41 Coolest Braids for Men Right Now

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Braids for men will inspire a fresh new hairstyle for you this year. Braids aren’t only for women; they can work on guys with short, medium, and long hair, too! You can have a braided hairstyle if you have hair at least 2 inches long. 👊

Before your next trip to the barber, check out these trendy pictures of the most popular (and masculine) braids for men!


#1: Long Box Braids in a Ponytail

If you’ve spent time growing out your hair, I suggest these long box braids in a ponytail. They will protect all your hard-earned long hair. Braiding your hair can add length and act as a protective style. It keeps your hair condensed and away from unnecessary friction and snags. Hit up your local braider to consult and ask for a long list of cool braid designs for men!

Cornrows with an Undercut

#2 Cornrows with an Undercut

This is a popular man bun undercut cornrow design. A mixture of small and big cornrows forms a pattern that gives a unique look to the man bun. These cornrows can be in any shape, style, or size for guys’ hair braids. You have to be creative and choose a design that shows your personality. This braided style is easy to maintain whether you have thick or thin hair. This style looks great for kids and adults.

Short hair braids for men

#3 Short Hair Braids

Getting braids for short hair is not easy, but it’s not impossible! Opt for such braid styles for men with thin twists to accentuate your length and style with simple patterns.

Ponytail Braids with Mid-Fade

#4 Ponytail Braids with Mid-Fade

Take a close look at this cool intricate braided ponytail hairstyle that emphasizes those cleanly shaved sides. With long hair like this, you’ll have so much freedom in creating unique mens braid styles.

Box braids man bun

#5 Box Braids Man Bun

Box braids for men are sleek and convenient. These man bun braids will stand the test of time and keep you looking cool without much fuss.

Bun Braids for Curly Hair

#6 Bun Braids for Curly Hair

Bun braids for curly hair are a fun way to show off the natural texture. They look so cool on most dudes! To make the man bun pop out, shave the sides, too. These bun braids for curly hair feature a bald fade undercut with a braided top knot/bun. If you want an undercut, make sure your hair is long enough to push back and/or be able to put in a bun. Thicker or coarse hair on top works best for it to be braided. The hair type could be straight or curly. Both work great with this style. The importance is more on the length and texture.

#7: Cornrows with an Afro Puff

Cornrows with an afro puff are a great way to protect your natural hair while wearing it in a stylish manner. With proper care and a durag to prevent friction, your braids can last 6-8 weeks. Still, it’s ideal to visit your barber every 2-4 weeks. It helps to keep your hairstyle faded and fresh. Also, the barber can keep your facial hair tamed and under control.

Unique and Perfect Braids for Guys
Instagram @restgar_kakaie

#8: Unique and Perfect Braids

These unique and perfect braids are a great choice for guys looking to add flair to their hair. You can choose a classic cornrow style or a more intricate braided design. There are many options for a versatile look suitable for various hair types and lengths. Braids can be a great low-maintenance choice for those who want their hairstyle to look put together. Regular maintenance keeps your braids looking fresh and neat. Prevent dryness and breakage by moisturizing your scalp and hair. Additionally, consider using a satin or silk pillowcase to reduce friction and protect your braids.

Braided and tapered hair
Instagram @boxbraidslm

#9: Braided and Tapered

Getting braided and tapered is turning back to becoming a favorite among men’s hair. The Nipsey 4, named after the late rapper Nipsey Hussle, is a simple yet polished stitch braid style for men. Because there is minimal design, I often suggest this look for men who need a more reserved style for their careers and lifestyles.

#10: Braided Ponytail with a High Fade

The braided ponytail with a high fade is one of the hottest looks for men this season. Such braid designs work best on thick hair with an oval or round face shape. Ask your barber for short to medium length on the sides to get the look. Then, combine with longer layers at the top. Use a light hold pomade like American Crew’s Defining Paste for styling. This can help you give your braid definition and texture before securing it in place. Finish off the look by adding hairspray for extra hold.

