38 Unique Ways to Rock a Neck-Length Bob Right Now

Neck-length bobs
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A neck-length bob is a haircut one or two inches lower than the chin but higher than the collarbone. It offers plenty of styles, from a sharp blunt cut to a more feathery layered look.

This cut promises a chic finish despite not getting trims at the salon every few weeks. It’s fun to style and can be customized by adding bangs and layers.

Finland-based stylist Tekla Vähärautio says it works great for women with thin, fine hair. The bob makes the hair look fuller.

Consultations are essential before adopting a new look. Be honest when your stylist asks you how much time you’re willing to put into styling, such as blow-drying.

“A bob cut needs to be finished using the right products and brushes to keep it sleek or voluminous. It’s not easy if you don’t have the knowledge and time to style it,” Vähärautio states.

It’s a common misconception that a neck-length haircut doesn’t suit round faces. Vähärautio confirms that is false. You just have to opt for the right cut and length to cater to what your face shape and features need.

Here are photos of various styles for the popular neck-length bob cuts paired with different hair types and face shapes. This gallery will inspire you, for sure!

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Middle Part Blunt Neck-Length Cut for Square Faces
Instagram @romeufelipe

#1: Middle Part Blunt Cut for Square Faces

Consider a middle part blunt bob if you have a square face shape because the sleek style of this cut helps soften your jawline. A haircut like this works for every hair type and texture, but if you have wavy or curly hair, you would need to straighten it to maintain this polished style. For a square face shape, your best choice would be to cut your bob a couple of inches below your chin to elongate your face.

Sexy Neck-Length Bob Makeover for Fine Hair
Instagram @jayne_edosalon

#2: Sexy Bob Makeover for Fine Hair

This bob makeover is ideal for women looking to boost their confidence with thin hair. The bob’s short length provides elegance, while its layers create volume and motion. This cut is a great choice for those looking to highlight their natural hair texture and add depth to their overall look. To style, start with damp hair and add a volume-boosting mousse to the roots. Then, blow-dry with a round brush, lifting the hair at the root for more height. Finish with a light hairspray for hold and a touch of shine. Ask your stylist if this neck-length bob, a flexible and alluring cut, suits you.

#3: Tousled Neck-Length Bob with a Side Part for Fine Hair

If you have a bob that comes down to your neck, a side part will make your hair look full and tousled. Talk to your stylist about the ideal length for your hair, considering its density and texture. To style this look, you would need a flatiron to create waves that look more like bends than curls. Finish up with some texture spray for extra grit!

Neck-Length Chic and Bright Bob Cut for women with straight hair
Instagram @studio_mostton

#4: Chic and Bright Bob Cut

The bob cut, neck-length, chic, and bright, is a trendy and appealing hairstyle. It works best for women with straight hair. The bob cut, being stylish, has a clean and precise line right at the neck’s base. It creates a polished look. The bob cut suits people wanting a short but easily maintained and styled look. Regular hair trims are essential. This hairstyle can also be adapted to individual face shapes and personal tastes.

#5: Modern Bob at Neck Length

A modern bob at neck length is a classic style that never goes out of fashion. This style is perfect for women looking for a low-maintenance haircut. The middle part adds symmetry to the face and emphasizes the cheekbones. The blunt ends create a clean and sharp look. This style works best for women with straight or slightly wavy hair. I suggest you ask for subtle layers. Adding subtle layers will help create more texture and movement. When styling, start by blow-drying the hair from the roots to the ends, then straighten it with a flat iron. Finish with a light mist of hairspray for hold and shine.

Bottleneck Bangs on a Cute Neck-Length Bob with flipped ends
Instagram @lib_george

#6: Bottleneck Bangs on a Cute Bob

Ask for a cute bob with bottleneck bangs. For a fun classic bob, try a middle-of-the-neck beveled cut. Avoid leaving the perimeter too bulky on thicker hair textures. Do this by slide-cutting through to remove some bulk. Give your classic a mod finish with some bottleneck bangs. They are skinnier in the middle and taper out around the eyes.

