60+ Hottest Lob Haircuts (Long Bob) for Fall 2023

Lob haircut ideas
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A long bob is also known as a lob haircut. It’s a women’s hairstyle cut between the chin and collarbone. I get tons of clients requesting all types of long bob haircuts weekly, and it continues to dominate on Pinterest and Instagram.

💡 Key Things to Know First

  • Hair Length: Be mindful of the length. If it’s too long, your hair will flip out.
  • Neck Line: If you have a shorter neckline, getting a lob to rest just past your shoulders is harder. If you have a more extended neckline, you’ll need to leave your hair slightly longer in the back.
  • Hair Texture: Long bobs can work with all hair textures.
  • Layering: If you want some layering, you should know that the further you get from your neck, the less your hair can support it. This will make it start to look thinner at the bottom.
  • Cut Angle: Most lobs have some angle. It’s best to have it follow your jaw-line. If you leave it completely straight, it can appear that your hair is hanging longer in the back. Your stylist will want to start the angle right around your ear.

Below, I’ve put together a gallery of some of this seasons hottest lob haircut ideas!

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Angled Long Bob Balayage
Instagram @jenn.watsonnn

#1: Angled Long Bob Balayage

This is a textured, angled long bob or lob haircut with a combination of foils and balayage to create a soft dimension with a natural grow outline. For styling, use Oribe Grandiose Mousse on the roots when hair is damp. After the blow dry and curl, use Oribe Dry Texture spray to break up the curls with your fingers to create volume and beachy waves. Finish this look with Oribe Supershine to take away frizz and combine the finished look.

One of my best tips for long bob haircuts for women is that it needs to be styled, blown out straight or curled, or even air-dried and curled. Refrain from overthinking it when curling. Always be prepared to buy a few products and the right size curling iron to make the look come together.

#2: Barbie Blonde Long Bob

The Barbie blonde long bob is a trendy and versatile haircut that offers a fresh and modern look. The trendy Barbie blonde lob features a sleek and polished bob above the shoulders. The Barbie Blonde color adds a touch of glamour and will give you a youthful and vibrant vibe to your overall style. The trendy long bob suits women with straight or slightly wavy hair. To achieve a sleek look, it’s recommended to use a flat iron or a round brush while blow-drying the hair. Adding a shine serum or a light-hold hairspray can enhance the Barbie Blonde color’s sleekness and luminosity.

Balayage Lob for Thick Hair Types and ladies with a middle part
Instagram @kainandecanine

#3: Balayage Lob for Thick Hair Types

A balayage lob for thick hair types is one to consider. Unleash your thick hair with a textured lob. Your stylist may use a razor to create a soft texture that helps release movement. Pay attention to over-layering or graduation with a cut on thick hair. It will start to look like a stacked bob. The key is to remove weight from the ends of the hair with no elevation.

Tousled Lob with No Bangs and layers for ladies with oval faces
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#4: Tousled Lob with No Bangs

The tousled lob with no bangs and layers could be the answer for ladies searching for a chic and effortless cut. This style’s messiness gives it texture and volume, making it perfect if you need help with limp or fine hair. While you’re in the chair, ask for layers to add texture. Its length and no bangs complement the oval face, slimming it down and providing balance. To style, apply a texturizing spray before blow-drying with a round brush. Alternate between wrapping and rolling and pulling the hair taut for maximum volume. Finish by running your fingers through it. Then apply a small amount of hairspray for hold, without it looking stiff.

Piecey Long-Length Bob Haircut
Instagram @romeufelipe

#5: Piecey Long-Length Bob

The piecey, lived-in lob haircut is so versatile and has so much movement because of the soft layering throughout the ends. If you have a more round or square face shape, you don’t want to have any layers cut too close to your jawline. This cut does have longer layers throughout to keep it soft in the ends, so nothing cut shorter than mid-neck is best. The length has so many styling options, even though it’s not considered long. Make sure you schedule your cuts every 8-10 weeks to maintain that beautiful line and keep the ends from bulking out.

