23 Chic Choppy Bangs for Women That Are Popular for 2022

Choppy bangs are a textured fringe where the length of the bangs is varied. Unlike blunt or straight bangs, choppy bangs are cut a different lengths from one side to the other and are often angled. These textured bangs are a great way to balance long and round face shapes.

Everyone from Reese Witherspoon to Jennifer Lopez has had them and you can too! They draw attention to the eyes, they make almost all styles more modern and they are a fun way to change your look without committing to a totally new haircut. So chop, chop and go get some choppy bangs!

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Cute Choppy Side Bangs

Cute Choppy Side Bangs
Instagram @shannondoingthings

Freshen your bob by pairing it with a subtle side bangs! It blends right in so you can always choose either to pin it away for a brightening look or let them down to the side of your face for a flirty vibe. Short hair with bangs are super trendy right now.

Blunt Choppy Bangs

Blunt Choppy Bangs
Instagram @thehairprojecthtx

Show your fun side by experimenting on these enchanting fashion colors and having a cute choppy straight bangs! Just remember to visit your stylist regularly as these bangs and colors need touch-ups every now and then.

Modern Curly Shag with Fun Bangs

Modern Curly Shag with Fun Bangs hairstyle
Instagram @hairbyjoyce_3

Q&A with style creator, Joyce Landicho
Hairtailor @ Folklore Salon in Los Angeles, CA

How would you describe this look?

This is a modern curly shag with fun bangs.

I love this look because it’s a fantastic length that shows off the texture with a stylish and edgy twist. This shag gives a trendy, tousled look and the pieces that frame her face add some flair.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This style is suitable for fine, thick, curly/wavy, and straight hair. It’s wearable and easy to maintain.

For curly hair, I suggest a curl serum/cream before diffusing to hold curls and create definition. For straight hair, blow dry first, then apply a texture putty/cream for separation and definition.

This haircut is flattering on oval and heart-shaped faces. It can be worn as both a professional and sassy look.

Sophisticated Yet Fun

Sophisticated Yet Fun hairstyle
Instagram @jendoeshaiir

Q&A with style creator, Jenna Martel
Stylist & Colourist @ Rinaldo’s Hair Salon in Ottawa, ON

How would you describe this look?

I would describe this as being a sophisticated yet fun look. It has the sophistication of a straight-across bang, but the choppy texture of this fringe gives it an edgy and playful vibe.

Any advice for someone considering it?

I would suggest this look for a client who wants the look of a straight-across bang but wants versatility as well. Due to the choppy texture of the bang (as opposed to a blunt bang), it gives the client the ability to style it multiple ways. The fringe can be styled forward, as well as off to the side. It can be styled smooth and polished, or messy and undone.

This style looks best on clients with medium to thick hair since the choppiness of the bangs could be too thinning on fine hair. I personally think this is the lowest maintenance version of the straight-across bang. Its versatility makes it very adaptable and manageable for anyone’s lifestyle.

My favorite products to use when styling a choppy fringe are a dry texturizing spray like Davines More Inside Dry Texturizer, a polish and separation spray like Davines Your Hair Assistant Definition Mist, and/or a dry wax pomade like Davines More Inside Forming Pomade. Any product that is going to create definition and a “piece-y” look is going to be your best friend!

Lob with Choppy Bangs

Q&A with style creator, Danielle Badger
Hair Designer @ This or Die Salon in Los Angeles, CA

How would you describe this look?

This is a long bob with bangs with interior layering and a blunt textured fringe. The focal point that gives it that personal flare is the fringe!

Any advice for someone considering it?

This look is for someone that wants that effortless, fashion-inspired style. I only use Surface Hair styling products to get that high performance and vegan quality. Here I used Surface Swirl, a sea salt spray, and Surface Spray Wax. The sea salt spray and wax go on dry hair to give that all over piece-y beach look. If I didn’t use the wax on the fringe, it would appear more blunt and full.

They key to any textured fringe is to style it with a wax to give it that pieced out feel without it looking like a two-year-old took scissors to it. Always ask your stylist about the fullness and style of the fringe and the look you are trying to achieve, because not everyone can pull off the same fringe. It matters what face shape you have and your personal style. You wear the fringe, the fringe does not wear you!

