24 Cute Hairstyles for School Teenage Girls Are Wearing This Year

While it’s fun to collect your supplies and find new clothes for the new school year, it’s even more exciting to freshen up your look with a new hairstyle for school. Make a statement with your hair when you step back on campus this season. If you’re looking for some ideas, you’re in the right place!

Rocking your hair doesn’t have to take hours in the morning before heading to your high school or middle school. Choosing one of these easy hairstyles is the key to looking your best when you head back to school this year. With the right haircut or simply the right quick styling, you’re sure to have a great year! Here are the most popular school hairstyles teenage girls are getting right now!

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Dramatic A-Line Bob for School
Instagram @kadernice_anastazie

#1: Dramatic A-Line Bob

Sassy hair with a dramatic A-line cut? Oh, yes! I love the A-line look because I feel like it can suit almost anyone of any age and be stunningly adorable. I recommend creating a beach wave with whatever iron works best for you. Best to use a straightener because the curls and waves last much longer. As soon as the curls cool, I run my fingers through and then add some pomade and hairspray for the finished look. This look is for kids and teens that love a cute and sassy look without taking forever to achieve. It’s also a mature and sophisticated look for women of an older age.

#2: Quick Top Knot

A quick top not can be worn very elegantly and also very fun and carefree. A top knot is a statement piece and it gives you confidence when you wear your hair styled this way. By pulling your hair back and away from your face you can look younger. This style is really perfect for going back to school, to prom, weddings, and any special occasion. It also looks great whether your hair is straight, wavy, or very curly.

Easy French Braid
Instagram @said.kate

#3: Easy French Braid

Interlocked hair spiced up with brown roots and blonde ends. Be free to rule school without any hold backs.

#4: Simple Dutch Braid

Take your braiding game to the next level by doing this super easy style! Loose waves at the ends flavors the side braid patterns, creating striking girl hairstyles for school.

Simple Low Ponytail
Instagram @hairbychaya

#5: Simple Low Ponytail

Uncomplicated but with a hint of deluxe! Tying your hair low doesn’t seem so boring, thanks to an elaborate braid leading to frizzed up ends. A low braided ponytail is very easy to copy for teen going back to school.

#6: Fun Double French Braids

Keep it real while being fancy with braids! Helpful for retaining moisture in your locks especially when exposed to outside heat and drying.

#7: Effortless Shag

This is an effortless new shag, created by stylist Rainer Schneck of Dallas, TX. “I love the casual feel about it. It really gives that playful, sexy, rock and roll hair vibe,” Schneck points out.

To achieve the look, use a Pin Salon Rootbooster. It’s a light spray-on mousse that gives a great amount of control. Don’t forget to use a heat protector like Kerastase Nectar Thermique, which is super light and makes the hair shiny but not too soft. Schneck usually finished the style out with a little Un.Dressed and Bedroom.Hair by Kevin Murphy.

This look is perfect for a teenage girl that wants an easy, effortless look that’s very versatile. “It works great with a natural wave and with girls who have a good amount of hair because you can eliminate a lot of weight. It also can be used on finer hair because it will give the hair texture and body,” Schneck suggests.

This look works on almost all face shapes because you can adjust the length and framing very easily. It works great on those who like to use their natural texture, but also like to style their hair for special events. Effortless hair is fun, sexy, and easy to replicate!

Tousled & Touchable
Instagram @coledoeshair

#8: Tousled & Touchable

A toused wavy hairstyle by hair artists Cole of Silverdale, WA was created mostly for ease and versatility. The cut is mid-length with framing at the hollows of the cheek. Layers are kept soft but broken up for lots of movement. A few soft curls are on top just to soften around the face.

Cole used all Bumble and bumble products for this look. “I find that sticking with one product line works really well for the products to play off each other. To start, we used the Hairdressers Invisible Oil shampoo and conditioner just to soften and give lots of shine to the color. For styling, the Curl Primer helped us detangle. To add some texture back in, Surf Infusion provided a nice sea salt feel without feeling dry. After hand drying, I curled using a 1-inch curling iron and raked the curls out with my fingers. To finish, I sprayed City Swept Finish though the ends for separation,” Cole explains.

This look is perfect for teenage girls who love to change up their style. It’s great if you’re going for a beachy, summery, effervescent look and feel. If you love to touch your hair and flip it side to side, this is the look for you!

Blunt Bob
Instagram @lauradoesmyhair

#9: Blunt Bob

A classic, blunt bob makes a modern finish and looks great on everyone. It is a strong and striking look that is polished yet effortless. The fringey bang draws focus to her beautiful eyes and the ash blonde color brings out her natural beauty.

