The 67 Best Haircuts for Teenage Boys for 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Teen boy haircuts range from long to short, contemporary to classic, and punk to preppy. Your hairstyle is an expression of your individuality, so it demands to be spontaneous and full of character. Think about your lifestyle, hobbies, and preferences because these factors will easily determine what type of haircut and styling techniques you should use.

If you have a taste in boys’ hairstyles like spikes, slicked-backs, and pompadours, then holding products like gels, waxes, and pomades should be your best friend. On the other hand, opting for a natural, wild, and rugged appearance only requires confidence to rock it.

Your teenage years won’t last forever, so you should live them fully while owning a modish look!

Here are pictures of the coolest haircuts for teenage boys for your inspiration:

Clean Fade with a Textured Top
Instagram @egi_the_barber

#1: Clean Fade with a Textured Top

A clean fade with a textured top is great for teens who don’t want to do much styling in the mornings. In my experience, it’s best to go to a barber for a very close buzz. They will even use a straight razor to get clean edges. If you want to keep it extremely tight to the head, you need to trim every 3 to 4 weeks, every two weeks. To prep hairstyles for teenage boys, choose a pomade for a shiny look or a gel if you want more of a hold.

#2: Cropped with a Messy, Thick Top

This messy-style, trendy cropped haircut with a thick top is favored by teen boys. The choppy layers and the voluminous top form a youthful look. This style suits boys with thick hair, giving their hairstyle dimension and movement. To create this look, towel dry your hair until it’s damp. Then apply a bit of hair wax or pomade for texture and hold. To finish, use your fingers to tousle and create a messy look.

#3: Trendy Drop Fade Haircut

The drop fade haircut, with its sleek and modern appeal, is perfect for teenagers wanting a trendy style change. The drop fade haircut gradually tapers at the sides and back, resulting in a low fade finish. The fade is adaptable and suits all hair types, from straight to curly hair. The cut helps maintain a youthful edge, looks clean and polished, and can be easily styled at home with a simple haircut routine.

Blonde Flat Top with Shaved Sides for Boys
Instagram @barbercar_

#4: Blonde Flat Top with Shaved Sides

If your hair is in need of a new style with volume, try this blonde flat top with shaved sides. This look gives off a clean-cut vibe for any professional setting and requires minimal styling using a pomade or styling cream to hold its upward flat top shape.

Spiky Quiff with Soft Fade for Young Boys
Instagram @babinaab_

#5: Spiky Quiff with Soft Fade

A spiky quiff with a soft fade is a great way to upgrade your teenager’s hairstyle. Creating a fade on the sides will reduce the amount of hair you style. It will also give more texture and dimension to the top of the style. You can ask your barber to suggest a styling product for your hair type. Yet, most people use matte clay to recreate this look at home.

Burst Taper Fade with Textured Curls on Young Men
Instagram @babinaab_

#6: Burst Taper Fade with Textured Curls

Try a burst taper fade with textured curls if you’re looking to upgrade your style. This style is characterized by a low bald fade that blends into a rounded shape over the ear. The top is cut square to provide structure. This style is versatile and works well with many hair types, but it shines on curly hair. It flattens the hair volume on the sides while spotlighting the texture on top. Style with your favorite curl cream to get the most out of your coils and ensure an all-day hold.

Low Bald Fade with a Thick Top for Teen Boys
Instagram @leonellencina2

#7: Low Bald Fade with a Thick Top

If you want a faded haircut but wish to keep some length on top, consider a low bald fade featuring a thick top. A low fade haircut complements the length on top and does not make your face look too narrow. The proper styling product can add volume and texture for a modern look. This hairstyle works best with stylers like matte clay or volume powder. Nonetheless, always apply these stylers to dry hair for best results.

Taper Fade for Straight Hair for Guys with glasses
Instagram @vbodnarr

#8: Taper Fade for Straight Hair

A taper fade haircut is a flattering and stylish choice for guys with glasses and straight hair. The taper fade is a haircut that gradually decreases hair length from the top to the sides and back. It gives a clean and polished look. This haircut works well for straight hair as it adds dimension and texture, making it appear fuller. The sides of a taper fade haircut, when tapered, also help to frame the face and complement the shape of the glasses. If you’re interested in styling, start with towel-dried hair and use a small amount of styling product, such as a light pomade or styling cream, to add definition and hold.

