29 Cutest Above-The-Shoulder Haircuts for A Perfect In-Between Length

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Above-the-shoulder haircuts range from short to medium-lengths and they’re such a great way to get a short hairdo without going too short!

Sheena Johnson is a salon owner from Apple Valley, MN. Her utmost advice is to choose a cut with realistic styling options for your ability and lifestyle.

Face shape and cowlicks are additional aspects to consider when getting a fresh chop. Opt for some bangs or layers to customize the cut and enhance your best facial features.

The only drawback of this hair trend is that it isn’t the wash-and-go type of cut. “You may even lose the ability to put all your hair up,” Johnson adds.

If this hair idea inspires you to jazz up your look, you gotta see this photo gallery. Find the newest and trendiest ways to rock above-the-shoulder haircuts here!

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#1: Straight Chin-Length Blunt Bob

For the reserved woman, get into a straight chin-length blunt bob. A blunt bob above the shoulders has no layers and has a very “straight to the point” vibe. This is an excellent style choice for women with less naturally voluminous hair and only requires a simple flatiron to maintain.

Above-the-Shoulder Bright Blonde Shaggy Lob for women with thin hair
Instagram @yukistylist

#2: Bright Blonde Shaggy Lob

I suggest trying an above-the-shoulder, shaggy lob if you want a fresh new haircut and have thin hair. This look adds texture and dimension to thin hair, creating the illusion of fuller locks. It’s a versatile cut that works well for casual and professional settings. To style, I recommend using a volumizing mousse on damp hair. Then, blow-dry with a round brush to create a soft, bouncy effect. Another tip is using a texturizing spray to add texture and define the layers.

#3: Above-the-Shoulder Bob with Volume

Consider an above-the-shoulder bob with volume. If you tend to have medium thick hair, you’ll want to create softness and volume to the hair. Ask for a blunt textured bob to create movement and fullness. Style with a Oway Volumizing Root Spray. Use a round brush or curling iron to create movement with the hair going in different directions. I suggest giving the hair a bend away from the face with a round brush to soften and finish the style.

Amazing Above-the-Shoulder Brunette Bob with a Middle Part and No Bangs
Instagram @studio_mostton

#4: Amazing Brunette Bob with a Middle Part and No Bangs

The length of an above-the-shoulder cut keeps your locks from being too heavy. It’s the best for fine hair, and the lack of bangs allows versatility for all face shapes. I recommend using a soft mousse to create hold and definition for styling. You can use a round brush to smooth out the ends when blow drying. Use a curling wand to create loose curls throughout the hair for added texture. Finish with a light-hold hairspray to keep it in place. This look is the perfect balance between sophistication and ease of maintenance.

Above-the Shoulder Neck-Length Soft and Modern Blunt Cut Bob
Instagram @hirohair

#5: Neck-Length Soft and Modern Blunt Cut Bob

A modern blunt bob with a soft neck-length perimeter is always trending. I suggest going over your face shape with your stylist if this bob is something you desire. This will help you decide where the length should lay to complement your features. Bringing in a few photos of what you like and don’t like about bobs is helpful. This will help show your stylist your vision and execute your style on the first try.

Short Choppy Bangs on a Cute Above-the-Shoulder Bob Cut for round faces
Instagram @travisbriggs2

#6: Short Choppy Bangs on a Cute Bob Cut

Looking for a way to spice up your boring bob? Try these short choppy bangs on a cute bob cut! My favorite way to get this amount of texture is a straight razor haircut. Ask your stylist to use a razor to create effortless texture and movement. The perk of a razor cut is the ability to air dry your hair without lots of heat styling. Try to incorporate styles that enhance your natural waves, like a sea salt spray. One of my favorites is Hairstory’s Undressed Hair Texturizing Spray.

#7: Dark Red Tousled Waves

Consider doing dark red tousled waves to spice up your life. Keep in mind, a dark copper color looks best with olive, medium to dark skin tones. My best advice, if you are thinking about doing a red color is only shampoo your hair a couple of times a week. And, use a cooler water temperature when shampooing. Red hair color tends to fade the quickest, so by taking this advice, it will help to keep your color bright and rich.

