Best Hairstyles and Haircuts for Long Hair in 2024

Here you’ll find the latest hairstyle and haircut ideas for long hair. Whether you’re seeking more volume, texture, or a fuller appearance, you’ll find your next hairstyle or haircut in no time.

Long layered haircuts
Longer hair doesn’t have to be plain and boring. Having layers makes your hair so versatile and full of life Take advantage of it! Check out these popular layered long haircuts!
long layered hair with bangs
Own this instant celebrity look! Zoom in to these ravishing hairstyles.
Long ombre hair colors
Let's jazz up your overflowing tresses with some ombré. You'll love these creative ombre ideas! Try different color combinations for a touch of exotic.
Long hair with side bangs
No idea on how to upgrade your long mane? Come see this updated gallery of long hair with side bangs!
Long curly hairstyles
We all know that longer hair isn't that easy to manage, but if you throw curls into the mix...that means at least an hour in front of the mirror every morning! Well, it doesn't always have to be that hard. Take a look at our list of easy-to-manage looks for your curly hair!
Long curly bob haircuts. Aka the curly lob
All the current mid-length curly styles you need to know. Spot your next head-turning look here.
Long wolf cuts with curtain bangs
If you have long hair, you should pair it with a wolf hairstyle and curtain fringe as your next hairstyle.
Long hair with bangs
If you’re jonesing for a new look, these longer hairstyles with bangs will get you compliments everywhere you go! If you have shorter hair, you might want to grow it out for these looks.
low maintenance long haircuts
Come and see the trendiest ways on how you can enjoy the versatility of easy-to-style long haircuts!
Long hairstyles for oval faces
Flatter an oval shaped face with these creative cutting and styling options. We've got the hottest long haircuts for oval faces for you to try that will perfectly frame your facial features.
Long hairstyles for round faces
There’s nothing a flattering hairstyle won’t fix! All of these ideas are perfectly designed to elongate and flatter your gorgeous round face.
Flatting long hairstyles for women over 50
Ethereal hair is now within reach. Check out these hairstyles that will get you sizzling with finesse.
Front Layered Haircuts for Long Hair
Ask your stylist for layers in the front of your longer hair to frame your face and highlight your best features.
Long hairstyles for women over 40
Longer hair looks terrific on 40-year-old women, enhancing their personality and overall appearance.
wolf cut long hair
We got you awesome long wolf cut hair ideas to check out and spice up your overall appearance!
Long hair with bangs for women over 50
Break the age stereotype and reinvent your style with stunning long hair and bangs, even over 50! Discover how these inspiring women are flaunting their gorgeous tresses, showing age is just a number, and make them your ultimate hair inspirations.
long brown hair
Hey all you brunette divas with locks falling to you shoulder and below! Are you looking for a stunning hairstyle? You got it! Check out our latest finds here and rock that rich brown hair color.
Beautiful Long Hairstyles for Women Over 60
Flaunt your long hair while you're in your sixties with one of these flattering dos!
Long hair with shaved sides and back undercuts for women
Check out these gorgeous long locs with an edgy twist!
Long Black Hairstyles
Who else is obsessed with black-colored long hair? No matter how you wear it, it never fails to look great.
Long blunt cut haircuts for women
Give your long tresses a sleek look with one of these blunt haircuts!
Easy hairstyles for long hair - volume and waves
Whoever told you that longer hair is high maintenance is wrong. You can definitely tease your hair up into a cute hairstyle in a matter of minutes. Don’t believe us? Just take a gander at these super easy styles.
Haircuts for Long Straight Hair
Spice up your hair with a hot new hairstyle! If you’re blessed with flowing straight hair, take a gander at these gorgeous images of straight hairstyles that will turn heads left and right!
V-cut hairstyles for women
Itching for a trim but don't wanna lose your length? Take a plunge into this très flirty chic haircut.
Long blonde hair colors
We spent all winter dreaming about all the hot styles we could rock once warm weather rolled around. This list features 11 of our greatest finds for blonde hair that really brings out that shimmering hue.
long layers straight hair
Add long layers to your straight locks and let your natural hair texture shine through!
long hair curtain bangs
Wanting to rock a chic, feminine style? These curtain bangs will offer such a soft finish to your lengthy tresses.
long layered bob
Add layers to your long hair to make a gorgeous lob cut with one of these gorgeous looks.
long layered curly hair
Long layered curls create the most appealing and voluminous hairstyles for confident ladies. Steal ideas from this gallery!
face framing layers long hair
Give your long hair an extra boost with face-framing pieces! These styles guarantee volume and movement to your look.
Best long bob with bangs
Undergo through an exciting transformation with one of these chart-topping looks! See them all now!
Long shag with bangs
Long shag cuts give tresses stunning volume and body. Bangs can be added to enhance women's best facial features.
Long wavy bob haircuts and hairstyles
In the search for a 'do that will take you from day to night without needing touch-ups? Read on to find out how to make it your own.
Long layers thick hair
If you have thick hair that needs a revamp, here are the hottest ideas for wearing long layers with style!
Long wavy hairstyles
Wavy hair is uber-popular right now. I've put together an incredible gallery of this year's hottest looks from stylists all around the world. Prepare to be inspired!
Long layered wavy hair
Long, layered waves look so chic and feminine. You gotta try this hairstyle if you agree.
Perms for long hair
Want supermodel-esque, everyday waves with little to no effort? Take the perm plunge right here.
Haircuts for long thin hair
You'd be surprised by what you can pull off with your lengthy thin hair. Try one of these perfect styles for thin hair, and prepare to be amazed!
Picture of long shag haircuts
You'll love the charm and versatility of these lovely shag styles. Which of these statement looks will be your new one?
Picture of trendy short layers on long hair
Need a fresh haircut but don't want to lose your length? Read on to see why this look is in demand.
Chic beach waves long hair
Amp up your long tresses with beachy waves for a summer style you can wear all year long!
Best balayage for long hair ideas
Balayage can look good on any length of hair. However, it's always at its best when hair is long.
Wispy bangs long hair
Pair your long tresses with wispy bangs for a face-framing, cute style.
chubby face long layered haircuts
If you have a chubby face, opt for a long haircut with layers to accentuate your best features.
Long shaggy hairstyles for thick hair
Add texture and movement to thick hair with these long shaggy cuts and styles! You can now say goodbye to bad hair days.
Cute and easy updos for long hair
With this super handy list, you ladies won't have to worry about time consuming upstyling ever again with these 20 Gorgeous updos with front and back views.
Side ponytails for long hair
Add a dash of classiness and romance to your tresses with a side ponytail. We live and breathe hair, and we can tell you that you can never go wrong with this classic hairstyle. While a side ponytail is easy to put together, it can get boring sometimes. That’s why we came up with these gorgeous variants you can wear anywhere. Come check them out!
Feathered haircuts for long hair
Add feathering to your long hair if you need to remove weight and/or find a new hairstyle.
Long curly shag
You'll never go wrong with a long length and tons of layers. Here are the trendiest curly long shag cuts that you can imitate.
Long shag with curtain bangs
The best part about long shags with curtain bangs is that these haircuts look classic and edgy yet feminine!