Mid Fade Crop with Fringe for Teen Boys
Instagram @osman.karaev

#9: Mid Fade Crop with Fringe

The mid-fade crop with fringe is a trendy haircut for teen boys. It adds texture and dimension to your hair. The fade on the sides gives a clean and modern look. The longer top length allows for various styling options. Boys with thicker hair, who prefer low-maintenance yet stylish looks, would love this haircut. To style it, use a lightweight product like matte pomade or texture spray. They add definition and hold to your hair.

#10: Extra Long Pompadour

If you want to experiment with longer hair or added volume, check out this extra-long pompadour. Long hair with short faded sides not only adds contrast but also emphasizes the hair’s length. It’s also suitable for offsetting round face shapes and creating a balanced face shape. To keep your hair styled high, we recommend blow-drying it. Afterward, apply matte clay and hairspray for a hairstyle that lasts all day.

Mid-Fade with a Long Curly Faux Hawk Top for Teen Boys
Instagram @yeganebarber

#11: Mid-Fade with a Long Curly Faux Hawk Top

The mid-fade with a long curly faux hawk top is a trendy haircut for teenage boys. This stylish cut balances length and texture. Its voluminous top and faded sides create a clean and polished look. Boys with naturally curly or wavy hair should consider this haircut. Its volume enhances the hair texture and makes the curls shine. To style this haircut, begin with damp hair. Apply a curl-enhancing product, like a mousse or cream. This product helps define and control the curls.

The Flow Haircut for Teen Boys
Instagram @nunzio_nyc1

#12: The Flow Haircut

This style is cool and versatile. It features long, textured layers. These layers create natural motion and volume. This makes it a good choice for boys with medium to long hair. You can style this haircut with a lightweight product. Use a texturizing spray or sea salt spray. This choice depends on your hair’s unique texture. Ask which product suits your hair the best. Apply the product to damp hair. For a casual look, lightly scrunch your hair.

Finger Waves and a Mid Taper for Teen Boys
Instagram @waveykingzz

#13: Finger Waves and a Mid Taper

If you’re a young man wishing for a cool haircut, test out hair waves with a mid-trim. This old-style haircut is a good pick for anyone who likes a blend of vintage charm and current style, becoming a flexible choice for all events. The waves are tidy, and the mid-taper presents a sleek and tidy look. This hairstyle fits well for guys with various hair types, especially if your hair has some natural wave or roughness.

#14: Drop Fade with a Long Messy Top and Fringe

The drop fade haircut is a trendy and versatile choice for teen boys looking to update their looks. The style has a long, messy top with a textured fringe, adding a cool and effortless vibe. The drop fade tapering of the sides and back adds a stylish touch. However, it still maintains some hair length. The haircut is ideal for thick or curly hair. A longer top and textured fringe bangs add to the hair’s flow and body.

#15: Caesar Cut with a High Fade

The Caesar cut style combined with a high fade is a trendy boys’ hairstyle. This classic hairstyle has short, textured hair on top and close fade on the sides and back, hence a clean and sharp look. The length of hair left on top offers diverse style options, from messy to sleek. The high fade adds a modern touch to the haircut, accentuating the length and volume on top. This haircut is perfect for any hair type – straight, wavy, or curly. Plus, regular trims keep it in shape, making it a low-maintenance style.

Modern Mullet with Textured Bangs for Teenage Boys
Instagram @barberfirmat

#16: Modern Mullet with Textured Bangs

This modern mullet haircut with textured bangs is a fresh take on a classic style for teenage boys. The mullet is characterized by shorter hair on the sides and longer hair in the back, creating a unique shape that’s both stylish and versatile. Adding textured bangs can be a useful touch that adds a youthful and edgy element to the look. This haircut works best with medium to long hair who want a trendy and fashion-forward hairstyle.

Mid Bald Fade Cut with a Curly Top for Teen Boys
Instagram @culture.nashville

#17: Mid Bald Fade Cut with a Curly Top

One of the best things you can do for your teen boy’s curly hair is to opt for a mid-bald fade cut with a curly top. This cut is ideal for enhancing their natural curls and creating volume while removing weight from the sides. The curly top is the main attraction and adds depth to the look. To style it, begin with damp hair and apply curl-enhancing mousse to support curl shaping. You should lightly squeeze the hair using a microfiber towel and a diffuser to keep the curls in shape. Furthermore, you can use a pick to lift at the roots for added volume.

