70 Trendiest Pixie Cuts for 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Everything you need to know and all the inspiration you need before getting a pixie!

Pixie cuts come in all shapes, colors, and lengths. Finding the right one to fit your personality, hair type, and lifestyle can be challenging. So before you take the pixie leap, read the tips and advice I share with my clients considering a pixie. Then, check out this pixie haircut gallery I’ve put together for your inspiration!

Essential Things to Know First

  • Did you know… a pixie cut is a women’s haircut that’s cut short around the sides and back of the head and 1 to 3 inches long on top.
  • It’s essential to have your hair cut by a hairstylist or barber with experience cutting short hair. Short hair requires very different cutting skills!
  • If this is your first pixie cut, don’t cut it too short. I’ve made that mistake before. You only know how your hair will lie on your head once you cut it shorter. Especially when it comes to cowlicks and natural hair patterns. Some women can only pull off a haircut with the help of many products and a blow dryer or flat iron.
  • You’ll need to buy different hair products you may not have used before. This includes wax, pomade, clay, gel, or cream. Your stylist should help you out with choosing a product based on your hair texture, pattern, and style you’re looking for.
  • Your face shape becomes more important the shorter you cut your hair. Shorter hair will make your face shape more visible and defined. Below, I’ll show you examples of the best pixies to get for round, square, oval, and heart shapes faces.
  • If you are looking for more helpful tips you should definitely read my pixie cut guide before getting your haircut.

Now, check out these pictures of modern and trendy pixie cuts for women in 2024!

Stunning short pixie with wispy bangs hairstyle
Instagram @heavenlyhunt

#1: Stunning Short Pixie with Wispy Bangs

A haircut with wispy bangs frames the face in a way that makes the eyes pop. It’s essential to choose a hairstyle that compliments your features. The longer fringe will highlight your cheekbones while hiding unwanted lines on your forehead.

very short pixie with micro side bangs

#2 Very Short Pixie With Micro Side Bangs

This very short pixie cut with micro side bangs is a chic choice for those with petite features. The close-cropped sides and back contrast beautifully with the textured top, adding volume and movement to fine hair. This style is perfect for oval and heart-shaped faces, showcasing your eyes and cheekbones. It’s low-maintenance but requires regular trims every 4-6 weeks to keep its shape sharp and stylish.

best pixie with wispy bangs

#3 The Best Pixie with Wispy Bangs

This very short pixie cut with wispy bangs is perfect for a fresh and modern look. The textured layers add volume and dimension, making it ideal for fine hair. The bangs frame the face beautifully, enhancing your features and adding softness. This cut works well for those with oval or heart-shaped faces. Regular trims every 4-6 weeks will maintain the shape and keep the style looking sharp and stylish.

Side view of a stylish very short pixie cut with textured layers.

#4 The Cutest Way to Style a Pixie

This very short pixie cut is perfect for a chic and modern look. The textured layers add volume and dimension, making it ideal for fine hair. The side-swept bangs frame the face beautifully, enhancing your features and adding a touch of softness. This cut works well for those with oval or heart-shaped faces. Regular trims every 4-6 weeks will maintain the shape and keep the style looking fresh and edgy.

Stylish pixie cut for women over 60 with side-swept bangs and soft layers.

#5 Stylish Pixie for Women Over 60

This stylish pixie cut for women over 60 is both elegant and easy to manage. The cut features soft layers that add volume and movement, perfect for fine hair. The side-swept bangs help to frame the face and complement glasses beautifully. Ideal for mature women seeking a chic look, this style offers numerous pixie cut ideas for women over 60, providing a youthful and modern appearance. Regular trims every 6-8 weeks will keep this cut looking fresh.

Shaggy pastel long pixie cut with multidimensional colors

#6 Versatile Pastel Pixie

This shaggy pastel pixie cut features playful, multidimensional colors perfect for a bold, expressive look. The long pixie cut has a mix of pink, blue, and purple hues, adding a fun and whimsical touch. Ideal for fine to medium hair types, the choppy layers create texture and movement, giving the hair a fuller appearance. This style is low-maintenance but benefits from regular trims every 6-8 weeks to keep the shape and colors vibrant. Great for those with oval or heart-shaped faces.

