44 Best Ways to Style Shoulder-Length, Straight Hair for a Modern Look

Shoulder length straight hair
Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Shoulder-length straight hair creates sleek, medium cuts that are easy to style. It offers versatility and low maintenance, apart from looking chic. This trend allows women to wear their tresses down or with curls and waves no matter when!

Hairstylist Krissy Moore from Phoenix, AZ, guarantees that a shoulder-length cut suits women of any age. “It has a sense of youthfulness but can look and feel professional and sophisticated,” she adds.

A medium haircut with blunt edges benefits straight, fine hair to appear thicker. A fringe or face frame can accentuate your best features and flatter your face shape. Opt for a slight angle that follows your jawline to create movement in tresses.

Moore also recommends layers to achieve a voluminous shoulder-length style. “Soft and disconnected layers create lift and volume to even the bluntest length lines,” she states.

According to Moore, one drawback of this cut is the ability to pull your hair back away from your face or neck. So, consider your lifestyle or profession first before adjusting your length.

Some ladies may feel anxious about getting a medium length for the first time. If you’re one of them, Moore suggests, “ask your stylist to leave the length a couple of inches longer instead.”

Once done, let your hairdresser teach you some styling techniques. Remember to ask about which tools and products to use.

We collected pictures of the most popular styles for shoulder-length straight hair. Check them out here!

Medium-Length Straight Brunette Hair with a Center Part
Instagram @studio_mostton

#1: Straight Brunette Hair with a Center Part

A simple blunt cut is best for finer, straight hair. If you prefer round or square shapes, I suggest a center part to frame your face. A center part will soften harsh edges and balance your face’s features.

#2: Ginger Mid-Length Layered Hair

Try a mid-length layered haircut if you are a natural ginger looking for a new look. Redheads naturally have fewer hair strands than blonde or brunettes but have thicker individual strands. So, ask your stylist to thin your hair to ensure it lays beautifully. Adding layers to your hair will help it lay nicely while also giving it volume. Add face-framing layers to enhance your face when hair is up and down.

Center-Parted Mid-Length Balayage for Straight Hair
Instagram @maisonvertice

#3: Center-Parted Mid-Length Balayage

A hairstyle with a central part complements round, oval, and heart-shaped facial features. Request a blunt perimeter to maintain shape fullness. A few additional face-framing layers can enhance the straight hair’s movement.

Medium-Length Straight Hair with Natural Blonde Tones
Instagram @pilorum

#4: Straight Hair with Natural Blonde Tones

This versatile, effortless look with medium-length straight hair in natural blonde tones is ideal for those seeking a classic and timeless style. The natural blonde tones add a warm, vibrant look by adding a soft and sun-kissed dimension to the hair. Women with straight hair cut to shoulder length will find this look particularly flattering as it highlights the smoothness and shine of the strands. Start with clean, dry hair for styling. Apply a heat protectant spray when you need to protect your hair from damage. Then, use a flat iron to add gentle waves or subtle bends for added texture. Seal the look with a lightweight hairspray to maintain a sleek, polished appearance throughout the day.

Chic Dark Brunette Straight Medium-Length Hairstyle
Instagram @studio_mostton

#5: Chic Dark Brunette Straight Hairstyle

A chic dark brunette in a straight hairstyle is what you can aim for. Consider making your hair darker if it’s on the finer and thinner side with a blunt perimeter. To keep your hair full, ask for a one-length cut. Also, opt for a shade that is one to two levels darker. This will add depth to your hair.

#6: Straight Hair with Reverse Balayage

Compared to processes that only add lightness, reverse balayage can give straight hair hairstyles added darkness and depth. Over-highlighting can cause hair to lose its shine and volume. Adding a low light softens the re-growth and brightens the blonde color.

Shoulder-Length Slob Hairstyle for Straight Hair
Instagram @studio_mostton

#7: Shoulder-Length Slob Hairstyle

This shoulder-length slob hairstyle is perfect for women with straight hair who want a chic and effortless look. Slobs offer soft layers and subtle texture that add movement and body to the hair, making it appear thicker and fuller. It’s a versatile hairstyle that can be styled in various ways to suit different occasions. I recommend using a lightweight serum or oil before blow-drying to enhance straight hair’s natural shine and smoothness. This will help minimize frizz and create a sleek finish.