#6: Long Lived-In Bob with a Middle Part

When styling your dimensional, lived-in blonde hair, use Fashionwaves 07 (sea salt mist) and Fashionwork 12 (light hold hairspray) to piece out your long bob haircut. Make friends with a bit of sea salt spray and dry shampoo to achieve this look at home, and try not to be too perfect when styling.

Lob on straight blonde hair with dark roots
Instagram @mane_ivy

#7: Blonde Lob with Shadow Root

The bright blonde base and lowlights add that glamorous aura to this straight lob. To get this look, you should style it straight with a flat iron for a quick everyday style.

blunt lob on blonde hair
Instagram @dnalabsalon

#8: Blunt Lob Haircut on Blonde Hair

Blunt cuts are perfect for the working professional. At this length, you can pull it up in a ponytail on those lazy weekends. It’s a timeless look with a modern twist. When deciding on this look, keep in mind that a one-length cut requires styling. This is not a wash-and-go look. It can be worn in many ways, but styling is a must.

Long bob with an undercut
Instagram @ricardomaiabsb

#9: Long Bob with an Undercut

If you have thick hair, ask for a long bob with an undercut to remove weight. However, if you have fine hair, you can still get an undercut that will make it more voluminous. Just consult with your stylist on how to best go about that. Removing the nape area’s hair allows shorter styles to tie up the hair, avoiding some annoying hairline strands that fall out. It’s also a great tool to lighten heavier hair and be easily disguised when wearing it down. It’s super versatile and a great way to change your look from day to night!

#10: Textured Long Bob

Lobs are the perfect choice if you’ve been looking for a haircut that makes for an easy transition from long hair to a shorter cut. It also offers endless ways to style your hair daily – from textured waves to a simple, sleek ponytail.

medium-length lob
Instagram @alisonallvess

#11: Medium-Length Lob

Go simple and chic with this cute mid-part hairdo that goes down to your collarbones. If you don’t like the sleek medium lob haircut as shown in the picture above, style with thick waves and a curtain fringe for an added sexy vibe.

#12: Shorter Lob

Try pairing piecey tousled waves with cool blonde highlights for a multidimensional look if you can. This is a style that will allow you to shake your hair and let them down in the wind without worrying!

long bob for fine hair
Instagram @richiemiao

#13: Long Bob For Fine Hair

If you need a lob hair cut that works for fine hair, try adding subtle highlights to create more dimension. This will add the illusion of more hair.

Lucy Hale with a long bob haircut and middle part
Photo by everett225

#14: Lucy Hale’s Long Bob

that falls to add movement and shape to her tresses. without going too drastic hair, as the layers add volume and body. To complete her chic look, Lucy styled her hair straight and sleek with a middle side part.

Ciara with a long bob haircut
Photo by imagepressagency

#15: Ciara’s Long Bob

in a perfect example of how to wear it with straight hair. With its sleek style and deep side part, it screams sophistication. This versatile look can or down, making it perfect for any occasion. adds depth and interest to the style. I.

Lauren Conrad with a long bob
Photo by bossmoss

#16: Lauren Conrad’s Long Bob

hairdo that will turn heads! She’s gone for a bob that boasts sleek and straight locks with a hint of wavy texture. The side part gives it a touch of class, and the rooted blonde color adds a natural and carefree vibe. This hairstyle is perfect for those who want to look effortlessly chic.

Purple Wavy Lob Cut
Instagram @ambermcmahen

#17: Purple Wavy Lob

Instead of keeping your base hair color, try coloring your layered waves with a pastel fashion color. The cut is so impressive with the volume on top and the thin ends that make it so lightweight.

lob cut with side bangs
Instagram @sh.hair.ne

#18: Lob With Side Bangs

This lob with side bangs is pure glamour – with those warm shades and perfectly placed side-swept bangs. This whole look works best on any face shape.