Bold spiked pixie cut with short sides and long top

#7 Modernized Androgynous Pixie for Thick Hair

This striking pixie cut is ideal for those seeking a bold, edgy look. The short sides and back contrast dramatically with the long, spiked top, creating a dynamic style that draws attention to your facial features. The dark color adds intensity, while the height on top elongates the face, making it great for those with round or heart-shaped faces. Styling involves minimal effort—just use a strong-hold gel to maintain the spikes and keep the shape intact. Regular trims every 4-6 weeks are necessary to maintain the sharpness of this cut.

Edgy pixie cut with textured top and blonde highlights

#8 Before and After Androgynous Pixie

This edgy pixie cut is perfect for those wanting a bold transformation. The short sides and back contrast with the longer, textured top, creating a striking look that highlights the shape of your face. Ideal for those with thick hair, this style reduces bulk and adds movement. The tousled texture offers a carefree, youthful vibe, while the blonde highlights add dimension and shine. Maintenance is key, with trims needed every 4-6 weeks to keep the style sharp and fresh.

Michelle Williams pixie haircut

#9 Michelle Williams’ Pixie Haircut

This well-known cut is short, cute, and yet still edgy. The longer fringe smoothed to the side creates a sleek, sophisticated look any woman can pull off.

Very Short Messy Pixie
Instagram @mariadiasg

#10: Very Short Messy Pixie

Chop things up with this close-cropped hairdo! This shorter-on-the-sides and longer-on-the-top approach looks incredibly gorgeous on women with oval faces.

Tip: Pixie cuts must be well-maintained to keep their style and shape. I highly recommend seeing a hairdresser or barber specializing in short pixies.

#11: Dimensional Asymmetrical Pixie with an Undercut

Feel the breeze with an asymmetrical pixie with an undercut! Women with thicker hair who desire this cut should try adding an undercut to create extra time between haircuts. Ask your stylist for a pixie cut for a dimensional look with a balayage.

#12: The Angelic White Pixie

Try this miniature hairdo. This light and airy crop makes gray hair look extra angelic. It is a perfect transition look if you are looking to grow out your natural gray.

Classic pixie cuts can seem daring, especially if you’ve had long hair most of your life.

Classic, Disconnected Pixie Cuts
Instagram @dudkazhenya

#13: Disconnected Pixie Bob

Consider a disconnected hairstyle. The sides and the back are trimmed much shorter than the top, almost like a chic pompadour. This is a very airy, textured haircut. This haircut calls for a styling product with a hold that builds a foundation and a smoothing styling product for the ends. Once dry, use a texture product for hold and style. I highly recommend R&Co Rockaway Salt Spray, R&Co Aircraft Pomade Mousse, and R&CO Continental Wax.

Tip: An excellent haircut is based on not just facial features but also the shape of your head. A short haircut is influenced by bone structure. Before deciding on length and shape, it’s essential to consider the shape of your head.

#14: Short Edgy Blonde Pixie with an Undercut

Try an edgier look by selecting a short blonde pixie with an undercut. These haircuts for women are a great option if you want an effortless, low-maintenance style. An undercut is an easy way to relieve unwanted weight from your hair while adding a unique and edgy look to your style. Ask your stylist for lots of texture for added movement and a more piecey look.

Tip: Most short pixies require a trim every four to eight weeks to maintain their shape.

#15: Cute Blonde Messy Pixie Cut

If you have been thinking about a significant change for your hair, try a messy pixie cut for your next haircut and a bright blonde for your hair color. Adding texture to the cut helps to create a more textured and messy look for your hair. When growing your pixie, the key is keeping up on your trims every 6-8 weeks. This will allow your hair to grow while keeping a flattering shape and design.

