57 Flattering Medium-Length Hairstyles for Thin Hair to Look Fuller

Medium-length hairstyles for thin hair
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Hairstyles that are medium-length work great for thin hair because the length can easily be textured and layered without weighing your hair down too much or having a haircut that’s too short.

When looking for hairstyles for medium-length thin hair or fine hair consider your face shape and styling routine. Generally, mid-length hair requires less styling time. However, if you have thin hair, you’ll need to spend more time teasing your hair to create more volume. A longer face shape will benefit more from bangs. Talk with your hairstylist about your hair’s density and how much time you have to style your hair in the morning to see if bangs could be an option for you.

Buying high-quality hair products designed specifically for thin/fine hair is important. Frequently trims to keep your hair around shoulder-length will also help your hair become healthier, which can contribute to the illusion of fullness.

So before your next haircut, check out these photos of the most flattering medium-length hairstyles for fine hair.

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Mid-Length Wavy Blonde Hair with Layers for Fine Hair Types
Instagram @hairxcatherine

#1: Wavy Blonde Hair with Layers

Do you want to achieve a fuller, beach-wave look for your thin hair? Layered medium-length haircuts are the perfect style choice. A balance of long and short layers is key to creating an even, full look. This won’t be hard to style if you have the right products. I recommend using texturizing products like Frederic Fekkai’s Soleil Beach Wave spray. It provides a weightless texture without added bulkiness, creating body and movement. Plus, it creates the illusion of more voluminous tresses.

Thin Pink and Tousled Lob
Instagram @anhcotran

#2: Thin Pink and Tousled Lob

A thin, pink, and tousled lob is a great hairstyle. If your hair is thin, adding a long bob can give you more length and body. The ideal length for a long bob is around the shoulders and collarbones. Layers on top can add height while keeping fullness at the sides.

Crown Layers and Volume for Mid-Length Fine Hair
Instagram @eastonhair

#3: Crown Layers and Volume for Fine Hair

Consider adding crown layers and volume to fine hair if you’re aiming for depth and fullness in thin mid-length hair. Request layers around the crown to create lift and movement for an airy look. These layers are beneficial for fine hair, adding texture without affecting length. To achieve this style, start with damp hair and apply a lightweight volumizing mousse from roots to ends. Using a round brush, blow dry the hair and focus on lifting the roots for added volume. Consider a texturizing spray or dry shampoo at the crown for a boost.

Medium-Length Golden Blonde Balayage for Fine Hair
Instagram @nothingobvious

#4: Golden Blonde Balayage for Fine Hair

This golden blonde balayage for fine hair is perfect for women. Especially those looking to add dimension to their locks. Did you know that soft, natural-looking waves created by the balayage help to give the hair a full appearance? This hairstyle is best for those with fine hair. The length and layering help to create the illusion of thickness and body.

#5: Collarbone-Length Straight Blonde Hair

If you want a chic look, collarbone-length straight blonde hair is perfect. This versatile style falls just above the collarbone. It creates a flattering frame for the face. The straight texture adds a sleek and polished appearance, enhancing the overall glam. This hairstyle allows easy styling, whether you prefer a sleek and smooth look or gentle waves for added texture.

#6: Sleek Fine Hair with a Side Part

With fine hair, it can be a great idea to part your hair with a deep part on the opposite side you normally wear it. Changing up the part will naturally give you more body in the crown. Be aware that one side will look thicker with the part. It helps to get a blunt medium-length style. Sometimes long, fine hair can start to look too thin, so medium to short is a suitable length.

Medium-Length Blonde Hair with Volume for Fine Hair on women with heart shaped faces
Instagram @studio_mostton

#7: Medium-Length Blonde Hair with Volume

A voluminous medium-length blonde hairstyle is very trendy. It’s always a win when you can add body to medium-fine hair textures. If you want body and volume, ask for a blunt perimeter with disconnected layers for some crown volume. Adding hot rollers to your hair until they have completely cooled will give your hair all day hold. It will give your hair a much fuller style.

