Hair Advice & Tips from Experienced Hairstylists

Here, you’ll find some of our best hair advice and tips from our team of expert hairstylists and barbers. They’re devoted to helping you achieve and maintain gorgeous locks.

Hair Q&A
Let's find out what it will do to your curls!
Hair Q&A
Find out what happens to your hair if you get it soaking wet.
Hair Q&A
Here's what you need to about dying your hair black.
Hair Q&A
Here's what you need to know about it lasting...
Thick and Thin Hair
Thick and thin hair aren't just obviously different. Learn more about each hair type to ensure you know exactly how to style, train, etc. your hair.
Experts favorite hair products
Here are the top-rated products suggested for different hair types, according to a panel of hairdressers.
Dry brittle straw-like hair
Damaged, brittle, and straw-like hair is a real problem; here's how to repair it.
Hair Q&A
Learn the healthiest way to dry your curly hair!
Hair Q&A
Click here to find out why this could be happening to your hair.
Scrunching curly hair
Try this Curly Girl Method to reduce frizz, promote hydration, and boost your curls' shape with little effort!
Different shampoo bottles
Old products may cause dull hair and an itchy scalp, so check the expiration date.
Jojoba oil for hair
Jojoba oil hydrates strands, reduces hair loss, fights dandruff, and more. If these sound like what your hair needs right now, check out this product!
How to determine your face shape
Learn how to determine your face shape and which type of haircuts complement it.
Long curtain bangs straight hair
Read the most popular questions we get from ladies with long hair and what our experts have to say.
Short haircuts for thick hair
If you have questions about your short hair, then you definitely need to check out these FAQs answered by experienced hairstylists.
Worst Haircuts
We've found the absolute worst haircuts and styles you should keep away from. Check out these images to make sure you won't commit the mistake of wearing these.