#7: Lived-In Side-Parted Neck-Length Bob Cut

If you have finer hair, a shoulder-skimming bob can help you to create texture and volume. Add a deep side part for a focal face shape. Encourage your natural movement by adding a salt spray to wet hair allowing it to air dry or giving it a quick blast. You need to love lived-in, rebellious hair to make this work for you.

The Neck-Length Modern Bob for Short Hair with a middle part
Instagram @hirohair

#8: The Modern Bob for Short Hair

Are you looking for a modern yet feminine hairstyle? If so, I suggest sporting the modern bob for short hair. If you have shorter hair, this sleek cut is ideal and frames your face perfectly. Try parting your hair in the middle and letting it hang loose for a unique take on this style. It’s a great way to accentuate your features while giving off an effortless vibe. Those with straight locks can enhance their look by using mousse or volumizing spray. Both create texture at the roots. I suggest curly-haired gals use lightweight products that won’t cause frizziness. A medium-hold hairspray will help keep everything in place all day long!

Cute Neck-Length Bob with Messy Ends
Instagram @oakandhoney.hair

#9: Cute Neck-Length Bob with Messy Ends

If you want to rock a bob, my best advice is to invest in products that will enhance and control your hair type. For fine or thin hair, lightweight mousses and volumizing sprays will work best. They both give volume and texture without weighing it down. For coarse, thick textures choose creams or heavier gels for definition and hold. These products won’t leave you with a crunchy feeling. No matter what kind of hair you have, rocking a bob is easy and takes little time to maintain and style.

#10: Neck-Grazing Angled Bob Cut

An angled bob cut is a style you what to choose if you can commit to styling it daily. A bob cut requires a lot of love and attention for it to be perfect. The start to a perfect bob is a round brush blowout, this is the base for whatever else you choose to do. Don’t forget to do this step or you will end up with flat hair. It creates roundness, fullness, and volume which every bob deserves.

#11: Mature Pale Blonde Bob for Older Women

Shift your hair color to blend your graying hair. A pale blonde color will take the look of aging hair and modernize it. If you wish to pair it with a particular length, a bob on older women gives it a polished and chic yet mature look.

Low-Maintenance Neck-Length Short Angled Bob
Instagram @olgakursitis

#12: Low-Maintenance Neck-Length Short Angled Bob

Try a short angled bob. It’s a great balance between having a chic style without the 4-week maintenance. The slight angle in the back gives your hair room to grow since it normally grows the fastest. The short hair allows for quick styling and less product.

Neck-Length Stacked Bob
Instagram @rose.semijoias_

#13: Neck-Length Stacked Bob

You should consider a neck-length stacked bob as your next style. The stacked back gives your cut great lines and a beautiful shape. You’ll have an easy time drying your bob with a medium round brush and finish by brushing towards your face to show off the layers. If you’re searching for a versatile hair idea, try curling your hair. Neck-length bobs are complimentary for most face shapes and age groups, and in my opinion, one of the best cuts out there.

Neck-Length Wedge Haircut
Instagram @rhandy_art

#14: Neck-Length Wedge Haircut

You should consider a neck-length wedge haircut. This classic shape, with its graduated nape, can make you look stylish. Ask your hairdresser for light layers to promote movement and interest in your cut. Make sure you blow dry with a smoothing cream, such as Olaplex bond smoother for condition and shine. If your haircut isn’t exciting, try something new, because your hair should make you feel incredible.

Neck-Length Blunt Cut with Beach Waves
Instagram @bernardibeauty

#15: Neck-Length Blunt Cut with Beach Waves

Are you someone who has fine hair and needs it to look fuller? Blunt cuts are the way to go. They look good both wavy and straight and definitely make fine hair appear fuller!

#16: Layered Grey Bob for Women Over 60

This layered grey bob for women over 60 is very elegant. I would recommend styling this cut with a large round brush to get volume and the swept-back movement. This length allows for some versatility without dragging down your face.