Lob for pink beachy hair
Instagram @angelo.baiunco

#19: Pink Beachy Lob

Try this super cute unicorn beachy hair with babylights, and you’ll be picture-perfect at any angle! If you have already lightened hair, this will be an effortless style to recreate.

long bob with layers
Instagram @stebunovhair

#20: Long Bob With Layers

This jaw-dropping wavy blonde hair couldn’t be any better without those soft layers and dark roots—a mesmerizing and brightening look, especially for fair skin and blue to green eyes.

#21: Chin-Length Lob

If you have a round face, you’ll want to choose this cut and style for the face-flattering effect! Some pastel highlights and subtle side bangs on a bob cut would make this more stylish.

angled lob cut
Instagram @leahrip_

#22: Angled Lob with Blunt Ends

Nothing beats a simple but significant look transformation like this that you can get by getting an angled lob cut. To wear your hair like this, style it with some cream and create waves for more movement!

blunt lob cut
Instagram @mscourt07

#23: Blunt Lob with Waves

Neat, straight scissor cuts always look edgy on you as they can bring your most beautiful bone structure and facial features out. Dark roots and a balayage on a medium blunt lob like this picture would create depth and dimension.

#24: Long Bob For Thick Hair

A fashionable color would do you good if you want to get this cut for thick luscious hair. Add some layers, too, if you’re going to get some weight off your hair.

long bob with a deep side part
Instagram @alisonallvess

#25: Long Bob with a Deep Side Part

This hairstyle with a deep side part is a modern, textured, and undone look. The best thing is the dramatic yet wearable angle in the cut. The softly textured layers give your locks movement and shape. If you need help determining whether or not you have the correct hair texture for a long bob hairstyle, ask your stylist about how this haircut is relatively easily maintained if you have fine to medium hair, naturally straight or wavy. It’s not recommended if you have coarse, curly hair.

longer bob for a round face
Instagram @locksxliv

#26: Longer Bob For a Round Face

This longer bob for a round face is a blunt, sleek bob that’s awesome if you don’t want to fuss with your hair but also perfect if you enjoy styling your hair daily. When styling a longer bob haircut, let it air dry because the texture allows for a wavier look. Or blow-dry it smooth for a sleek look like in the picture above.

Shoulder length lob with braid
Instagram @kaneoctane

#27: Shoulder-Length Lob with Braids

A fun way to get a shoulder-length long bob haircut is to add lots of texture and no angle (even though it appears longer in the front). When it comes to hair texture, this haircut and style are ideal if you have medium to thick hair so that a lot of texturizing can be done throughout the cut. To achieve the wave pattern, use one 1/2-inch curling iron, but be sure to leave the ends out when curling, which helps to get the messy and more beachy kind of curl. Use texturizing powder in the braid to give it a grip while you pull it apart. And lastly, use a texturizing spray on the waves to give them separation and help them last all day.

Naturally Curly Hair on a Lob
Instagram @claytonhawkins

#28: Naturally Curly Hair on a Lob

Bring out the beauty of naturally curly hair on a lob. The volume-giving texture only gets elevated at this length, making it a touchable hairstyle. Don’t be afraid to shake your curls at the root for added oomph to your hairdo.

Long Bob with Highlights
Instagram @vdahair

#29: Classic Long Bob with Highlights

A long bob with highlights works excellent on medium-density and straight hair. LA-based stylist Veronica Abram created this chic haircut for inspiration. This haircut will suit women of any age with any face shape, says Abram. “They’re so versatile that you can wear straight or wavy,” she adds. When styling fine tresses, Abram suggests using a texturizing or thickening spray. “These create more volume, and your hair will look fuller,” she explains.

#30: Flattering Inverted Lob for Women Over 50

An inverted lob cut hair is a youthful look for mature women. It lays perfectly when styled. Longer bobs maintain length while adding an element of style. Round brushing an inverted long bob ensures that it lays correctly and no flipping is visible at the ends.

