18 Best Dirty Blonde Hair Colors of 2021

Dirty blonde hair colors

Dirty blonde hair is a medium blonde hair color with light brown tones. The brown tones are usually wheat or cappuccino. Dirty blonde pairs well with warmer skin tones and cooler blonde colors. This color can be achieved with naturally blonde hair or by lightening naturally brown hair with darker blonde tones.

Adding this beautiful tone to your hairstyles will definitely make it look awesome. Most women will think about lightening up their hair around the Spring and into Summer, but honestly, it’s a gorgeous look any time of the year! I admit, this dirty blonde trend does appear more amazing on women with darker skin and with various eye colors, as it’s the perfect suntan with beachy hair look.

Having a dirty blonde hairstyle means that whether you have naturally darker hair and are looking to lighten it up, or you have very light blonde hair and want to darken it up, you can achieve your look with either the balayage or foil coloring technique.

Following a proper hair care regimen will keep your hairstyles popping with color. So rather than getting a super-light platinum blonde or a buttery golden blonde, give yourself a dirtier color with one of the blonde hair ideas below.

So before your next hair appointment, check out these popular photos of dirty blonde haircolor ideas:

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Reverse Dirty Blonde Ombre

Reverse Dirty Blonde Ombre
Instagram @tbgsalonstx

A highly textured dirty dark blonde hair root to sexy brunette tips is an ultra-fabulous style to treat yourself with. Adorn your dirty blonde ombre with waves to majorly accentuate that perfect blend!

Dirty Platinum Blonde

Dirty Platinum Blonde
Instagram @tressesbytress

A fantastic metallic shade that suits warm to neutral complexion – this color illuminates your hairstyle when under the light. Perfect for all types and length of hair, whether it be a pixie or this simple straight medium hair.

Dirty Blonde Ombre with Beach Waves

Dirty Blonde Ombre with Beach Waves
Instagram @beautyby_brittanyjean

A dark to light dirty blonde hair with ombre like this is what everyone’s wanting right now. Absolutely beautiful and easy to style!

Dirty Ash Blonde on Shoulder-Length Hair

Dirty Ash Blonde on Shoulder Length Hair
Instagram @mackenziejaymes_

Feel like a beach goddess with this dirty ash blonde hair, paired with a shoulder-length cut, smokey roots and subtle balayage that looks perfect on straight layered hair, This dirty blonde style also a perfect choice for mid-length, thin, fine hair.

Brunette Medium-Length Hair with Honey Highlights

Brunette Medium Length Hair with Honey Highlights
Instagram @brianalea_stylist

Add depth and dimension to your natural dirty blonde hair for a healthier hairstyle with these warm caramel streaks! It’s wonderfully vibrant when combined with dark hair because of the contrast and dimension it brings.

Dirty Bleach Blonde

Dirty Bleach Blonde
Instagram @leannaslovelylocks

A really cool white-as-snow shade like this can bring out the pink in your skin and enhance your hazel eyes, especially if you have blue or grey hints to them. Ideal for wavy lobs and layered cuts.

Light Dirty Blonde

Light Dirty Blonde
Instagram @shannonathairoboston

Go brighter than bright with this light dirty blonde color that looks undeniably pretty on any skin tone. Throw in some babylights and waves for a soft luscious result.

Dirty Blonde Hair with Blonde Highlights

Dirty Blonde Hair with Blonde Highlights
Instagram @beautybyshaylin

This dirty blonde hair style features a contrasting darker ash and lighter honey yet seamlessly melted together that gives you that California beach babe vibes. It’s a softer and warmer version that looks sexy on a blunt cut medium-length straight hair. Hair care is important to maintain the vibrant blonde highlights on dirty blonde hair.

Dirty Blonde Highlights on Brown Curly Hair

Dirty Blonde Highlights on Brown Curly Hair
Instagram @analis_devacurl

An easy way to add spice to your natural brunette curls – adding warm and light golden highlights can revive and freshen up your shade of dirty blonde!

Dirty Blonde with Pink Tips

Dirty blonde with pink tips
Instagram @hairartistamy

Dirty blonde with pink tips is a creative hair color that shows more of your fun personality. The stylist behind this is Amy Gulinello from Londonderry, NH.

It’s ideal for ladies who want a fun pop to their locks without committing to all-over vivid color. Gulinello shares how she achieved the tones. “I did a heavy foil to touch-up the regrowth and to pre-lighten the ends. Then, I made an ombre application with a pink dye,” she notes.

Natural Dirty Blonde Hair Color

This natural dirty blonde hair color is a mix of natural regrowth with some foilayage and a root smudge. “This creates a natural dirty blonde look that can really stretch the length of time between appointments,” says hairstylist and colorist Christine Bellemare of Boston, MA.

“This natural blonde hair color is really great for women who don’t want much upkeep as far as color is concerned,” says Bellemare. “The technique works for every type of color and texture hair. Use the right products for color hair care to maintain this shade.”

