21 Best Ways to Cut Shoulder-Length Bobs for Fine Hair

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Brown to Blonde Lob with Money Pieces

Growing out your color no longer has to feel like a walk of shame. Brown to blonde color is what creates the ombre. With modern touches like adding a money piece, it gives lob styles dimension.

#2: Sleek Thin Lob Haircut

A sleek lob haircut can make your thin hair dramatic. Ask for a long lob cut with a point cut or layered ends to get a textured outline. For a bolder look and more hair depth, you can add highlights to your hair. Use a heat protectant when blow drying for hair health. A flat iron helps accomplish a sleek finish while keeping your hair strong and healthy.

Brownish-Rose Long Bob for Fine Hair
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#3: Brownish-Rose Long Bob

Applying a brownish-rose color gives a beautiful touch to a long bob. If you have thin or fine hair, consider a bob style. A brighter color adds to the look. The color tone and length give an illusion of fuller, thicker hair.

Shoulder-Length Dimensional Long Bob with Soft Waves for Finer Hair
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#4: Dimensional Long Bob with Soft Waves

A long bob with soft waves is a flirty way to spice up a traditional lob. I would start with soft highlights blended into your natural color. Depending on how blended you want your grow out, doing a root tap will give you more time among appointments. For the waves, use the biggest iron you have. Wrap your hair around once and then tugging on the hair to straighten once you release it from the iron. This will give you these beautiful soft waves. Finish with an oil like Verb Ghost oil for frizz and shine.

Shoulder-Length Center-Parted Razor Cut Bob for Fine Hair
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#5: Center-Parted Razor Cut Bob

What’s a trendy way to switch up your hairstyle than to do a center-part razor cut bob? Ask your stylist to razor out the interior layers with long strokes. And ask to keep the perimeter strong with smaller ones. To accentuate your new layers, use the Tigi Manipulator. Start with a dime size amount. Then, put the product in your palms and clap the product over your layers. It will create a definition for your layering.

Modern Medium-Length Bob with Waves for Older Women with Fine Hair
Instagram @hairxmaddyb

#6: Modern Medium-Length Waves for Older Women

Modern medium-length waves are a fun way to level up your style. These waves are created using a 1-inch iron or a flat iron keeping the ends straight. There are a couple ways to achieve straight end curls. The first and easiest way is to curl your hair with the hair flat on the iron. Think candy cane stripes, leaving the ends out. The second way is to do the same kind of curl but use your flat iron to straighten the ends. With both curls, pulling your hair down after curling will loosen the curls to give you more of a wave.

Shoulder-Length A-Line Bob Haircut with Choppy Ends for Fine Hair
Instagram @yukistylist

#7: A-Line Haircut with Choppy Ends

If you’re looking to bring instant volume to your hair, ask your stylist for a choppy A-line haircut. The angled style of this cut will frame any face shape nicely. A shoulder-length bob for fine thin hair will give you the texture you’re looking for. This length, in particular, will bring instant fullness and body. Finish with a dry texture spray for a defined look.

Shoulder-Length Voluminous Bob for Short-to-Medium Wavy Fine Hair
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#8: Voluminous Short-to-Medium Wavy Hair

Try voluminous short-to-medium wavy hair for a stylish fine-hair chop. It’s perfect for locks lacking volume. And, a shoulder-length choppy bob for fine hair makes fullness look effortless.

Angled Lob on Dark-Rooted Blonde Fine Hair
Instagram @iradahair

#9: Angled Lob on Dark-Rooted Blonde Hair

An angled lob on dark-rooted blonde hair is great if you are looking for sleek volume. An a-line bob creates the illusion of fullness and can be styled with just a round brush and blow dryer. Personally, I love shoulder-length bob hairstyles for fine hair because it’s low-maintenance.

#10: Straight Lob with Subtle Layers for Round Faces

A straight lob with subtle layers for round faces is a great idea if you have little to no natural thickness. Shoulder-length bobs for thin hair make styling time a breeze. There are fewer tangles to brush and the length will flatter your face beautifully.

#11: Mini Textured Bob with Curtain Bangs

The mini textured bob with curtain bangs is a great choice to uplift your style. If you want thicker looking locks, shoulder-length bob haircuts for fine hair will do it. The curtain bangs are a great addition and work well for women with round face shapes. Don’t forget to have your stylist leave the crown long and cut texture in the length to create a wispy shape. Finish your style with a paste to give it a messy look.

Inverted Shoulder-Length Bob Haircut for Fine Hair Types
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#12: Inverted Shoulder-Length Haircut

Try an inverted shoulder-length haircut and it just might be your favorite style. An inverted bob is a great choice if you want to feel like you have length, but want a stronger shape. I love the illusion of long hair that this cut will give you. The concave layers will add texture to the bottom but retain weight to keep your thin hair looking thick. A shoulder-length inverted shape is simple but super stylish.