French Girl Cool

French Girl Cool hairstyle
Instagram @beachytexture

Q&A with style creator, Jen Santo Domingo
Master Stylist @ Disconnected Salon in San Diego, CA

How would you describe this look?

For me, this look embodies the term “effortless, French girl cool”. It is sort of a modern day Patti Smith meets Lou Doillon! You could also call it bohemian.

When I create something natural like this, I feel most and home with my craft. The fabric is natural and the shape is customized to your hair.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Anyone who wants this look should be prepared to embrace their natural texture and be ready to have light, effortless hair! This shape can be very versatile. You can wear it short, long, with or without bangs. You can even customize the style or length of bangs as you wish.

Some of my favorite products are by an organic company called Rahua. They make an incredible salt spray that I like to use just at the roots, as well as a super moisturizing styling cream. I am pretty conscious of what I put on my skin and hair, so I always feel great recommending these products. Not to mention that what we put on our hair goes down our drains!

Natural & Effortless

natural & effortless
Instagram @jaiden_edwardsandco

This style is a modern take on an early 70s look.

The bangs are choppy and not too perfect which really suits the style. The look is feminine and soft. If you already have a beautiful natural wave to your hair texture, embrace and enhance it to make it natural and effortless.

This look is great for women with a laid-back, low-maintenance lifestyle. Women with natural waves and texture to their hair will have an easier time achieving this look. Because it’s so versatile, it’s great for any face shape.

Shag with Straight Across Textured Bang

Shag with Straight Across Textured Bang hairstyle
Instagram @katienicoleee

Q&A with style creator, Katie Nicole Eddins
Hairstylist @ Entrust Hair Salon in Portland, OR

How would you describe this look?

So I would consider this look to be a mild, easier to style shag with a straight across and textured bang. The bang can also be customized shorter or longer depending on what the client is comfortable with. It can be even more or less choppy as well. It all depends on if they want it to whisper, talk, or shout!

Any advice for someone considering it?

I always make sure the client has enough hair to make a bang in the first place. Some people have extremely weak hairlines or too straight of hair for a heavy bang. I also take into consideration the texture of their hair and if they want to style it daily or are able to live with a messier fringe. Lifestyle plays a huge role with bangs.

Some people don’t like to use product either. For this look, it’s important to use product to help define and create that textured, piecey look. If I don’t think the client has enough forehead, I will steer them away or toward more of a side-swept bang. It’s mainly just most important to know that if you’re considering bangs that you are going to have to style them.

Curved Full Fringe

Q&A with style creator, Richelle Brigola
Stylist / Salon Owner @ Solo Capelli in Eugene, OR

How would you describe this look?

I would describe this look as a curved full fringe. This is a classic look that adds polish and glamour to almost any length of hair while framing the face and eyes.

My favorite thing about this style of fringe is that it works on most types of hair and face shapes, but is especially nice for women whose hairlines are deep or receding at the temple, or they have finer hair. It is also very versatile. You can wear this look longer so it just skims the bridge of the nose, add texture, change the part line, or up your ponytail game!

Any advice for someone considering it?

I would advise a client to really make sure they are committed to embracing bangs for a while. A fuller fringe is a bit harder to grow out than wispy bangs. There will also be a bit more maintenance involved because this look should be trimmed up every four to six weeks to keep the bangs out of your eyes.

This look works best for those ladies with straight hair or who use either a blow dryer/round brush combo or a flat iron and don’t mind styling their locks each day. If your hair is straight, I recommend a volumizer to keep the hair from being too flat. I used Creative Volumizing Foam by Solo Capelli Studio Line for the look shown here. If your hair is coarse or has some wave, I suggest a smoothing product such as Straight & Smooth Balm by Solo Capelli Studio Line.

Overall, this fringe style works for all face shapes. The look can be completely customized for an individual’s face shape by adjusting the length and texturizing. It’s an awesome style that is really trending right now and brings a fresh, youthful look to each person!

Earthy Pixie

Earthy Pixie hairstyle
Instagram @crambert

Q&A with style creator, Corey Lambert
Hairstylist @ Tease Salon in Knoxville, TN

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

This look is Lydia Deetz meets earthy pixie. It’s playful yet edgy.

