Curly Hair Texture

Whether you have slightly curly hair or tight ringlets, we’ve got plenty of styles and cuts to choose from. Learn to embrace your curls with layers, bangs, and more!

Incredible cado cut
Opt for the cutting technique, known as a Cado, if you have curly tresses and need a fresh style.
Short hairstyles for curly hair
If you have naturally curly hair, definitely go for one of these sweet curly 'dos. You won't regret it.
Curly Shaggy Lobs
Try one of these trendy cuts that are perfect if you have curly hair.
The best shoulder length curly hair ideas
Do you have naturally curly hair? Then take a look at these hot new medium length haircuts that may look great on you!
curly hair mullet
Mullets aren't just for girls with straight hair. Curly-haired girls can rock them, too! See why here!
Short curly hair with bangs
Myths about bangs don't exist especially with curly hair! See these proofs ahead.
Long curly hairstyles
If you already have a full head of luscious curls, you’re already halfway to goddess stature. To get all the way there, you need to find and rock the heck out of the perfect hairstyle for your curly locks. We’re here to help you with that! Look no further than our list of tried-and-true curly long hairstyles right here.
Long curly bob haircuts. Aka the curly lob
All the current mid-length curly styles you need to know. Spot your next head-turning look here.
Curly hair updo
It’s time to wrangle your curly hair into a pretty updo. Which curly hair updo would work best on you? Let’s find out!
stacked short curly bob
Go for a this short bob and enhance your natural curls!
Curly bob haircuts and hairstyles for women with naturally curly hair
Curly bob hairstyles are feminine, fun and ridiculously easy to style. So let's embrace those curls and try of these rockin’ bobs!
The best short curly bob haircuts
Do you need fresh ideas on how to wear your lovely tresses? Click ahead for your newest inspiration.
Cute curly pixie cuts for women with curly hair
Browse through these pictures so you can see how you can rock short hair with your curly locks!
long layered curly hair
If you have long curly hair, opt for layers to create the ultimate hairdo!
Layered curly hair
Layering up your naturally curly hair is one of the best things you can do for it. Add life, bounce and texture with one of these gorgeous haircuts.
curly shag haircut
Curly girls can rock shag haircuts just as good as anyone else!
Chic curly bangs
Decided to lean into your curls? Find out here why this hairstyle is a real game-changer.
wolf cut curly hair
These wolf haircuts are ready to give your curls definition and extra volume. Click here and choose your fave!
Beautiful ombre curly hairstyles
Considering to add zest to your high-volume mane? Find out here why this hair dyeing technique is your ultimate option.
Cute short curly hairstyles for older ladies
Older ladies should be proud to rock a short curly hairstyle. See more here!
Balayage for women with curly hair
Curly hair is an amazing texture. Adding a balayage to it can amp up your style and vibe!
Curly hairstyles for women over 60
Transform your look and embrace your curls with our stunning collection of hairstyles for women over 60!
Long curly shag
Long shags, when paired with curly hair, are some of the best hairstyles around for their voluminous appearance.
curtain bangs curly hair
Versatile and very feminine! Here are the trendiest styles of curtain bangs you can try to pair with your natural curls.
Curly bob with bangs hairstyle
Are you a curly girl looking for a new hairstyle? Try a curly bob with bangs and stand out from the crowd!!
Scrunching curly hair
Try this Curly Girl Method to reduce frizz, promote hydration, and boost your curls' shape with little effort!