27 Coolest Haircuts for Black Boys for 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

For young black boys, haircuts are best cut to keep afro, kinky, or curly hair in style. There are all shapes and sizes to suit your boy’s taste! Look up to Jaden Smith’s braids, Trevor Jackson’s fade, and Kwesi Boakye’s buzzcut! These young black celebrities certainly set the standard for the coolest boys haircuts!

As for maintaining black boys’ styles, Illinois-based barber Kevin Marks says, “Make sure to comb and use moisturizer because curly hair dries out fast. Also, be willing to bring him to the barbershop at least twice a month. Aside from combing and brushing, it needs good washing and conditioning weekly.”

For styling for black boy hair cuts, Kevin’s most recommended product is Cantu Oil Sheen. Based on his expert opinion, it gives the hair a nice, light shine and oils the scalp! For afro twists, Lusters Curl Twist and Lock Gel are his must-haves. He explains, “They smell good, have a very nice hold, and are non-flaking.”

Choose between a casual, fun look or a smart and neat cut! Black boys look dope with an afro, curly hair, buzz cut, and braids or locs. Feeling like you’d like to give him a one-of-a-kind hairstyle? Ask your kid’s barber to match it with a fade!

Before his next haircut, check out these inspiring photos of trendy haircuts for black boys!


#1: Very Short Curls with Shaved Sides and Designs

If you want to give your child a fresh haircut, try short curls with shaved sides and designs. Such little black boy haircuts offer a clean, stylish look that will make your kid feel cool. Moisturize curls with the Shea Moisture Curl Defining Cream before styling.

Dreadlocks for Young Black Boys

#2 Dreadlocks for Young Black Boys

A popular young black boy hairstyle is dreadlocks; some believe they’re easy to maintain. The truth is they need some attention and regular conditioning to keep them pristine and the scalp healthy. Regular fades will be needed to keep the back and sides tight and line-ups for sharpness for such awesome black boys’ haircuts.

#3: Short Afro with Precision Lines

The precision lines on this short afro hairstyle create a modern look for black men and boys. The clean lines add definition and structure to the afro, giving it a sharp and stylish appearance. The haircut is designed to accentuate the hair’s natural texture, allowing it to coil and spring beautifully. This hairstyle works best for boys with thick and curly hair. This hairstyle showcases the unique afro texture and adds dimension to the looks of the boys with thick and curly hair. To maintain this style, black boys need regular line-ups to keep the precision lines sharp. Adding a moisturizing styling cream or a curl-defining gel can help enhance the natural curls and reduce frizz.

#4: Curly Mohawk with a Sharp Line

If you want to enhance your textured hair, try adding some visual appeal with a curly mohawk and a sharp line. Incorporating the curly mohawk can reduce bulk on the sides. This style is not only easy to wear daily but also gives you an edgy look popular among both men and boys. Adding a surgical part or hard part to the side enhances this style. Yet, you can remove it for a minimalist feel according to your taste.

#5: High Bald Fade + Side Part

The high bald face with a side part is one of the black boy’s haircuts that offer a fresh and neat finish. Though it looks hip, short hair like this is still suitable for younger boys as it offers a cute, smart-looking style. The curly texture on the top complements the neatness of the faded sides.

#6: Fresh Afro with a Line-Up Fade

If you’re thinking about a new afro look with a lined fade for your young black boy, this cut is stylish and easy to change. The lined fade makes the hairstyle sharp and clean. The afro part keeps it full and natural. The cut is great for young boys with curly or thick hair. It helps keep the hair’s original texture and form. To style this cut, make sure the hair is wet. Then, add some leave-in conditioner or a product to boost curl. This will define the curls even more. To create puffs, move in a circular motion using a hair sponge.

#7: Half Moon Part + Mid Fade

Many cuts for black boys showcase the versatility of the afro hair type. With short styles, many opt for a mid fade and a half moon part to sharpen the look. All edges are razored, especially the part, to make it look as sharp and fresh as possible. Regular trips to the barbershop are needed to keep a black boy hair cut sharp and neat.

#8: High Fade + Surgical Part for Boys’ African-American Hair

Black boy cuts and styles are very prominent due to the color of the hair, but some barbers also enhance the hairline with sprays for a shaper finish. A high fade and surgical part look good on African-American hair, as younger hair can be much thicker. This particular cut has been edged in with a razor to enhance the finish.

Thin and Sleek Dreads on Kids Afro Hair
Instagram @levicarter05

#9: Thin and Sleek Dreads on Kid’s Afro Hair

For longer black boys styles, you can decide to go for dreadlocks. These require maintenance and regular trips to your barber to maintain and condition the hair. Thin and sleek dreads on kids’ afro hair look great when done properly, so please research to find a dreadlock specialist. They can then advise you on your conditioning routine and keep the style in the best shape.