#11: Perfectly Braided Hair

Braids are a cool style for guys, and braided hair is achievable with the right technique. Opt for a light hold pomade on damp hair to give it texture and structure before braiding. Use your fingers to keep each strand tight as you progress down, securing it at the end with an elastic band. Pull apart braid loops gently with your fingertips to give your hair extra volume. Or brush them out for a more textured effect.

#12: Dutch Braids with Taper Fade

Ideal for thick or fine hair, these Dutch braids give the illusion of thick hair. These types of braids for men look particularly sharp when styled with a taper fade. Just keep it neat and tight for that fresh and casual effect.

#13: French Braid Hairstyle

French braid hairstyles are becoming increasingly popular among guys. It can give you an elevated look versus a regular man bun or ponytail. Try it with your next haircut and see what all the fuss is about.

Big box braids on gents
Instagram @a.bellapreta

#14: Big Box Braids

Big box braids on gents have gained a vast amount of popularity lately. Visit a hairstylist with hair braiding experience. Suggesting clean, even parts with several braids is vital. Maintenance around man braids with a skin taper and sharp hairline will tie everything together.

#15: Cornrows with Box Braids

Cornrows with box braids take two different men braid styles and transform them into one complete hairstyle. When you tire of the cornrows, you can take them out and have a second style with the box braids. This style can go for an extra couple of weeks if properly maintained. This is a different approach to cornrows men would love!

Short box braids
Instagram @concilias_hair

#16: Short Box Braids

Short box braids are most suitable for young men. If you are interested in dreads but have yet to commit to them, short box braids are the perfect option. A sharp hairline or fade around the side is all needed to keep this style looking crispy.

Long box braids ponytail
Instagram @isso_e_dread

#17: Long Box Braids Ponytail

Long box braids ponytail is a style for men with an active lifestyle. With an active lifestyle, you don’t have time to style and maintain your hair. The ponytail does just that, keeps hair out of the way, and you can go on with your day with no hassle.

#18: Small Box Braids for Men

Small box braids for men are a good option for men growing their hair who need help figuring out what to do once length is achieved. This style can be left in for a couple of weeks if maintained correctly. A skin taper is highly suggested to control all loose hair.

Box braids for men
Instagram @fro.fosho

#19: Tight Box Braids for Men

Of course, guy braids can include dope! Spice up your tight box braids with a mid-length style. Perfect for any hair texture as long as there is some length to it.

Male Braids with Top Knot
Instagram @starsbraidsatl

#20: Male Braids with Top Knot

These male braids and twists are one way of rocking the famous man bun. You can start with these edgy twists, then put all those locks into a high knot for a trendy look.

Beaded Braids with Low Fade
Instagram @jose.crespo_

#21: Beaded Braids with Low Fade

Accessorized with beads, these strawberry braids with a low fade are your hip-hop look of the decade. Put it up in a bun, or let it down. You’ll still ooze with swag and flavor.

Braided Mohawk for Black Men
Instagram @oliviajstyle

#22: Braided Mohawk for Black Men

Go for an extreme hairstyle for black men. Pull those twists into the center for a clean look and shaved sides to make a bold statement!

#23: Stylish Feed-In Braids

Men’s braided hair can always look creative and unique! Get thicker braids when you use feed-ins, and allow yourself to use cool patterns and shapes to complete awesome braided hairstyles for men!

Twist Braids Men Love
Instagram @myrebraids

#24: Twist Braids Men Love

If you want to own men braids, try these exquisite designs. Keep it naturally black for contrast, and work with pro braiders for the best results.

Undercut with Braids Designs
Instagram @taylordddd._

#25: Undercut with Braids Designs

If you’re bored with your long hair and undercut, style it with braids and use a unique design. An undercut emphasizes those cool braids, so take advantage of them.

Small Braids in Cornrow Style for Black Guys
Instagram @val_can_braid

#26: Small Braids in Cornrow Style

Get a sleek braided outcome when you choose to have thin and short cornrow hairstyles for men like this. Work with a pro to get those head-turning neat cornrows for men.

