39 Low-Maintenance Medium-Length Haircuts for Busy Women

low maintenance medium length haircuts
Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Popular low-maintenance medium-length haircuts are easy to style and demand minimal upkeep. These are perfect for ladies seeking a polished and neat look to flaunt every day.

Master stylist Danielle Deamelio of Swampscott, MA, shares her thoughts about this cut. “Make sure it goes right above or below your shoulders. If not, your hair will flip out and up, making it an awkward length to wear,” she notes.

If you have a thick or curly mane, these cuts can make your hair look thicker and curlier than it is. Deamelio states that taking the weight off the hair can cause the strands to spring up.

Ask your stylist to thin out your locks to achieve your desired result, says Deamelio. She advises women to know what to do daily to maintain it. Reconsider getting the haircut if it’s hard to meet its daily styling and upkeep demands.

Styling medium-length hair is effortless. Putting your hair up in a bun or ponytail is a quick and easy style that stops you from experiencing bad hair days. Update your styling repertoire using a blow dryer, flat iron, and/or curling wand.

Browse through images of trendy low-maintenance medium-length haircuts. They’ll inspire you for your next salon appointment.


#1: Easy-Maintenance Mid-Length Locks

Mid-length locks are easy-maintenance. If you like to wash and go, a low-maintenance style like dry styling will complement your natural texture. Medium-length hair can be the sweet spot of length. The hair is long enough for a ponytail or easy to style down. I suggest long textured layers that add movement, but not too many that it becomes hard to manage. All hair textures and densities can achieve this length and versatility.

Medium Cute Low-Maintenance Blonde Shag with Bangs
Instagram @dmitrovahair

#2: Cute Blonde Shag with Bangs

A cute blonde shag with bangs nods to the 70’s shaggy style with a modern twist. The thick bangs make a statement, but remember to ask your stylist to add lots of texture to your bangs for easier grow-out. The shaggy layers give the illusion of fullness to otherwise fine hair.

Blow dry with a large round brush, but use a volumizing mousse to add volume and hold. Finish prepping your shoulder-length hairstyles with some waves using a curling wand and texture spray.

Low-Maintenance No-Fuss Mid-Length Brown Hairstyle
Instagram @hirohair

#3: No-Fuss Mid-Length Brown Hairstyle

A no-fuss mid-length brown hairstyle is the perfect low-maintenance style you will appreciate. This easy-to-style look is a stunning mid-length paired with curtain bangs. Style your hair with curls, then brush them out, and you are ready for the day!

Low-Maintenance Bold and Seamless Framing Medium hair
Instagram @megumicolor

#4: Bold and Seamless Framing

Use bold and seamless framing to enhance the style for a long-length cut. Added layers will boost volume and movement in your haircut.

#5: Side-Parted & Undone

Need help finding a style that works for you? Medium-length side-parted hair is perfect for those who want to look good. And all without spending too much time on styling. The most effective technique is to use dry shampoo and spray to prevent the hair from looking too messy. Both add texture and volume. Try using a small or medium size round brush when blow-drying or curling iron to smooth out the hair. It will create more shape and definition to your layered medium-length hair.

Lastly, finishing with hairspray is important to keep the style in place. With the right techniques, you can have beautiful hair with minimal effort.

#6: Face-Framing Long Curtain Bangs on Blonde Mid-Length Hair

Face-framing long curtain bangs is a great way to add a little drama to your mid-length hair without much effort. These medium haircuts for women are perfect for blonde hair but work with all hair colors. You’ll want your bangs cut to the right length and texture. Work with your stylist to help customize the bangs to your face shape and hair type.

#7: Sleek Blonde Medium-Length Thin Hairstyle

A sleek blonde medium-length thin hairstyle is a chic low-maintenance look. A sleek medium length is a great option for an easy-to-style yet fashionable cut. Minimal layering will simplify the upkeep and styling but still give much dimension and definition. Towel dry your hair well before adding a smoothing cream, and use a wide flat brush to blow dry into place. If you want a little curve on your ends, finish it with a large round brush.

Low-Maintenance Mid-Length Razor Shag
Instagram @nothingobvious

#8: Mid-Length Razor Shag

If you can’t get movement in your dull style, a mid-length razor shag is not only on trend but great for modern women. I suggest this to my clients with straight to wavy hair, and it works great for fine to thick density. Depending on your routine, some textures can get away with air drying with this product. Others may find the need for hot tools to get a polished result. Inquire with your salon professional, or watch styling videos. It will ensure you get well-informed on how to create this style at home.

