50+ Most Youthful Hairstyles for Older Women

Gorgeous hairstyles for older women

Hairstyles and haircuts for older women are created using modern methods in cutting and styling that are sure to bust decades off of your age! Keep reading to find out what they are.

So women over 50 or 60 face a real challenge on how to fight thinning and fine hair, and luckily, getting a precisely-done, full-bodied flattering haircut can make you look years younger. If you are trying to look one year younger or 20 years younger, choosing the right haircut and color are very important and the new haircut and color combinations here are definitely worth a look.

For older women hairstyles, you can go for a universal short cut like a classy bob or a rocking pixie which are easier to manage and volumize, or opt to keep your long tresses and sport a chic fringe if you have a more playful attitude and want to go above the average.

Dimension and movement are key for women who are older, and you can easily own that using simple techniques like adding texture, shadow roots or some warm highlights to hide the thinning.

Below, you’ll not only find the top long, medium and short haircuts for older women crafted just for aging hair, but also expert strategies on how to reboot a fine mane into a fuller one. Cheers to your new youthful look!

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#1: Loose Curls on Short Bobbed Hair

Loose curls on short bobbed hair are easy and stylish. This look is super slimming to round face shapes with soft tendrils surrounding the cheeks. If you update your style you’ll look great and you will feel excited about trying out your new cut. Embracing your natural hair texture is so liberating, but I highly recommend using a curl-enhancing product to keep your curls from frizzing.

Tousled Shaggy Waves with a Curtain Fringe for Old Ladies
Instagram @texturedpetite

#2: Tousled Shaggy Waves with a Curtain Fringe

Try a tousled shag haircut with a curtain fringe to give yourself a modern look! To soften the look, ask for curtain bangs around your cheekbone length to frame your face and have lots of texture throughout the layers. However, if you’re wanting to be bold, a shorter curtain fringe is definitely the way to go.

Shoulder-Length Curly Haircut with Curly Bangs for an Old Lady
Instagram @emistudiosalon

#3: Shoulder-Length Curly Haircut with Curly Bangs

A shoulder-length curly haircut with curly bangs is a hot trend right now. To achieve this look with defined curls, use a curl-enhancing cream, my favorite is Motion Lotion by Kevin Murphy. After applying the Motion Lotion product use a diffuser on your hairdryer to blow-dry your hair. A diffuser is a great tool that allows heat to dry your hair and can help against frizz.

#4: Voluminous Lob with Layered Waves

Why not update your shape to a voluminous lob with layered waves? If you decide to bring your length up you’ll be more in fashion and your hair will be healthier. Adding layers will make your style soft around your face and much easier to add volume. If you want lift in your crown, I suggest having your hair parted on one side. Middle parts tend to lay flatter on the head.

Layered Blowout Style with a Deep Side Part for Older Women
Instagram @adrianao_hair

#5: Layered Blowout Style with a Deep Side Part

When deciding on how to style your hair, try a deep side part and a voluminous blowout if you have a layered cut. The voluminous style looks light and breezy when your hairstylist creates flowy bends in your hair. To amp up your look, add in a texture/volumizing spray to really give the layers more lift.

#6: Edgy Pompadour Pixie with Short Bangs

An edgy pompadour pixie with short bangs is one of the best hairstyle ideas for older women. Short choppy bangs are a great way to frame your face and accentuate eyes or glasses. Blow-dry the top up and away from your face, use a pomade to define the cut, and hold the style in place.

#7: Layered Long Bob for Thinner Hair

If you have thinner hair, a long layered bob can work for you. If your hair is limp and lifeless, bringing up the length will make your hair appear thicker and fuller. Spice up your look with some medium-length layers that can be curled, scrunched, or worn straight. I recommend cutting the front layers shorter to enable you to get more lift around your face.

Grey Blending for Older Women
Instagran @aaashleee

#8: Grey Blending

Cute Short Curly Hairstyle for Older Ladies
Instagram @todchukstudio

#9: Cute Short Curly Hairstyle

You should try a cute short curly hairstyle for its beauty and ease. Lucky you if you have natural waves, and if you don’t, consider a perm. The soft width of this shape complements any woman’s facial features. For the most modern shape, you’ll want the layers on the top a tiny bit longer. Make sure to apply a curl amplifier to sculpt curls and reduce frizz.