#8: Wavy Ginger Hair and Wispy Layers

An experienced hairstylist can give you wispy layers in your style to create a fuller look. They may use point cutting technique to diffuse the ends of the layers. This makes them blend seamlessly into the rest of your hair. And it gives the illusion of thicker locks and makes your hair look voluminous. Hair looks at its absolute best when you finish your style with products. Ask your stylist about a texture spray or mousse to keep your hair looking good all day!

Half-up style for a long blonde bob
Instagram @jennymitchhair

#9: Half-Up Style for a Long Blonde Bob

If your idea of an updo says that all of your hair has to be pulled away from your face, think again! This half-up style for a long blonde bob says that you can still be elegant and wear your hair down. Show this to your stylist before your next event and ask for a fishtail braid and some curls!

#10: Choppy Blonde Lob

Consider a choppy blonde lob if you want to make a statement with your hair. Platinum hair always stands out because of its brightness. Blunt ends will not only draw the eye to your bold perimeter. It will also make hair look thicker. This is great if you struggle with fine, thin hair. If your hair is naturally limp, you need to ask your stylist for product suggestions, such as a texture spray.

Side Part Brown Medium Hair with Bouncy Layers for Finer Hair
Instagram @koaffyr.se

#11: Side Part Brown Hair with Bouncy Layers

Shoulder-length haircuts are perfect for anyone who prefers medium-length styles. It’s also a great hairstyle for those with longer facial structures or strong jawlines. This particular length is suitable for any thickness of hair. Ask your stylist about layers to your new tresses you want to add some bounce too.

#12: Voluminous Medium Hair with a Deep Side Part

If thin hair is something you struggle with, consider a medium-length bob. Bobs are a great style to bring fullness and body to your hair. Add some face framing and long layers, and you will instantly have a beautiful texture.

Medium Sleek Hairstyle with Front Pieces for Finer Hair
Instagram @vikachekahair

#13: Medium Sleek Hairstyle with Front Pieces

Do you want to keep your overall length but need new flair in your hair? Consider trimming your ends to create a blunt look and add some short face-framing pieces to the hair. This will change the way you look without having to change too much.

#14: Straight Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Spice up your sleek, straight hair with some dimensional highlights. This hairstyle is great for anyone, yet at the same time, not all tones are for everyone. So be sure to ask your stylist what would look best with your skin tone. Highlights and color should be complimentary to your skin tone. They should also enhance your natural beauty.

#15: Center-Parted Medium Haircut with Caramel Color

Try caramel brown if you’re looking for a color that compliments your warm skin color. These hues will bring out the best in your skin. Ask your stylist about products if your hair is unruly and you want it to appear smooth. Especially ones to help with frizz and smoothing.

Medium-Length Vanilla Blonde Bob for Fine Hair
Instagram @fabbianosouza

#16: Medium-Length Vanilla Blonde Bob

Enhance your face and skin tone with a vanilla blonde, medium-length bob! Have your stylist add subtle layers for a more flowy look. Using volumizing or thickening products will help give your hair a fuller, thicker appearance.

#17: Platinum Feathered Layers on a Mid-Length Cut

Have your stylist add some feathered layers if you want to enhance your platinum color with a mid-length cut. The layers will help add volume and body. The bold, platinum color can be maintained with color-enhancing products. Use a light thickening or volumizing spray or cream to add more bounce.

Blowout Style on a Round Medium-Length Bob for Fine Hair
Instagram @cinstyleshair

#18: Blowout Style on a Round Bob

Have you ever wondered how to make this blowout style on a round bob at home? You can make this easy if you prep and have all the tools necessary to make this process fly by with just a few simple steps. First, you’ll want to start with freshly washed hair that has been towel dried to soak up excess moisture. Make sure to detangle before and after with a detangling comb or brush. Next, apply a spray, lightweight heat protectant roots to the ends and layer with a volumizing foam. Focus on the roots and apply through the ends as needed. After completing your prep steps, start drying your hair section by section using Revlon’s blow-dry round brush combo. Slow and steady wins the race, but this blow-dry will last you up to a week with proper care in between!