Low-Maintenance Easy and Straight Mid-Length Hair
Instagram @davidwbullen

#9: Easy and Straight Mid-Length Hair

Consider a straight mid-length haircut. Then add a wispy fringe. Remember, a cut like this is best for a client with a straight texture. That makes it low-maintenance for a straight-haired lady. The bangs can be high-maintenance. But, having a cut rounded and framing your face allows them to grow into more of a curtain fringe. This is best if you want to avoid consistent bang trim visits. My advice is to use hydrating products for these mid-length haircuts. IGK’s Good Behavior line is great for removing frizziness and maximize shine.

Lived-In Long Shaggy Bob
Instagram @anhcotran

#10: Lived-In Long Shaggy Bob

If you love messy hair, try a lived-in long shaggy bob. If you can’t achieve an airy and messy shape, ensure your stylist is cutting into the ends for a more shattered cut. This will give you that lived-in texture and a piece-y shape that will make you look cool. If you have a natural wave, you can air dry. If you have straight hair, try curling with a large iron leaving the ends out once your hair is dry.

Effortless Mid-Length and Low-Maintenance Shag
Instagram @hirohair

#11: Effortless Mid-Length Shag

The effortless mid-length shag is a gorgeous hairstyle that you should get if you want to be up-to-date with the trends but also have less maintenance. Consider getting some natural balayage done, not more than a couple of shades lighter. It will create more texture and dimension to match these stunning shoulder-length haircuts for women.

Low-Maintenance Medium Jet Black Shag with an Off-Center Part
Instagram @salsalhair

#12: Jet Black Shag with an Off-Center Part

Add an off-center part to your jet black shag and rock a fresh new hairdo. Maintenance is low when wearing shaggy mid-length hairstyles, and styling time is minimal.

Medium Low-Maintenance Undone Texture
Instagram @yukistylist

#13: Undone Texture

Make a modern style feel more romantic by adding low-maintenance, undone texture to a medium-length cut. Use a curling iron to create the curls and gently tousle with your fingers to achieve this wavy look. Remember to use a texture paste for a messier, undone style.

#14: Extra Long Low-Maintenance Pixie Cut

Rocking this extra-long low-maintenance pixie cut is amazing if you have smaller features and want something more edgy and fun. It also adds some fullness to balance out a smaller, thinner face.

However, choosing this haircut is more of a commitment, as you must see your hairstylist every four weeks for maintenance. Spray in some She-bang-a-bang by Evo for a messy and textured style.

Low-Maintenance Blunt Cut for Women Over 50
Instagram @angelicaguirao

#15: Low-Maintenance Blunt Cut for Women Over 50

A low-maintenance blunt cut for women over 50 is perfect for medium-textured hair. Adding a long fringe to a medium-length style adds some interest and is incredibly easy to maintain as this style grows out beautifully. Before blow-drying, add some Moisture and Shine Cream by Amika for a gorgeous and bouncy blowout.

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Flowing Long Layers for Collarbone-Length Hair
Instagram @romeufelipe

#16: Flowing Long Layers for Collarbone-Length Hair

Flowing long layers for collarbone-length hair is perfect for medium to thick hair textures and is incredibly low maintenance for all your active lifestyle types. No need for hot tools if you’re a low-maintenance girl. Simply blow-dry in Amika’s Moisture and Shine cream with a bit of Hair Resort Spray by Kevin Murphy, and you will have envy-inducing beachy waves.

#17: Long Angled Bob for Older Women with Glasses

Choosing a long angled bob for older women with glasses is perfect for adding some drama to your life. When you’re wearing glasses, you want a beautiful face-framing haircut to add visual appeal, which is why this is a perfect haircut for older women with fine hair. The soft layers around the face are never in the way of your frames and add just enough punch to give fine hair some added fullness.

Mid-Length Curtain Bangs for Oval Faces
Instagram @hirohair

#18: Mid-Length Curtain Bangs for Oval Faces

Rocking some mid-length curtain bangs for oval faces will get you noticed and will make your eyes pop. Curtain bangs pair well with an amazing textured haircut, as it’s the perfect beachy undone style.

They are not low-maintenance, however, as they grow out quickly. But if you visit your stylist between haircuts for a quick trim, you’ll be good to go. Add some I Want Body Texture Spray by ELEVEN Australia to dry hair and scrunch it in to achieve this beachy style.

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Low-Maintenance Cut with a Deep Side Part
Instagram @salongnyans

#19: Low-Maintenance Cut with a Deep Side Part

Choosing a low-maintenance cut with a deep side part is especially flattering on those with a round face. The long but soft layers add dimension to a round face, accenting those cheekbones beautifully. This low-maintenance cut is great for you gals on the go, as you will only need to visit your stylist every eight weeks to keep those ends in beautiful shape.

