32 Cute Hairstyles for School Teenage Girls Are Wearing This Year

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

While it’s fun to collect your supplies and find new clothes for the new school year, it’s even more exciting to freshen up your look with new teenage hairstyles for school. When you step back on campus this season, make a statement with your hair. If you’re looking for ideas, you’re in the right place!

Rocking your hair doesn’t have to take hours in the morning before heading to your high school or middle school. Choosing one of these easy hairstyles is the key to looking your best when you head back to school this year. You’ll surely have a great year with the right haircut or quick styling! Here are the most popular school hairstyles teenage girls are getting right now!

Easy French Braid Hairstyle
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#1: Easy French Braid

Interlocked hair spiced up with brown roots and blonde ends. Be free to rule the school without any holdback. These are the teenage hairstyles girl with thick locks would enjoy wearing.

Cute Bob Haircut with Sweeping Fringe for Girls
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#2: Cute Bob Haircut with Sweeping Fringe

Whether your aim is an edgy French bob or a sleek cute style, I suggest this bob haircut with a sweeping fringe. It’s perfect for anyone keen on trying short hair. Get an experienced stylist to tailor this haircut to fit your jawline or chin. Include a side-swept bang to highlight your eyes. Let it air dry for a natural look or blow out for extra volume and shape.

Fun Double French Braids for Teenage Girls

#3 Fun Double French Braids

Keep it real while being fancy with braids! Such tween hairstyles help retain moisture in your locks, especially when exposed to outside heat and drying.

The Cutest Long Curly Hairstyle for Teens at School
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#4: The Cutest Long Curly Hairstyle

If you are a teenage girl looking to have the cutest long curly hairstyle, look no further! Embrace your natural curls by doing these three simple steps. Step one, wash your hair with shampoo that contains glycerin. This binds your hair with moisture, lacking in curly hair clients and conditions. Step two: Consider a long, loose, razor/scissor hybrid haircut that frames your face. Step three, twist your curls to create definition and diffuse them with a hairdryer. Always ask for layering if you want added volume and dimension.

#5: Dramatic A-Line Bob

Sassy hair with a dramatic A-line cut? Oh, yes! I love the A-line look because it can suit almost anyone of any age and be stunningly adorable. I recommend creating a beach wave with whatever iron works best for you. Best to use a straightener because the curls and waves last much longer. When the curls cool, I run my fingers through them and add some pomade and hairspray for the finished look. These hair cuts for teen girls and kids create a cute and sassy look without taking forever to achieve. It’s also a mature and sophisticated look for women of an older age.

#6: Quick Top Knot

A quick top not can be worn elegantly and fun and carefree. A top knot is a statement piece that gives you confidence when you wear your hair styled this way. Pulling your hair back and away from your face makes you look younger. This style is perfect for returning to school, prom, weddings, and any special occasion. It also looks great whether your hair is straight, wavy, or curly.

#7: Simple Dutch Braid

Take your braiding game to the next level with this super easy style! Loose waves at the ends flavor the side braid patterns, creating striking girl hairstyles for school.

Simple Low Ponytail
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#8: Simple Low Ponytail

Uncomplicated but with a hint of deluxe! Tying your hair low seems exciting, thanks to a wrapped pony leading to wavy ends. A low ponytail is very easy to copy for a teen going back to school.

Effortless Shag for Teens
Instagram @messijr.br

#9: Effortless Shag

The effortless shag is a popular new style that will inspire your friends. Start with face-framing layers, about nose length, that flow away from your face. Next, your stylist will want to add medium-length layers throughout your long hair. These will add texture and volume. I suggest a light smoothing serum and a large round brush for the blowout. Or use an air wrap dryer, moving backward as you go. You should touch up stubborn ends with a curling iron. You’ll receive tons of compliments on your new cut.

Tousled and touchable hair for teen girls
Instagram @nunzio_nyc1

#10: Tousled & Touchable

This tousled, touchable hair is perfect and won’t take long to style. This beachy, summery, effervescent look you won’t have to spend hours on. Voluminous waves are a chic addition to finishing off this hairstyle for girls!

Blunt bob for teens
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#11: Blunt Bob

Check out this blunt bob! Depending on your face shape, you can opt for layers no shorter than nose length. It will add length and height to a round face or a simple, blunt bob to soften a longer face.

#12: Iconic Shag

Here’s an iconic shag haircut. Shags have been around since the 70s, and they aren’t going away. They are super cute on little girls who want texture and movement with little style work. Shags work great with all hair textures. They remove weight from thick hair or add petals of movement to finer hair. The focus of a shag is crown layers with feathered ends.

Feminine Collarbone Cut for Teen Girls
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#13: Feminine Collarbone Cut

Are you someone who has a ton of hair and a hard time styling your hair? A slightly disconnected undercut may be the way to go for you. Keep the bottom section shorter (or even shaved). It allows the remaining density of the hair to lay nicely on top. And it gives you much more controlled styling.

Textured Beach Wave for Teenage Girls
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#14: Textured Beach Wave

Have you ever wondered how your stylist gives the perfect textured beach wave? This example of wavy hair is great for a night out and can be done on yourself by adding curls throughout your hair. Use a one-1/4-inch iron and brush them out with a paddle brush. Finish with a texture powder or spray for extra fun and hold.

Textured Lob for Girls in their Teens
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#15: Textured Lob

Wondering if you can wear a long bob or a textured lob cut? This is a great example of how this haircut can work on everyone. Because all bodies are proportioned a little differently, consult with your stylist. Find a custom length that will look best on you!

