The Top 51 Hottest Brown Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

Attention brunettes! If you’re looking for the perfect shade of brown hair, look no further. Just scroll down to see this year’s most popular brunette shades of brown hair color ideas that will make you crave a dark chocolate brown hair color that’s right for you. Go brown all over, or throw some contrast into your blonde for a cool multi-dimensional effect using balayage, highlights, ombre, and more!

Before your next hair color appointment, check out these photos of popular brown hair color ideas.


#1: Dark Golden Brown with Weaves of Balayage

This dark golden brown haircut has a soft, natural look. The color is an easy-to-maintain warm brown, as my client’s natural hair color is light brown. This added warmth and depth. Then I did some very fine weaves of balayage in a few places to add a slightly lighter tone and to give texture.

#2: Black-Brown Hair Tones with Soft Beach Waves

The richness of black brown hair with waves will have your locks feeling healthy again. Not all complexions are suitable for a warm, dark hair tone. But this dark brown hair color will work perfectly for you if you have fair skin. Take this color as reflective as you can and give it some sparkle by adding the verb ghost oil at the ends.

Very Dark Brunette Hair with Soft Curls
Instagram @morgan.hairstyling

#3: Very Dark Brunette Hair with Soft Curls

Richen up your mane with very dark brunette hair with soft curls. Do a total transformation and turn your dull locks into shiny and healthy-looking stands. One of the most important things you can do before styling is to use a heat protectant. It will prevent damage to healthy-looking hair.

Gorgeous Brunette Tones on Brown Hair
Instagram @eunicekimhair

#4: Gorgeous Brunette Tones

If you’re looking for a beautiful and rich hair color, gorgeous brunette tones are one of the best options. This sought-after hue offers a perfect blend of warm, earthy, and natural tones. Ask your stylist to blend deep chocolate and caramel colors with your natural hair color. Brunette tones are flattering for a wide range of skin tones, from fair to deep. If you have fair skin, a lighter hue, like level 5 or 6, would suit you best. For ladies with deeper skin tones, a darker shade, such as level 3 or 4, is recommended.

Darker Brunette with a Medium-Length Cut

#5: Darker Brunette with a Medium-Length Cut

Freshen for fall and go for a darker brunette color with a medium-length cut. Brown hair color with subtle warm chocolate hues will make your hair glow. Adding warm tones to dark hair is always a good idea to make your locks look healthy and shiny.

Deep Brunette with Long Layers

#6: Deep Brunette with Long Layers

Go for a darker vibe with a deep brunette with long layers. A rich brunette color will make your locks look fresh and vibrant. The dark brown hues give so much dimension and shine. Deep warm tones will add to the richness of your locks for an outstanding color combination.

Soft Voluminous Waves on Rich Brown Hair
Instagram @_michelledidmyhair_

#7: Soft Voluminous Waves on Rich Brown Hair

Get soft, voluminous waves on your rich brown hair for any occasion. If your hair has a straight texture and the color is natural, it won’t hold a wave well. When I do a wavy blowout on long hair, I pin the curls first. Then, I leave the hair to cool down in the curl, spray it with hairspray, and loosen it out. Generally, this method gives better results and hold.

Mid-Length Brunette Hair with Subtle Burgundy Tones

#8: Mid-Length Brunette Hair with Subtle Burgundy Tones

The perfect shade for the fall season is upon us! When the seasons change, you often opt for a warmer mane. This is because it gives your skin tone warmth when you lose that summer glow. Ensure you use a sulfate-free, color-safe shampoo and conditioner for products. These products will help to prolong the fade out. If you like this color, check out more red balayage on brown hair.

Dark Brunette with Thin Brown Sugar Highlights
Instagram @melissameltss

#9: Dark Brunette with Thin Brown Sugar Highlights

The seasons are changing, and it’s time for your new look with this warm and rich color. It looks subtle, adding highlights to hair as long as you tone them down. The general rule of thumb is only two shades of difference for a softer look. Styling will look good, both sleek and curled. But, my personal preference is curled as it shows more dimension.

#10: Warm Blonde and Brown Thin Highlights

Try the newest fall trend with warm blonde and brown thin highlights. Bring out the warmth in your eyes and skin tone with glistening golden tones. Brown and blonde thin highlights blend seamlessly for low-maintenance color. Curl your long brown locks with a big barrel iron to show off your voluminous-looking mane.