Very Long Inverted Bob Cut
Instagram @suedub

#20: Very Long Inverted Bob Cut

A very long inverted bob cut hits all the right notes if you’re looking to amp up your style. An inwards bob cut adds the illusion of fullness to fine-textured hair and is also super low-maintenance as it grows out beautifully and can be worn curly or straight. Add some Shine Drops from Evo before giving those locks some sparkle and shine.

Asymmetrical Long Bob for Older Women
Instagram @ashlalee

#21: Asymmetrical Long Bob for Older Women

An asymmetrical long bob for older women is anything but boring if you are ready to step outside your box. Medium-length hairstyles are universally flattering and show you have style and a bit of sass. For added flair, amp up those locks with curls and finish the style with some Bedroom Hair by Kevin Murphy.

Shoulder-Length Chop for Curly Hair
Instagram @mouseybrowne

#22: Shoulder-Length Chop for Curly Hair

A shoulder-length chop for curly hair is a bold, look-at-me style. If you are tired of your long and limp locks, opt for a medium-length haircut to feature your gorgeous curls. A boxy, square-shaped haircut like this features a gorgeous fringe to make those eyes pop. Add some Total Recoil by Evo and twist damp hair to shape to achieve this style around your finger. Blow-dry your hair with a diffuser, and you will be sure to keep those frizzies at bay.

#23: Collarbone-Length Tousled Waves

Collarbone-length tousled waves are perfect if you’re looking to create that effortless and beachy style. Consider this medium-length haircut if you have finer hair and want to create some volume.

The cut is low maintenance. As it grows out seamlessly, a visit to your stylist every 8 weeks is necessary to keep it looking fresh and fabulous. After you’ve curled your hair with a 1” barrel curling iron, spray in some Un.Done by Amika to create that matte and beachy texture.

#24: Mid-Length Shag with Long Curtain Bangs

A mid-length shag with long curtain bangs is a low-maintenance haircut that suits most face shapes. The haircut can be created with scissors for a sharper finish or a razor, giving extra texture and body to the hair.

Depending on the hair type, you can spray some sea salt or sugar spray and scrunch or use straighteners to slightly wave or spray texturing spray and mess it up with your hands to create a lived-in finish.

#25: Layered Low-Maintenance Shaggy Haircut

The layered low-maintenance shaggy haircut is one of the most preferred and trendy cuts amongst all the low-maintenance hairstyles lately. This cut is in demand because of the minimal styling requirement and the beautiful way it grows. The layered shaggy haircut is perfect for women with fine, medium, and thick hair density.

Edgy Lob with Bangs
Instagram @id_studio_

#26: Edgy Lob with Bangs

An edgy lob with bangs is a classy medium-length hairstyle that only requires low upkeep. The soft fringe is versatile and can be worn full, to the side, parted in the middle, or pinned back. Style the lob smooth with a bit of an inward flick while adding a few drops of Olaplex’s bonding oil n7 for some extra shine.

Razored Medium-Length Cut for Thick Hair
Instagram @feverfewhair

#27: Razored Medium-Length Cut for Thick Hair

The razored medium-length cut for thick hair is a great timesaving hairstyle. It’s perfect for women with thick hair that prefer low-maintenance haircuts. The length pulls and weighs the hair down, and choppy razored layers that take significant bulk out, making thick hair more manageable. Ask your stylist to use a feather razor to create layers with extra lightness.

Tousled Beach Waves for Medium Length Hair
Instagram @roberiofonttes

#28: Tousled Beach Waves

Tousled beach waves are an easy way to complement low-maintenance cuts. The waves can be done with straighteners, thongs, or wands. Try using the brand GHD, which has various styling tools.

Ensure you twist away from the face on both sides, not necessarily keeping the same direction at the back. Before using a hot tool, apply some heat protectant. Let the wave cool and add some hair spray, then brush out with a wide comb or shake and create a messy, lived-in finish with your hands.

Low-Maintenance Long Bob for Women Over 60
Instagram @nellcarmo

#29: Low-Maintenance Long Bob for Women Over 60

The low-maintenance long bob for women over 60 is a classic hairstyle that never goes out of fashion. The front section reaches the collarbone, and the back lays on the neck. These hair cuts for women have layers at the back that could be stacked. These layers will give extra volume if your hair is fine or will take the weight off if your hair is thick.

Style smooth with a round brush and flick the ends inwards. With these modern medium hair styles, you must remember to spray with a soft hair spray.

Shoulder-Length Shag for Women Over 40
Instagram @__jonas_rojo_

#30: Shoulder-Length Shag for Women Over 40

The shoulder-length shag for women over 40 is a popular medium-length cut. It suits most face shapes, hair densities, and textures except for the type 4 hair texture. Ask your hairstylist to cut the shag with a razor if you like more texture and body.