Stylist Laura Myers of Reno, NV created this look. “My favorite thing about it is that it complements anyone’s personal style. From polished to hipster, this cut flatters everyone,” states Myers.

Achieve this style by starting with wet hair. Then, use Unite Hair Blow & Set cocktailed with Unite U Oil, then blow dry with a large round brush to give it lift and smoothness before passing over with a flat iron. You could also add texture with a wand. Spray with a texturizing spray to finish.

Bobs can work for everyone with variations, depending on your face shape and hair texture. Myers explains, “For instance, someone with a round face would want a long bob, and someone with curly hair would need layers and more texture to avoid a triangle shape. It’s a classic cut that never goes out of style.”

#10: Iconic Shag

Hailed from the iconic ’70s haircut, a modern shag looks also great with bangs. It’s perfect for both little girls and mature women who have tried the lob haircut and want to try something new.

Created by stylist Alexus Estelle of Woodlands, TX, this style looks best if your short hair is healthy and shiny, so a good leave-in cream is a must.

“I used Oribe Supershine Light Moisturizing Cream. I like to rough dry the hair or air dry to create a lived-in look. This style can be worn straight or wavy, but be sure to keep the ends straight to achieve the modern shag look. The key is lots of texture, volume, and movement,” says Estelle.

On dry hair, apply a volumizing powder at the root like Oribe Swept Up Volume Powder. To finish the look, Estelle likes to add a product to give hold and memory.

This cut is perfect for all hair textures and face shapes and can be worn long or short. It’s versatile and can be adjusted to any face shape by personalizing the cut. It’s important to keep the layers on the longer side, but proportional to the length.

If your hair is on the thicker side, add lots of layers to remove weight. If your hair is fine to medium, add choppy layers to create movement and texture.

#11: Feminine Collarbone Cut

A textured, collarbone-length cut releases weight from thick hair and enhances its natural waves. Dense hair can feel more bulky or “bubbly” the shorter it’s cut. Look creator Jasmine of Austin, TX used concave layering and heavy texturizing throughout, and also tucked away a slightly disconnected undercut at the nape by razoring a line about 3/4 of an inch shorter than the perimeter and adding graduation.

“This is one of my favorite things to do because it de-bulks and encourages the hair to lay nicely over that shorter section without flipping outwards,” says Jasmine.

Use Aveda products when styling. The Daily Hair Repair offers protection from heat and nourishes the hair prior to styling, while the Confixor (a medium hold gel) offers a shiny, bouncy hold. Jasmine states, “For this look, I blow dried both into the hair, lifting the roots. Taking fairly large sections, I added flat iron waves and finished with Air Control hairspray for a voluminous result that’s still brushable!”

Fine-haired folks can absolutely benefit from a cut like this, just a different version! Jasmine suggests less layering to keep the ends more full, and adding a little bit of texture underneath the surface of the hair perks it up for more volume.

Textured Beach Wave
Instagram @kendallxfire

#12: Textured Beach Wave

The textured beach wave look is a hairstyle perfect for a casual day or a night out. For the ladies going back to school, it’s very quick to style!

Hair artist Kendall Marie of North Augusta, SC created this look. To style, you need a texture spray, a heat protectant, a smoothing cream or oil, a 1-inch curling iron, flat iron, and hairspray.

“Beach waves can be for anyone with any face shape, and any texture of hair. Depending on the length of your hair, you may go up to a 1.5 to 2-inch curling iron for more of an effortless wave. Of course, this is way easier to achieve on naturally wavy hair or hair that simply holds a curl well. The products above with help it holds and lasts all day,” Marie explains.

Textured Lob
Instagram @hair_by_levi

#13: Textured Lob

A long textured bob looks great on dense hair. In order to create more of a one-length appearance, use several techniques to reduce weight and volume from the mid-lengths through the ends.

“I love how little effort this cut requires to style! While it does look amazing curled or smoothed out, it is also a wash-and-go girl’s dream,” says Levi Myers, a hairdresser from Downtown Long Beach, CA.

When styling, start with a volume mousse at the roots like Kevin Murphy’s Body Builder or Sebastian’s Whipped Cream. A lightweight cream, paste, or even a soft clay can be nice to separate and define texture at the finish, depending whether a shine or matte finish is desired.

“I find this basic style is super versatile,” Myers states, adding that “anyone can wear a long bob with subtle variations to customize.” Stylists must tweak the cut according to the women’s hair type and face shape, and even lifestyle.

Myers also emphasizes, “Part of what is so great about this style is that it gives her a fresh, current, easy-to-style look, while still maintaining the ability to pull it back in a ponytail when she needs to. Easy breezy!”