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

I recommned Kevin Murphy Night.Rider because it separates and holds. Pair that product with a few days of not washing your hair to avoid too much fluff!

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

I have found that baby bangs go surprisingly well with so many face shapes! They are feminine and bold. I would say they are for girls who don’t care to stand out with their hair and also like it out of their face.

Textured Lob with Choppy Bangs

Q&A with style creator, Cara Robertson
Holistic Hair Designer @ Spatacular Escapes in Mechanicsburg, PA

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

I would describe this look as a textured lob with choppy bangs. My favorite thing about this look is the chopped bangs because they enhance the cut, giving it a soft yet edgy feel.

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

To recreate this look, I recommend using a pomade and a texture spray. I used a 1-inch Marcel curling iron to give some movement in the hair, then defined the waves and bangs with Oway Boho Pomade to give it a more piecey look. I finished with Oway Salt Spray for texture and hold.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

This look is great to soften someone with a more square or round face shape, and also give a client with a finer hair texture more volume and fullness. I feel that it is very universal look and can be finished with a smooth or fun textured style.

Brow-Skimming Bangs

Brow-Skimming Bangs hairstyle
Instagram @kandcohair

Q&A with style creator, Kelly LaPointe
Hairdresser and Founder @ K&Co Hairdressing in Edina, MN

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

The look we were going for when creating this shape was an undone, effortless and modern shape. The loose, brow-skimming bangs give this style an added level of chicness.

My favorite thing about this haircut is that the haircut will do all of the work! Her wavy texture will add ease when styling so she won’t be slave to it. Also, the bangs are cut in a way that allow her natural movement to work easily while framing her beautiful face.

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

To recreate this look, begin by applying UNITE 7-Seconds Leave-In Conditioner to protect the hair and add shine. The most important thing is to dry your bangs shortly after shampooing using a small cushion brush to control cowlicks and tame them into shape. Allow the rest of your hair to air dry or dry on low speed with high heat while blowing down the strand and shaking texture into it.

Finish this look by working UNITE Texturiza through the shape to build up the lived-in finish. This look can also be polished by incorporating a flat iron into the mix, creating soft S-waves and a loose bend. For off days, the essential product is UNITE Refresher Dry Shampoo. This saves loads of time each day since you can skip shampoo and drying the hair and just freshen up the bangs!

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

I recommend this hairstyle for the majority of face shapes. A knowledgable stylist will know how to tailor the bangs to contour all face shapes so they draw attention to the best features. Straight and wavy hair would benefit the most from this shape.

Also, for anyone who wants to have bold style with minimal work, this is a great route to go.  You can throw your hair into a messy pony and let the choppy bangs be the focal point!

Modern Bob

Modern Bob hairstyle
Instagram @peachiehair

Q&A with style creator, Jenna Pitocco
Hair Colorist/Stylist @ Pembley Salon in New York, NY

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

This look is for my clients who sit down and say, “I’ve been doing the same thing forever and I just need a change.” The classic bob will never go out of style, obviously, but the way to keep a classic look modern is by changing the way you style it (beachy waves) and accessorize it (bangs).

My favorite thing about this haircut is how it translates into so many styles and looks. This client is one of my coolest clients. You should see her in her leather coat with this hair! Another client with a similar haircut to this rocks it in a topknot all the time, but it doesn’t look lazy, messy or forgotten.

The bangs add a whole new element to keep the hair looking put together. It’s amazing for those days you have to rush out and don’t have time to style your hair down. Whether your wear this haircut with beachy waves, straight, or up, the texture in it adds the modern element needed to update a classic look.

I always say that bangs warm up a face so much. I feel like they make you more inviting and approachable!

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

As far as products go to recreate this look, I want to give a few options. Some of my clients take the time to properly style their hair in the morning, and the other half is the air dry crew. I keep this in mind while I’m cutting so that the haircut is functional either way. The way the texture is put in, it’s perfect for air drying, but looks so cute if styled.