#10: Curly Mohawk with V-Shaped Neckline

Black boy hairstyles stand out from the crowd. The dark hair creates a good fade and texture at the top. The curly mohawk with a v-shaped neckline has faded to the skin around the ears, leaving a sharp V-cut and prominent C-cups on the temples. Regular cuts are needed to keep the fade sharp, and a sponge is used on the top to keep the texture.

#11: Boys’ Long Twists + Low Skin Fade

These long twists and low skin fade for young African-American boys give their curls a neat transformation. The finish appears smart yet edgy. When styling twists with low bald fade, use a texturizing product to boost the fullness and volume.

Frohawk Fade + Line Up
Instagram @ricanbarber_

#12: Frohawk Fade + Line Up

For a little black boy, haircuts combining a frohawk fade with a line-up are fresh! The shaved line on the side upgrades the haircut a little bit more, making it eye-catching. It appears “bad boyish” and is perfect even on cute black boys.

#13: Low Drop Fade for Black Boys

Since a low drop fade haircut is neat and smart-looking, any younger guy who wears it gets that “good boy” image. Kids with black kinks will love it, showing off their hair’s natural texture. For black boys, hairstyles like this are easy to style and maintain! This is a low-drop fade cut for black toddlers.

black kid's high flat top fade cut
Instagram @sidepartseth

#14: High Flat Top Fade

A high flat top fade cut looks neat and stylish at the same time. It looks excellent on kinky, black hair to show off its fullness. Styles for black boys like this also allow more volume around the crown.

edge up neck taper cut for black boys
Instagram @musethebarber

#15: Neck Taper + Edge Up

A neck taper with an edge-up haircut offers the dapperness you want your young little boy to flaunt. The overall look is neat and will not harm the fullness of his natural black curls. Maximize the texture of such black boys’ haircut styles by spritzing hairspray.

#16: Temple Fade for Black Kids

Consider this temple fade for your 10-year-old boy who needs a new haircut to manage his black curls. The temple fade chop with neat sides and nape will heighten his natural texture. Ask his barber to incorporate an edge-up to add to the sharpness of this look.

Low Bald Fade
Instagram @byaj_

#17: Low Bald Fade

A low bald fade haircut does the job of giving your little boy a neat and modern look. It’s a simple hairstyle for black boys that offers a sharp line-up, which works well with his fine, black hair.

black baby boy's High Skin Fade Haircut
Instagram @vicblends

#18: High Skin Fade Haircut

Boys deserve the same dapperness that we see in adults, too. Let him have a high-contrast haircut like this, featuring a high skin fade to give prominence to his black curls. Finish off the cut with a shape-up for a sharper line onto his hairline.

Low-Maintenance Buzz Cut + Low Fade for Kids
Instagram @feelipe_santoz

#19: Low-Maintenance Buzz Cut + Low Fade for Kids

If your young one loves something casual and classic, this haircut is for him. It features a buzz cut with a low fade, offering him such a neat finish. Though his hair on top looks short, you can still make it seem fuller with an edge-up style.

#20: Short Curls + Shaved Hair Design

Level up his short curls with a hair design shaved on his sides and nape. These black haircuts match the young guy’s creativity.

#21: Little Gents’ Burst Fade Mohawk

Your little gentleman won’t go wrong with awesome haircuts for black boys. This burst fade mohawk will surely boost the fullness of his African-American hair. Black boys’ hairstyles look great with an added color to match their neat sides. A copper-blonde hue will be a cute idea.

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Mid Bald Fade for a Little Black Boy
Instagram @frankiestrims

#22: Mid Bald Fade for a Little Black Boy

Let your little kid wear a neat haircut like a mid bald fade, and he’ll look cool and adorable simultaneously! The chop features thicker hair on top with a mid fade, which looks best if he has natural black curls. With hairstyles for black boys like this, styling will be the least of your concern.

Cool Medium-Length Curls
Instagram @arthur0ruiz

#23: Cool Medium-Length Curls

Pair his medium-length curls with faded sides and nape for a sharp finish. Complete this haircut for black boys with a shape-up style, and achieve that trendy result!

#24: Taper Fade + Shape Up for Boys’ Curly Hair

The best hair cuts for black boys are faded cuts that are classic and trendy. This taper fade shape-up is the perfect example, ideal for his natural black curls.

Kinky High Top
Instagram @therealtrippy

#25: Kinky High Top Hairstyle

With the boy’s thick, black hair type on top and faded sides, the contrast is apparent and makes an impression. Opt for this hair cut for black boys with a curly high top fade if they want longer strands without compromising its neat finish.

#26: Short Afro Fade for Boys

Teach the little guys how to flaunt their natural hair texture with flair! Boys’ hair cuts like this will allow them to wear this short afro fade, letting them enjoy their natural black curls.

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Short mohawk with shaved sides for emo girls
Instagram @ladybarber402

#27: Short Mohawk with Shaved Sides for Emo Girls

Explore a fun short mohawk with shaved sides for Emo girls to discover and express your style. Playing around with shaved sides and keeping the length in a short mohawk can be empowering. Such black kids’ haircuts are suitable for curly or coily hair due to the way the curls stay stacked on top.