#31: Asymmetrical Lob

Rock an asymmetrical lob hair cut for an edgy twist to modern bob hairstyles. The side parting works best for asymmetry. This may alter the style if you chop and change your parting. The style is easy to maintain and can spread your hair salon visits.

Black to Silver Ombre Textured Lob
Instagram @kimwasabi

#32: Black to Silver Ombre Textured Lob

Opt for a textured lob with a black-to-silver ombre. There’s something about the collarbone bob length that looks stunning on every neck/jawline and doesn’t make your face look too round. If you have fine or medium-textured hair, use a salt spray for texture in the crown. It helps to add volume and makes the curls look airy and effortless. If your hair has plenty of volume and texture, you can spray salt directly onto the waves after curling to break them up and make them look perfectly undone.

Some people look best with it at the collarbone, and others are stunning with a mid-neck chop! If you have a long neck, think about going shorter! This collarbone bob isn’t as high maintenance as its predecessor, the stacked A-line lob. When cut suitable for your hair type, it grows out rather nicely.

longer bob for choppy hair
Instagram @yukistylist

#33: Longer Bob for Choppy Hair

Opt for longer choppy hair. It’s a textured, slightly A-lined long razor lob. It’s effortless, cropped but not too short, textured, attractive, and versatile. Keep the ends straighter. Straighter ends give it a more modern look and make your haircut appear more square. This will help balance rounder face shapes which are generally afraid to go for short hair.

ash blonde lob cut
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#34: Ash Blonde Lob

Ash blonde is all about simplicity. It works well if you have curly, wavy, or straight hair. The best part is the natural texture. Whether diffusing or keeping it straight, you will have two different looks – sleek and modern or tousled and textured.

#35: Lob for Long Hair

Long tresses can drag our features down, so opting for lobs can balance the hair-to-face ratio without a dramatic chop. You can try a longer length through the front for a modern feel.

#36: Lob with Long Layers and Bangs

If it’s time to change up your look this, switch it up from dull to shaggy with this enticing dark brown coloring.

Perfect Lob for Thin Hair
Instagram @newlarcsalon

#37: Perfect Lob for Thin Hair

A perfect lob for thin hair is low-maintenance and gives hair the illusion of fullness. This stunning neck-length cut is created by stylist Aaryan Tonk of Manipur, IN. “The technique for this cut is elevated with all diagonal sectioning,” he describes. When asked about its benefits, Tonk mentions that this look only needs a little styling every day. It also requires less upkeep. “Trim it every two months, and you’re all set,” he adds.

sleek very long bob hairstyle
Instagram @adrianavigolo

#38: Sleek, Very Long Bob Cut

If you want a sleek, sophisticated hairstyle, try a very long bob cut. This extra sharp crop works with any texture but is an excellent choice for fine hair. Cuts with blunt angles and complete ends create an illusion of density, making fine hair look thicker.

light brown middle-parted lob
Instagram @yukistylist

#39: Light Brown Middle-Parted Lob

A middle part is a sexy hairstyle with a lot of versatility. This cut looks fabulous on most face shapes and can be worn straight or wavy. Ask your stylist to cut it with a middle part, and you can switch it up with a side part. Long layers work well with this cut to help give you that messy shape. Curl it up with an iron mid shaft only, leaving the ends straight for a messy, lived-in texture. Add dimensional light brown color, and you’ll be ready for anything.

textured long bob with see-through bangs
Instagram @yukistylist

#40: Textured Long Bob with See-Through Bangs

The modern businesswoman should consider a textured long bob with wispy, see-through bangs. A long textured bob is a fantastic and versatile cut that can be adapted to work with any face shape or hair texture. Adding the see-through bangs allows you to frame the face a little more without dragging the facial features down. For a more casual style, try beachy waves with texture spray and a quick head shake. For a polished style for a business event or gala, try sweeping the bangs to the side and pinning one side of the hair behind the ear.

middle-parted lob hairstyle
Instagram @bangmyhair

#41: Middle-Parted Lob Hairstyle

A middle-parted hairstyle remains elegant and timeless through ever-evolving trends. A lob is an excellent choice if you have broader or wider face shapes because the middle part creates a vertical line for the eye to follow, which slims the face. They are also great if you try short hair without committing to a more extreme cropped length.