Pixie Bob Haircuts for Older Women
Instagram @soubecas

#10: Pixie Bob Haircut

A pixie bob haircut is a low-maintenance, easy-to-style haircut that works great for older women. Short haircuts like the pixie bob give lots of volume to the hairstyle. Older women tend to prefer styles with volume because as hair ages it can lose its strength and natural volume. Limp hair can be easily lifted when it isn’t weighed down by excessive length.

#11: Pixie Shag Haircut

The pixie shag haircut is a short crop option that any older woman will love. Part classic and part on-trend, this cut brings a youthful vibe while still allowing you to dress it up and appear more sophisticated.

#12: Modern Shaggy Hairstyle

A modern shaggy hairstyle, if cut short, makes a classic statement that suits grey-haired older women over 60 the most. Shag haircuts can enhance the volume of thinning hair. The layers add a bulkier effect, so the tresses appear fuller. For a much youthful vibe, wispy bangs can be helpful.

Slightly Angled Bob Haircut
Instagram @jonngetssnippy

#13: Slightly Angled Bob

A slightly angled bob, if paired with bangs, radiates a younger-looking hairstyle. It looks classic and flatters women over 50 the most. This hair trend won’t go out of style, so give it a try.

#14: Short Cut with Side Part for Women with Glasses

A short cut with a side part for women with glasses is easy and fun to wear everyday. It takes minimal effort to style if the hair has a naturally wavy texture. This haircut is the perfect option to make thin tresses appear thicker and fuller.

#15: The Round Bob

The round bob haircut has a shape that can soften a square face. It features wispy bangs to add a hint of youthfulness that older women love. To prevent the hair from looking helmet or mushroom-like, ask for minimal layers.

#16: The Youthful Bob for Seniors

This is the youthful bob for seniors. Chic and glowing—this can brighten your face. The length where it grazes the neck is best for ladies with a rounded face shape. For a softer edge, finish it off with subtle waves.

The Fuss Free Medium Short Cut
Instagram @trinnie_hair

#17: The Fuss-Free Medium Short Cut

The fuss-free medium-short cut works best on straight, fine hair. The result is guaranteed to appear flawless on these types of tresses. This haircut has subtle layers to give hair a bulkier effect and added volume. It looks even more dazzling with a dark-rooted blonde hue.

Older woman with a Wedge Cut
Instagram @ro.hsiqueira

#18: The Cute Wedge Cut

Featuring a cute wedge cut that appears stunning on older ladies, especially women over 60! When styled with a subtle texture, it looks more radiant with beige blonde highlights. This short haircut also suits ladies with an oval face shape. Wear it and look sophisticated all day long!

#19: The Stacked Bob

The stacked bob is an appealing option for ladies with thinning hair. This haircut has layers that provide a thicker effect. What’s great about stacked bobs is they look even more flattering with bangs. The fringe carries out more movement.

#20: The Choppy Pixie

The choppy pixie is another hair trend that’s made for older women with thin, fine tresses. It has a shorter length to keep its fullness. Add bangs and you won’t go wrong. The fringe brings out an edgier, younger feel to it.

#21: The Trendy A-Line Bob

Here’s the trendy A-line bob that senior ladies must go for! The bob is simple yet gorgeous and is easy to manipulate. When aiming for a rounded, sleek style, it works better on straight locks. A tousled style can also be achieved. Just combine a little texture and a mist of salt spray.

#22: The Long Pixie Cut

The long pixie cut is one of the best hair ideas that match natural grays. A haircut such as this can be sassy and glamorous, which mature ladies can pull off the best!

The Classic Short Crop for Women Over 60
Instagram @mayzie_mcb

#23: The Classic Short Crop for Women Over 60

The classic short spiky crop for women over 60 is always sassy. It shows confidence and elegance. Hair like this offers a lovely wash-and-go for older ladies with fine, thin tresses. Style it with texture and allow the locks to appear thicker than they are.