#16: Edgy Silver Pixie with Long Sideburns

If you are searching for an attractive short cut, you should try an edgy silver pixie. Have your stylist cut your hair short at the nape and sides and leave the front longer on one side, creating a fun asymmetrical shape. Your cut will make you look younger and take minimal time to style. Please remember that you will need to get your hair trimmed often, about every four weeks, to keep its shape.

Tip: Pixie cuts often have layers to add volume to fine or thin hair.

#17: Blonde Side-Swept Pixie with an Undercut

Could you spin up your cut by trying a blonde side-swept pixie with an undercut? Adding an undercut to your hair is a unique style that helps to keep the sides and back of your hair short. Although this cut is short and cropped, try keeping the front longer to create a soft, side-swept look. Side-swept bangs help to create softness around your face while also helping to disguise fine lines and wrinkles.

#18: Youthful Pixie Bob Haircut

Opt for one of the top short hair ideas this year with layers, a deep side part, smokey blonde color, and shaved sides. This style will make a woman of any age look hip and stylish. This short crop adds tons of volume to women with fine hair. It can also work for you if you have thick hair. Make sure your stylist removes excess bulk. Style with pomade for that piece-y short and sassy look.

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#19: Jet-Black Long Shaggy Pixie with Curtain Fringe

A long shaggy pixie paired with a curtain fringe is perfect for a wash-and-wear look! Great on curly and wavy hair, shorter cuts can be left longer or shorter and styled with little hair product and minimal effort.

Did you know: Pixie cuts are one of the most versatile haircuts you can get? Unsurprisingly, they’re low maintenance.

Amazing Long Pixie Cut for Women Over 70
Instagram @ittaribeiro

#20: Amazing Long Pixie for Women In Their 70s

If you’re over 70-years-old and looking for a long pixie cut, try an undercut with a side part. The long, swooping bangs will conceal fine lines on the forehead. The shorter back will keep styling time to a minimum. Work in a dollop of volumizing mousse for volume in the crown, and use a 1” ceramic round brush to shape and curl your hair as you blow-dry.

Growing Out a Pixie
Instagram @kiva.rosescu

#21: Growing Out a Pixie from a Feminine Buzz Cut

If you are growing out short hair, opt for a short, spikey pixie! This cut is a super stylish crop that will compliment your best features. Set the stage for your eyes (and cheekbones) to shine with this choppy, texturized do!

Super Short Pixie for an Oval Face
Instagram @hairxrae

#22: Super Short Pixie for an Oval Face

A super short pixie looks fantastic on an oval face. Women with oval faces will find that nearly any haircut looks good on them, and this style is no exception. A wax or pomade is recommended for that fun, piece-y look.

Pixie Weave for African-American Hair
Instagram @oghairplace

#23: Pixie Weave for African-American Hair

A pixie weave is an excellent option for African-American hair when wanting to go short. Weaves are a great way to achieve any cut, color, or style you want without the long-term commitment or making the big chop.

The classic pixie cut has many variations, such as asymmetrical, shaggy, longer bangs, undercuts, and more. If you’re getting a weave, you’ll have many options you can try in a shorter time.

#24: Flattering Pixie for Straight Hair

A haircut for straight hair can be incredibly flattering. Women with straight hair who desire a choppier look should ask for a squared cut, whereas women who want something softer should aim for a more rounded cut.

#25: Edgy Pixie with Hard Part and Undercut

Take your edgy pixie to the next level with a hard part and undercut. This unique take is a great way to add individuality to your hairdo.

Pixie cuts are a wash-and-go type of haircut, which works great if you’re a woman on the go or the type who only wants to spend a little bit of time styling their hair.

Sweet Long Pixie Cut for Women Over 60
Instagram @petra_v1.0

#26: Sweet Long Pixie for Women Over 60

A long pixie cut for women over 60 is a perfectly balanced crop that gives off a youthful appearance with a bit of masculine edge. In an age of “style for everyone,” this haircut will fit most any situation and outfit.

#27: Subtle Brunette Pixie

Chop it all off and go for a brunette cropped haircut! This super choppy cut is ultra-freeing and sure to turn heads.

A pixie cut typically has some bangs, with the most flattering ones slightly longer on the forehead.