Brushed Forward Fade Cut for Teen Boys with a bald fade on the sides and back
Instagram @roma._.barber

#18: Brushed Forward Fade

Change how you style your hair. Try the brushed forward fade cut. This involves a bald fade on the sides and back, ideal for teen boys. The brushed forward style adds body to the hair, while the bald fade on the sides and back gives a neat and clean look. This style is good for people with thick hair. It pairs well with any face shape. If you’re unsure how to style your hair, use a pomade or wax. A product suggestion from your barber can give you a suitable choice for your hair needs and type.

Curly Top with Curly Bangs for Teen Boys with a skin fade
Instagram @szeicaionut

#19: Curly Top with Curly Bangs

If you’re a teen boy with naturally curly hair, you might consider getting a skin fade haircut with a curly top and curly bangs. This haircut lets you keep your hair voluminous and dynamic while keeping the back and sides neat and clean. To pull off this look, ensure your hair is long enough to prevent your curls from shrinking excessively. Begin the styling process on wet hair by applying a volumizing mousse and using a towel to scrunch out excess moisture without causing frizz. While your hair is damp, use a diffuser to hold the curls in place and gently pick the roots to boost volume.

Suave Bald Fade with a High Top for Teen Boys
Instagram @milenobarber

#20: Suave Bald Fade with a High Top

The suave bald fade with a high top is a trendy, versatile haircut. This style features a carefully blended fade on the sides. It creates a smooth transition from short to longer hair on top. The high top adds height and visual interest. It gives the overall look a stylish and contemporary touch. This style suits boys with different hair types, such as straight, wavy, or curly. You can easily maintain it with regular haircuts every 4 weeks.

Two-Block Cut with Bangs for Boys
Instagram @bejoo791

#21: Two-Block Cut with Bangs

This trendy two-block cut with bangs is a versatile and modern hairstyle. The contrasting lengths between the sides and the top create a distinct and eye-catching look and the shorter sides provide a clean and sharp appearance, allowing room for various styling options. This cut works well for boys with different hair textures, whether it’s straight, wavy, or curly.

Classic Flat Top with Shaved Sides for Boys
Instagram @barbercar_

#22: Classic Flat Top with Shaved Sides

The flat top with shaved sides is a timeless haircut that combines clean lines and bold style. The flat top haircut has a square-shaped top cut to a uniform length. This gives it a sleek, structured look. The sides of the haircut are shaved close to the scalp. This contrasts with the longer top, creating a striking visual effect. This haircut benefits anyone who wants a low-maintenance hairstyle yet seeks a stylish and versatile look. To style this haircut, comb the top straight up to maintain its flat shape after applying a pomade for hold.

#23: Rough Thick Top for Medium-Length Hair

If you’re searching for a new hairstyle, consider the ‘rough thick top’ style designed for medium-length hair. This look is ideal for males with thick hair. It adds texture and reduces bulkiness with its tapered sides. This gives your hair a cool, laid-back look. You can achieve this style with a texturizing paste or clay, giving your hair a rough, messy look. Apply it evenly throughout the top of your hair. Then, comb it into your desired shape. Now, you’re ready to go!

Precision Bald Fade with a Messy Top for Teen boys
Instagram @masterbart_

#24: Precision Bald Fade with a Messy Top

The bald fade with a messy top is an edgy haircut that combines elements to give your hair a stylish look. The faded sides and back create a clean and sharp appearance. And the messy top adds texture and a relaxed vibe. This hairstyle is perfect for those who want a modern and low-maintenance look. Avoid going longer than 4 weeks between cuts to maintain this style!

#25: Messy Cut with Texture

A messy cut with texture is a stylish and effortlessly cool hairstyle choice. Try it if you’re looking for a new style. Uneven layers and choppy ends characterize this haircut. They create a disheveled yet intentional look. The added texture enhances the overall dimension and movement of the hair. This makes it easy to style with a tousled or bedhead aesthetic. Whether worn casually or for a more edgy vibe, a messy cut with texture exudes a laid-back appeal. A matte clay helps achieve this style.