#42: Textured & Blunt Messy Long Bob

This textured, blunt, collarbone-length long bob cut for women will make you feel fabulous by bringing the oh-so-sexy collarbone to the main stage. This messy bob haircut can be styled in a light beach wave or straight for more sophistication. I recommend a mousse or blow-dry cream to help bulk up the texture. Once your hair is dry, apply a light styling spray, curling mist, or lightweight hairspray (nonflammable) to help ensure a nice curl. After your beach waves are in, you should then spray a next-day or texture spray product right at the root. Tousle strands from the scalp and apply a shine cream or light paste to the blunt ends for separation and texture.

Textured Lob Haircut
Instagram @eunicekimhair

#43: Textured Lob

A haircut ideal for fine-medium hair is a textured cut. This style is a modern twist on the classic bob. Trade in those old stacked layers for softer shaping throughout and get that effortlessly easy texture.

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#44: Long Bob with Bangs for Thin Hair

Styles like a sleek, long bob with bangs for thin hair give a sophisticated look for all ages. This haircut features long stacked layers in the back, shorter wispy layering around the face, and bangs to add extra dimension.

#45: The Perfect Long Bob with a Side Part

If you are looking for something stylish but low in maintenance, lobs are the perfect hairstyle! You can curl it, wear it straight, or even let your natural texture loose for an effortless look. For this haircut, I recommend Keune sea salt spray, Keune volume powder, and Keune medium-hold hairspray for the ultimate textured curls.

long angled bob haircut with middle part
Instagram @stilistkana

#46: Sharp Long Angled Bob

A sharply angled long bob hair is high drama and high style. It’s a popular cut right now. Cutting bobs at angles creates unique dimensions and movement.

Air-dried lob with curtain bangs
Instagram @tianaconda_hs

#47: Air-Dried Lob with Curtain Bangs

An air-dried lob with curtain bangs looks classic and effortless. When your hair is cut to suit its texture, it allows you to spend less time styling. With a lob style, don’t be afraid to let your hair dry naturally. If you like a little flick on the bangs, twist it when wet and leave it to set.

Naturally Long Curly Bob
Instagram @eujayrodrigues

#48: Naturally, Long Curly Bob

Go for an easy long curly bob cut that will allow you to be proud of your innate curls and texture! It needs less upkeep and less styling.

The curly shaggy bob is excellent if you’re a free spirit and a true wash-and-wear woman. I find many curly and wavy-haired girls with a similar issue – curlier underneath, straighter on top. Adding some methodically softened shorter layers to a shaggy lob will help the volume stack organically.

Curly hair has a few moving parts, so understanding it is crucial before attempting the style. I usually cut a soft one-length perimeter and then layer the crown with concave layering to accentuate the new length. Avoid a graduated look, as it will “date” the look.

#49: Layered Pillowy Bob with an Off-Center Part

A long bob style that looks purposefully undone or lived-in is called the “pillowy bob.” It’s cut shoulder length in the back and collarbone length in the front. All the layers create a light airiness to it.  A textured style will look different if your hair is fine and limp. The go-to products for this hairdo are Paul Mitchell Neon Sugar Spray dried into damp hair, and Neon Sugar Confection for hold. Consider a blowout and curl your hair with a flat iron. You could also use a barrel iron, but a flat iron for this hairstyle works best.