Trendy Choppy Short Hairdo for Women Over 70
Instagram @oldushkamodels

#24: Trendy Choppy Short Hairdo for Women Over 70

This trendy choppy short hairdo for women over 70 is such a vibe! It’s super edgy and seems fun to flaunt each day. To achieve the look, tuck some strands behind the ears. That’s the style that creates an illusion of an undercut without shaving the sides. Amp up the hair on top with a load of texture for a strong finish. Spritz a flexible hold hairspray, so the style lasts all day.

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#25: Texturized Choppy Bob

This is a texturized choppy bob, and older ladies with fine hair will look attractive with this cut. It’s a neck-length cut with subtle layers to carry out more movement and texture to locks. The bangs add a very feminine vibe to it. Such a fringe is always cute but be reminded that it needs heat-styling more often.

French bob with bangs for older women
Instagram @camillesdhair

#26: The French Bob with Bangs

Of course, the French bob with bangs can flatter older women, too! Notice how a wavy texture upgrades the complete look. The movement is so natural, and the texture appears so chic. This bob isn’t complete without the fringe. It adds extra spice and youthfulness to the appearance.

Q&A with style creator, Camille Hebert
Hair Stylist @ Hair by Camille in San Diego, CA

How would you describe this?

This is a super cute chocolate, shaggy, French Bob with a peicey fringe. The fringe is longer in the middle and arches over the brow to create a beautiful pop around the eyes. Use all organic color free of Ammonia, PPD, and Resorcinol. It covers grey beautifully and has lots of shine.

What’s your best advice?

French Bobs are a timeless, very versatile cut for all ages. They go great with all face shapes and most hair textures. You can add a little Tonik from Cult +King before styling with a round brush. Then finish with Power from hairstory for body and texture.

This hand dries nicely using a little balm and undressed by hairstory, or as a wash and go. You can wear with your natural texture, curly, straight, beachy, piecy or sleek. There are not many limits when it comes to this cut. Looks great, and is a look that never gets old!

Easy wash and wear cut for older ladies
Instagram @hair_by_rae.m

#27: The Easy Wash and Wear Cut

The easy wash-and-wear cut is probably one of the most loved hair trends by the elders. Any woman with thick tresses can pull it off. This chop has so many layers that make the hair appear weightless. A pixie cut like this may be easy to style, but it demands maintenance. Regular trims are vital to keep it in good shape.

Sassy spiky cut for older women
Instagram @hairbykellief

#28: Sassy Spiky Cut

Rock a sassy spiky cut and appear striking no matter what! This haircut features a tousled-looking effect that older lovelies can wear the best. For those who have thin hair, this is one of the ideal haircuts to pull off. The texture helps the tresses to have a thicker illusion.

#29: Edgy Asymmetrical Bob

Yes! This edgy asymmetrical bob is made for older women with naturally white hair. This haircut creates that strong, stunning statement. It frames the face so well, and there’s a fringe for an extra fresh vibe. Such a bob is a fantastic cut that suits thin tresses.

Q&A with style creator, Mustafa Mashharawi
Hair Stylist @ Skyline Salon in Kansas City, MO

How would you describe this?

This is an edgy textured bob with wispy bangs.

What’s your best advice?

This cut is good for women who wear their hair straight or in soft waves. Narrow rounded wispy bangs help lengthen your square shape. Apply leave in conditioner and mousse on the roots if volume is needed. Blow dry using a medium or large round brush and finish with texturizing spray.

#30: Short Feathered Cut

This is a short feathered cut that looks right on mature ladies. It works best on straight locks. The feathered layers are a classic way of wearing hair with lots of movement. For a more youthful edge, balayage highlights are a superb and sweet addition.

#31: Beautiful Angled Bob Hairstyle

It’s a short hairstyle, tapered closer at the bottom in the back with lots of feathered layers and texture on top to give it volume and movement. Ask your stylist for short bangs to change the shape of the cut.

It’s a fun haircut for women over 70 and with a few ways to style it. It could be round brushed, flat ironed for a totally different look, or just blow-dried. Add some paste or different products for a cute sexy, piecey, and messy look!

simple straight hair for older women
Instagram @salonkarmasc

#32: Simple Straight Hair

How would you describe this?