Milk Chocolate Color on a Choppy Mid-Length Cut for Fine Hair
Instagram @hairbynathi

#19: Milk Chocolate Color on a Choppy Cut

Are you looking to brighten up your dark hair? A milk chocolate color on a choppy cut is perfectly subtle because these colors blend naturally together. This style will make your flat dark locks pop again.

Medium-Length Beige Balayage Bob with Curtain Bangs for Fine Hair
Instagram @kyrajlopez

#20: Beige Balayage Bob with Curtain Bangs

A beige balayage bob with curtain bangs always looks refreshing! You can ask your stylist to custom mix a gloss or toner that compliments your skin tone and style. Consult for a length of bob that flatters your oval face shape. Make sure you have a round brush at home, as this can help keep your new bangs blown out and look salon fresh daily.

Highlighted Blunt Lob for Fine Hair Textures
Instagram @audrauncaged

#21: Highlighted Blunt Lob

Searching for a medium hairstyle that will suit you? This highlighted blunt bob includes a collarbone, shoulder sweeping length with delicate highlight coloring. This style is versatile for wearing straight or curled.

Medium-Length Soft Beach Waves and Light Bangs for Fine Hair
Instagram @eastonhair

#22: Soft Beach Waves and Light Bangs

Soft beach waves and light bangs can be your next makeover haircut. Your strands will feel refreshed in a medium-length shape with a cute fringe. If you don’t have a natural wave, create some quick texture with an iron, leaving the ends out for a beachy finish. If you are bored with your color, consider a brunette hairstyle, and enjoy a richer shade that reflects the light for maximum shine.

Side-Parted Collarbone-Length Bob with a Face Frame for Fine Hair Types
Instagram @romeufelipe

#23: Side-Parted Collarbone Bob with a Face Frame

Love your hair again with this side-parted collarbone-length bob with a face frame. Your new hair can be worn straight or with curls brushed with fingers for a soft beach wave. Finish with hairspray for an all-day hold.

#24: Light Layers and Side-Swept Bangs in Mid-Length Hairstyle for Thin Hair

Stylist Kelly cut light layers onto thin medium hair for a full-volume package. Opt for a deep side part, and long curtain bangs to style medium-length cuts for fine hair and bring out an illusion of added height to the crown area.

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Sleek Long Inverted Bob with Dark Hair
Instagram @naty_estilos

#25: Sleek Long Inverted Bob with Dark, Fine Hair

Make the most of your thin straight hair with a mid-length inverted bob cut, plus a simple brunette balayage that goes with the season! Medium inverted haircuts with a sleek texture like this make a stunning hairstyle for fine hair. The asymmetrical cut makes it easier to maintain without making it less stylish.

Mid-Length Curly Hairstyle
Instagram @daniela.dar

#26: Feminine Mid-Length Curly Hair

This mid-length curly hair is very soft and feminine. With this collarbone length, you have two options: going for a longer bob where it’s shorter in the back, longer in the front (A-line perimeter), or the opposite, longer in the back and shorter around the face.

Curly, wavy medium-length hair always craves moisture! It needs good organic, water-based botanical products meaning when women choose a shampoo, conditioning cleanser, gel, or cream. It’s important to see first if the ingredient has water! If it starts with oil or silicone – don’t buy it. It will dry your hair long-term. Using too many oils on your hair is not recommended because it coats around your hair shaft and prevents moisture from penetrating.

Medium Bright Blonde Subtle Texture for Fine Hair
Instagram @salsalhair

#27: Bright Blonde Subtle Texture

Reimagine your naturally dark blonde hair with subtle texture and a splash of bright blonde color. If you’re going for a simple wash-and-go look or just want to make your blonde shade sparkle, this specific cut and color combo is one of the easiest solutions. The wispier and shaggier your cut, the less effort you’ll need to keep it styled and maintained – especially if you leave a tiny bit of natural color at your roots.