Long Blonde Wavy Bob for Women Over 50 with Fine Hair
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#13: Blonde Wavy Bob for Women Over 50

You’ll feel sexy with a blonde wavy bob for women over 50. Cutting your hair shorter will make your hair healthier and thicker, and is a great choice for fine hair. You’ll want to add a small amount of layering for movement and volume. But, make sure they are minimal to retain thickness. Have your stylist cut your bang to the nose to achieve a sexy and sweeping front. Blonde color can add tremendous body to your shoulder-length bob with bangs for thin hair, so go for it.

#14: Balayage Concave Bob with Waves

A balayage concave bob with waves will sharpen your image and you’ll feel renewed. A graduated bob has more layering in the nape which compliments the length in the front. Don’t worry about your face shape because this cut will work on anyone. If you want to achieve the waves in the picture, try curling with a 3/4-inch iron and leave the ends out. A wand is a great tool to try and wear a glove so you won’t burn your fingers.

Soft Shaggy Long Bob with Face-Framing Layers for Fine Hair
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#15: Soft Shaggy Bob with Face-Framing Layers

A soft shaggy bob with face-framing layers will update your cut. A long shaggy bob with a middle part and a face frame is a popular style that is here to stay. The fringe should be cut about nose length and styled down and away from your face for a trendy look. Try using a medium metal barrel round brush to achieve the sweeping front. You’ll be the envy of all the girls with your shaggy bob and face frame.

Sleek Shoulder-Grazing Bob Cut for Straight Fine Hair
Instagram @cabelosemika

#16: Sleek Shoulder-Grazing Cut for Straight Hair

Straight hair may seem tricky to manage or find a style that works. But a sleek shoulder-grazing cut sets the best foundation for a hairdo that works with the canvas. Bobbed hair can vary in length from chin-length to barely passing the shoulders. To know which length works best, consider natural whirls or your preferred style.

Mid-Length Layered Bob Cut with a Deep Side Part
Instagram @pauloschettini

#17: Mid-Length Layered Cut with a Deep Side Part

I often get told by clients that they feel their hair is weighing them down. My suggestion is always to take off some length. This shoulder-length layered bob for fine hair is a great example. This funky, razor cut takes out a ton of weight while giving off an edgy, fun look.

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Side Part Shoulder-Length Bob for Square Faces and Fine Hair
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#18: Side Part Shoulder-Length Bob for Square Faces

A medium-length haircut is something that is flattering on almost all face shapes. They’re a great example of how a little bit of hair framing your face can bring attention to specific features. Adding some soft layers near the collarbone makes this cut appear light and draws your eye to that area.

Blunt Long Bob with a Middle Part for Fine Hair
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#19: Blunt Long Bob with a Middle Part

The blunt long bob with a middle part is a classic and chic hairstyle. It’s ideal for naturally straight hair without much frizz. If you have curly and unruly hair but want to get the blunt bob, discuss a keratin blowout with your hairstylist. Try not to use straighten your hair daily because you will damage it.

Medium Bob with Textured Wispy Layers and Short Bangs
Instagram @yukistylist

#20: Textured Wispy Layers and Short Bangs

I constantly get asked by my clients if they should cut bangs. While they’re very trendy at the moment they may not be the best option for everyone. If you have textured or wavy hair you will need to style them every day. If this is something you can commit to then they can be very flattering on the right person.

Low-Maintenance Round Bob Cut for Fine-Haired Women
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#21: Low-Maintenance Round Bob Cut

A blunt bob for shoulder-length fine hair is a popular choice as it can be low-maintenance. Best for straight to wavy texture. When going in for your salon visit, speak like a pro by asking for a round bob cut. It’s a style that will give you body and movement.

Shoulder-length bobs for fine hair offer the appearance of volume at the roots and fullness from the mid-lengths down. Wearing one is like having the best of both worlds, as it offers versatility without committing to a shorter or longer haircut.

I’ve sat down with one of the skilled hairstylists based in Greenwood, IN. According to hair expert Jeanie, these are the things women must know before diving into this bob haircut.

💡 Key Things to Know First

  • This haircut is high-maintenance. Always consider your lifestyle and whether or not you can keep up with its maintenance and styling routine.
  • Come back to the salon every eight weeks for regular trims.
  • It’s a bold haircut, so make sure it represents your personality and taste.
  • Learn more tips and information about the cut by having an in-depth conversation with your trusted stylist.

Feel free to browse this photo gallery of the most modern and inspiring shoulder-length bobs for fine hair. Take your pick!