Dark Hair with Dirty Blonde Highlights

This dirty blonde hair dye is chic, sophisticated and was created by hairstylist Cindy Ichikawa of Winter Park, FL. “The contrast of color from the darker roots to the light ends is beautiful,” says Ichikawa.

“Dirty blonde with highlights looks cute when it’s messy and wavy with a beach salt spray and more professional when it’s blown out smooth! Put braid in the front or a half-up top knot, too,” she notes.

Dirty Strawberry Blonde Hair

Dirty Strawberry Blonde Hair
Instagram @handmadebynicolel

This hairstyle is a neutral dark dirty blonde to medium-blonde with sun-kissed highlights and a shadow root. “It all depends on the lighting,” says freelance stylist Nicole Leadbeater of Baltimore, MD. “Lighting plays a huge role in how your color appears. There is just something about sunkissed hairstyles that brightens up a room.”

This dirty strawberry blonde hair is beautifully blended and natural. Leadbeater notes, “dirty blonde hair with highlights and balayages always look their absolute best with some texture and waves.”

Leadbeater believes this dirty blonde color is really for anyone searching for natural looking, low-maintenance yet trendy hairstyles. “This is also a great option for blondes who want to try going darker but are playing it safe,” she adds.

Depending on your face shape and skin tone, your stylist can help decide where to frame your face with some blonde and where to put the dark to draw attention to your features. You would be surprised at how the right tone and dyed color placement can enhance all of your good looks.

Dirty Blonde and Brunette Color Melt

Dirty Blonde and Brunette Color Melt
Instagram @sharlenelongbrake

“This is a low maintenance color but with heavy baby lights around the face,” explains hairstylist Sharlene Longbrake of Fort Worth, TX. “It gives the illusion of bright blonde but allows you not to overprocess your hair. It features a root smudge. Face-framing babylights are gorgeous inside this dirty blonde hair!”

“This color is effortless and meant for the girl who still wants bright blonde around her face but is trying to let her hair grow out,” she adds. “Make sure you always go home with the right products and knowledge to maintain your hair.”

Dark Dirty Blonde Hair

Dark Dirty Blonde Hair
Instagram @jossxhair

This icy, dark dirty blonde hair balayage was created by stylist Joss Sanroman of Hayward, CA. “It’s kept nice and rooted, giving a soft transition from the natural to the icy, cool blonde. Icy blonde colors are unique because of how the color flows through the tresses and in light,” she explains.

Sanroman believes the best thing about this dirty blonde hair color is the melt “because it will grow out very blended with no harsh lines. The clean canvas gives you the option of doing different tones or creative colors!”

This color definitely requires extra time, money, and maintenance. It’s considered a high contrast look, as you will need to come back at least every 8-10 weeks. Also, plan to come in between touch-ups for a quick trim and gloss (to refresh the color).

Subtle Dirty Blonde for Long Hair

Subtle Dirty Blonde for Long Hair
Instagram @harriakerberg

Dirty blond hair is a blond with beige-y and brown vibes. It was created by hairdresser Harri Akerberg of Finland. “For dirty blondes, it’s an easy way to try something darker, and you can come back if you get frightened. There’s always deeper shades of blonde if that’s what you’re after,” notes Akerberg.

This dirty blonde hairstyle is suitable for almost all women. The most important thing is to talk with your hairstylist who can personalize it. They know best how to apply highlights and lowlights for your face shape.

Akerberg goes on to say “if you want to be the whitest blonde in the room, this color isn’t for you. Otherwise, if you like it – just try it. Life is too short to have boring hair.”

Brown Hair with Dirty Blonde Ends

Brown Hair with Dirty Blonde Ends
Instagram @emilyyork

“The best thing about this dirty blonde hair is the blended transition from dark to light,” says hairstylist Emily York of Portland, OR. “It flows really well and allows you to have both dark and light hair.”

“Face-framing is super cute with blonde shades as it will keep the long-hair look a little more interesting,” notes York. “Products used for this style are Davines Sea Salt Spray wet at the root for volume. Finish the curls with a texture spray to allow hold and create thickness and texture.”

Dirty Blonde Hair with Highlights

Dirty Blonde Hair with Highlights
Instagram @jasmine.occhoa

This is a dimensional honey highlights balayage on dirty blonde hair. It was created by hairstylist Jasmine Ochoa of Concord, CA. “All the tones in this hair give it so much character. These dirty blonde highlights are perfect all year round!”

Depending on your current hair color/hair history, Ochoa says it might take sessions to achieve this honey blonde hair color the healthy way! “Healthy locks and hair care go hand it hand. However, dirty blonde balayage is super easy to maintain for anyone’s lifestyle. Balayages are meant for everyone from all face shapes, hair types, and personalities! Dirty blonde hair with blonde highlights looks so seamless, even when it grows out!”

A hair care regimen should be followed. Always use a good purple shampoo once a week on damp hair for 10-15 minutes, professional shampoo for daily use, washing your hair every 2 days (or longer) to not dry out your hair, heat protectant, and a good hydrating oil to keep your hair looking healthy and shiny.