Short Sleek Neck-Length Haircut for Round Faces
Instagram @gaosuehairllc

#17: Short Sleek Haircut for Round Faces

A short sleek haircut is great for women wanting a slimming effect on their face. The longer hair in the front pushes forward to give the illusion of a more oval face. Keeping the length below the chin will allow your hair to hug your face instead of pushing out, causing the opposite.

#18: Short A-Line Bob for Thick Hair

You should try an inverted bob if you have short thick hair. A classic neck-length a-line bob will shape your style. It’s a great neck-length style for fine dense hair. Ask your stylist to remove bulk from the nape of your neck so the style lays nicely and won’t feel too thick.

Neck-Length Haircut with Side Bangs
Instagram @hairsareh

#19: Neck-Length Haircut with Side Bangs

Look beautiful and rock a neck-length haircut paired with side bangs. A bob style is low-maintenance and can be worn so many different ways. Wavy or straight, it’s so easy to rock your bob. Try a side part and open up your face and bring some softness to your tresses.

Wash-And-Wear Neck-Length Bob Cut on Thin Hair
Instagram @jess.sophiahair

#20: Wash-And-Wear Bob Cut on Thin Hair

If you’re a woman with thin hair, try a wash-and-wear bob cut. An easy breezy bob has the perfect length and is simple to style. Blunt ends will make your hair look thicker for fuller-looking locks. If your hairstyle is currently falling flat, consider a bob and bring your hair back to life.

#21: One-Length Bob with Loose Waves

Ask your stylist for a one-length bob if you want an easy everyday style. This neck-length hairstyle is great for all hair types and is easy to maintain by getting a trim every eight weeks. A haircut like this can be worn straight or you could add in some loose waves for a fun beachy look.

Neck-Length Inverted Bob with Wispy Layers
Instagram @hairby_kaileyg

#22: Inverted Bob with Wispy Layers

Try an inverted bob paired with wispy layers and you’ll love your new hairdo. Shorter in the back and longer in the front, an inverted bob looks stunning and has lots of volume. Hairstyles at neck length will give thin hair a fuller appearance. Make the layers wispier and soft for a feminine touch.

Textured Neck-Length Blunt Cut with a Fringe
Instagram @darianksuarez

#23: Textured Blunt Cut with a Fringe

Try a carefree style with a textured blunt cut and fringe. A neck-length bob with bangs looks great with tousled and textured waves. Chipping into the ends will make your cut look soft and romantic. Use a large curling iron to get loose waves that look easy breezy.

Layered Concave Neck-Length Bob Cut
Instagram @foxanddensalon

#24: Layered Concave Bob Cut

Looking for a fresh and sassy new style? A layered concave bob cut is a great fit for thinner densities or finer textures that are looking for a haircut and style all in one. A neck-length layered bob turns back the clock for a youthful look that can be customized to flatter you.

#25: Choppy Bob with Curtain Bangs

Rock a fun choppy bob if you have fine hair to give it a fun and easy style. Choppy neck-length hair is ideal if you don’t want to spend a lot of time styling every day, but you also want a cute look. To style, you should rough dry damp hair with the blow dryer to get some lift, and then when dry, use a large barrel curling iron to add in some loose waves, and to finish, you could add dry shampoo for texture.

#26: Graduated Bob for Women Over 50

If you’re a woman over 50, try a classic graduated bob. A neck-length bob is a go-to style for easy styling and a fuller-looking silhouette. Adding layers is one of the best ways to get more body and lift at the crown for more height.

Elevated Neck-Length Bob Haircut
Instagram @sandra.fleites

#27: Elevated Bob Haircut

Go for a big chop with an elevated bob haircut. Bobbed hair is a classic cut that never goes out of style. An elevated bob does require some styling so your hair can sit correctly, so have a round brush handy.

Short Side-Swept Neck-Length Fluffy Haircut
Instagram @romeufelipe

#28: Short Side-Swept Fluffy Haircut

A short side-swept haircut paired with a rooted blonde is the definition of perfection. Shorter hair will help by keeping your bright blonde hair healthy, and full of life. To get a formal look avoid a middle part. Instead, having a deep side part will have you feeling like a million dollars. Your bold makeup will tie it all together making your big beautiful eyes shimmer.