Old School Flat Top Cut for Teen Boys
Instagram @barbercar_

#26: Old School Flat Top Cut

The old-school flat top cut is a classic and iconic hairstyle for anyone looking to stand out. It’s such a defining haircut. It features a distinct flat and squared-off top with short, neatly trimmed sides and back. The sharp lines and clean edges of the flat top create a timeless and masculine look. It’s a popular choice for boys seeking a polished and traditional hairstyle. Ask about whether this style will work for you!

Mid Fade with a Long Fohawk Style for Boys in their Teens
Instagram @gfpeluqueros

#27: Mid Fade with a Long Fohawk

A mid fade with a long fohawk is a bold and modern hairstyle. It combines a clean, tapered fade with a striking, elongated fohawk. The mid fade on the sides and back creates a sharp, defined look. While the longer hair on top allows for versatility in styling the fohawk. This hairstyle is edgy and trendy. It’s a popular choice for teens looking to make a statement with their haircut. Avoid pomades when styling – matte clay will be much more helpful in achieving a textured style.

#28: Edgar Cut with a Fade

Check out this Edgar haircut with a fade! An Edgar haircut is any haircut with a blunt or textured fringe hanging down as low as the eyebrows. Style with a volume powder or a matte clay for best results.

Mohawk Style for Teen Boys with an edgy side
Instagram @barberfirmat

#29: Mohawk Style

Check out this mohawk style! There are more benefits than drawbacks to this hairstyle. I recommend visiting your barber at least every 4 weeks to maintain this look. It may cost more money than your average 6-8 week trim.

Undercut with Bangs for Teenage Boys with fine hair
Instagram @hiephi123

#30: Undercut with Bangs

This undercut with bangs is trending big time for young men. It’s a great way to shed some hair around the ears and back while still having a fun length to style up top. Some advice to anyone considering this style – plan to take this picture with you on your next visit to your barber. Ask for a recommendation on a styling clay that works best for your hair texture and style.

High Fade with a Messy Long Top for Teen Boys with Low Bald Fade
Instagram @vbodnarr

#31: High Fade with a Messy Long Top

The high fade with a messy long top is the way to go for teenage boys who want an edgy look. Tell your barber you’re looking for a low bald fade on the sides and back, keeping the length at the top. This cut works best with thick hair types but can also be styled on fine, thinning hair.

Awesome Curly Mohawk for Teenage Boys
Instagram @cobarber88

#32: Awesome Curly Mohawk

In my experience, an awesome curly mohawk can be achieved with little effort as long as the length is proportional to the top and back. I highly recommend maintaining these cool haircuts for boys every 4-6 weeks to stay out of mullet territory.

Mid-Length Shaggy Cut for Teen Boys
Instagram @enzoiclong

#33: Mid-Length Shaggy Cut

If you want a masculine haircut that’s easy to style with a more casual vibe, ask for a cut with length at the edges. The length will give you softness and shorter layering in the interior. For boy hairstyles like this, use a light to medium hold product for separation and texture.

Bald Fade with Thick Waves on Top for Teens
Instagram @graceymayfirth

#34: Bald Fade with Thick Waves on Top

A fade is one of the best types of haircuts for teens who will be forever trending. If you want something super clean and tight, ask for a bald fade. The shortest part of the fade can be just a small portion, like a low taper, or a large portion, like the picture above. This would be a medium to high fade. All of this depends on your preference as well as your head shape. Ask your barber for advice on what teenage haircuts look best for your features and likes.

Messy Thick Curly Hair with a Mid Fade for Teens
Instagram @gfpeluqueros

#35: Messy Thick Curly Hair with a Mid Fade

If you have thick wavy hair but want to keep it easy on the styling at home, ask for a mid fade. This makes the awesome and best hairstyle for boys. You may also ask for a blended transition to the top with long bangs.

#36: V-Shaped Fade

A V-shaped fade for teens is a popular way to add flair to a buzz cut. We love how the v-shape fades into the back and goes with the curve of the head and the hairline. Make sure to go to an experienced barber or stylist if you are looking for a good fade, especially if you want to add a design. Such hairstyles need frequent trims as the fade grows out quickly. Typically, every 3 to 4 weeks is best.

#37: Dapper Slicked-Back Fade

Are you looking for teen boy hairstyles? Slicked-back faded cuts will always be around. This is a classic haircut suitable for any face shape. Make sure to specify how high and short you want your face to be. This boy hairstyle here would be considered a low taper fade. You will want to invest in some products to get the finished look. A pomade would be your best option, and you can choose between matte or shiny.

