyle if you're tired of spending lots of time styling everyday.
chin length bob with bangs
Wear any of these modern short hair inspirations and embrace a fun, casual style!
curtain bangs straight hair
Have straight hair? Opt for curtain bangs for a chic, 70s style.
Short straight hair with bangs
Short hair looks amazing when it's straight. See why here!
Medium length hair with bangs
Bangs are so in right now, but sometimes there are way too many styles to choose from, some more modern than others. If your hair is at medium length, check out our collection of the best medium hairstyles with bangs for 2015!
Short hair with bangs
Bangs are a small amount of hair with BIG impact. It's time to consider sassing up your short 'do with a sexy fringe!
curtain bangs for short hair
Just because your hair is short, doesn't mean you can't rock curtain bangs. See what I mean here!
short layered bob with bangs
While a bob with layers and fringe may not be considered low-maintenance, this short hairstyle is on-trend and ultra-chic for women of all ages.
Short layered hair with bangs
Opt for a short hairstyle with bangs and layers as your next hairdo!
Short wavy hairstyle with bangs
These short wavy hair ideas will give you a dashing look. Bangs are added for extra style, too!
Short Bangs
Short bangs are a pretty great way to add glam to your look. They seem hard to pull off, but we’re here to help you with that! Not only do we have 11 fantastic ideas for short bangs, but we can also help you find the perfect short bangs for your face shape.
Medium shag with bangs
Medium shags are always best when paired with fringe. See why here!
Whether or not you’re a bangs girl, we’ve got a fringe that will work for you. Come see which one would look best on you!
Short shag with bangsS
short shags always look better when paired with bangs due to their face-framing effect.
wolf cut with bangs
If you're looking for a hairstyle that offers tons of movement and volume, check out this gallery. Gathered here are the best wolf haircuts with bangs that you must consider!
Shag with curtain bangs
Make your favorite shag cut trendier and more fun by pairing it with curtain bangs. Check your options here!
Best haircuts with curtain bangs
Try out one of these cute curtain bang with your next cut!
low maintenance shaggy haircut with bangs
Shags have always been known to be low-maintenance, however, bangs may need some attention. Still, these types of cuts are easy to manage.
The best shaggy bob with bangs
Shaggy bobs are sexier with bangs! Opt for one of these cuts to bring out your wild side.
Best curly bangs hairstyles this year
Decided to lean into your curls? Find out here why this hairstyle is a real game-changer.
Wavy bob with bangs
Ladies will get the best of both worlds with these wavy bob cuts with bangs. The style is short and wavy to carry out all that volume while still showing off women's beautiful face structures.
medium layered haircuts with bangs
Glow up with added layers and bangs in your medium hairstyle.
Bob with bangs
Whoever said that bangs can't go with bobs was wrong. You can definitely rock bangs with a cute bob haircut! Don’t believe us? Take a look at our collection of 30 staggeringly adorable bob n’ bangs looks!
soft curtain bangs
Curtain bangs are back in style! Try this fringe style and let it add softness to your everyday look.
long hair curtain bangs
Long hair always looks better with curtain bangs due to their face-framing features.
layered hair with curtain bangs
Add curtain bangs to your layered hair for the ultimate face-framing hairstyle.
Layered haircuts with bangs
Try out a fresh fringe with one of these freshly layered cuts for any hair length.
curtain bangs wavy hair
Cut the perfect curtain bangs for your wavy hair and always look chic without trying!
Best wispy bangs
Have thinner hair? Frame your face with one of these cute wispy bangs.
The best pixie cut with bangs
A pixie with a fringe is best for women who have larger foreheads or want to hide wrinkles in their foreheads. It's important to view these photos and read my advice before you make a a drastic change to your hair.
Choppy bangs
Chop, chop, chop! Go out with a bang with one of these trendy choppy bang haircuts.
Bangs for a round face
The answer to your baby-face problems is here. Check it out now!
Wispy bangs long hair
Opt for wispy bangs to add a layer of softness to any long-length cuts. This fringe style also frames the face so well!
bangs for square face
If you have a square face shape, check out this gallery. Opt for the style of bangs that will accentuate your best features!
wavy hair with bangs
If you have wavy hair, opt for bangs! Bangs are an amazing way to amp up your style!
low maintenance shaggy haircut with bangs
Low-maintenance shags pair very well with bangs. We've got lots of options for you to choose from!
Short curly hair with bangs
Myths about bangs don't exist especially with curly hair! See these proofs ahead.
Curly bob with bangs hairstyle
Are you a curly girl looking for a new hairstyle? Try a curly bob with bangs and stand out from the crowd!!
long pixie cut with bangs
Grow out your pixie and add a fringe to amp up your hairstyle.
long layered hair with bangs
Own this instant celebrity look! Zoom in to these ravishing hairstyles.
Layered bob with bangs
Need proof? Take a cue from these really fun layered looks!
curtain bangs for round face
If you have a round face, opt for curtain bangs to frame your face and cause a slimming effect.
long bob with curtain bangs
If you're growing out your hair, opt for a lob with curtain bangs!
bangs for small forehead
Expose or hide your small forehead with bangs if you're looking for a new cut!
feathered bangs
Why rock straight or blunt bangs when you can feather them out?
Face framing bangs
These face-framing bangs look so chic that they won't give you a bad hair day.
curtain bangs curly hair
Versatile and very feminine! Here are the trendiest styles of curtain bangs you can try to pair with your natural curls.