For anyone who likes to just let their hair air dry, my go-to product is Wella’s Ocean Spritz. I tell everyone to tousle their hair after the shower, make sure your part is correct, and let the hair get to about 40% to 50% dry. After that, go in and spritz away! This way there’s more product than water taking up the majority of each hair strand, it won’t cause as much frizz, and the product will work to its full ability.

For those who like to properly style, assuming a blow dryer will be involved, I’ll share two things. Regardless of a rough dry or a blowout, I’d again start with the Ocean Spritz. For these beachy waves, you want to have that little bit of texture added from a product because not everyone has hair that can hold a wave or curl! You can create this look using a Mason Pearson brush or a round brush along with a blow dryer, twisting the brush as it goes through the hair. Once the hair is dried like that, end the look with Evo’s She-Bang-A-Bang Dry Spray Wax. This product is awesome! It’s a spray wax that will help hold a look and define the waves, but it won’t feel like hairspray is in the hair.

If someone is rough drying their hair, once it’s completely dry they can section it off and use either a curling iron or wand on medium heat. Taking small sections at a time, alternate the direction of each curl. This way the waves will collide and get a messier look, looking like a beach wave. Finger comb afterwards and again, throw in the Spray Wax!

I want everyone, regardless of what their routine is, to have an option to create a desired look. Anyone who lets their hair air dry or they want to put in minimal effort, I make sure they know they might not achieve the exact look unless they want to put in the extra time using a dryer or hot tools. The longer styling method can be worth it because it’ll last for a few days!

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

I recommend this look for a wide range of clients. As long as you’re seeing the right person for the job, this cut can work with many hair textures. This client has very fine, short hair. Keeping the shorter blunt with a heavy weightline creates a fuller look to her hair. She had been debating the bangs for a little while and we finally cut them. I don’t think she’ll be without them for a while!

Honestly I’ve cut all other hair textures into this look and it works! The only difference between each head of hair is the techniques you’re using to cut, that’s why I express the importance of seeing the right person for the job. Each cut could look identical, but it was not the same journey to get there. For example, if someone with curly hair sat down and someone with fine hair sat down and both asked for this cut, they would each get an entirely different cut but a similar end result.

For face shapes, this cut can be used to accentuate certain angles or to eliminate them. For someone with a square shape, this works awesome to show off that jawline with the line of the bangs and the lines from the bob. For someone with a round face, this will help to cut into the shape and if you keep a little more length in the bob itself, it’ll “elongate” the face some.

Clients often talk about their forehead during consultations. My recommendation? Do what you want! Bangs can work on all foreheads! All that is altered is the style, whether you get curtain bangs, baby bangs, blunt bangs, or textured bangs. A popular inspiration for this cut at all different lengths, all different styles and all different bangs is Alexa Chung. I reference her a lot to show how versatile “a bob with bangs” can be. She’s done it all!

Now for my favorite part about this haircut? It literally goes with any lifestyle. No kidding. I have clients that are managers at trendy NYC music halls, lawyers, jet-setters, even fitness instructors. There will always be maintenance with the bangs so not only do I offer complimentary bang trims to my clients, but I also show them ways to carefully trim them at home if need be. My girls always gotta be looking good!

Choppy Baby Bangs

Q&A with style creator, Angela Guariglia
Hairstylist @ Fringe Baltimore in Baltimore, MD

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

This cut features textured layers and choppy baby bangs. I love the movement the razor gives to her layers and the “piece-yness” in her bangs.

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

The products I used were Volume Whip and Undone Texture Spray, both Paul Mitchell products from the Invisiblewear line. I love to use this line on people who don’t like to FEEL product in their hair. It is also great for fine hair as it gives that textured and effortless look without weighing the hair down.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

My client is a musician. Her hair had grown out and she was feeling a little too “blah”. We brought her baby bangs back to give her that edge again.

Bangs are a commitments o I always ask the client their styling habits before taking the plunge. A little effort is required, even for effortless looks! I recommend this look for someone who wants a funkier style, but doesn’t want to spend hours styling.

Long Layered Haircut with Choppy Bangs

This is a beautiful, long layered haircut with choppy bangs and beautiful hair highlights to accentuate the layers.

Long layered haircut with choppy bangs
Instagram @chrisweberhair

How To Style:
Blow-dry with a large round brush then curl with a medium curling iron. Tousle with a working spray.