Adorable asymmetrical lob
Instagram @sydni_renee

#50: Adorable Asymmetrical Lob

Try a textured asymmetrical lob hairstyle styled with a sexy tousled beach wave. It was created by hairstylist Sydni Williamson of Aiea, HI. This is for girls who are a bit edgy but still want something a little more on the low-maintenance side. “It can be styled in many ways and with it not being too heavy of an asymmetrical cut. It can be worn to look edgy or conservative. Everyone loves a look that gives versatility and a little sass in every hair flip,” says Williamson.

lob haircut with front bangs
Instagram @nothingobvious

#51: Thick Lob with Front Bangs

A bob with front bangs and enough layers work well with most hair textures. If you’ve always had a heavy side fringe but want to switch things up with full straight bangs, go for it! A long bob with bangs is a great combination. Use proper home care products to keep up your bob. Use hair masks and smart bond treatment shampoos twice a week with cold water. Then get a haircut with every service. It also takes at least 5 hours for the entire service.

sleek long bob with side-swept bangs
Instagram @victorkeyrouz

#52: Sleek Long Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

An extra long bob cut with side bangs is a customized look.  A lengthy bob cut has versatility in style and a professional and modern look. By keeping length towards the front, you can avoid feeling that “hairless” sensation as much, making it easier to get used to the new style. When styling side-swept bangs, you can choose between blow-drying and using a more deconstructed look or simply brushing for a more elegant approach. You can also finish with a styling oil or wax to add shine and even dry shampoo to enhance the deconstructed effect.

Long bob haircut with cascading layers
Instagram @kelceyoverton

#53: Long Layered Bob for Thick Hair

Go for this flattering long layered bob for thick hair. For the bob, I used razor wire scissors to cut the tips and give them volume and movement. I left the front part longer to bring modernity to the cut. I then finished with a thermal protector and a corrugated brush giving a natural look to the bob.

Layered hair is ideal for stylish and modern women who like to innovate and vary their style. Smooth your hair with a brush and make it wavy using Babyliss. It can be used if you have straight or wavy hair. Use a mousse and hairspray to preserve the smoothness.

#54: Beachy Waves Long Bob

Lob hairstyles can work for you if you’re willing to come into the salon to maintain and keep up with the haircut. It’s an easy look for both experienced women and inexperienced women. It’s styled with a 1-inch wand to create conservative beach waves. Everything about this bob catches your attention! The best tip for bobs is to maintain it with regular salon appointments to keep it nice and graduated. Take good care of your long graduated bobbed hair, and use thermal sprays.

lob with lived-in layers
Instagram @_dogukandeniz

#55: Lob with Lived-in Layers

Long bob hairstyles that have movement have shattered and lived-in layers. Lived-in styles are a huge trend now because they look effortless but are still so stylish. To create the bob, apply Arrojo Defrizz Serum (or any smoothing serum will work) and Arrojo Cream Whip (or any volumizing product like a light mousse) before the blow-dry. Then use a rounded-edge flat iron like Sultra Seductress to create a lived-in wave. Once your waves have cooled, run your fingers through them.

the classic blunt lob haircut
Instagram @hair.helga

#56: Classic Blunt Lob with a Subtle Angle

You can opt for a classic blunt lob cut with a center part. It’s a strong and classic shape but can also have more texture for a more relaxed/bohemian look if desired.

#57: A Versatile Long Blonde Bob

A long blonde bob style is beautiful and versatile. It’s easy to style like a bob, but you can still ponytail it when you need it out of your way! Lob cuts are great for women who are tired of dealing with lengthy hair but are still determining if they want to go down to a short bob. It’s also perfect for straight or wavy-haired gals with fine hair that gets wispy on the ends when it grows too much and is layered.

Sun-Kissed Deep Side Part Long Bob
Instagram @rodrigocintra

#58: Sun-Kissed Deep Side Part Long Bob

A textured side part might work for you if you like the “lived-in” beachy style. One of the best things about long bob styles is that you can spend 30 minutes styling or spray some sea salt in and spend 30 seconds. It’s very playful, and usually, you can get a couple of days out of the look if you don’t have oily hair.