Beautiful Angled Pixie Haircut
Instagram @menaartistry

#28: Beautiful Angled Pixie

A jaw-hugging angled pixie is a beautiful cut to show off your neck and collarbones. If your Décolleté is your best feature, then try this cut!

#29: The Sassy Pixie

The sassy pixie is the perfect hairstyle for women looking for an edge. There is a lot of personality in this short, choppy cut.  This sassy look is easy to style and even more accessible to have fun with.

Pixie cuts look great on all face shapes. However, round, heart and oval faces are the most flattering ones for this cut.

Flattering Pixie on Women Over 40
Instagram @nancyopdahl

#30: Flattering Pixie on Women Over 40

Here’s a flattering pixie for ladies in their 40s that will give fine, limp hair a thicker appearance and more movement. This haircut for women in their 40s gives a youthful appearance.

Tip: To take out extra weight from the sides of your hair, a pixie cut needs to be cut using the point-cutting technique. A point cut is also a great way to add more texture to your hair.

The Contemporary Pixie Haircut
Instagram @saloncheska

#31: The Contemporary Pixie

A modern cut that women are getting opens up the face while still having a length to style. It will grow out nicely and is versatile for all women!

Show-Stopping Platinum Pixie Cut and Color
Instagram @kiva.rosescu

#32: Show-Stopping Platinum Pixie

A platinum pixie is a show-stopping tapered, short haircut that will never go out of style! It gives an edge, and no need to style! Plus, it’s universally flattering.

#33: The Natural Gray Pixie

A textured pixie is a great way to show off your gray hair while giving style to the look! This cut is very flattering, especially for older women with glasses! A pixie for gray hair is perfect for a natural soft grow-out.

Trendy Pixie bowl cut
Instagram @leah_cocoparle

#34: The Trendy Pixie Bowl Cut

The pixie bowl cut gives a modern twist to an Audrey Hepburn-inspired cut. Medium to thick hair textures are ideal for the bowl shape. Ask your stylist to texturize for added texture.

#35: Stunning Red Pixie

A stunning red is a fierce color that stands out instantly on a pixie cut. Red tones work best on pale or olive skin tones. Remember that red will wash out quickly; ask your stylist for tips on maintaining the vibrant color.

The Beautiful Stacked pixie cut
Instagram @parkstreethair

#36: The Beautiful Stacked Pixie

The stacked pixie gives body and lift to fine, straight hair. It helps give shape to hair that lays flat so ask your stylist for inverted layers in the back for the stack effect.

Edgy Pixie with a V-cut Nape
Instagram @hair_flairapy

#37: Edgy Pixie with a V-cut Nape

A pixie with a v-cut nape gives a severe v-shape and an intricate style. It provides a lot of body and shows off thickness to any hair texture.

#38: Purple Lavender Pixie

A purple lavender crop hair cut can be rocked at any age for an edgy look! Ask your stylist for a cropped hairstyle that shows off the dimensions of the purple lavender.

Swept-Back Pixie with an Undercut
Instagram @tonvieiira

#39: Swept-Back Pixie with an Undercut

A swept-back pixie with an undercut accentuates natural volume and lift. Fine hair works best with the undercut—Blow-dry with mousse for extra lift and bounce. A pixie cut for long face shapes can help shorten the face with added bangs.

#40: The Low-Maintenance Pixie

This Tinkerbell-inspired style perfect if you want a wash-and-go hairstyle. Ask your stylist for a lot of texture and movement for easy maintenance and softer grow-out.

The Pixie Wedge Cut
Instagram @sampaiocabelos

#41: The Pixie Wedge Cut

The wedge cut is perfect for fine to medium hair with a natural texture! It will provide body and shape to hair while softly draping around the face.

Funky Rose Gold Pixie Pixie cut and color
Instagram @daymakerhair

#42: Funky Rose Gold Pixie

A funky rose gold pixie is a trend that never goes out of style! If you are looking for a fun, edgy style this should be your go-to. Rose gold can come in various shades, so make sure you discuss with your stylist the tone you are looking for.