#14: Dimensional Balayage

A dimensional balayage on hair is very low-maintenance. Look creator Carrie Miller Murtaugh of Navarre, OH loves how soft and natural the color looks. “With this shade, you won’t have to return to the salon for months,” Murtaugh states.

A violet-based shampoo is recommended for blonde, balayaged, or highlighted hair to keep the lighter pieces nice and bright. Murtaugh’s favorite is Fanola No Yellow Shampoo.

“This color looks great on just about anyone, especially those with light to medium brown hair. I highly recommend balayage for those clients who prefer a lower-maintenance lifestyle,” Murtaugh points out.

Ombre Waves
Instagram @hair_by_morgan

#15: Ombre Waves

The beach waves and an ombré style really do well together. Created with a highlight technique about two inches away from the root, the hair is toned into a beautiful caramel blonde.

Style creator Morgan Duncan of Ventura, CA shares a tip on how to achieve the look. “Use a 1.5-inch curling iron and finish it off with some of Schwarzkopf’s Dust It to provide the tousled, messy curls,” Duncan states.

This hair color is ideal for a client who wants a low-maintenance hairstyle that doesn’t need a whole lot of attention throughout the year.

Sunkissed Waves
Instagram @studiocgsalon

#16: Sun-kissed Waves

Here’s a balayage that offers a very sun-kissed, lived-in look that is so trendy right now! It offers the convenience of less maintenance for ladies, which is very appealing to many.

Since look is typically created with lightener, look creator Carrie Gridley of Coeur d Alene, ID recommends a thermal protectant to save the hair from thermal damage.

“This look was also created with a Paul Mitchell Worked Up, which is a great lightweight working spray, as well as, Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturizing Sea Spray. The curls themselves are flat iron waves,” Gridley notes.

Balayage is a great look for anyone just breaking into coloring their hair, as well as, anyone on the go with a crazy busy schedule. It’s also perfect for girls with all types of hair. Gridley explains, “The free-form painting allows for you to get light, moderate, or maximum coverage, depending upon your desired outcome. Overall, this coloring technique, in general, is a great option for so many people!”

#17: Balayage Babe

Looking for the perfect blend from natural hair to balayage? Here’s a masterpiece by Kelsey VanderEnde, a hairstylist in Cloverdale, B.C., Canada.

“Balayage is the best way to add some lightness and depth to your hair without having to color and lighten all of your hair,” VanderEnde points out.

The chosen length of hair is versatile. Medium-length hair is still long enough to pull it back and makes it a lot easier to put curls in, making things quick and easy for getting ready in the morning.

The best way to keep the hair bright and looking fresh is by using a purple shampoo or conditioner at least once a week. VanderEnde’s favorite purple conditioner is Kevin Murphy’s Blonde Angel. Another great product to achieve this look is a mousse to allow body and movement. Adding a mousse will also allow the curls to hold. Also, use a heat protector before you do anything kind of heat styling.

To create these curls, VanderEnde shares, “Use a flat iron, alternating the curls in different directions to make the hair fuller and create more movement.”

VanderEnde recommends this look to anyone who has natural hair and just wants to add a little brightness without having to touch up their hair every few months. This look is also great for someone who doesn’t like to have a lot of length and will find it easier to style with shorter hair.

“This shorter length of hair is great for girls who have fine hair and want to feel like their hair is fuller. It’s also perfect for the person who has way too much hair and needs to lighten up their hair,” VanderEnde adds.

#18: Natural Dimension

The soft, natural-looking dimension from the highlights lights up the face and girls should try it now! Style creator Lauren of Little Rock, AR loves how softly the lightness is blended in order to resemble natural sun-kissed strands.

Get the look by asking your colorist for soft babylights and subtle balayage blended from the front of the face toward the back. Lauren adds, “Also ask your stylist to alter the technique combo to compliment your facial structure and adjust the color formulation to flatter your skin tone.”

Use a color-safe shampoo, a nourishing hair mask (once a week), and a daily heat protectant to keep the color fresh and shiny!

This color placement is flattering on almost anyone.

Lauren explains, “The babylight and balayage combo can be used in almost any base color, from nearly black to blonde! The starting point of the highlights may vary from woman to woman in order to enhance their unique facial features.”

Warm Balayage
Instagram @md.hair.yyc

#19: Warm Balayage

Look how the highlights in this balayage use warm tones to compliment a fair skin tone and darker features. This hairstyle was created for a mountain lake wedding by Mandy DeVo, a hair artist from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

“The great thing about this color for back-to-school girls is that it’s great for introducing color. Girls can go back to school with fabulously fresh hair,” says DeVo.