Above-the-Shoulder Layered Choppy Bob Without Bangs
Instagram @hirohair

#8: Layered Choppy Bob Without Bangs

There is a bob for everyone and I recommend you try them all before deciding on which one works for you. A layered choppy bob may look better without bangs, but how could you ever know without trying? If you have straight to wavy hair you will find ease when styling it with heat or going heatless. The key is in your styling aids. Kristen Ess has a few budget-friendly options when building up your styling wardrobe.

Angled Long Bob for Thick Hair That is Cut Above the Shoulders
Instagram @sobs.skovde

#9: Angled Long Bob for Thick Hair

Go for an angled long bob for thick hair. Great for active women who want shorter hair. Haircuts that have longer lengths around the face create versatile styling by being able to wear down or put up away from the face in a pony still.

#10: Jaw-Length Concave Bob with Wispy Bangs

Opt for a jaw-length concave bob with wispy bangs. Above-the-shoulder cuts for women over 50 looking to have modern and easy style. Asymmetrical pixies are beautiful on diamond, triangle, round, and heart face shapes.

Short Above the Shoulders Bob with Glam Waves for Women Over 40
Instagram @hairbyrubym

#11: Short Bob with Glam Waves for Women Over 40

Try a short bob with glam waves if you’re a woman over 40. It’s a cute crop for women who have diamond and heart-shaped faces. Volume around the chin helps to balance the face to perfection.

Classic Above the Shoulders Bob with a Money Piece on Straight Hair
Instagram @salvobinetti

#12: Classic Bob with a Money Piece on Straight Hair

Consider a classic straight bob with a money piece. Fine hair works wonders with an above-the-shoulder haircut for straight hair. Open the face up with money piece highlights to bring out the eyes and cheekbones.

Tousled Pixie Bob with Wispy Layers That is Cut Above the Shoulders
Instagram @tulum.hair

#13: Tousled Pixie Bob with Wispy Layers

Rock a tousled pixie bob with wispy layers. A pixie hair cut is a beautiful, soft feathered above-the-shoulder layered haircut. Great for all ages who have fine hair and want a low-maintenance style that changes shape and tends to get better as it grows.

#14: Above-The-Shoulder Cut with Soft Waves for Square Faces

Go for an above-the-shoulder cut with soft waves if you have a square face shape. Middle-of-the-neck haircuts look great on medium to fine hair textures. Soften your locks with added waves to add balance to heavier jawlines.

Soft Tousled One-Length Bob Cut Above the Shoulders
Instagram @stebunovhair

#15: Soft Tousled One-Length Bob

Try a tousled one-length bob. Short styles on fine to medium density hair look great on most face shapes. A big barrel curling irons will give you tousled ends with minimal styling effort and can be held in place with a light hairspray.

#16: Short Tapered Bob with Layers

Go for a tapered bob with layers. A round layered hairstyle gives a beautiful shape while adding volume to the hair. Great for women over 50 who may have finer hair over time. You’re looking at 4-6 weeks for hair maintenance visits.

Angled Pixie Bob with Side Bangs for Women Over 70
Instagram @jun55wu

#17: Angled Pixie Bob with Side Bangs for Women Over 70

Think about an angled pixie bob with side bangs for women over 70. Although this short haircut graduates from short in the back to long in the front, there is minimal texture. It’s a great balance between keeping it youthful but reserved at the same time.

Above the Shoulders A-Line Cut on Wavy Hair for Women Over 60
Instagram @nixbeautytrix

#18: A-Line Cut on Wavy Hair for Women Over 60

An a-line cut on wavy hair for women over 60 is simply a less textured version of a stacked bob. With fewer layers than the typical stacked bob, it’s an above-the-shoulder haircut that requires little maintenance with at-home styling. Your natural wave pattern will naturally give this haircut body and movement, keeping your looks lively yet mature.