#8: Medium-Length Straight Cut with Blunt Ends

Try a medium-length straight cut with blunt ends to help it look thicker if you have fine hair. Be aware of using too much heat to achieve this sleek style. Always use a heat protection product like Hairstory Dressed Up. It protects up to 450 degrees.

#9: Side-Parted and Front Layered Straight Cut

I recommend a side-parted and front-layered cut to add fullness to your straight hair! Offsetting your part like this is a great way to change your look. Adding more layers around the face will give you additional texture. Opt for using a texture spray to give this cut hold and support.

#10: Mid-Length Slob Haircut

This mid-length slob haircut is perfection! This is great if you wear your hair straight or wavy. Slob haircuts, in general, work for most textures of hair.

#11: Blonde Balayage on Straight Hair

If you have straight hair, try this blonde balayage! This is a great low-maintenance color. However, you must be sure you are using professional products at home to support this color.

Center-Parted Jet Black Straight Medium-Length Hair for women with an oval face
Instagram @studio_mostton

#12: Center-Parted Jet Black Straight Hair

Straight hair with a soft curtain bang is a beautiful, soft way to add volume around your face. I suggest a soft curtain fringe to compliment your face shape. For example, a lower bang with a round or square face is ideal. You can go a bit shorter, like a cheekbone or cheek if you have an oval or heart-shaped face.

Straight Shoulder-Grazing Light Brown Bob with a middle part
Instagram @studio_mostton

#13: Shoulder-Grazing Light Brown Bob

A shoulder-grazing light brown bob could be your next style. I suggest adding curtain bangs to a medium-length bob style to help balance pear, round, and long-face shapes. Spend time styling with a 2-inch round brush to create a smooth finish and slightly under-curve.

#14: Soft Blonde Medium-Length Haircut Without Bangs

With my years of experience, one thing I can reliably confirm is that blonde hair is always in fashion. The latest trend takes us away from the platinum whites and into the soft beige hues. A good cut around your shoulders is the perfect pick if your ends tend to weaken. This is a good length to maintain the strength before the ends get too wispy. Keep the shape sharp by maintaining the sides of feathery layers or bangs. Create more lengths that, in turn, weaken your baseline.

#15: Trendy Wolf Cut with Choppy Layers

Did you know the trendy wolf cut with choppy layers for straight hair is the perfect style for anyone looking to switch up their look? This stylish cut is versatile and perfect for almost any face shape. You can make this cut look modern and chic with the right styling. Keep your layers and bangs long and sweeping across your forehead if possible. You could also get subtle highlights to cut pop to add some extra flair.

Medium Straight Blonde Hair Without Bangs
Instagram @stilistkana2

#16: Straight Blonde Hair Without Bangs

Straight blonde hair without bangs is a simple shape that is clean and fresh shape. One of my favorite things is transforming my client’s long hair into a healthy lob. Cutting a few inches off can change your style completely. If you color your hair with bleach, those ends get dry and will look so much better shorter. Try drying your ends straight, not under, for a modern edgy style.

#17: Ash Blonde Long Bob for Straight Hair

An ash blonde long bob for straight hair is where classy and edgy meet to form a dream team for your hair. If you want the best results, arrive at your appointment with clean hair. Bring inspo pics of your desired style, and maintain a flexible attitude. Your stylist may custom mix a toner and haircut that suits your style.

#18: Medium Front Layered Hair with No Bangs

During a haircut, we are often asked if we want bangs or face-framing layers. And, suddenly, we realize we may not know the difference. Medium-length, front layered hair seems like a fit for a low-maintenance style. But is that a fit for you? I suggest looking at photos before your next haircut to know how to answer this. My best advice is to consider things like your lifestyle and current routine. That will help you pick the next fit for your style.

Mid-Length Bright Golden Blonde Straight Hair
Instagram @leliohair

#19: Bright Golden Blonde Straight Hair

Smooth, straight hair with a golden hue is a classic that will always be on-trend. I suggest a brighter face frame to give depth and get regular trims and treatments to maintain the condition. When styling, blow dry with a round brush. Flat iron your hair to create a silky finish.

#20: Blonde Balayage Straight Hair

Try a blonde balayage for straight hair if you want some dimension in your locks! Use a round brush while styling so you can smooth your hair out. A flat iron can help you get that smoother finish you want.