Soft Neck-Length Wavy Bob for Fine Hair
Instagram @styled.by.sandy

#29: Soft Wavy Bob for Fine Hair

A soft wavy bob for fine hair is the ultimate haircut to try if you want your hair to appear fuller and actually feel thicker. You should leave longer layers to ensure you don’t take away too much hair from your end length, or else it will appear thinner, which you want to stay away from with fine hair. Style with soft waves to add texture and volume to your new bob haircut.

Neck-Length Curly Bob
Instagram @curls.and.love

#30: Neck-Length Curly Bob

A curly bob is a perfect choice if you’re a curly girl that needs some control and shape in your curl patterns. If you want to give your curls some bounce, a neck-length bob helps to remove weight, which allows the curls to spring back to life. One of the most important things to remember with curly hair is not too thin, or over-texturize to remove bulk. Doing so can cause unwanted frizz and the appearance of dry lifeless ends. Talk to your stylist about different options if additional bulk removal is desired.

#31: Neck-Length Wavy Bob with Blunt Ends

A wavy bob paired with blunts ends is a great hairstyle to have if you love texture and wearing your hair messy. A neck-length blunt bob gives you the ability to wear your hair as a natural, go-with-the-flow vibe and it can be as easy as having a good hairdresser gives you the base of a blunt bob. Making sure to keep your ends cut at a blunt length is important because it’s what makes for a perfect tousled hairstyle.

#32: Short Tousled Bob with Jagged Ends

If you have thick hair, you can effortlessly pull off a short tousled bob with jagged ends. Having a neck-length cut with thicker hair can be tricky, but having a messy, piece-y haircut, makes this hairstyle look flawless. You have more hair to cut into and create that texture and shape that you want. Style it messy by only curling some of the sections of hair on top of your head, alternating the direction of your curl pattern, then gently comb through with your fingers.

Neck-Length Shaggy Bob with Textured Bangs
Instagram @lauren_g.hair

#33: Shaggy Bob with Textured Bangs

Opt for a shaggy bob paired with textured bangs if you love layers. A shag is all about the layers, the more layers the better! A shag is a very classic style that is coming back into the spotlight and can work for long-length hair, as well as a hair cut at neck-length. Be sure to have a proper consultation with your stylist beforehand to be sure you understand what length, texture, and products will work best for you and your hair type!

Neck-Length Sleek Blunt Bob
Instagram @olgakursitis

#34: Sleek Blunt Bob

Sleek blunt bobs are the OG of neck-length bob hairstyles. If you have straight hair, this style will be your BFF. Having straight hair means you’ll have less styling time in the mornings. You can skip the flat iron. But don’t skip a volumizer, you’ll want to add just a little lift away from your scalp. Try Redken Guts 10 when styling.

#35: Asymmetrical Bob with an Undercut

Consider an asymmetrical bob paired with an undercut if you have super thick hair. Thick hair allows you to have the underneath of your hair shaved with a regular amount of hair for a bob. Being asymmetrical makes this edgy bob more modern and fun. Parting your hair to the shorter side will even out the front and hide your shaved side.

#36: Blonde Bob with Bangs and Slight Graduation

A highlighted softly angled bob with bangs gives you a luxe, sleek finished style. A bob with slight graduation gives a bit of character, rather than a regular blunt bob. It’s also a hairdo that is so versatile when it comes to hair color.

Side Part Neck-Length Textured Bob
Instagram @muratalimese

#37: Side Part Textured Bob

Try adding a side part to your textured bob for a classic look that is simple and easy to style. Adding texture to neck-length bob haircuts pumps up the volume and keeps a soft look to create a funky and youthful, feminine style.

Soft Messy Neck-Length Bob with Bangs
Instagram @robbie.hair

#38: Soft Messy Bob with Bangs

Look cute and sassy with a soft, messy bob paired with bangs. A trendy bob is so versatile and can be customized just for you. A bob is very easy to style with its shorter length. Add a bang to frame your face for your very own personal touch.

Bobs Short Bobs Short Hair