32 Awesome Hair Designs for Men Trending in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Hair designs for men are any artistic pattern sheared onto short or shaved hair using cutting tools like clippers and scalpel blades. Playing around with density and thickness, there are no limits to the designs you and your barber can create to level up your haircut!

Whether composed of simple lines or intricate patterns, shaved designs are one easy way to get your hair tattooed! Plus, you can get one on almost all types of haircuts – mohawk, mohawk fade, undercut, braided, pompadour, or brushed back –  and it still looks incredibly cool. It’s an excellent trick to add fun to a plain old cut.

When getting a shaved hair tattoo, first on your to-do list is to find a professional barber because the result entirely depends on your barber’s skills and creativity.

To help you decide which pattern to get for your next haircut, check out these photos of the most popular hair designs for men.

Burst Faded with Designs Mens Hair
Instagram @osman.karaev

#1: Burst Faded with Designs

Add designs to a burst fade for a unique and alternative look. The designs need regular upkeep to keep them clean and defined. Regularly see your barber or stylist every 2 weeks to maintain the designs.

Undercut with Parallel Lines for Men
Instagram @vbodnarr

#2: Undercut with Parallel Lines

After giving your hair an undercut, blade in some lines that go to your nape for a geometric look, and add more volume to the long hair at the top to match a triangular face shape better. Finding a hair cutting design professional is essential to pull off this bold look.

#3: Sharp Designs for Natural Curls

Sharp designs are a great option when considering hairstyles for curly or natural hair types. Consider a low fade haircut with length on top. Find a barber skilled in making designs to enhance your hair in a style that fits you. For styling natural curls, wash your hair only once a week. Right after washing, apply a curl cream from roots to ends. Then, comb your product through using a common wide-toothed comb.

Dope Hair Designs on a Faded Cut for Men
Instagram @barberhdm3

#4: Dope Designs on a Faded Cut

These cool patterns on a short-sided, long-top hairstyle create a remarkable difference. For upkeep, request short sides with low or high fades, and keep the top hair long for a full and textured look. An expert tip for an improved look is to slightly taper the back of the hair. This gives a neat and sleek finish.

#5: Burst Faded with a Cross Design

This haircut features a burst fade within a mullet style. You will notice an added length at the back. Burst fades require regular maintenance. Since they are quite short, they tend to grow out within 2-3 weeks at the average rate. The cross design is effective in that spot. The area around the design is faded to make the cross stand out more.

Intricate Hair Designs with a Spiky Fohawk for Men
Instagram @osman.karaev

#6: Intricate Designs with a Spiky Fohawk

Consider an intricate hair design and a spiky fohawk to make a bold hairstyle statement. The unique and eye-catching look of this style combines the edgy allure of a fohawk with the intricate details of a hair design. With a spiky fohawk, the hair is styled and spiked up at the center of the head, creating a distinctive and daring silhouette. To enhance the hairstyle, ask your barber to add elaborate patterns and designs to the sides or back of your hair for more visual impact. Finish with matte clay to accentuate this style to its fullest potential.

Subtle Spider Web Hair Design for Guys
Instagram @leonellencina2

#7: Subtle Spider Web Hair Design

Want to make your hairstyle unique but not too extreme? A subtle spider web hair design could be just for you. This stylish cut has thin lines shaved closely like a spider web. It suits any hair length or texture. Whether you choose a buzz cut or a longer top, the spider web design will give your hairstyle a stylish edge. To get the perfect spider web style, tell your skilled barber exactly what you want.

Multiple Shaved Lines Hair Designs for Men
Instagram @barbersukraine

#8: Multiple Shaved Lines

Wow, look at these multiple shaved lines on this pomp haircut! Ask for a design in your hair if you’re headed to an event or party – it’s a great way to add some excitement to a short haircut.

#9: Tiny Afro with Designs

A tiny afro with designs like this has taken a lot of thought and skill to end up as this finished style. The design will be etched in first. Then the fade will be put around the design to highlight certain areas and make it pop. Regular visits will be needed to maintain this hairstyle design or grow it out and start a fresh design.

Diamond Design
Instagram @airamcutz

#10: Diamond Design

Here’s a striking diamond hair design, and yes—you’re looking at a goldmine, my friend! What’s even better is the shaved head designs can be customized. The skin fade cut is also a trendy addition to bedazzle up your look or emphasize any hair cut designs.

Man Bun with Design
Instagram @sajad_baarber

#11: Man Bun with Design

Take your man bun to the next level by adding a design to your fade. This hair design with a man bun creates a fashion-forward style and is a creative way to update your everyday look. The best part? As the sides grow out, you can easily change up the hair style design!

Amazing Designs with a Beard Fade for Men
Instagram @milenobarber

#12: Amazing Designs with a Beard Fade

These amazing designs for haircuts can really stand out on darker hair and couple up nicely with a beard fade. Enhancements can add to the whole look and make it stand out more. I suggest doing it sparingly, as it can look overdone. A black spray has been used to fill your hair and try and make it look thicker. If you are looking for this design hairstyle, research to find a barber that does this cut. Not all barbers have the tools to do this.

Cube Design
Instagram @_mr_cutz

#13: Cube Design

Another popular undercut for men is the cube design. Such unique designs in hair utilize the nape part of the neck, which is great for hiding hairline flaws and imperfections. Cubes, diamonds, and intricate line work are very flattering design choices, creating a slimming effect at the nape.