If you want this hairstyle, stay stocked on sea salt spray, as it’s versatile. You can spray and scrunch it when your hair is damp for a more natural beachy look, or spray it in dry hair before curling, which will help hold your curl in and create the texture. Get a hydrating masque every second to third wash with all the drying products used. Heat protection is vital as well!

#59: Long Side Parted Bob

A long side-parted bob is more of a sassy cut. When your hair is pulled behind the face from the back, your hair is one length. When brought forward, your hair from the front has been cut at a subtle angle, allowing your hair to have many dimensions from any angle your hair is looked at.

For styling, invest in a quality sea salt spray! Try Maria Nila products which are 100% vegan. It sounds almost decades old, but mousse is fantastic to add to wet hair because it adds more volume to the root area.

Avoid a one-length lob hairstyle if your hair does not agree with humidity. If you still want the look, you can get a treatment that fights against humidity, like Kerastraight, which eliminates frizz from your hair.

#60: Layered Lob with Honey Highlights

Go for a sun-kissed bob with honey tones on a long layered bob haircut. You can brighten and freshen up a bob by adding a little dimension. Less is almost always more. I love that the wispy layers give it a breezy, natural look that compliments the color. This haircut is very versatile for many face shapes. You can add a large bang/fringe to help soften a short forehead or hide a wide forehead. It hits shoulder length, drawing attention downward and helping elongate a round face.

To wear your hair like this, use a lightweight blow-dry cream to smooth and tame frizz like Pureology Antisplit Blow Dry Cream. I also like something for a little bounce, like Redken Velvet Gelatin. Lastly, a heat protectant spray with a light hold, like Redken Iron Shape, is a must when smoothing or waving.

#61: Long Textured Bob with a Middle Part

The textured bob is for the girl who wants a cool current look but doesn’t want the shortest haircut. It’s an inspiring mid-length cut, so you don’t have to chop off all your hair to achieve it!

First, remember that you should always put in a leave-in conditioner on wet hair, like L’anza Leave-In or Unite 75 Seconds leave-in spray. Try to put it all over your hair and ends and let it air dry, or blow it out with a paddle brush. Then, use a curling or flat iron to put in some loose waves and finish off the bob with a texture spray like Oribe Texturizing Spray. To hold the look, use Redken 12 versatile hairspray. It provides excellent hold without being overly strong or sticky!

No matter how you dry (air dry or blow-dry), you have to finish it off with a 1-1 1/2-inch curling iron or flat iron to create these waves. Leave the ends out as you curl to create this sexy, lived-in hairstyle.

Long bob hairstyle for fine hair
Instagram @edergalarreta

#62: Perfect Long Bob for Fine Hair

This bob is sophisticated. Creating the length in the front helps elongate the face and shows off the neck. I love this haircut because I feel everyone can wear it. It is just simply a classic bob. You can switch the part to the middle or side to create a different lob.

This is the perfect haircut for women with fine, thin hair because you can cut a blunt, hard line with no layers, making your hair look thicker and fuller. If you have thick hair, your stylist may cut layers to create movement in your hair and also help it lay better. Try adding in a swoop bang. It gives it an asymmetrical look without really cutting it asymmetrically. This haircut is easy and can be worn, tousled, or styled for any event.

Try some men’s grooming paste. I prefer a matte paste and just run it through the tips of the hair creating points and texture.

Fresh Lob with Metallic Undertones
Instagram @maloriemhair

#63: Fresh Lob with Metallic Undertones

This lob is young and fresh! I love the metallic undertones of this smokey blue. It’s so interesting and different. When considering this lob, go for the length if you’re more inclined to put in the extra effort to style your hair. It’s quick and easy, but there is still enough hair for a ponytail.

To style this haircut like this, start with a great base product and use something that gives extra hold, like Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity cream. It is a volumizing blowout cream with enough tack to hold your heat styling. Finish with a light hold paste and mess things up to bring out that texture!