#27: Short Dreads on Guys

Men with short hair – we’ve got you covered! If you’re not up for long locks that are harder to manage, try this look by keeping the dreads on top with gold accessories.

Two-Strand Twists
Instagram @starsbraidsatl

#28: Two-Strand Twists

The timeless two-strand twists are another way to start the locs lifestyle. This look is nothing with that sharp hairline and those angular patterns that add more edge to the look.

#29: Braided Dreadlocks with Beard

Both an eye-catching men’s hairstyle and a powerful statement, these dreadlocks can be done on natural hair of any length using different techniques! Style your dreads any way you want to look impressive.

Side Braids for long hair
Instagram @charlietaylors

#30: Side Braids for Long Hair

This look is suitable for men with shoulder-length hair or longer. It suits most guys, especially those with a good head shape, as it’s head-hugging. Men’s braids can be varied to suit different face shapes, such as fuller or looser.

#31: 3 Long Braids Into 1

It’s time to try a long braid style if you’re tired of your man bun or straight-back long hair. These are the braids hairstyles men with lengthy hair would appreciate. Play with the versatility that long-length hair gives you.

#32: Handsome Fishbone Braids

If someone mentions fishbone male braids, you might second guess that it could work. But this photo proves them wrong. This is a new answer when looking for a powerful style to hold your hair neatly. Start with small, evenly spaced cornrows, then finish with those jumbo braids for a cool look.

Braid Bun with Shaved Design
Instagram @dynotaughtme

#33: Braid Bun with Shaved Design

A braided bun with shaved designs is a trendy style. If you are considering braids for boys, you’re in the right direction. It changes the way you think and the way you get treated. The maintenance is very low and still washable, so you can stay at your finest. This service is pain-free and will last two weeks. Hair has to reach your eyes to braid, and it should have a coarse to fine hair texture. Your options are endless.

African-American Rock Braids
Instagram @yannasbraids

#34: African-American Rock Braids

The triangle twists are light and easy, called the Travis Scott braids. The twists are common for men, but the triangle parts add that new, interesting look! The best time to receive these triangle box braids or twists is while your hair is in its natural state. The twist comes out very nice that way. If possible, shape the twists around the face to portray fullness.

Disconnected Dutch to Fishtail Braids
Instagram @divine.hairdos

#35: Disconnected Dutch to Fishtail Braids

These are Dutch braids that connect all together, forming a fishtail. The best thing about it is the unexpected crossings in the middle! Braid hairstyles for men like this can be rocked in any setting. From work and dinner to a night out with the boys.

#36: Braid Beads for Medium-Length Hair

These braid beads for medium-length hair create a cool-looking style for gents. It’s a men’s braided style that works on natural black kinks the most.

Impressive Zig-Zag Braids
Instagram @esthersbraids

#37: Impressive Zig-Zag Braids

These impressive zig-zag braids are a true masterpiece. A braiding style like this will catch everyone’s attention. If you’re considering these zig zag-part braids, know it works better if you have long hair.

Viking Braids for men
Instagram @_dustyhair

#38: Viking Braids

Ragnar from Vikings inspires this trendy braid design. I loved it because no matter what we did to it – it all fell together. All ages, face shapes, and hair types would be perfect. These cool braids for men are in, and they always will be.

#39: Men Braids with Fade Hairstyle

Consider wearing braids with a fade! Pairing up a clean low fade with a sharp braided pattern will highlight your swag. My preference is longer than four and a half inches. Also, be prepared for uncomfortable pulling on the scalp and maintaining the look after.

#40: Double Man Braid Hairstyle

Longer hair creates a really impressive braid set. However, you could still get an amazing set of two braids for men with shorter hair.

Cool Man Braid Bun on Black Hair
Instagram @twistedbytee

#41: Cool Man Braid Bun on Black Hair

Suave braids that meet to form a nice bun are the type of sway you want. This man braid bun looks so sleek with a black hair color. There are different types of braids for men, but this one is sure to get you noticed.