#14: Hair Design with Arches

A hair design with arches is a funky style. This is an option if you want to try a new fun style. Don’t forget to ask your barber for longer than a #2 guard on the sides. This will make your design a lot cleaner, and it’s easier for your barber to execute the design.

#15: Rose Hair Design

A rose hair design on thin hairstyles is packed with intricate detail. A highly experienced barber is needed to obtain this style. Attempting this design on your own will only lead to a big mess, and the only option to fit such mens hair cuts would be a high skin fade.

#16: Bird Design on Men’s Hair

A bird design on men’s hair looks best with undercuts and a dark hair hue. The designs’ haircut is intricate and makes one of the cool hairstyles for men. Clippers, trimmers, and open-blade razors achieve this finished style. Regular trips to your barber are needed to maintain the design. You may opt to grow it out and have something different next time.

#17: 3D Effect Hair Design

A 3D effect hair design is for men looking to make an artistic statement. It’s not your run-of-the-mill haircut. It should be done by a professional hairstylist specializing in straight razors and hair clippers. The effect is accomplished by closely using hair clippers on the scalp, slowly fading the length longer. Once that is achieved, a straight razor is used to etch the design while taking care to consider growth patterns and density. Depending on the speed of growth, this gents hair style would need to be maintained and redone in a couple of weeks.

#18: Hair and Beard Shaved Design

The hair and beard shaved design add a funky spin to any buzz style. The hair must be buzzed for the shaved design to pop. It is a fun hairstyle for any casual event.

The Treble Clef
Instagram @nazercuts

#19: The Treble Clef

Unleash the musician in you and let the whole world know you can rock a quaking hair tattoo like this! Such shaved hair designs for men are head-turners.

#20: Skull Hair Tattoo

Want a tricky and hypnotizing skull tattoo on your hair? Here’s one inspiration for you. Haircut designs for men like this are always a party starter.

#21: Shaved Star on a Men’s Hairstyle

Achieve your starlight dreams with this stellar pattern of stars hair design! Reaching for the stars has been taken to a whole new level.

Taper Fade Haircut with a Lighting Bolt Design
Instagram @gfpeluqueros

#22: Taper Fade Haircut with a Lighting Bolt Design

After a clean taper fade, some angled lines on your hair could make you stand out. A lightning bolt hair design across the side of your head will outshine them all!

Hair Part Design
Instagram @r.braid

#23: Hair Part Design

Cool hair designs can go well with a hard part style, too! Hairstyling has evolved to be a work of art. That’s why these patterns mimic creative linework and styling as well.

#24: Unique Tribal Pattern

This men’s haircut features unique tribal prints and Greek decals hair design. Added hair color ideas for men are fun, giving the hair more personality. What a way to express a grounded, simple life but with all the flair and boldness.

The Zig Zag Hair Design
Instagram @turbo_barber

#25: The Zig-Zag Hair Design

Try out this zig-zag geometric hair design for guys for a wicked undercut.

#26: Mohawk with Cool Design

Refresh your style by jumping on an edgy mohawk cut with soft, shaved lines! A classic mohawk partnered with a hair tattoo is as edgy as it gets.

#27: Modern and Casual V Line

Simple says a lot. This geometric v-line makes states the whole tapered haircut. Compared to a normal fade, this design haircut adds more interest.

#28: The Cross Hair Design on a Medium Fade Cut

If you are feeling a little bored with your normal short hair, then here’s a cross hair design on a mid fade cut that’s worth a try! The cut gives thick hair fullness with a neat style.

#29: High Fade and Shaved Abstract Design

A high fade men’s haircut and a shaved abstract design is a modern cut where the back and sides of the head are shaved with a pattern. The shaved part attracts attention, giving short haircuts creativity and an extraordinary style.

Tanya of Moscow, Russia, is the barber who created this hair tattoo. She says, “The pattern was made at a length of up to 0.5 mm, applied with a trimmer. The clarity of such a pattern will remain for about a couple of weeks.”

#30: Flower Hair Design

A flower hair design is a great way to spice up men’s haircuts. Stylist Angela Jansen of Australia used Wahl Beret’s mini clippers to carve in the design.

Jansen explains, “I did a freehand method for this cut. It’s very flattering for your profile as it’ll work with the head’s natural shape and has a lifting effect.”

The Feather Haircut Design for Guys
Instagram @cjcutmyhair

#31: The Feather Haircut Design for Guys

This hair design is creative-class. Barber Charles Jones of Vineland, NJ, makes it. It works well for short to medium-length curls. Adding fade haircut designs like this hair tattoo of a feather is a simple yet outstanding way to change your look.

This is a ready-to-go hairstyle with a dope feather design. You can use some leave-in conditioner or curling cream, brush the sides, and go.

“This design fits any face, head shape, personality, or lifestyle,” Jones explains.

#32: Creative Geometric Design

The shaved geometric hair design looks bold and trendy!

Created by barber Nicole Boucher from Massachusetts, this hair style includes multiple techniques to make it one of a kind.

“My favorite thing about cuts like these is that it allows me a full range to express my artistic talent freely, and it’s certainly outside of the norm. It’s also a barber’s way of upselling because these cuts are beyond average,” Boucher states.