Blended Auburn Brown Hair
Instagram @looksbyautumn_

#11: Blended Auburn Brown

For those women who want to go darker brown, try a blended auburn. It isn’t necessary to know what color you want exactly. Ask your hair colorist which rich color combination will be best for your skin tone.

Rich Coffee Brunette Hair
Instagram @hairbysav408

#12: Rich Coffee Brunette Hair

Go to the darker side with rich coffee brunette hair. Warm tones of glistening brown golden flecks will make your locks look hot and spicy. Balayage for brunette hair is so versatile. Plus, it can be very low-maintenance when done correctly. Warming up your color will make your hair look more dimensional and light reflective.

#13: Cappuccino Balayage Highlights on Brunette Hair

Try a radiant color for brunette hair with cappuccino balayage highlights. A flattering and low-maintenance balayage is all you need to spice up your dull locks. Warm tones of cappuccino and cinnamon reflect light making your hair sparkle in the sun. A warm balayage looks so natural with brown hair and will add a luxurious shine.

Brunette Balayage with Warm Brown Tones
Instagram @hairbyskyler__

#14: Brunette Balayage with Warm Brown Tones

If you’re looking for a natural look, a brunette balayage with warm brown tones is the way to go. Look at your hair in the sunlight, and you will see it glisten and glow. Warm, rich tones of amber and chestnut will make the brown hair pop for a multi-dimensional color. If you want your hair to look shiny and healthy, you should always add warm tones for a reflective shine.

#15: Fall Brunette Hair with Subtle Highlights

Go for the season’s hottest trend with fall brunette hair with subtle highlights. Warm and rich colors are reflective and shiny, making your hair look luxurious. Warm tones are always best to bring out the warmth in your complexion for a healthy glow. Ask your colorist for warm, rich tones to be added to your brunette hair, and watch your hair glow.

Deep Honey Brown Hair Color
Instagram @blancasorya

#16: Deep Honey Brown Hair Color

A great life change for natural hair is adding soft and subtle balayage to your mane. It’s a gorgeous way to add dimension without a high-maintenance schedule. With this honey brown color, you’ll look at 8-10 weeks with a quick and easy toning appointment.

Lived-In Chocolate Brown Hair for Brunettes
Instagram @colorbymarina

#17: Lived-In Chocolate Brown Hair

This is for you if you’re looking for a low-maintenance color that looks like an expensive brunette. As people live in a busy world, it can sometimes be difficult to make it to the salon, even more so if you choose a color or highlight covering your roots. A balayage is a painting technique that creates a soft gradient from the root to the ends. We all naturally have warm undertones in our hair. So choosing a brown chocolate tone would create even less maintenance for yourself.

Very Long Caramel Brown Hair
Instagram @beautyinfused_

#18: Very Long Caramel Brown Hair

Caramel balayage is the go-to color this season for those with darker hair. Not only is this style of color low-maintenance, but it’s also extremely customizable. Your balayage can be as dimensional as you need it to be, depending on the weave size. For a bolder dimension, ask your stylist for a chunky weave. Or, for a softer dimension like this long brown hair, ask for a fine weave. If you are of brunette tones naturally, a caramel brown tone will blend very nicely.

#19: Glossy Brunette Color on Long Layered Hair

Have you been struggling with dull-looking hair? Ask your stylist for an all-over gloss. An all-over gloss can be just clear, adding pure shine. It can also help your hair look shiny and healthy. A colored gloss will add shine and demi-permanent color. Adding this to your beauty hair routine will keep your locks healthy and glamorous.

Wavy Dark Brown Hair with Textured Ends
Instagram @hairbybrynns

#20: Wavy Dark Brown Hair with Textured Ends

Rich, deep dark chocolate brown hair styled wavy with textured ends is a classic choice. These shades are stunning on women of any age. They complement the natural hues of caramel and women with darker features. Ask your stylist to point cut into the ends to give it that wispy touch, leaving the tips out for movement. Finish off with a texture spray like Dry Texture Spray by Kenra for that beachy, messy look.