This simple straight hair is a fun and sassy wedge cut. It was balayaged with caramel pieces against a chocolate brown for dimension and the texture was created with a razor. I used Wella 6/73 6/ for base and lowlight and toned with Redken shades EQ 7gb 8wg.

What’s your best advice?

This is a great short haircut for women over 60 and looking to balance a square or oval face shape. It was styled with Bumble and Bumble thickening spray, thickening contour cream, and a medium round brush. This simple straight hair works best for fine to medium hair types. Coarse or curly hair may require a few more minutes of styling!

#33: Chic Bob for Wavy Hair

The chic bob for wavy hair flatters older women the most. This hairstyle gies a dramatic makeover that offers a youthful edge. A chin-length haircut like this complements round, oval, and heart-shaped faces. It would also need a mist of dry shampoo on most days to look great.

#34: Cute Medium-Length Cut

A cute medium-length cut like this has a finish that’s very youthful and chic. It makes the hair look livelier when jazzed up with waves or curls. This mid-length haircut for women in their 50s also adds extra texture to blonde locks.

#35: Perfect for Round Faces and Glasses

Perfect for round faces and glasses, this is a short and sweet haircut on wavy hair. This haircut for older women goes well with a soft texture. It has a movement that can complement a round-shaped face. It’s also one of those hairstyles for women over 50 with glasses that works on both thin and thick density.

#36: The Layered Haircut

Q&A with style creator, Jack Martin
Hair Stylist / Colorist @ Jack Martin Salon in Tustin, CA

How would you describe this?

This layered haircut is a face framed layered bob, ideal for ladies with thin hair. It’s great for oval face shape, which will create a beautiful high cheekbone illusion. It’s easy to style with volumizing styling products to create a thicker look.

What’s your best advice?

To wear this layered cut you have to have the right face shape. Oval to long shapes work best, it doesn’t work with round faces. As for hair texture, it works with straight to wavy hair texture but not extremely curly hair.

#37: Youthful Crop for Short Hair

Short hairstyles for older women over 50 take advantage of cute pixie cuts like this by styling it with highlights and face-framing layers for a really edgy vibe. The blonde highlights on this short layered pixie give this cut lots of fun and chicness.

#38: Modern Permed Hair

Modern permed hair is a timeless style that even senior women can flaunt. The easiest way to incorporate volume into haircuts is to go through the process of perming. This technique aims to give thin hair an illusion of bulkiness. If you want to stay away from flat and lifeless hair, then this fan-favorite look should be on your to-do list! It looks fun to wear, for sure.

Q&A with style creator, Amanda Rickman
Salon Owner / Hair Stylist @ Purelu Curls in Townsfield, QLD

How would you describe this?

This modern permed hair is fun, fresh, and easy to manage.

What’s your best advice?

Have fun with your curls, try a fringe, and don’t be scared to try something new. This style will work with most face shapes & curl types and the layering gives a soft shape.

Find a stylist who is experienced in working with curly hair. You’ll want them to teach you exactly how to work with your curls. Use quality products and techniques to replicate the in-salon look.

The classic bob for older women
Instagram @mc_salon

#39: The Classic Bob

Living for the classic bob? If you’re a mature lady who loves a simple yet stylish look, this is perfect! This chin-length haircut appears so flawless on fine, straight hair. Leaving a few pieces swept to the side as bangs are clever. It’s the fringe that allows the entire style to have a more modern and fresher finish.

Modern shaggy hairstyle for older women
Instagram @jayne_edosalon

#40: Modern Shaggy Hairstyle

Shag haircuts with curtain could greatly and charmingly enhance the volume of thinning hair on older women over 60. Add in some highlights and layers for a complete look! Check out more beautiful hairstyles for women over 60.

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#41: For Older Women with Long Hair

Join the grey hair movement with one of these beautiful long hairstyles for older women with grey hair! This proves that any length is possible at any age as long as it’s in good condition and taken care of properly. Grays can still look stylish and the right makeup can still take years off. Over 50? Then check out these gorgeous long hairstyles for women in their 50s.

Collarbone-Length Cut for Curly Hair
Instagram @elanatema

#42: Collarbone-Length Cut for Curly Hair

A stunning collarbone-length cut for curly hair like this enhances natural texture. It makes the tresses appear fuller and bouncier. Hairstyles for older women with curly hair also do great with bangs. The fringe adds a dash of a younger vibe.