Dimensional Balayage for Teen Girls
Instagram @colorbymarina

#16: Dimensional Balayage

This dimensional balayage is a great way to add pops to your medium-brown hair. I suggest making a mood board of all your favorite photos of highlights. Bring them with you to your next hair appointment. This way, you can discuss a few options with your stylist that would work best for you!

#17: Ombre Waves

Ombre waves are low-maintenance. They are a great option for teens looking to play with color for the first time. Preferred maintenance on this style only involves a 10-12 week tone and trim. But make sure you are using a Wet Brush at home for tangle maintenance and care.

#18: Sun-kissed Waves

The best part about these trendy, sun-kissed waves is that they are always in style. Plus, they only require as much maintenance as your traditional highlight. I recommend this to anyone looking to try a lightening service for the first time.

#19: Balayage Babe

If you want a balayage, then this look is for you! Medium-length hair, shorter hair, fine hair, and any teenage girl haircuts would benefit from the balayage color. It gives you dimension and will look fuller—style with waves for an even more dimensional look.

Natural Dimension for Teens
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#20: Natural Dimension

A subtle balayage in the front of your hair is the perfect way to show off some natural dimension, all without feeling too light and bright. Ensure you pre-book a toner appointment 10-12 weeks from your initial appointment. It will keep your color feeling soft and effortless.

#21: Warm Balayage

Are you browsing some back-to-school hairstyles for teens? A warm balayage shown on this pretty head of hair is a great place to start when you are new to highlights as a teen. Make sure to brush your hair from roots to ends with a leave-in conditioner daily. It helps to preserve your long, healthy hair.

Texturized Layers for Teenage Girls
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#22: Texturized Layers

Texturized layers are a simple way to add dimension to straight hair. These teen girl hairstyles require point-cutting your locks and adding texture with dry cutting at your service’s end. This will prevent your hair from appearing too blunt and give it a more natural feel.

Waterfall Curls for Teen Girls
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#23: Waterfall Curls

Are you a teenager with waterfall curls working on weighing them down? Then I’ve got some simple, helpful tips for you! I have a natural texture and curly hair. Creating a cute hairstyle all starts with the products you are using. Invest in some Bumble and Bumble curl anti-humidity gel oil. Rub a quarter amount into your locks and gather your hair into a ponytail—release and separate into smaller twists. Diffuse the curls between hot/cold air. And there you have it, one step closer to creating cute hairstyles for curly hair.

#24: Blunt Precision Bob

Get ready for lots of compliments in a blunt precision bob. School girls, consider cutting your long hair, and you’ll be ready with a shorter cut in two minutes. A precision bob works well on fine or thick hair textures and is easy to style with a quick blowout. If you’re the type that has to have bangs, they would be an awesome addition to such teen girl haircuts.

#25: Mermaid Shag

A mermaid shag is perfect for the teen girl who wants to take some weight out of her thick hair for a more edgy, beachy feel. Hairstyles for teenage girls like this will allow you to keep a medium to long length. Add shorter layers for shape and dimension.

Classic Graduated Bob for Teen Girls
Instagram @betta_koral

#26: Classic Graduated Bob

Dare to rock a classic graduated bob. Consider a blunt bang on a sleek teen girl who is down for something out of the bob if you are ordinary. Such haircuts for teen girls have strong lines to make your features pop, and other girls will be envious. The graduation in the nape with a touch of layers throughout will give your hair cool lines. You’ll want to blowout with a large round brush to achieve an edgy shape.

#27: Ear-Length Bob with a Soft Fringe

If you are looking for a cute bob, consider an ear-length bob with a soft fringe. Short haircuts are all the rage right now as they can be adorable and bold at the same time. A haircut above the chin can elongate the face so make sure to ask your hairstylist if it will suit your face shape. It can be hard to tell on your own so an extra set of professional eyes can help.

#28: Natural Red Hair with a Sleek Bobbed Style

Blunt bobs are the best styles of short haircuts for girls who want to look sharper. Having your ends and undercut razored is best for thicker hair. Add a brown color to warm up any skin tone.

#29: Adorable Neck-Length with Curtain Bangs

If you’re searching for a soft classic style, try a neck-length cut with bangs. This shape is great if you would like to appear more professional and stylish. The curtain bang is a great choice for round face shapes and will balance out facial features. For best results, blow-dry the length under with a medium round brush, and try drying the bangs off to each side with a middle part. These techniques will give you a pretty and soft finish.

Audrey Hepburn Inspired Pixie Cut
Instagram @shorthairlife

#30: Audrey Hepburn-Inspired Pixie Cut

Consider an Audrey Hepburn-inspired pixie cut if long hair isn’t giving you that timeless feel you may be looking for. A classy pixie cut, amazing enough for Audrey herself, can be worn by any age, any profession, and most hair textures. A quick blow dry using a round brush in the front and crown area gives the perfect lift and texture for a smooth style.

Perfectly Layered Bob for Short Straight Hair
Instagram @olgakursitis

#31: Perfect Layered Bob for Short Straight Hair

This layered lob is short, sweet, youthful, and refreshed! The best thing about this short layered haircut is that it accentuates the face shape and is low-maintenance for younger girls and women alike. Every girl with short hair should keep in mind their hair density and hair type. For example, if you have very thick hair, adding the long layers will help balance the weight throughout, rather than having it really heavy at the length. Also, considering hair type can affect the outcome of the hair. Just keep in mind, that this kind of straight bob may not look the same for every little girl.

#32: Edgy Undercut on Short Hair for Young Girls

Try an edgy undercut on short hair to make a flattering statement. This style is a very cool option for younger girls. Leave long strands above the hairline for the choice of having a side fringe.