Dark Ash Brown Hair with Long Waves

#21: Dark Ash Brown Hair with Long Waves

Looking for a stunning hair refresher but want to avoid paying full price for color? Ask your stylist for a toner glaze. A toner will enhance whatever color you want to add to your ash brown hair. In this particular color, an ash toner was added to her brown hair to cancel out any warmth giving her a cool brown. A toner glaze will also help to keep a long-lasting shine in your hair.

#22: Stylish Natural Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

A long and wavy style with natural brown hair with blonde highlights will blend naturally with your roots.

Caramel Balayage on Brown Hair with Curled Ends
Instagram @lindastyles_

#23: Caramel Balayage on Brown Hair with Curled Ends

Show off your beautiful locks with caramel balayage on brown hair. Swirling tones of caramel and honey will warm your hair for sparking strands. Warm tones are easy to achieve and make your locks look shiny and glossy. Curl with a curling iron to show off all the delicious dimensions in this brown hair color for women.

Classic Brunette Hairstyle with a Deep Side Part
Instagram @hirohair

#24: Classic Brunette Hairstyle with a Deep Side Part

A brunette hairstyle with a deep side part gives depth to almost any hair texture. Having a deep side part adds fullness to one side and looks great on brunette hair.

#25: Long Brunette Hair with a Blonde Money Piece

If you have long brunette hair, try a blonde money piece for a high-contrast color. Money pieces can be an easy way to show contrast without maintenance. Make sure you ask your stylist if the blonde around your face will suit your complexion.

#26: Bold Chocolate Cherry Brown

This is a rich chocolate brunette with very strong red hair undertones. The prettiest thing about it is that it’s a very bold hair color combination. It combines the sultry attitude of a chocolate brown brunette while mixing the boldness of a redhead.

Be okay with coming to the salon every four to five weeks to freshen up the reddish brown hair color with toner and add warmth to your locks. This brunette hair is definitely for the female that likes to turn heads, so if you’ve got time and like attention, this is the color for you! My styling recommendation with a balayage on dark hair is to take the time to curl it. Curling your hair showcases more dimension.

Soft Ashy mushroom brown for women over 50
Instagram @suitethair

#27: Soft Ashy Mushroom Brown for Women Over 50

For women over 50, try an ashy mushroom brown. Soft and natural, a mushroom brown is great for beginning a gray transition or for women who want to enhance their color.

#28: Beautiful Light Ash Brown

Mix in gray on ash brown hair to achieve a beautiful light ash brunette hue. The brunette hair with highlights like this complements a wide range of complexion tones.

#29: Brown Hair with Hints of Auburn for Older Women

Opt for dark brown hair with hints of auburn for older women to give a subtle lift that will make your hair look fuller. The dimension of the soft auburn against your brunette hair looks almost like the sun has kissed your hair, warming up the skin tone and giving depth to your hair. This hue instantly makes your hair look fuller and brighter.

Dimensional bronze balayage for brown hair
Instagram @riley_stylist

#30: Dimensional Bronze Balayage for Brown Hair

A dimensional bronze balayage for brown hair is a classy choice. The balayage highlights make the perfect transitional color choice for women wanting to take baby steps into going lighter. Plus, it’s one of the best brown hair color ideas for brunettes trending right now.

Easy dark cocoa brown to caramel blonde ombre
Instagram @_jorgegaray_

#31: Easy Dark Cocoa Brown to Caramel Blonde Ombre

Dark cocoa brown hair blended with a caramel blonde ombré is easy maintenance and grows out beautifully as it a lightly feathered and weaves into the roots. Caramel coloring looks best on a warm complexion and can be worn on long or short hair.

Bright copper brown highlights
Instagram @miamihairmel

#32: Bright Copper Brown Highlights

Colored copper brown highlights are beautiful next to a brunette base. You can start naturally brown and balayage your hair to tone with a copper brown or do a root melt to darken the base with the copper. Maintenance will run about 6-8 weeks if you’re a lighter base and 8-12 weeks for brown bases.

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Silky Platinum Brown Balayage
Instagram @dmitry_baacke

#33: Silky Platinum Brown Balayage

What a glamorous way to change your hair! Match up your long silky hair with this light brunette color melt and add some highlights to reach perfection.

#34: Warm Dark Chocolate Beach Waves

Bring out the warmth your long locks offer with a dark chocolate hair color. Still wanna upgrade your dark hair? Try sporting some beach waves that work on different shades of brown hair.