#43: The Uneven Pixie

The uneven pixie is a great way to try a short hairdo without sacrificing length. It gives length to play with and style for a more feminine look.

The Trendsetting Pixie Mullet
Instagram @funcoolhair

#44: The Trendsetting Pixie Mullet

The pixie mullet is a great way to give the mullet a modern flair! Plus, it’s versatile for all hair types. This look is a perfect way to show off your beautiful neckline.

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Gorgeous Medium Pixie Cut
Instagram @maryam_newlook

#45: Gorgeous Medium Pixie

Medium pixie cuts are a great way to try a shorter crop without going short.  They’re easy to grow and maintain. Add some volume spray and blow out with a round brush for a voluminous shape.

Cool Spiked Pixie Cut
Instagram @d_i_e_ela

#46: Cool Spiked Pixie

A cool spiked cut is a look that stands out and always stays in style. Gives an instantly edgy look to any cut. This cut can provide a soft or edgy appearance, depending on your style. You can use your favorite hair paste to spike it.

Messy Rocker Pixie Haircut Makeover
Instagram @onhair_salon

#47: Messy Rocker Pixie Makeover

A messy rocker makeover gives fine, straight hair lift and texture instantly! These hairstyles are perfect for volume and provide movement to your hair.

#48: Bold Blue Pixie Color

Some cuts are the type of cut that allows them to try something new and bold. A bold blue color stands out for its high-fashion look.

#49: The Ultimate Face-Framing Pixie

This ultimate face-framing short cut can accentuate your cheekbones. A pixie for square face shapes is ideal as it softly lays around your face. Consider a pixie for Asian hair if you have finer hair, regardless of nationality.

Effortless short layered pixie cut
Instagram @rodrigocintra

#50: Effortless Short Layered Pixie

If you have black hair, try this cute short, layered pixie hairstyle. Request lots of layering and highlights to give your hair more dimension.

#51: The Popular Bixie Haircut

Go for the bixie haircut. If you have fuller hair, an undercut will take away from your bulk so you can pull off the modern bixie. Adding some textured crown layers for body with a bob-shaped perimeter gives a bixie the finishing touches. Great for round and pear-shaped faces. You can play around with a deep side part, swept bangs, or a curtain bang.

#52: Unique Long Layered Pixie

This short haircut has a rounded, head-hugging shape. The great thing about it is that the short layers through the top are different lengths. This creates movement and a lot of texture in your hair. Use Craft Clay from Sebastian to give it lots of texture and separation. You can also finish your long layered pixie haircut with light dry hairspray to hold the look. If you’re ready for short hair and your hair type is similar to this model, go for it.

#53: Charming Short & Shaggy Pixie

If you have naturally wavy short hair and find yourself asking, “should I get a pixie?” This haircut is your answer. These cuts are a hot style for women with natural hair texture. You can also use a small barrel curling iron to achieve this look if you have naturally straight hair.

#54: Soft Pixie for Women Over 50

Any woman over 50 with confidence can pull off soft and layered styles. This pixie can work well on straight or wavy hair textures. The color is just hints of warm highlights to add even more texture. Going short can be scary the first time, so if you are considering a cute pixie with highlights make sure you are ready to let go and trust your stylist to create the perfect look. The more confident you are in your hairdresser, the better your result will be!

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shaved undercut pixie
Instagram @imsimplyjessy

#55: Shaved Undercut Pixie

I noticed in my salon, and others that shaved sides on an undercut pixie are a top trend this year. The effect of undercutting makes it one of the best pixie cuts on thick hair, as it removes excess bulk.

Perfect pixie cut for black women
Instagram @cascadecouture

#56: Perfect Pixie for Black Women

This is a gorgeous haircut for a black woman. This sleek, sophisticated style maintains coarse hair with a polished finish. See more of the best pixie hair cuts for black hair.

edgy pixie cut for thin hair
Instagram @presleypoe

#57: Edgy Pixie for Thin Hair

If you are bored with your long hair, an edgy pixie cut is a short style to opt for. This look is low maintenance and will bring life and volume to your fine hair. Style with a volume mousse and a round brush for big lift.

pixie cut for a round face shage
Instagram @rcgimene

#58: Cute Pixie for a Round Face

Consider a pixie haircut designed for round face shapes. The height on top will elongate your face while the short, piece-y bangs bring attention to your eyes.