Recommended Hair Products:
Tigi’s Rock Curl Amplifier, Tigi ‘s Catwalk Work It hairspray

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:
Oval, diamond, and square face shape. Fine to medium density or curly hair.

Tip: Curl hair in one-inch sections, for maximum control.

Square Layered Haircut

A square layered haircut, heavily colored for emphasis on texture and layers, with a light wispy bang.

Squared medium length hairstyle with choppy bangs
Instagram @fabiennefoulquier

How To Style:
Use a square vent brush and blow dry for volume.

Recommended Hair Products:
Kevin Murphy’s Anti-Gravity Gel.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:
Oval face shapes and really fine or medium straight hair.

Tip: Use a flat iron for maximum shine.

Textured Haircut with Choppy Bangs

textured haircut with choppy bangs
Instagram @tyler_the_hairstylist

This multi-texture haircut is big and full of life. It’s loaded with color at the bottom and choppy bangs for extra impact.

To style, apply a light gel at the roots. Blow this haircut out with a medium round brush, finish with a working/ finishing spray and make it big!Kevin Murphy’s Anti-Gravity, finish with Rob’s working spray.

Right side swept bangs

This asymmetrical cut has had some heavy texture and a heavily textured bangs.

Asymmetrical haircut with side swept choppy bangs

How To Style:
Using a flat brush, blow the hair from right to left, and up, finish with a heavy hold spray.

Recommended Hair Products:
Rusk Mousse, Oribe Superfine Strong Hairspray.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:
Oval, diamond, triangular face shape, fine to medium hair.

Tip: Lift roots on the shorter side, and then spray with heavy hold hairspray.

On a Jaw-Length Blunt Bob

Choppy bangs on a jaw-length blunt bob cut
Instagram @kycutwilson

A blunt bob paired with choppy bangs adds amazing contrast and overall dimension to the cut.

To style, use a light gel, blow-dry with a medium round brush. Separately blow-dry the bangs with a small round brush. Try Redkin’s Layer Lift Elevate Spray Gel. Finish by spraing with a light shine spray like Aveda’s Brilliance Spray Shine for maximum shimmer. Oval and round face shapes. Thick to medium density hair.

From soccer mom to soccer bomb!

This is a basic bob that has been softened around the bottom and around the face with a choppy diagonal bang.

Medium bob hair with small choppy bangs

How To Style:
Use a light spray gel or mousse, then blow dry with a medium round brush.

Recommended Hair Products:
Aveda’s Flax Seed Aloe spray gel.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:
Oval and round face shapes, with medium density and wavy to straight hair.

Tip: Spray light spray gel at roots for maximum volume.

Layered Short Shag with Fringe

Layered Short Shag with Fringe
Instagram @brianaguilarhair

Best on your hair’s natural wavy texture, this trend features a layered short shag with a fringe. Go for this neck-grazing choppy bob to achieve a very relaxed style, perfect for your dark tresses.

What next?

This haircut is an angled bob, shorter in the back, with a wispy bang.

Angled bob with choppy bangs

How To Style:
Blow-dry with a gel, using a medium round brush.

Recommended Hair Products:
Sidlab’s Haute 3 hair gel.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:
Round and oval face shapes work great. Wavy, straight, fine or medium hair types.

Tip: Smooth out the ends with a flat iron.

Looking bright

This little boy’s haircut looks great on a girl. Short on the sides and the crown, longer on top, with a really choppy bang.

Super short haircut with short choppy bangs

How To Style:
Less is more. Blow-dry with your hands and style with light pomade.

Recommended Hair Products:
Try Prive Men’s Grooming Crème.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:
Oval, and square face. Virtually all hair types.

Tip: Run fingers back and fourth across the top for maximum visual texture.

These bangs really pack a punch! Whether its wispy, diagonal, choppy or blunt, bangs really change the look of any haircut. Bangs can be styled with a curling iron for volume, or straightened with a flat iron for a totally different look. Best of all, they can be side swept and blended into any haircut when less is more. So what are you waiting for? Chop, chop those bangs!

Looking for more chop? Check out these choppy hairstyle ideas and for short choppy hair too.