44 Best “Slob Haircut” Examples You Have to See

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Dark Brown Slob Lob Cut
Instagram @studio_mostton

#1: Dark Brown Slob Lob Cut

This hairstyle suits varying levels of hair density, mostly for straight hair textures. An under bevel enhances this hairstyle’s curve. To replicate this at home, you need a good quality flat iron like Babyliss Pro and a heat protection spray from Oway. Whether you style it sleek or with waves, this cut is versatile and can match any look.

Super Blunt Long Slob on Thin and Blonde-Haired Women
Instagram @katrinaszish

#2: Super Blunt Long Slob

Ask for a super blunt long slob. For a couture look, a blunt perimeter does the job. With a blunt cut, you get fullness and a precise line, making your cut clean and looking fresh. A great cut for those with fine hair or those with thicker hair that want a bold style. A flat iron with a Babyliss Pro for smooth results and gentle titanium plates.

Slob Haircut with Highlights
Instagram @mirall_hair

#3: Slob with Highlights

The slob haircut with highlights is a versatile and trendy look that suits women of all ages and hair types. This mid-length hairstyle features a longer length in the front, gradually getting shorter towards the back, creating a soft and flattering shape. The highlights add dimension to the hair, enhancing its texture and movement. This haircut works well for those who want a fresh and modern update to their hair without going too short. It can be styled in various ways, from sleek and straight to tousled and wavy, making it suitable for any occasion.

#4: Light Brown Straight Long Bob

Medium and fine hair textures that typically lay very straight work best with this hairstyle. A blunt perimeter gives this shape its fullness. You and your stylist can determine the length of your haircut based on your preferred style. If your hair is naturally straight, blow-drying it with a flat brush will help you achieve this style easily. If not, a routine involving a lot of heat protection and a flat iron will be your next best option for styling.

#5: Creamy Blonde Long Concave Bob

A hairstyle with an angled cut can be seen as a concave shape, with the angle of the perimeter forward-facing to give a concave profile. Adding a curtain fringe makes the style unique and adds volume to what would otherwise be a flat hairstyle. This style adds fullness to fine and thin hair textures.

Chin-Length Platinum Blonde Slob Box Bob
Instagram @ipaintyellow

#6: Platinum Blonde Box Bob

For a sophisticated professional, a box bob acts as a bold statement, symbolizing strength and feminine power. You should seek a stylist specializing in precision bobs when you want this hairstyle. This haircut is traditionally known as a thatch bob, but it’s widely referred to as a box bob due to the straight edges and unique shape it produces.

Slob Bob Cut with Balayage
Instagram @ilhankaymak

#7: Slob Cut with Balayage

A slob cut with balayage is great. It’s ideal for those who want a short hairstyle. It especially works well for people with thick or dense hair. Choosing a slob cut instead of a traditional bob is good for thicker hair. This bob style keeps its shape longer without flaring out or turning triangular quickly.

#8: Wet Slob Hairstyle

A wet, sleek bob is a high fashion hairstyle suitable for any special events or occasions. If you have short hair, it can sometimes be tricky to find the right party hairstyle. Creating a sleek, wet hairstyle can offer a fun, high-fashion way to achieve a distinctive and sophisticated look. The wet and sleek look is best achieved when one simulates the appearance of wet hair. I suggest applying a shine spray and oil to dry hair to create this illusion. Once done, secure your style with non-aerosol hairspray.

Fierce Slob Cut with Choppy Bangs
Instagram @hair.juancarlos

#9: Fierce Slob with Choppy Bangs

This season, if you want a sleek and edgy look, go for a fierce slob cut with choppy bangs. The cut is a sleek, one-length bob, typically worn straight and smooth. If you have fine, straight hair, this haircut can give the illusion of more fullness. Adding choppy bangs can frame your face. You can also customize them to suit your face shape.

Asymmetric Slob Haircut for girls with straight hair
Instagram @studio_mostton

#10: Asymmetric Slob

Consider the chic shape of an asymmetric slob haircut. A slob is slang for a sleek bob, which is trending now and boasts of a minimalistic style that is super low-maintenance. You can ask your stylist to cut the part side shorter to create the asymmetry of the bottom line and leave your shape nice and blunt. Try blow drying with an extra large round brush to achieve a smooth edgy finish.

Slick Wavy Shoulder-Length Long Slob Bob
Instagram @qynnes_canvas

#11: Slick Wavy Long Bob

For those fine-haired babes who want a fuller wavy bob, try asking your stylist for a blunt perimeter for the most fullness. This cut works great for fine hair who like to add waves occasionally.