#28: Blonde Balayage Blowout

A common request in a salon experience is a blonde balayage blowout. Based on the parting, it can open up your features or give the illusion of fullness. During the consultation, ask for dimension. Use your natural color and placements that compliment how you wear your hair.

Cute Medium-Length Layered Brunette with Wispy Fringe for Fine Hair
Instagram @anhcotran

#29: Cute Layered Brunette with Wispy Fringe

Ask for a layered brunette combined with a wispy fringe to enhance your fine hair while keeping your length. Adding layers is one of the best ways to give your long hair volume. Ask your stylist to give you a long shaggy cut with wispy bangs.

Medium Choppy Blonde Hair with Dark Roots for Fine Hair
Instagram @hirohair

#30: Choppy Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

Growing out, an all-over blonde can look grungy or lived in. Be aware of all the styles you’d like so you are confident in what you ask for. Choppy blonde hair with dark roots, for example, is a modern style that is easy to manage, especially on straight to wavy textures.

Mid-Length Layered Hair for Added Volume
Instagram @hirohair

#31: Mid-Length Layered Hair for Added Volume

Long layers are a great option for medium-length hairstyles for fine hair because the additional layering removes your hair’s natural weight, which allows it to be more airy and fuller looking.

Short Layers and Face-Framing Highlights for Medium Fine Hair
Instagram @maurilima_

#32: Short Layers and Face-Framing Highlights for Fine Hair

This updated version of a long graduated bob with textured layers and a fresh balayage gives this shoulder-length hair a modern approach to an old classic. You can add curtain bangs to flatter your face shape when considering medium-length hairstyles for fine hair. You may need to add a new product to your regimen or a curling iron to help achieve your results. Sitting in the chair while the service is being performed is the perfect time to ask your stylist for a quick tutorial on styling your new hairdo.

#33: Modern Long Angled Bob with Curled Ends

A long angled bob with curled ends is a great style to modernize the bob, especially for women with finer hair. The length being longer as it flows over the shoulders creates an angled shape that keeps fullness in your bob but brings it up to date. For days when you want some extra styling, try curling the ends to give some texture and extra fullness to your new bob.

Medium braided pompadour hairstyle for fine hair
Instagram @byannlykke

#34: Medium Braided Pompadour Hairstyle

A medium braided pompadour hairstyle creates a sophisticated look and can be an excellent option for humid days. This elaborate hairstyle features one giant braid and a low bun, which make an excellent hairdo for various social events.

Sophisticated Medium Cut with V-Cut Layers for Fine Hair Types
Instagram @asiang_salon

#35: Sophisticated Medium Cut with V-Cut Layers

Try a medium cut with v-cut layers if you want to change the style of your long hair without chopping it off. The v-taper adds interest and would work best on straighter hair. This style will require trims every 8-10 weeks to keep it looking fresh.

#36: Messy Updo for a Medium Cut

A messy updo for medium-cut hair is the go-to hairdo if you want to rock your prom. Styling this hairdo involves curling your hair with a curling iron before putting it up. Once you have those curls, it’s easier for you to twist them and pin them all in for a tousled romantic style.

#37: Modern Mid-Length Shaggy Bob

A modern mid-length shaggy bob is all the rage. A shag haircut has lots of layers and looks fantastic, but make sure you are ready to take that plunge. This style works well on either curly hair or straight hair. If you’re doing minimal work for a natural-looking finish, this might be the cut suited for you.

Jennifer Aniston's medium face-framing cut for straight hair
Instagram @marianna_070

#38: Jennifer Aniston’s Medium Face-Framing Cut for Straight Hair

Jennifer Aniston’s medium face-framing cut for straight hair exudes elegance. This cut is achievable with a little help from leave-in conditioners. These conditioners offer thermal protection. It ensures more durability for styling while shielding your hair from unwanted hair damage.