#43: Textured and Layered Cut for Thick Hair

A great textured and layered cut for thick hair aims to appear weightless and bouncy. To do so, short and subtle layers are the key to create that soft volume. This is so classic and easy to style that a mature woman can pull it off with no sweat.

#44: Simple Shoulder-Length Bob

A simple shoulder-length bob is one of the hairstyles that older ladies with gray hair can enjoy. If wanting to have a solid hair color, paint the locks platinum blonde. The hue works well on natural grays. For everyday styling, give the hair very subtle and soft waves.

Short Layered Bob for Thin Hair
Instagram @hair_by_rae.m

#45: Short Layered Bob for Thin Hair

Try a short layered bob for thin hair because it’s stylish, voluminous, and adds shape to tresses. This layered bob haircut looks flattering on seniors. It only requires little to no styling effort, so it’s optimal as a go-to look for most women.

#46: The Short Pixie Cut on Gray Hair

The short pixie cut on gray hair is straight-up gorgeous! It’s a perfect go-to haircut for older women as it doesn’t require much styling. But when it does, a tousled style would be lovely. The end result must be natural-looking.

Layered Mid-Length Cut for Women Over 50
Instagram @hairhasdina

#47: Layered Mid-Length Cut for Women Over 50

Q&A with style creator, Dina Hasanovic
Hair Colorist and Wig Color Specialist @ Mark Garrison Salon in New York, NY

How would you describe this?

This layered mid-length cut for women over 50 is low maintenance and ideal for women with busy lives. For styling, use re:mark Finish Line Blow Out Lotion and a medium all-natural boar brush.

What’s your best advice?

This haircut is not for a woman who has tight curls, thin hair and frizzy hair. It’s more for thick, wavy hair that lays heavy. The layering of the haircut adds height and volume to the hair. This helps if you have hair that tends to sit very heavy on the ends and flat on top. By adding layers to the hair it adds volume and movement through the hair, so it has more shape and grows out well.

The Simple Blunt Cut
Instagram @charbergen

#48: The Simple Blunt Cut

Q&A with style creator, Char Bergen
Hairstylist @ Shear Bliss Salon & Day Spa in Morden, MB

How would you describe this?

This simple blunt cut is classy, feminine, and chic.

What’s your best advice?

This blunt cut is perfect for mature women who are wanting to wear their hair natural white/grey.

The cut is easy for you to style on your own at home as the architecture of the cut shapes itself.  Use a root volumizing product at the scalp for lift and a shine product on the mids and ends. Try Osis+ Session Label Volumizing Root Spray Mousse and Alterna Bamboo Brilliance Cream. They create a flawless, classic look.  Use a Denman brush during the blowdry, too.

#49: Chin-Length Cut for Wavy Hair

Q&A with style creator, Madilyn Trantham
Hair Stylist @ Haven Salon in Springdale, AR

How would you describe this?

This chin-length cut for wavy hair is perfect for older women. Clean up the ends with a blunt, one length bob. Add effortless textured waves using a USoomth curling iron in the size 1 1/2″. Finish with Davines Dry Texture Spray, VOLU Hair Mist, and Blow Dry Primer.

What’s your best advice?

This chin-length cut is perfect for all hair types and face shapes. If you’re wanting something that is easy to style and maintain then this is the cut for you! Just make sure you have good volume and texture products and the right hot tools and you’ll be set!

#50: Choppy Long Bob for Fine Hair

This is a choppy long bob for fine hair that looks flattering and fresh-looking! It’s one of the hairstyles that older women are sure to love. The length falls right at the shoulders to offer versatility. With subtle waves, it appears fuller and fun to wear!

choppy pixie cut with choppy bangs
Instagram @xtopherhair

#51: Choppy Pixie Cut with Choppy Bangs

Consider a choppy pixie cut with choppy bangs if you’re wanting a modern cut with some edge. A short pixie cut shows off your face and features and gives depth with the textured ends, usually done with a razor for softer lines. The texture can be emphasized even more by finger styling with a working hair spray to piece out.

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