Short Slob Bob-Length Lazy Girl Hairstyle with Middle Part
Instagram @kareeree33

#12: Bob-Length Lazy Girl Hairstyle

A bob-length could be your lazy girl hairstyle if you have straight hair. Ask your stylist for a middle part and a one-length bob. You won’t have to do much but comb your hair if your hair is pin-straight. If you have a slight wave or a coarseness to your locks, try blow drying with a giant round brush and some smoothing cream. Remember that if your hair is one length, you won’t be able to move the part, or you’ll have an overhang.

Chin-Length Simple Straight Slob Bob
Instagram @chopshop.nc

#13: Simple Straight Bob

A simple straight bob is classic and chic. The slob cut can be worn at any age. The cut’s length, right above the shoulder, really showcases its sharp edge and shape.

Natural Short Slob Cut with Center Part
Instagram @callycuts

#14: Natural Short Bob with Center Part

For a more natural vibe, try a short bob with a center part. The bob’s length and parting accentuate her jawbone and elongate her face. This cut is best for narrower faces.

#15: The Perfect Middle Part Haircut

This slob haircut is perfect if you want a fun mid-length haircut! You will want to consider the texture of your hair when choosing where you want your length to sit. A bit longer may be better than short, fine hair for more unmanageable hair. This length will keep your hair looking thick.

Beautiful Slob Cut with Dirty Blonde Balayage
Instagram @nacirsomera

#16: Beautiful Slob Cut with Dirty Blonde Balayage

Try a swinging lob cut with a beautiful dirty blonde balayage to give your fine hair more volume and weight. This cut looks best when it is blown out with a round brush. If you plan to heat style your hair remember to use a heat protectant. I like Hairstory Dressed Up because you’ll get heat & UV protection, moisture, volume, and hold in one cream.

#17: Dark-Rooted Slob Cut

Try this dark-rooted slob cut if you have dark hair! The dark base offers tons of depth, while the blunt edges to this cut give you a clean trendy look! Be sure to ask for a good smoothing product at your next salon visit to keep this look sleek.

Sleek Effortless Chin Slob Bob for Girls' Dark Tresses
Instagram @sam_olgar

#18: Sleek Effortless Chin Bob

Here’s a sleek, effortless chin-length bob. For a simple yet sophisticated bob, chin length and sleek are always in style. A classic style that works great for thin, medium, and thick hair. Depending on hair density, you may need extra weight removal if you’re thicker. Thinning out to keep the style slimmer, it will hold its shape beautifully with the thick hair on its side.

#19: Middle-Parted Short Fine Hair

Check out this middle-parted short bob on fine hair. The power bob is a statement when you cut your hair off before or after a life-changing event. For those with fine hair, try a sleek bob (Slob) for fullness around the perimeter. Middle parts work great for those who want to elongate the face shape and love a strong statement look.

#20: Black Slob with Blonde Money Piece

Try this blonde money piece on black hair if you crave bold color. Remember, this will require more trips to the salon to keep that money piece bright and fresh!

Low-Maintenance Short Slob with Middle Part for Dark-Haired Ladies
Instagram @moehairgoals

#21: Low-Maintenance Short Slob

Try this low-maintenance slob if you have fine hair. This is a great style for straight hair or beach waves.

#22: Slob with Soft Feathered Ends

Give this super chic slob a try! This is a versatile and very manageable style. This will work with thick and fine hair.

Straight Chin-Length Slob Bob for Thin Hair with Longer Face Shapes
Instagram @bymoasi

#23: Straight Chin-Length Bob for Thin Hair

Make the most of your thin hair in a straight chin-length bob. A blunt cut is perfect for fine hair textures, making it the thickest. Know where you want your part to live when you get your cut. You will have an overhang if your part with one-length hair tries to move you. You’ll want to use a volumizing product Pureology’s Style + Protect Instant Levitation Mist, to add volume to your strands.

#24: Slightly Graduated Slob

This is a popular look if you like short hair in the warmer months. The graduation in the back keeps the shape and the hair off your neck to keep you cool! Talk with your stylist at your next appointment to keep this look frizz-free.

Short Vanilla Blonde Center-Parted Slob Hair on Rectangular Faces
Instagram @stilistkana2

#25: Short Vanilla Blonde Center-Parted Hair

If you love a center part, consider a short vanilla blonde bob. The blunt cut with the center part creates a sleek, symmetrical, and fashion-forward look to the hair. Lightening the hair and creating a vanilla blonde brings light and warmth to the face. If you have naturally darker hair, try opting for a more caramel shade of blonde for your bob. For a more playful and fun look, try tucking one side behind your ear to give the illusion of an asymmetrical cut.

