22 Perfect Examples of Dirty Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Dirty blonde hair colors

Dirty blonde hair is a medium blonde hair color with light brown tones. The brown tones are usually wheat or cappuccino. Dirty blonde pairs well with warmer skin tones and cooler blonde colors. This color can be achieved with naturally blonde hair or by lightening naturally brown hair with darker blonde tones.

Adding this beautiful tone to your hairstyles will definitely make it look awesome. Most women will think about lightening up their hair around the Spring and into Summer, but honestly, it’s a gorgeous look any time of the year! I admit, this dirty blonde trend does appear more amazing on women with darker skin and with various eye colors, as it’s the perfect suntan with beachy hair look.

Having a dirty blonde hairstyle means that whether you have naturally darker hair and are looking to lighten it up, or you have very light blonde hair and want to darken it up, you can achieve your look with either the balayage or foil coloring technique.

Following a proper hair care regimen will keep your hairstyles popping with color. So rather than getting a super-light platinum blonde or a buttery golden blonde, give yourself a dirtier color with one of the blonde hair ideas below.

So before your next hair appointment, check out these popular photos of dirty blonde haircolor ideas:

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Reverse Dirty Blonde Ombre

Reverse Dirty Blonde Ombre
Instagram @tbgsalonstx

A highly textured dirty dark blonde hair root to sexy brunette tips is an ultra-fabulous style to treat yourself with. Adorn your dirty blonde ombre with waves to majorly accentuate that perfect blend!

Soft Dirty Blonde Money Pieces for Women Over 70

Soft dirty blonde money pieces for women over 70
Instagram @kjcrealhair

Soft dirty blonde money pieces for women over 70 add dimension and brightness. They give a youthful feel to hair color. Money pieces are mainly focused on the face but can also be used throughout the hair to add a “wow” factor.

Dirty Blonde with Purple Ends for Women Over 50

Dirty blonde with purple ends for women over 50
Instagram @lghowardsalon

Purple ends on dirty blonde hair add a fun tone and dimension for women over 50 looking for fashion colors. A darker shade of purple in highlight form is a more conservative way to have color without being worried about being too much.

Modern Dishwater Blonde Hair for Older Women

Modern dishwater blonde hair for older women
Instagram @mmfriseure

A modern dishwater blonde hair for older women is very soft and dimensional with a few pops of bright blonde color. Dimensional blonde hair will create a youthful glow and is very versatile!

Dirty Blonde Hair with Lowlights for Women Over 60

Dirty blonde hair with lowlights for women over 60
Instagram @hairbyjanetbiggers

Dirty blonde hair with lowlights for women over 60 is an easy way to blend out your grey hair. Adding in lowlights allows dimensions and an even and faded grow out with lower maintenance.

Dirty Platinum Blonde

Dirty Platinum Blonde
Instagram @tressesbytress

A fantastic metallic shade that suits warm to neutral complexion – this color illuminates your hairstyle when under the light. Perfect for all types and length of hair, whether it be a pixie or this simple straight medium hair.

Dirty Blonde Ombre with Beach Waves

Dirty Blonde Ombre with Beach Waves
Instagram @beautyby_brittanyjean

A dark to light dirty blonde hair with ombre like this is what everyone’s wanting right now. Absolutely beautiful and easy to style!

Dirty Ash Blonde on Shoulder-Length Hair

Dirty Ash Blonde on Shoulder Length Hair
Instagram @mackenziejaymes_

Feel like a beach goddess with this dirty ash blonde hair, paired with a shoulder-length cut, smokey roots and subtle balayage that looks perfect on straight layered hair, This dirty blonde style also a perfect choice for mid-length, thin, fine hair.

Brunette Medium-Length Hair with Honey Highlights

Brunette Medium Length Hair with Honey Highlights
Instagram @brianalea_stylist

Add depth and dimension to your natural dirty blonde hair for a healthier hairstyle with these warm caramel streaks! It’s wonderfully vibrant when combined with dark hair because of the contrast and dimension it brings.

Dirty Bleach Blonde

Dirty Bleach Blonde
Instagram @leannaslovelylocks

A really cool white-as-snow shade like this can bring out the pink in your skin and enhance your hazel eyes, especially if you have blue or grey hints to them. Ideal for wavy lobs and layered cuts.

Light Dirty Blonde

Light Dirty Blonde
Instagram @shannonathairoboston

Go brighter than bright with this light dirty blonde color that looks undeniably pretty on any skin tone. Th