#19: Above-The-Shoulder Blunt Textured Bob

Go for an above-the-shoulder blunt textured bob. A blunt chin-length bob is a great option for fine hair. This is for the mom and or the professional who wants an easy versatile short cut that you can wear wavy or straight.

#20: Two-Toned Bob with Baby Bangs for Thin Hair

Consider a two-toned bob with baby bangs for thin hair. A sassy style for young women with heart /inverted triangle face shapes. Two-tone blonde coloring in the front highlights the eyes and cheekbones. For a short hairstyle for fine hair, ask your stylist for a beveled bob with layers.

Wavy A-Line Lob Cut with Choppy Ends That is Above the Shoulders
Instagram @salon13pgh

#21: Wavy A-Line Lob Cut with Choppy Ends

Rock a wavy a-line lob cut with choppy textured ends. It’s a beachy above-the-shoulder hairstyle that fits all stages of life with minimal curling iron capabilities. A textured end with a blunt reflect gives a graduated bob a modern flair.

#22: Short-Length Curled Bob with an Undercut

Go for a short-length curled bob with an undercut. A short-length textured bob is great for women with thicker hair that don’t mind an edgy twist. Style with a wand or 1-inch curling iron for short-length hair if you want to show off a little curl. Keep in mind that too big of a curling iron will show a soft wave with less curl.

Textured Pixie with Bangs
Instagram @eva.lhsalon

#23: Textured Pixie with Bangs

Get into this trending textured pixie with bangs. A flattering style for above shoulder-length hair, this haircut is choppy and chic. Tons of fringe is added to the top for a super edgy look. To style at home, use a pomade to fingerstyle on dry hair.

Face-Framing Mini Bob Cut for Fine Hair Thats Above the Shoulders
Instagram @davidwbullen

#24: Face-Framing Mini Bob Cut for Fine Hair

Consider a face-framing mini bob cut for fine hair. Girls who experience challenges with styling their fine hair can certainly rock a mini bob. Perfect for above shoulder-length hairstyles, this haircut requires a little less styling in the back because it isn’t stacked. A large barrel curling iron and light hairspray will give you just the right amount of movement.

Dimensional Short Round Bob for Women Over 50
Instagram @atosastyles

#25: Dimensional Round Bob for Women Over 50

For women over 50, consider a dimensional round bob. Round because of the body and movement of the style, this haircut is a nice balance between blunt bobs and layered or stacked bobs. Great for above shoulder-length hair with layers, note that this style is also a great choice for those with round face shapes.

#26: Sleek Graduated Bob

Try a sleek graduated bob for chic style with volume. Longer in the front while gradually getting shorter in the back with low stacked layers, this is a favorite above-the-shoulder style.

Ear-Length Bob with a Middle Part That is Above the Shoulders
Instagram @maximalnohair

#27: Ear-Length Bob with a Middle Part

A different cut to consider is an ear-length bob with a middle part. An ideal hairdo for women with strong facial features, this is a great style choice to show off your beautiful face. It’s simple and super easy to style!

Above the Shoulders Short Layered Stacked Bob
Instagram @ninni.s.a

#28: Short Layered Stacked Bob

A cute haircut to rock is a short layered stacked bob. Angled for a longer front and short stacked back, the back is loaded with a ton of volume from the many layers. Your stylist can use a razor or cutting techniques to get chic choppy styling in above-the-shoulder haircuts with layers. You can re-create the styling at home with a flatiron, hair spray, and some quick easy finger styling.

Side-Parted Short Bob for Round Faces That is Above the Shoulders
Instagram @_ritagabriela_

#29: Side-Parted Short Bob for Round Faces

For women with round faces, try a side-parted short bob. Short bobs help reduce some of the roundness of your face if you’re wanting to draw out your face shape. One of the shortest bob cuts, this cut also goes well with those who have fine hair. Short bobs allow women with short hair to get a lot of body, especially with layers for texture.

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