Straight Jawline Sleek Slob Bob with Off-Center Part
Instagram @stilistkana2

#26: Straight Jawline Bob

Consider the classic shape of a straight jawline bob. The current bob trend is a clean line the same length all around, minus a fringe, for a strong visual impact. I recommend getting your part in the correct spot when you get your cut. This way, you won’t have any trouble with overhanging edges. Your blowout will be simple with a large round brush and a smoothing lotion. The jawline bob suits most face shapes and will reward you with its beautiful style.

Short One-Length Slob Cut with Straight Ends for Girls' Dark Hair
Instagram @olya_iudina

#27: Short One-Length Cut with Straight Ends

Choose a short one-length slob cut with straight ends if you have a long or oval face shape. Or pick this cut if you want to create a fuller look to your hair and face. Opting for a chin-length bob helps to create the illusion of width. And it can help to create balance in an oval or long face shape. The hair being one length also creates a fuller and more voluminous look to the hair. This is great for fine to medium hair. Straightening the ends adds a clean, blunt line to the haircut, which gives the cut a dramatic look. Try getting your hair cut into a bob with a center part. This will ensure that you can wear it with a center, left, or right part, and it will still balance.

Middle-Parted Medium Rounded Slob for Thick Hair
Instagram @_aneteixeira_

#28: Medium Rounded Bob for Thick Hair

You’ll love the no-nonsense shape of a medium-rounded bob for thick hair. The shape is super stylish, and the middle part is trending. You’ll want one-length layers to create the most prominent bob-line. Thick hair ladies will easily style the shape with a round brush. A flat iron can manage unruly textures, and try Redken’s Shine Flash Glass for extra luster.

Chin-Length Modern Slob with Invisible Layers for Square Faces
Instagram @davynewkirk

#29: Modern Slob with Invisible Layers

A modern slob with invisible layers is a stylish shape with a bit of softness. Ask your stylist to point-cut the long layers to create movement and soften the blunt line. This technique will allow some swing on the top layer and help your cut last longer. The minimal layers added will also allow you to move your part off to the side if desired. Consider adding curl with a 3/4 inch iron and a light hairspray for versatility.

#30: Dark Hair Classic Slob

The dark hair classic slob is giving off major French girl vibes! This short hairstyle looks great with light browns, rich brunettes, and deep, dark black hues.

Neck-Grazing Chic Blonde Slob Hairstyle with Blunt Ends
Instagram @anhcotran

#31: Chic Blonde Slob

A chic blonde slob hairstyle has everything you need to feel ultra cool. Sharp edges with soft color and minimal face-framing create an on-trend style. It will make anyone look and feel their best.

Shoulder-Length Straight Blunt Slob Hairstyle with Money Pieces
Instagram @shearcraft

#32: Shoulder-Length Blunt Slob

A shoulder-length blunt slob is perfect for those who don’t want to go too short. Keep the edges of your crop at the shoulder to reap the benefits of a short style. Enjoy the advantages of having longer layers on top.

#33: Neck-Grazing Brown Slob

Try this neck-grazing brown slob if you want a sleek look at your next hair appointment. The blunt cut of this haircut is a great option for someone with fine to medium hair. It creates weight and makes your hair appear fuller. A slob is less choppy than a layered bob. And it has a sleek, effortless look that is perfect for those who don’t have time for daily styling. Try Color Wow’s Dream Coat Supernatural Spray Anti-Frizz Treatment. It will help to keep this style smooth and humidity-proof to keep your hair looking great.

Short Sleek Slob Cut Bob with Full Blonde Highlights and Dark Roots
Instagram @hair___book

#34: Short Bob with Full-Blonde Highlights

Consider a short bob with full blonde highlights if you have fine or medium hair. It makes the hair appear more full. Highlighting the hair causes the cuticle layer to get plumped or roughened. This adds texture and volume to the hair, creating the illusion of fuller and thicker hair. If you have naturally darker hair, opt for a root shadow so your hair grows out with no strong lines of demarcation. To upkeep this cut, I recommend a 6-8 week trim touch-up to maintain the length and style.

Neck-Length Soft Tousled Slob with Curtain Bangs for Platinum Blonde Hair
Instagram @bescene

#35: Soft Tousled Slob with Curtain Bangs

Add texture to your short cut with a soft tousled slob with curtain bangs. Oh, so chic and ultra cool; this girl hairstyle will have you turning heads!