Medium Center-Parted Soft Straight Hair
Instagram @shuvalova_tati

#21: Center-Parted Soft Straight Hair

When exploring short to medium lengths, you must consider your texture. Center-parted straight hair works if you can tame your texture and thermal style it as needed. To achieve this look, your means can vary between hot tools like a blow dryer, irons, and styling brushes. If you need to figure out where to start, a consultation with the salon chair is great.

#22: Middle-Parted Medium Bob Style on Thin Hair

Glam up with a middle-parted medium bob. Wear your thin hair in a medium-length shape, and you’ll add more style to your cut than long hair. My clients think they need help to rock a middle part, but you can. Avoid any volume in the front, drying the bang closer to your head, and you’ll love it. You’ll feel stylish and professional in this cut.

Mid-Length Blunt Cut with a Curtain Fringe
Instagram @manija_hair

#23: Mid-Length Blunt Cut with a Curtain Fringe

A mid-length blunt cut with a curtain fringe is a clean, soft, and youthful style. A blunt edge on the hair’s length gives the illusion of fullness for thinner hair densities. Shoulder-length straight hair with bangs is a versatile look that promotes ease of style and is still put together yet manageable.

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#24: Voluminous Hairstyle for Straight Hair

A voluminous medium-length hairstyle for straight hair hinges on styling products and styling tools. Hair with side bangs can benefit from a good root plumping spray or mousse and a blowout with a round brush. Ask your stylist for styling tricks using a round brush and blow dryer for better results.

Shoulder-Length Cut with Long Bangs
Instagram @hairbylivlopez

#25: Shoulder-Length Cut with Long Bangs

A hair cut with long bangs is perfect for most hair types but works great to help pump up the body in fine to medium hair textures. With a longer bang and a middle part, the hair naturally fills in any noticeable thinning areas at the hairline and adds shape and volume around the face, perfect for shoulder-length hairstyles for fine, straight hair.

Medium Mullet Cut for Straight Hair
Instagram @manija_hair

#26: Medium Mullet Haircut

A medium mullet haircut on shoulder-length straight and thick hair is a great option to add volume to the crown and play off the face’s natural shape. Shortening the length around the face doesn’t have to be dramatic and can be done softly by adding texture and feathered layers. Oval face shapes pull off a mullet well, but you can ask your stylist how to achieve a mullet style that suits your natural face shape.

#27: Straight Lob Cut with a Side Part

Perfect for women over 40, a straight lob cut with a side part is a great style choice to brighten the face and add a ton of shape without requiring hours of styling. A shoulder-length straight haircut is playful yet classic and doesn’t drag the face down.

#28: Deep Side Part on a Shoulder-Length Bob

Trying a deep side part on a shoulder-length bob will help push the volume to one side, creating the illusion of asymmetry, which perfectly compliments a rounder face shape. Perfect for all hair types. A medium-length haircut will take a load off heavy hair densities and fill in thin hair textures.

Sleek Straight Haircut with Heavy Bangs
Instagram @katjahhair

#29: Sleek Haircut with Heavy Bangs

Try a sleek mid-length haircut with heavy bangs for a cute and youthful look. Shoulder-length straight blonde hair is a very classic and romantic style. Be sure to ask your stylist if a heavy bang will work for your hair type, as it is not well suited for thinner hair densities.

Shoulder-Length Straight Hair with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @m.v.h_hai

#30: Shoulder-Length Straight Hair with Curtain Bangs

Straight shoulder-length hair with curtain bangs should be your next look. Curtain bangs are bangs that are left longer and are softened in the ends to provide face-framing bangs. Plus, they are all the rage right now. Any hair with a fringe of any kind is youthful, fresh, and easy to style and maintain.

#31: Blonde Balayage on Sleek Mid-Length Hair

Perfect for any hair type, a shoulder-length balayage on straight hair is very low-maintenance. Talk to your stylist about proper at-home aftercare to keep your straight style looking smooth and healthy.

#32: Medium Hair with an Off-Center Part

Try easy hairstyles for medium hair with an off-center part as an alternate look to your everyday style. Sometimes, a simple change of your parting can make you feel like a different woman without committing to major changes like color or a dramatic length change. Ask your stylist about what parting would suit you best and if blonde highlights can enhance your overall straight hairstyle.