#59: Edgy Cut for A Little Girl

A slightly longer cut on one side that frames the face is one of the best haircuts for little girls. So consider having your little girl try rocking an edgy haircut with long side-swept bangs. Add a pop of your favorite fashion color for a funky short hair ‘do!

#60: Beautiful Blonde Pixie with Long Bangs

Consider a blonde pixie with fringe. These short tresses add softness and movement to your hair and are very versatile for styling. The piecey fringe offers a feeling of length and can be worn down to the side or pulled back. You can wear this messy or smooth and anywhere in between.

Morena Baccarin's short pixie cut with bangs
Credit / Gage Skidmore

#61: Morena’s Blonde Pixie with Bangs

If you’re looking to go from dark brown hair to a very bold, short pixie cut with bangs, this is the look for you. Blonde is a very statement-making and fashion-forward look paired with an edgy pixie.

metallic short choppy pixie
Instagram @studiobyjoan

#62: Metallic Short and Choppy Pixie

Modern haircuts are short and choppy with highlights and lowlights. Only some people can pull off short, choppy cuts and keep them feminine. Choose soft shapes if you have strong features. Be prepared to style your hair daily and invest in products to maintain style and color. Listen to your hairdresser if they offer sound advice, and be brave and leave your current one if they offer no ideas.

#63: Shattered Pixie with Choppy Bangs

Opt for a short hair cut, like a shattered haircut that’s inspired by Halle Berry. A lot of texture helps break apart any solid lines in your hair. Use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner for coarse hair to help soften the cuticle. To style a cut like this, use a dry wax-like Kevin Murphy Rough Rider to add some volume and separate the layers.

Sophisticated disconnected pixie for fine hair
Instagram @giboazhair

#64: Sophisticated Disconnected Pixie for Fine Hair

This cross is between a pixie and a disconnected undercut with bangs. It’s the perfect combination of cute and feminine yet edgy and fun. For styling, use KMS Add Volume spray on wet hair. After drying and styling,  finish with Goldwell Unlimitor spray wax to give it some texture. Disconnected haircuts are best suited if you have a heart-shaped, oval, or square face. For closely cropped styles like this, you need to have the right hairline in the back (higher is better). Keep in mind that it will draw more attention to your facial features. Because of this, some women tend to want to play up their makeup.

Sexiest blonde pixie with layers hairstyle
Instagram @tatavorobyova

#65: Sexiest Blonde Pixie with Layers

Go for a disconnected lixie with an undercut and bang produced with a razor to give it softness and more texture. For styling, use ARROJO products. Their texture paste and hair cream will create consistency and messy hair. A long pixie haircut with bangs is perfect if you’re looking for a cool, edgy, modern look. It’s great for straight or wavy textured hair.

#66: Super Short Pixie Shag

Shaggy pixie haircuts are great for the stylish woman on the go. It’s an effortless, no-fuss style, especially if you have a cool choppy texture!  Consider this sweet, edgy, and feminine choppy cut with short hair on the sides and longer hair on top. To style this whimsical short cut, use K Mousse Bouffant by Kerastase on damp hair, then air dry or diffuse to enhance the texture. This mousse will hold the texture well without becoming crunchy. Great products that hold your wave and fight frizz make a night and day difference to the results. After your hair is dry, add some Kenra Dry Texture Spray to enhance the texture.

#67: Curly Pixie for Naturally Curly Hair

A curly pixie cut is a mix of short, edginess, and soft and feminine. I love the bits and pieces of the haircut that frame your face and neck. Use a pomade mousse from R+Co hair, Aircraft, to fingerstyle and air dry. You can use your favorite light pomade or hair wax. This works well with naturally curly hair but can work on anyone with fine to medium texture as well.