Short Blunt Precise Slob Cut with Slight Graduation
Instagram @jenna.paintshair

#36: Short Blunt Precise Cut

A short blunt precise cut looks best when it sits below the jawline. To recreate this super smooth finish at home, use straightening irons. These irons will seal your edges and smooth your roots.

Shoulder-Grazing Sleek Blonde Slob Hair with Root Smudge
Instagram @ricciolosalon

#37: Short and Sleek Blonde Hair with Root Smudge

Every celebrity is donning this look for Spring! Short, sleek blonde hair with a root smudge is the perfect sunny crop for warmer temps!

#38: Face-Framing Sleek Bob Style

A face-framing sleek bob style is a high fashion take on the classic bob trend. The face-hugging layers take this look to the next level. All while personalizing the cut to your face shape.

Short-Length Square Bob Slob Cut for Women with Fuller Face Shapes
Instagram @muratcmenli

#39: Short-Length Square Bob

A short-length square bob is the best cut for highlighting your best features! Make your eyes and cheekbones stand out with this classically sharp short cut.

Dark-Rooted Blonde Jaw Bob with Center Part Slob Haircut
Instagram @joahhmendes

#40: Dark-Rooted Blonde Bob

A blonde bob, sometimes called the lazy bob, is the low-maintenance chop everyone is trying. This sharp and chic look is perfect for staying trendy without committing to too much maintenance.

Short Middle Part Slob with Smooth Ends for Women's Fine Hair
Instagram @robson_souza

#41: Middle Part Slob with Smooth Ends

Go for a middle-part slob with smooth ends if you want a shorter haircut. This effortlessly cool style looks good on any occasion and for any time of day.

Shoulder-Length Brunette Sleek Slob Cut with Face-Framing Highlights and Middle Part
Instagram @trusshair

#42: Brunette Sleek Lob with Face-Framing Highlights

The classic long bob cut is a brunette sleek lob with face-framing highlights. It can look good on almost anyone. The interior layers of this haircut will create volume and body through your lengths. Just keep the crop short and shoulder-grazing.

Rooted Blonde Sleek Long Bob Slob Hairstyle with Sharp Edges
Instagram @mupcosmeticos

#43: Sleek Long Bob with Sharp Edges

Making fine hair look thick is easier than you think! This sleek, long bob with sharp edges is the key to bodifying fine and limp tresses.

#44: Neck-Length Straight Slob Cut

For those who prefer no layers in their cut, a neck-length straight slob cut is a great choice. This sleek crop looks best with minimal layering and a cheek-grazing length.

If you’re considering getting a slob haircut, you may be wondering what advice you need to consider your hair texture, face shape, and styling needs. Ryna Jerrick, an expert stylist, shares her expertise and experience to help you make informed decisions.

Meet The Expert

Ryna Jerrick
Ryna Jerrick
Ryna is a hairstylist with over 12 years of experience.
You can find Ryna at Wicker Park Salon Lofts in Chicago, IL.

Hair Texture Matters

When it comes to hair texture, Jerrick suggests that fine to medium hair that is straight to slightly wavy works best with the slob. However, if you have thicker hair or some curl, you may have to fight your natural texture to stay smooth and not too poofy.

Face Shape Considerations

Jerrick recommends that you consider your face shape when getting a slob. Think about what features you want to highlight and what features you want to diminish. For example, if you have a square face, cutting your hair to your jawline will accentuate that jawline. If you want more balance, opt for a little bit more length. If you have a rounder face, get a very soft angle to have more balance with the face shape. Since there are no layers, Jerrick feels that oval and heart face shapes have less to consider.

Styling Tips and Tricks

Great styling starts with proper prep, says Jerrick. She recommends Redken Volume Injection to wash and condition fine texture hair, Redken All Soft for medium-texture hair, and Redken Frizz Dismiss for thicker and/or hair with a little curl pattern. Jerrick’s go-to styling products for fine hair with a slob are Redken Quick Blowout paired with Redken Big Blowout. She opts for Redken Quick Blowout for medium-texture hair paired with Redken All Soft Moisture Restore. Finally, for thicker hair and hair with a little curl pattern, she suggests Redken Quick Blowout with Redken Frizz Dismiss Instant Deflate Oil-in-serum.

Jerrick recommends using the Sam Villa 3 in 1 Blow Dry Hot Brush to style your hair after applying products. If your hair texture requires a flat iron, use Redken Thermal Spray 11 Low Hold to protect up to 450 degrees while adding shine.

Pictures of The Best Slob Haircut Ideas