Copy the style by using a 1-inch Hot Tools Marcel curling iron, then the Aveda Damage Remedy leave-in and Aveda Volumizing Tonic. Once dry and set, brush out the waves with the Wetbrush Pro and finished with Aveda Control Force.

“Such back-to-school hairstyles for teens are recommended if you have a pretty busy lifestyle. With such easy, low-maintenance color and cut, you’ll be visiting the salon only every 8-12 weeks. You’ll be able to make this hair wedding-ready, workout-ready, and everything in between,” DeVo advises.

#20: Texturized Layers

A lived-in blonde looks much more stunning with a texturized, long layered cut. What to love about it is its natural look and effortless style.

Style creator Grace Hill from Sydney, Australia suggests using a Kevin Murphy Undressed to achieve that undone, natural finish.

“This look is best suited to medium to thick, long straight hair. A round, oval or long shaped face will wear this look well,” says Hill.

Waterfall Curls
Instagram @curllovemiriam

#21: Waterfall Curls

What’s best about the waterfall curls is the flow and balance of the look! The waterfall effect allows the curls to cascade into one another with no excess bulk weighing them down.

The haircut is a long layered chop, and with thick and curly hair, it can be difficult to control its natural volume. Aside from the traditional long layers, additional pieces are added around the face and throughout the crown to give the hair a balanced, waterfall effect. The result is a look that retains length without heaviness and is easy to style.

This look is designed by stylist Miriam McNamara of Minneapolis, MN. It maximizes the impact of the hair’s natural texture with simple, wash-and-go convenience, which is ideal for early school mornings! “I recommend DevaCurl products for maximum moisture, shine and volume control,” says McNamara.

When cleansing and conditioning the hair, use No Poo and One Condition Decadence, and style with Styling Cream for moisture and shine and Ultra Defining Gel for touchable yet strong-hold that will last all day.

“I recommend such cute hairstyles for any face shape and anyone looking for a simple, easy-to-style look that retains length. You can still pull it up in a ponytail if needed, but it’s easy to make it look amazing when you want to wear those curls out,” McNamara notes.

Waves and curls in particular will shine with this cut. This look works best for thick, dense hair but not for finer locks as it has too many layers.

#22: Blunt Precision Bob

A blunt precision bob with a retro, new millennium vibe is very versatile. According to look creator Mona Lee of Albuquerque, NM, this specific style is two haircuts combined into one. “When it comes to the entire perimeter, you get a nice and blunt one-length look that is chic and modern. I was then able to bring hair from the top section and bangs and disconnect into that dramatic angle we all want to see,” Lee explains.

The haircut gives flexibility to have a sharp angle and long hair around the face while still being able to pull back into a pony.

Lee’s favorite way to style bobs is to incorporate some type of texture product into the hair. This gives the right amount of texture and volume that is great for same-day or second-day looks.

“For this look, I used Loma’s Nourishing Treatment Oil for a heat protectant and a sleek finish at the ends, then Number 4 Haircare’s Sugar Texturizing Spray for volume and texture at the root,” Lee mentions.

This look is for school girls who enjoy or are willing to commit to styling their hair, whether that be a smooth iron, curling iron, blow dryer, etc. It’s for those who are wanting a little volume in the back but still wants to preserve lots of length around their face. It’s great for most thick hair types.

Mermaid Shag
Instagram @callyjosalon

#23: Mermaid Shag

A mermaid shag is fun and playful, and since there are no precise lines, the messier the better! It truly is a traditional beach wave at its finest.

Style creator Cally Fredrickson from West Fargo, ND recommends using a texturizing spray for this cut. “Unite’s “Liquid Dust” and their “Texturiza” spray are two of my favorites,” Fredrickson states.

According to Fredrickson, this cut is for a teen girl with thick hair who wants to get rid of some of that extra hair weight. It’s also great for those who have some waves to their hair as it is meant to be styled as a messy wave. This cut is achieved with plenty of slice cuts, so there are no even layers.

Classic Graduated Bob
Instagram @wwesleyjohn

#24: Classic Graduated Bob

The look is a classic graduated bob with a fringe and a touch of layers, designed by Wesley Hanlon, a stylist from Toronto, CA.

A light lotion for heat protection is recommended or use a leave-in conditioner spray to give shine but keep things light and free to move.

“Any teen girl can suit this cut, but when choosing a heavy fringe, your face shape should be long enough to suit it because it does close down your face. That being said, if you have a shorter, rounder face, then I suggest the same cut minus the fringe or make the fringe super light and soft (no straight line),” Hanlon advises.

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