Tip: Growing a pixie may take longer if your hair is curly or extra thick.

#68: Gorgeous Grey Pixie for Older Women

This pixie is edgy with some sass, depending on how you want to wear it. You can wear this slicked to the side for a more formal look or textured and messy for an everyday style. Use a texture spray/workable hairspray and a pomade.

#69: Razor Cut Pixie with Long Bangs

The most feminine pixie cut styles have longer bangs that sweep across the face. You can add some edge to gamine cuts by making it choppy. What’s great about this haircut is that it has strength, but the versatility and softness through the top allow you to style it in many ways.

edgy and chic short wavy pixie
Instagram @feketetom258

#70: Edgy & Chic Short Wavy Pixie

If you have wavy hair and looking to try a new and bold haircut, this chic pixie may be a great option for you. These cuts can look fantastic on women with wavy hair. With the correct haircut, a strong firm pomade and a little oil serum combo will quickly achieve this haircut. Remember to add your stronghold hairspray as well for the finishing touch. A wavy pixie is multicultural that can create a whole new look for someone.

Unique long pixie with side-swept bangs
Instagram @giboazhair

#71: Unique Long Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

Long pixie cuts can be short, professional hairstyles and extremely low maintenance. They have enough length in the front so you can wear it to the side, in a pompadour, wavy, or without any styling. For this particular hairstyle, use Kenra Blow Dry Spray to protect from heat and reduce drying time in half. It also leaves your hair shiny and manageable. Finish with Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray for that polished yet messy look. Always book in advance so you can be in the salon every 4 to 5 weeks to maintain!

#72: Excellent Tapered Hairstyle

A tapered cut is an excellent choice for fine hair. To achieve a lovely feathery and piece-y look, ask your stylist to use a razor for the cut. Style your hair with a wax or pomade to define the shape and add texture.

#73: Textured Pixie for Women Over 70

If you’re in your 70’s, you likely have thin hair. One way to boost it is to ask your hairstylist to texturize your cut. Keep the length around 2-4 inches with varying lengths. This is it if you’re looking for a wash-and-go cut!

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Commonly Asked Questions:

  • A classic pixie haircut is shorter and tapered in the back and sides, with a little more length on the top. Depending on your face shape, this is where you can play with the length of your bangs to compliment the end look.

  • A pixie can be low-maintenance, typically if you have fine-medium texture and minimal cowlicks. The way your pixie is cut or styled also plays a role in the maintenance it may require, so it’s always a good idea to consult with a professional to see how much work needs to be put into your cut.

  • A pixie cut can look fuller with the help of styling products. Volumizing mousses and sprays can add lift and fullness, as well as texturizing pastes, powders, and sprays to add separation and definition.

  • Going from a pixie to a bob can take 4 months up to a year. The biggest challenge when growing out a pixie is keeping the nape short while the top and sides grow out. It requires a lot of patience but with a good stylist, they can make the growing stages a lot more flattering.

  • Pixies can be a great option with curly hair! Having natural curl can add great volume and movement to your pixie, and knowing how to work with your curl pattern is important so the cut stays structured and not frizzy.

  • Oval face shapes are the most versatile and can pull off a pixie cut haircut. Heart and square face shapes can also rock a pixie cut, too. A pixie cut is going to be the most ideal for petite face shapes like a round, square, or heart face shape. Smaller faces can become overwhelmed with long hair so pixies are a great option that keeps the overall look balanced.

  • A layered pixie cut has a seamless blend of long and short hair, with shorter usually on the sides. Layers help remove weight but maintain length and volume.

  • The short answer is yes! Round faces just need a little more customizing to accentuate certain parts of the face, such as cheekbones. Longer face-framing layers or curtain bangs are common for round faces as well.

  • To make your pixie more feminine, try adding a few longer layers towards the face, whether it’s face-framing bangs or layers on top that add height and swoop forward. A smoother cut that is less wispy or choppy will help take away the “edgy” look.

  • Fine hair may need a little more texture to help add volume and give the illusion of thicker, fuller hair. Try adding a sea salt spray into your routine!