#39: Soft Feathery Cut for Medium-Length Hair

A feathery cut for medium-length hair gives major 80s vibes. Face-framing layers with a round brush style give the appropriate fullness and softness to accentuate the face shape truly.

Waves on Blunt Lob for Women Over 40
Instagram @williammleite

#40: Waves on Blunt Lob for Women Over 40

A one-length blunt cut like this is a great option when finding cute shoulder-length hairstyles and cuts for fine hair. It helps frame your face and accentuates your bone structure. Style with waves plus contrasting highlights, and you’ll get lots of movement when wearing blunt medium-length haircuts for thin hair.

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trendy wavy mid-length lob haircut for thin hair
Instagram @bangmyhair

#41: Trendy Wavy Mid-Length Lob Haircut for Thin Hair

Ease into a short cut by cutting your thin hair mid-length, and go for the modern wave hairstyle for a versatile look. With these medium-length angelic waves, you’ll experience the best of both worlds. The platinum style is sure to match razored ends, resulting in a more textured look.

#42: Collarbone-Length Edgy Razor Cut

A collarbone-length edgy razor cut is super trendy. The frayed cut in medium hair makes women with thinning hair look more modern and gives a light volume to their hair.

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#43: Brown Choppy Lob with Medium-Length Layers and Highlights

Featuring chocolate chestnut hair, this shoulder-length cut is very easy and effective in giving your beautiful mane depth. The layered ends create a trendy choppy lob style that adds a soft edge for women with fine, brown hair.

Cute cut for straight fine medium hair
Instagram @vdahair

#44: Cute Cut for Straight Fine Hair

A cute cut for straight fine hair is effortlessly chic. A sleek lob is a great medium-length hairstyle for women with thin hair. Make sure to use a heat protectant on your hair before flat ironing and some serum to tame flyaways and increase shine.

Effortless collarbone-length shaggy cut for fine-haired women
Instagram @randa.rivera

#45: Effortless Collarbone-Length Shaggy Cut

When it comes to medium haircuts for thin hair, you can’t go wrong with a shag! This cut is back and modernized with sexy layers and blunt ends, creating the perfect shaggy medium-length hairstyles for fine-haired gals. Pair it with blonde hair color, and it will look chic. When styling, apply a mousse to your damp hair for a better-tousled result.

#46: Tousled Medium-Length Haircut for Fine Hair

Join “Team Tousled” with this gorgeous example of medium-layered haircuts for thin hair and give new life to your hair. The combination of waves and highlights makes such a chic and eye-catching style for medium-layered hair.

Medium-length hair with bangs for fine hair
Instagram @lucystanb

#47: Medium-Length Bangs

Medium-length bangs were popular in the early 90s and have made their comeback. Medium-length bob paired with mid-length bangs brushes right below the collarbone. Great for square-shaped faces with no layers and textured ends to soften the line.

#48: Perfect Long Bob for Black Women

A lob is a sleek and simpler choice for medium hairstyles for thin hair over long braids for easy upkeep. It suits black women the most! Shoulder-length hairstyles for fine hair are sassy and go well with round small faces, especially when styled with a center part.

Messy choppy layers for fine mid-length hair
Instagram @trivey

#49: Messy Choppy Layers for Mid-Length Hair

Messy choppy layers for mid-length hair are a wise choice. Medium-length hairstyles for fine hair create added volume and dimension. To achieve this, throw in layers by incorporating a razor cut and slice out those ends to create movement. Layer it up from your cheekbones and add some petals around to frame your face well.

Modern Choppy Hair Cut for Finer Hair
Instagram @giboazhair

#50: Modern Choppy Hair Cut for Finer Hair

A cool shade to pair with a mid-length choppy haircut for finer hair is an atomic blonde for a solid definition. The messy layers and loose waves give an edgy vibe, making it so cute and easy to style. With the shape of medium-length layered haircuts, you can’t go wrong. It almost fits every face shape. Depending on your face shape, you may have to adjust some details (length, fringe, etc.).