If the hair is soft, you can use Nioxin’s Instant Fullness Dry Shampoo, even if the hair is freshly washed, or Savage Panache powder spray by L’Oréal to achieve an outrageous texture.

Shoulder-Length Layered Cut for Round Faces
Instagram @quoyfish

#31: Shoulder-Length Layered Cut for Round Faces

A shoulder-length layered cut with bangs for round faces is flattering when the layers are cut in a way that gives extra height instead of volume on the sides. Add a full long fringe for more height which elongates round face shapes.

To achieve these low-maintenance medium-length hairstyles with bangs, create a slight flick or wave but don’t add too much volume on the sides of the haircut since that will add a more rounded shape.

Face-Framing Money Piece on Mid-Length Hair
Instagram @styledby_katie

#32: Face-Framing Money Piece on Mid-Length Hair

The face-framing money piece on mid-length hair is a total hit. Please discuss with your colorist how high the money piece should start and how soft or bold you want it to be. When the base is dark, level 5 and below, it’s better to avoid starting too close to the scalp because that can make the money piece look disconnected and stripy. Waving the money piece away from the face will expose the blonde color even more. Don’t forget to use hairspray and let the waves cool down before brushing it out.

#33: Shoulder-Length Haircut for Women Over 30

A shoulder-length haircut for women over 30 is considered a low-maintenance, medium-length cut that suits all face shapes, most hair densities, and most hair textures. The length of this cut depends on your preference. Ask your hairstylist for soft frames around the face. Low-maintenance medium-length hair like this must be styled with a big round brush for added volume.

Low-Maintenance Ponytail for Shoulder-Length Hair
Instagram @mthairteam

#34: Low-Maintenance Ponytail for Shoulder-Length Hair

The low-maintenance ponytail for shoulder-length hair is a quick classic up-do, making it one of the preferable hair-ups in all the low-maintenance styles. Discuss with your stylist how high and where exactly is the most flattering position for the ponytail, depending on your face shape and jawline.

The easiest and most efficient method for creating the ponytail is using elastics with hooks on each end. The ponytail can be waved with thongs, sprayed with texturizing spray or powder, and brushed out for added volume and body.

Low-Maintenance Medium-Length Hairstyle
Instagram @rodrigocintra

#35: Low-Maintenance Medium-Length Hairstyle

A low-maintenance medium-length hairstyle is a one-length haircut that reaches the collarbone or slightly below it. It’s a low-maintenance hairstyle that suits all face shapes and is stylish and versatile.

If you don’t have a particular partition, ask your stylist to put the partition in the middle. This way, it will always look good no matter which side you flick your hair on. Low-maintenance shoulder-length hair looks even better with added caramel pieces for extra dimension and subtle contrast.

Low-Maintenance Shaggy Long Bob
Instagram @shelby.loos

#36: Low-Maintenance Shaggy Long Bob

The low-maintenance shaggy long bob is ideal for women with thin to medium hair density. If more texture is desired, a feather razor can cut in the layers, taking diagonal front sections, starting from the fringe and going backward.

Consider adding a blonde balayage to your medium-length low-maintenance haircuts. It complements a shaggy lob under the sun on the beach heat. Finish off the style by using a shine spray like Kevin.Murphy’s Shimmer.shine acts as a repairing shine mist.

#37: Mid-Length Middle Part for Wavy Hair

The cute mid-length middle part for wavy hair is a popular low-maintenance style. The ends can be point-cut, and the layers sliced in to create texture and remove weight. The shorter layers frame the face.

Style your mid-length hairstyle by curling with thongs using the twist-and-pull method, which creates a flat, soft wave. Don’t forget to use a heat protectant like GHD’s Bodyguard heat protection spray.

Easy Shoulder-Length Long Bob
Instagram @__.__saskia

#38: Easy Shoulder-Length Long Bob

An easy shoulder-length long bob is a great option for women who prefer to spend less time styling their hair. It’s one of the most desired hairstyles for medium hair because of its simplicity. This cut never goes out of style. Dry using a hairdryer on low heat, or let it air-dry to keep the hair’s natural texture.

Mid-Length Chop with an Undercut for Thicker Hair
Instagram @dinaghoulina

#39: Mid-Length Chop with an Undercut for Thicker Hair

The mid-length chop with an undercut for thicker hair is a cool and edgy hairstyle. Like most medium-length styles, it’s quite versatile even though a good bit of hair on the side, from the temple, and an inch up to the back of the ear is shaved. A great option if the hair is very thick and you want it a bit lighter. Why not add some colorful pieces throughout, like purple?