Razored Mid Fade with Bangs for Teen Boys
Instagram @antonio.nap

#38: Razored Mid Fade with Bangs

Another one of the most popular cuts for teen boys is the razored mid-fade paired with bangs. Not only is it stylable for any event, but the grow-out is also incredibly manageable. If you’re into these teenage boys’ haircuts, it would be best to have thinner hair since the grow-out may be challenging for ultra-thick lengths.

Brunette Thick Curls with Bangs for Teen Boys
Instagram @stansbarber

#39: Brunette Thick Curls with Bangs

When paired with bangs, thick brunette curls are one of the best cuts you can get. This super on-trend crop will make your son feel confident and fashion-forward at school and with friends.

Fade for Thick Wavy Hair
Instagram @ali_urk_kapper

#40: Fade for Thick Wavy Hair

Try a fade if you want a more stylish look for your thick, wavy hair. Thick hair is perfect for a fade, as you can see the details of the faded look.

Bold Undercut with a Long Top for Teen Boys
Instagram @angeonthedge

#41: Bold Undercut with a Long Top

A bold undercut with a long top is trending among teen boys! My best advice is to use a natural part on top so your hair sits nicely. I recommend getting a strong hold styling paste to ensure your style stays all day long.

Spiky Hair with a Skin Fade for Teen Boys
Instagram @pure_.jenny

#42: Spiky Hair with a Skin Fade

Rock spiky hair if you can’t decide between a fade and a disconnected haircut. This haircut is the perfect balance as it’s skin-tight on the sides and back, leaving a good amount of length on top that is not connected to the shaved sides. The longer length on top will lay over the shaved sides, and you can style it with many different product options. Good starter options will be a pomade, clay, or gel, depending on if you like a more dry or wet style.

Mid Taper Fade with a Long Top for Teenage Boys
Instagram @bk_barber_

#43: Mid Taper Fade with a Long Top

A mid-taper fade with a long top is a great disconnected haircut if you’re a guy who likes having a little length to style and plays with on the top but also like the shortness of a fade on your sides. Remember to specify with your stylist or barber how short you want your fade to be, where you want it to end, and the longer top to begin. Consider the shape of your head and how far up you want the fade to be. Make sure to specify if you want your hair on top to be all one length or blended from short to long.

Forward textured for wavy hair
Instagram @z_ramsey

#44: Forward Textured for Wavy Hair

Try a trendy, forward, brushed style if you have naturally wavy hair. Ask your barber for extra texture to boost your hair’s volume and movement.

#45: Short Quiff

A short quiff will still require you to grow out your hair a bit on the top. For a modern quiff, your stylist or barber will do a tight fade with clippers from a very short length gradually to longer. The top can be connected or disconnected if you want more length. Ask your stylist or barber for styling tips. Sometimes, a blow dryer just used on the top in the front will be advised if you need to train your hair after a big cut.

Faux Hawk with a Burst Fade
Instagram @frant_bryansk

#46: Faux Hawk with a Burst Fade

The faux hawk was the star of this cut, with a hard line to define from the fade. What’s great about this fun style is that it suits guys with long faces and has low maintenance.

The ivy league haircut
Instagram @salonaugust_to

#47: The Ivy League Haircut

This Ivy League cut with long layers is suitable for teen boys. The best about it is the smooth flow from top to bottom, giving it a natural look.

Pompadour with a Low Fade
Instagram @joshlamonaca

#48: Pompadour with a Low Fade

Puff up that pompadour and give it a nice, contrasted low fade for one of the coolest teen boy’s haircuts.

Mid Fade for Short Curly Hair
Instagram @brianbarber_

#49: Mid Fade for Short Curly Hair

A mid fade creates a balanced cut, giving short curly hair a polished look. The faded sides offer versatility to style the strands at the crown. The shaved line is added for extra drama, giving an illusion of a Caesar cut or a French crop with subtle bangs. When styling, use hairspray to maximize the curly texture.

Surfer Shag haircut on a teen boy
Instagram @cellardoorhair

#50: Surfer Shag

A surfer shag that serves both “well-groomed” and “dude!” at the same time makes a cut you have to try. This wavy shag allows for extra length in the front, keeping that rock n’ roll edge while chopping up the back for an easier grow-out.