Brown Balayage on Medium-Length Straight Hair
Instagram @mirnabarrrhair

#33: Caramel Brown Balayage on Medium-Length Hair

Try a caramel brown balayage on medium-length hair for a simple yet subtle change. Straight brown hair with highlights creates a sun-kissed dimension and is relatively easy to care for. Ask your stylist about the different toning options to add or remove warm to best compliment your complexion.

#34: Straight Layered Cut with Thin Bangs

Perfect for full hair types, a straight layered cut with bangs is a go-to choice. Remove unwanted weight from the hair’s density, and add movement and ease of style with shoulder-length layered straight hair. Adding a soft and thin fringe is great to soften the face and even compliment a chubby face.

Long Blunt Bob on Black Women
Instagram @lanole_samor

#35: Long Blunt Bob on Black Women

A long blunt bob on black women is a lot of maintenance but is worth it for how manageable the shoulder-length haircut and style can be. Shoulder-length straight hair for a black girl must be cut after the hair has already been washed, dried, straightened, or chemically treated to remain straight before cutting. Not doing so can cause the straighter hair to spring up too much and be too short. Be sure to see a stylist experienced in cutting this delicate hair texture.

Straight Hair with Subtle Layers
Instagram @lovinhairby_kp

#36: Straight Hair with Subtle Layers

Perfect for fine hair types, straight hair with subtle layers is a great choice to add volume and movement to your crop. A straight cut keeps the density in the ends full, giving the illusion of thicker hair. As for styling, shoulder-length straight layered hair can be styled in a breeze, washed and worn, or blown out with a round brush for a smooth and sleek mid-length style.

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Mid-Length Straight Hair with Ombre
Instagram @sway_hosway

#37: Mid-Length Hair with Ombre

Try mid-length hair with an ombre color as your next style! Ombre is a low-maintenance color option that works well with most medium hairstyles for straight hair. Ask your stylist about personalizing the color and cut to make it just for you!

#38: Straight Shaggy Layers and Bangs

Straight, shaggy layers and bangs for women over 60 are the perfect options for women looking for a low-maintenance style. Shoulder-length straight hair with layers adds softness around the face and volume in the crown. Try this hairstyle as wash, wear, or blow out to add texture. Ask your stylist to point cut or use a razor on the ends to soften your look.

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#39: Highlights and Lowlights on Straight Locks

Adding highlights and lowlights on your locks will add a major dimension to your color. Perfect for any hair type, shoulder-length straight hair with highlights created the illusion of density on fine to medium hair textures. All this while adding movement and a sense of youthfulness. Ask your stylist about alternate color options to bring out and enhance your hair’s natural color tone.

#40: Medium Haircut with Wispy Layers

A medium haircut with wispy layers removes weight and adds movement to layered shoulder-length straight hair. Thick hair types may require additional texturizing with the use of thinning shears. Ask your stylist about using a razor if you desire maximum wispiness within your cut.

Sleek Long Bob for Straight Hair
Instagram @hair.helga

#41: Sleek Long Bob

A sleek, long bob may be your next favorite hairdo. A shoulder-length lob on straight hair textures provides a lot of shape with very minimal styling required to keep the hair tamed. Ask your stylist about adding face-framing layers to take your look to the next level.

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#42: Shoulder-Length Hair with Wispy Bangs

Hair with wispy bangs is a very classic and youthful look. Wispy bangs are a great addition to your shoulder-length hairstyle, especially for fine hair densities. Make sure to only ask for a little texture in the fringe for extremely fine hair, as it can create a loss of volume and difficult manageability. Be sure to ask your stylist about adding a round brush to your styling routine to show off that fringe!

#43: Straight Face-Framing Layers

Women over 50 may want to try straight face-framing layers on their next mid-length hairstyle. Framing the face can be used to help mask fine lines and wrinkles, as well as create a soft and youthful glow. Ask your stylist about the different length and styling options to help target the right areas.

Money Pieces on Medium-Length Straight Hair
Instagram @studiopudra

#44: Money Pieces on Medium-Length Hair

Try money pieces on a hairstyle to add flair to your shoulder-length straight hairstyles. Face-framing highlights brighten around the face and liven up any style.