#64: Blonde Balayage Bob with Curls

A blonde balayage on curly hair is not for the faint of heart. A cut like this is universally flattering and looks great straight or curly. This cut is an effortless and modern update. There is no awkward grow-in, so there are no downsides to taking the plunge!

super straight brown mid-length bob
Instagram @hairbyrosiviot

#65: Super Straight Brown Mid-Length Bob

If you’re looking for a classy haircut, try a mid-length bob created with scissors from the back of the haircut to the front, creating a dramatic look. For styling at home, get Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum. Use this product when hair is damp and then blow-dry for a smooth and shiny finish. Anyone can rock this dark hairstyle! As a stylist, it is essential to know that your stylist should analyze your hair and customize the cut for her regarding texturizing, length, etc.

long razor cut bob hairstyle
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#66: Long Razor Cut Bob

For a flirty bob, try an angled, one-length cut that’s razored. It can still be considered a classic bob, even though it has a more modern look. Prep your hair with some Oribe Supershine Light Moisturizing Creme just on your ends before blow-drying, and use a flat brush to smooth your hair straight. After blow-drying, add some loose curls.

A long bob haircut for straight hair is easy to maintain and grows out very nicely, so it fits almost any lifestyle. You can adjust the length/shape of this haircut depending on the face shape, but this cut looks perfect on all face shapes and hair types.

Long A-Line Bob with Long Layers
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#67: Long A-Line Bob with Long Layers

If you want a bold look, try a stacked, long A-line bob with layers that give texture. My favorite thing is that it is easy to style and helpful when you have fine thin hair to add much-needed volume. I recommend this long a-line cut for a modern yet trendy, easy-to-manage style. It’s a great option if you struggle to get volume in your hair.

#68: Gorgeously Long-Textured Bob

A textured lob haircut is incredibly flattering if you have fine hair and are looking for extra volume. To style, the products you would use to maintain this look depending on your hair texture. You can always start with a heat protectant before using any hot tools. My favorite is the Eimi Thermal Image spray. I also love to finish the look with Redken Wind Blown to separate the ends and show off the texture. I would recommend this cut for any face shape. It works well for thin hair and ladies who have straight hair already. If you have thick or coarse hair, I recommend a longer version to keep weight.

A Very Long Bob with Caramel Highlights
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#69: A Very Long Bob with Caramel Highlights

This is a very long bob with sunkissed highlights and natural balayage to brighten the look. I love this gorgeous longer bob cut because it’s easy to style. Throw a few loose curls in for a beachy look, or smooth and straighten it out for a sleek look.

For styling, I recommend you use a leave-in conditioner before blow-drying, then add a heat protectant oil before styling with heat. Use one 1/4-inch curling iron to throw quick curls in the hair, leaving the ends out of the curling iron. Finish with a flexible hold hairspray, then run your fingers through your hair to loosen up the curls.

Trendy Long Inverted Bob Cut
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#70: Trendy Long Inverted Bob Cut

A long, inverted bob hairstyle is super cute and trendy right now. The most extraordinary thing about a long inverted bob is that you get the length in the front, yet it still feels very lightweight with the shorter length in the back. It’s also super easy to throw in some big waves or straighten it out without taking a lot of time before you go to work, school, or even just out and about!

The styling products you need to maintain a healthy and beautiful cut would be Joico’s Color Therapy shampoo and conditioner or any other Joico shampoos and conditioners for your specific hair type. For styling, use Joico’s Heat Set Blowout Perfecting Creme for a smooth blowout, Joico’s Iron Clad thermal protecting spray for any thermal styling protection, and then finish off with Joico’s Firm Finishing Spray for a great style that lasts all day.

This haircut is for women that have flat, straight hair. This style looks great on all face shapes! Your stylist can spice it up with side bangs, face-framing, or layering. For an easy-going style and a little maintenance, try it out.

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