#51: The High and Tight

For that shower-and-go look, try this cut that will take no time to style but keeps straight hair looking tight. When it comes to teen boys haircuts, high cut hair is very popular for its simplicity and ease of styling. Active teens will also find short hair great for sports activities.

#52: Short Afro with Bald Fade

Hairstylist Carlos crafted this fun and funky top for boys with afro hair—a handsome look for a fun-filled Friday night with other teenagers.

Faux Hawk with a Burst Fade
Instagram @freddy_cuttz

#53: Faux Hawk with a Burst Fade

Sport this edgy and eye-catching style with a cool fade work to complement the bold styling. A short cut and a burst fade are great compliments for each other.

#54: Boys Crew Cut with a High Fade

A fresh and dapper-looking hairstyle that is perfect to start the school year with. Keep it neat with inviting dark brown men’s hair color ideas. Adventurous boys who want short hair often go with the simple crew cut, but the spiky hairstyle makes a huge difference.

Quiff with a Hard Part
Instagram @welbertbarber

#55: Quiff with a Hard Part

Jazz up your sleek hair with a long quiff and a hard part. The subtle chestnut brown on the tips and clean sides will complete your signature everyday look for class. Since the style creates extra height, this suits a young man with a round face shape.

The Man Bun / Top Knot
Instagram @taylorcutz1

#56: The Man Bun / Long Hair Top Knot

Are you tired of the typical butch cut? Keep your hair fresh; this ultra-hipster top knot will never disappoint you. Long hair is kept at the top in a man bun and can be styled uniquely.

Short Waves for Black Guys
Instagram @smashthalegend

#57: Short Waves for Black Guys

Waves are back for African-American young men! Keeping it dapper with natural hair color to let those strands splash through. This cool style works best with a neat line-up and a gradual taper fade cut, ideal for both round and oval faces.

Instagram @cindyhstyles

#58: Undercut

Cut it like Beckham! A cleanly shaved skin fade will complete that sporty and cool look. You can grab a few strands from the longer hair length at the top to form the straight fringe. The cut looks great with most hair types—both thick and fine hair.

Short Haircut with Skin Fade
Instagram @urechepaul

#59: Short Haircut with Skin Fade

The perfect schoolboy look – this short haircut with a skin fade is straightforward and neat. It’s the perfect classic cut for coarse hair, allowing you to style the top any way you want. This shows that a burr or induction cut isn’t the only short style boys must try.

The Modern Short Mohawk
Instagram @hmsalonformen

#60: The Modern Short Mohawk

A stand-out, playful, exciting haircut – this punk mohawk hair complements young men who are not afraid of anything. The best haircut for boys who love edgy fashion is right here!

#61: Short Sides

Go suave and hip with this double-lined clean cut. Those sharp angles are sure to make your image way more masculine. Apply a pomade when styling to achieve a slick finish.

#62: Disconnected Undercut

Accentuate your textured top hair with shaved sides and an etched part. A fresh, disconnected undercut is suitable for teens with thick hair to remove unwanted bulk and make it more manageable!

Twisted Curls for Black Guys
Instagram @locs_by_tee

#63: Twisted Curls for Black Guys

This interesting pattern of twisted curls will turn you into a natural gem.

Low Top with Designs for Black Guys
Instagram @valiantbarbers

#64: Low Top with Designs

Keep it natural on top but intriguing at the back. If you want a dapper hairstyle, this will suit you.

Dreads for Black Guys
Instagram @_vonunique

#65: Dreads for Black Guys

Embrace your natural texture and start your dreadlocks early to achieve the perfect dreads-life look. Partnered with a tapered hairline, this hairstyle will surely be the talk of the town.

#66: The Side Part Combover

This teen boy’s side part combover is a classic style ideal for all ages. Thanks to today’s products, you can give a natural look for every day, and for something more formal, you can use ointment and a hair dryer, which keep its essence classic-elegant but at the same time modern.

Cornrows for Black Guys
Instagram @curlzofglory

#67: Cornrows for Black Guys

Cornrows make a protective hairstyle that saves you time in the morning and turns heads. The coolest thing about this teen guy’s haircut is the angle of the parts. It gives the braids a unique style that makes them stand out.