The best hair type for the messy lob is fine to medium thick hair. A wavy base would be even more perfect. For blowdrying, use a thickening pre-style spray to give your hair some strength and that bit of fullness. When dry, use a GHD Platinum Styler to add some waves if needed. To finish it off, use a styling serum for definition and control.

Easy layered cut for mid length fine hair and round faces
Instagram @ayhanonluel

#51: Easy Layered Cut for Round Faces

An easy layered cut for round faces is paired with medium-length hairstyles for thin hair. Finer hair tends to lay flat on a round face, adding more width and complementing each other quite well. Medium layered haircuts change the all in all appearance without being too drastic.

#52: Long Messy Bob with Choppy Layers for Mid-Length Hair

This medium-length hairstyle for fine hair has multi-dimensional tones that pop with shattered, choppy layers. You can easily dress this up or down, depending on your mood. No matter how you style this cut, it looks effortlessly chic.

Medium-length haircuts for thin hair are perfect for any fast-paced, get-up-and-go trendsetter. A classic silhouette with an edge is very easy to style. Using any texturizing products (putty, dry texturizing spray, even your favorite dry shampoo!), a quick tousle, and you’re ready to go. Most hair textures can carry this style with the proper personalization and products.

#53: Low-Maintenance Cut for Medium Fine Hair

This low-maintenance cut for medium, fine hair is a slightly triangular, textured long bob with long layers and a soft perimeter.

This haircut is for women with longer hair who are looking for a change but aren’t willing to go short-short. The shape lands right past the awkward length where your hair starts flipping at your shoulder, so there isn’t an awkward moment if you decide to grow it again. You are still able to put it into a ponytail or bun. When styling medium hairstyles for fine hair, it should look great air-dried with some styling cream, blown out straight with smoothing spray or styled with beachy waves using texture spray to finish.

Versatile Medium A-Line Bob for Oval Faces
Instagram @olgakursitis

#54: Versatile Medium A-Line Bob for Oval Faces

This shoulder-length hairstyle for fine hair is an A-line bob haircut parted to one side to create volume on the roots. This cut has so much movement and several styling options. It can be worn with natural curls/waves, styled straight, or curled with an iron. And this length will still go up for women who sometimes need their hair out of their faces.

If you’re considering this hairdo, go for it! It’s so versatile. It can be styled in many ways to look professional, fun, sexy, casual, etc. Plus, it’s flattering on every face shape. Depending on hair texture and look (natural curly vs. straight, etc.), you’ll need to use some products and tools like most looks.

#55: Sweet Layered Shoulder-Length Bob

This is a layered shoulder-length bob that’s easy to recreate at home. Shoulder-length haircuts for fine hair are perfect for women who cannot come in for routine touch-ups every 4-6 weeks. I believe this style is the “power cut” for all the badass women who are always on the go! No more daily fights with long blow drys, curling irons, and tons of products for your fine locks and shoulder-length haircuts!

extra long straight bob with a middle part
Instagram @bethanyschair

#56: Extra Long Straight Bob with a Middle Part

If you have medium-length fine hair and are looking for a wow factor, try a middle part on an extra long straight bob. Straight hair reflects the light and is quite dramatic. Wearing your hair blunt is a great way to make it appear thicker. This style is low-maintenance and easy to care for.

#57: Straight Face-Framing Layers with Bangs

If you’re ready to modernize your medium hair, try straight face-framing layers with bangs. Face-framing layers and bangs add a lot of style to medium hair without sacrificing length. Ask your stylist to angle the front, starting at the chin and working down to the length. A long bang is a great addition and can be worn straight or brushed to the side. A face frame is ideal for changing your style and still having gorgeous mid-length hair.

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