#35: Divine Mahogany Brown

Mean business with this blunt straight, sleek, shoulder-length hair that’s mega divine.

Brown hair with highlights and brighter tips
Instagram @moon__nira

#36: Brown Hair With Highlights and Brighter Tips

This brown hair also was given lighter, more natural brown highlights. The roots were blended down with baby lights and brighter tips.

#37: Dimensional Dark and Milk Chocolate Brown

I call this look dimensional chocolate – an all-over brown color with ribbons of dark and milkier tones. This color is tailored for a brunette looking for low-maintenance, rich color. I recommend using products like Moroccan oil root boost in the crown and Moroccan oil smoothing lotion to tame all the disbursed crazy, little frizzies throughout your hair.

#38: Radiant Reddish Brown

This is the perfect red-brown hair color for that brunette who what’s to see something different without the full commitment and maintenance of being a full-blown redhead. If you’re considering brown hair colors to add a little pizzazz to your brown hair, I recommend taking home sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to maintain the color and keep it from fading. Unite has many to choose from that serve multiple purposes, like creating volume, adding moisture, or smoothing while protecting your hair color.

Hand-Painted Milk Chocolate Brown with Caramel Swirls
Instagram @beauty_by__alex

#39: Hand-Painted Milk Chocolate Brown with Caramel Swirls

I would call this look milk chocolate caramel swirl. There is so much dimension in this look, but it’s showcased in this inward bob haircut. This inverted bob has a slight undercut in the back to remove weight from her thick hair.

Women looking to achieve this brown hair should ask for hand-painted color pieces. Adjustments must only be made according to what shade of brown hair best matches your skin tones and eye color depth. I recommend a purple shampoo to maintain the perfect color and prevent it from being too orange or brassy.

Subtle Warm Dimensional Chestnut Brown Hair
Instagram @heatherrolland

#40: Subtle Warm Dimensional Chestnut Brown

This brunette hair color has warm dimensional browns with hints of chestnut brown. My favorite thing about it is the soft blend of tones and the shine it creates.

The Kevin Murphy color line (Color ME) is multi-dimensional with amazing ingredients such as shea butter, honey, and rosehip oil. It delivers amazing shine and leaves the chestnut brown hair feeling like silk. Instead of your hair being a matte solid color, you achieve a subtle multi-dimensional color without the maintenance or boldness of highlights. This warm brown hair is a great look for women who are already brunette or want to become one by adding warmth and shine with subtly changing tones.

#41: Beautiful Bronde (Blonde+Brown)

This is the ideal combo of brown and blonde hair.  The dimension creates a beautifully rich and interesting twist to classic brunette hair. This color combo can best be described as “bronde.” Not all brunettes and blondes want to go lighter, so this is perfect if you’re craving beautiful, natural tones with that extra wow factor!

Wearing this color smooth and straight looks divine, but know that it will look more blended when worn straight. Two different looks with one color combo – who doesn’t want that? Pair hair brown shades like this with dark red lipstick, and you’ll look instantly pulled together and are pretty much guaranteed to be a compliment magnet. Regular trims, glosses, and touch-ups are very important to maintain your hair’s color, shape, and overall health.

#42: Healthy & Dimensional Cinnamon Brown

This look shows exactly what cinnamon brown hair should be: shiny, healthy, and with dimension. We balayaged babylights into her hair to create depth and richness because brunettes can often look matte or drab.

In my opinion, brunettes need richness. Talk to your stylist about highlights/balayage and glosses to bring out tones that work best with your skin tone and placement that goes with your lifestyle. Make sure also to use hydrating shampoos and conditioners because a good look starts in the shower!

#43: Sun-Kissed Natural Light Brown

This lady has always covered her grey hair with a dark shade of brown color but wanted a change to something more natural that would bring her confidence. I chose to balayage to lighten her dark brown shade to light brown hair color so that it would keep the original color but not so boring. The great thing about this sun-kissed brown is that you don’t need to color it often.

This look is great for all face shapes; women can easily style it at home. This look can be worn with a normal blow-dry or with some curl, as shown in the photo. If you need to bleach your hair to get this color, I recommend you use a blue shampoo and come in once a month for toner and trimming.

Multi-Technique Brunette Shade
Instagram @coloredbyraq

#44: Multi-Technique Brunette Shade

Most looks nowadays are more than just highlights. They involve a few coloring techniques. For this brunnete hair color, I did babylights, teasey lights, and balayage. I love this look because it gives a brown dimension and creates movement to enhance any haircut, all while staying low-maintenance.

You must be patient with a color like this because you might need a few sessions. This was her second session with having dark brown hair with highlights, and we nailed it. She did her part at home by using a lot of Olaplex to prep her for her future session, performing deep conditioning treatments once a week, and using the right shampoo. You always want to leave a salon with proper at-home care. Results cannot be guaranteed when drugstore products are used because they will strip the color.

#45: Perfect Summer Sombre

The perfect summer sombre is so fun and edgy. I love how this color is so blended and seamless. The best thing about this sombre is that it’s a great color if you want to be dark and light.

This hair color and cut are perfect for the low-maintenance woman who wants a bit of texture and likes wavy hair. The color adds a different dimension and can be suited to all types of hair, but hair that is medium in density and naturally straight is perfect for a summer sombre like this one.

Low-Maintenance Dark to Medium Golden Brown Ombre
Instagram @colorbymary

#46: Low-Maintenance Dark to Medium Golden Brown Ombre

A dark to medium brown ombre is all about simplicity. I love how the color blends. The transition from root to highlight creates an effortless effect.

This medium brown hair color is for you if you’re a low-maintenance woman who wants to enhance your natural color while having the brightness of a lived-in highlight. What’s great about this look is that it works for any face shape and lifestyle. I recommend a good color-protecting shampoo and conditioner like Pureology Hydrate or Redken Color Magnetics.

#47: Natural Hickory Brown with Subtle Dimension

Go for a natural hickory brown with a subtle dimension. If you’re a woman considering such brown hair colours, I would say to consider your natural color. It would require a refresh for a lighter base for six to eight weeks. I recommend always using a color-safe shampoo and conditioner to prevent fading.

Prettiest Dark Brunette with Light Brown Highlights
Instagram @erica_ws

#48: Prettiest Dark Brunette with Light Brown Highlights

This dark brunette hair color with light brown highlights is gorgeous. You only need a great leave-in conditioner, a curling iron, and dry shampoo to style this dark hair. If you’re looking for a more wash and wear-friendly style, I suggest using a sea salt beach spray. Apply it to wet hair and let the air dry or diffuse to create a tousled effect.

Effortless Milk Chocolate Babylight
Instagram @hairbyjamyee

#49: Effortless Milk Chocolate Babylights

These milk chocolate babylights with effortless waves are an easy transition if you’re new to coloring your hair. It eases the lady into color without feeling overwhelmed. I recommend J Beverly Hills Fragile shampoo and conditioner to maintain color and shine. Regardless of age, skin tone, or lifestyle, such brunette hair color ideas can make anyone feel great and beautiful.

Natural-Looking Medium Brown & Honey Blonde Balayage
Instagram @francyriah

#50: Natural-Looking Medium Brown & Honey Blonde Balayage

This is a multi-dimensional balayage with caramel and honey tones. This client has thick, curly hair and came in with a short, boxy bob and red/burgundy box hair dye. The best thing about this look is that by adding dimension, we were able to create the illusion of natural-looking hues while keeping the integrity of your hair intact.

To create this short brown hair, use a blue powdered lightener, Olaplex #1, Additive #2, and prescribed #3 as a take-home treatment. I used Goldwell Topchic and Colorance with a balayage technique, isolating the in-between pieces in foil for deeper concentration. I recommend this brown shade to women that want to change their hair color from a dark base and are growing out their hair. It’s also ideal for women with greys creeping up because it’s low-maintenance, and the dimensional color will camouflage the grey re-growth, stretching your next visit an extra two to three weeks.

Rich Fall Brown with Caramel Highlights
Instagram @poshlypayton

#51: Rich Fall Brown with Caramel Highlights

I would consider this a rich and texturized fall brown hair with some caramel highlights throughout. This look is fabulous if you’re a woman who wants the versatility of straight or curled hair and loves the soft, lived-in look. This brown hair colour is great on most skin tones and hair types.