32 Wolf Haircut Ideas Trending On Social Media

wolf cut

The popular wolf haircut is a trendy take on mullet and shag haircuts combined. It features stacks of layers, forming a bouncy and voluminous silhouette in your hair. And thanks to TikTok, it’s taking the world by storm!

Andy Bates, a hairstylist from Sacramento, CA, shares his take on this cut. “This cut is not meant for women with a little density in their hair,” he says. “It highlights a chunky, piecey texture with a little flipping and bending of the hair.”

Bates points out how a wolf cut suits women under the age of 25, with a septum piercing, aspiring to be an E-girl. “It’s a fun and edgy cut – perfect if you don’t care how your hair looks and can pull off cute looks no matter what,” he says.

The need to style this cut every morning might be a drawback for most women. “At least wet it down and blow-dry the bangs a little,” he suggests. “Create a feathered curtain bang and pin it in with the ends flipping out a bit.”

Bates reveals how most stylists create a curly mass in the back when the rest of the hair has so much weight taken off. Another error stylists make is not taking enough weight from the parietal ridge. He explains, “You’ll end up creating a shag and not a wolf cut since you left too much density.”

If you’ve thought about this cut, it’s vital to look for a hairstylist that is an expert in recreating this type of cut. Stay on-trend by browsing through these popular photos of a wolf haircut.

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#1: Korean Wolf Cut

One of the best wolf cuts is a Korean one because it combines soft, round layers with long curtain bangs. Long, sweeping fringe with longer layers is much better suited for you if you’re a woman with thick, pin-straight hair. You may use a round brush when blow-drying to sweep your bangs away from your face. Doing so also adds a smooth finish to your shaggy hairstyle.

#2: Short Wolf with Red Highlights

A short wolf with red highlights is one of the latest heavily-layered trends. Pops of red throughout add some extra spunk. You’ll want to chat with your stylist to determine how much layering will work with your hair texture and to determine the length of the front fringe so that it works with your face shape.

Trendy Wolf Cut for Straight Hair
Instagram @rachelwstylist

#3: Trendy Wolf Hairut for Straight Hair

A trendy wolf cut works for straight hair and is one of the easiest and greatest hairstyles to try! Shag haircuts are one of the trendiest styles and are so versatile you can rock them no matter what your hair texture is. A tip for styling straight hair with a fringe and lots of layers is to use hair mousse when you are blow-drying and to use a root volumizing powder. By doing so, your hair will look like it has a tousled, messy finish.

#4: Razored Wolf Haircut for Thin Hair

Opt for razored wolf haircut if your hair is thin because it adds body and volume to your tresses. However, adding a heavy, layered fringe that can be worn straight across, side-swept, or with a middle partition is versatile and great if you’re a woman with fine, pin-straight hair or fine, curly hair.

Layered Wolf Cut with Bangs
Instagram @troycutshair

#5: Layered Wolf Haircut with Bangs

A layered wolf cut with bangs will make you look like a rockstar! Thi hairstyle in the picture above is cut with heavy layering around your face and in the crown and provide a ton of volume and texture to your black hair.

#6: Shaggy Wolf Hairstyle

Make sure you try a shaggy wolf hairstyle if you are seeking a cut that maintains the length of a shag but has the layers of a mullet. Haircuts that are shaggy are typically cut using a razor cutting technique that gives your hair a piecey and heavily textured and undone style.

The Wolf Mullet
Instagram @home__sick

#7: The Wolf Cut Mullet

The wolf mullet is one of the coolest and most playful versions of a mullet haircut. This is a trendy cut and easily styled with a little texture spray or paste that can be either air-dried or quickly blow-dried without the use of styling tools.

Messy Wolf Haircut
Instagram @hairbykarafina

#8: Messy Wolf Haircut

A messy wolf haircut is an edgy yet pretty modern variation of a shag haircut. These cuts have heavily layered hair and give you a lot of volume and texture to work with. They work well on almost every hair type and look great whether blown out straight or when worn with waves.

Very Short Wolf Cut for Women Over 70
Instagram @studiocpb

#9: Very Short Wolf Haircut for Women Over 70

If you’re a woman over the age of 70, a very short wolf cut is a great choice because it’s an edgier and modern version of a pixie cut. As you age, your hair tends to become thinner, so this short cut works well by providing volume and giving you a youthful-looking texture.

Wolf Shag for Women Over 60
Instagram @jomcintyrehair

#10: Wolf Shag for Women Over 60

Choosing a wolf shag for women over 60 is an edgy and unique way to showcase your playful texture and volume on your wavy or naturally curly hair. Plus, it will also make you look 10 years younger. This aesthetic haircut is simple to style and will give you a lot of attention.

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#11: Wolf Cut with Layers for Women Over 50

If you are over the age of 50, an excellent wolf cut with layers allows you to maintain your length while adding shape and movement to your long brown hair. Extending the fringe into the face-framing pieces adds tons of texture. If you’re looking for a new style, using a finishing hairspray to tame flyaways and frizz helps you achieve this type of hairdo. Or, ask your hairstylist to show you a styling example, before leaving the salon.

#12: Voluminous Wolf Haircut for Fine Hair

If you have fine hair, a voluminous wolf haircut will give you the illusion of fullness and volume. Adding long curtain bangs that sweep outwards at your cheekbones gives you the appearance of an oval face shape, drawing attention to your cheekbones. Use lots of volume styling products like mousse, texturizing spray, and volume paste to give height to your fine locks.

#13: Long Wolf Cut

A long wolf cut is the best of both worlds with shorter layers on both the crown area and top of your head, together with face-framing pieces. Adding lots of layers to your long hair gives you bounce, texture, and fullness on your long tresses. When styling, it’s best to use a large round brush to create a smooth finish and sweep the layers away from your face.

Wolf Cut with Wispy Ends
Instagram @logicalharmony

#14: Wolf Haircut with Wispy Ends

A wolf cut with wispy ends has one of the best, subtle finishes. To achieve this feathered style, you could ask your stylist to blow dry your cut, then use texturizing shears to debulk the ends of your hair, to ensure your hair is creating a fine, soft result.

#15: Edgy Wolf Cut for Wavy Hair

If you are looking to add an edgier vibe to your style, try out an edgy wolf cut for wavy hair. With this haircut, you can still maintain all your length by simply adding a choppy fringe and round layers to your big hair. If you need, after blow-drying, finish your hairstyle with a soft wave spray and scrunch it in to create a messy, lived-in finish.

#16: Evenly Layered Wolf Cut

An evenly layered cut can be classy and is perfect if you want to test out a medium-length shag haircut without changing up your style dramatically. A haircut with long layers, a softly layered fringe, and subtle face-framing is easy to style and maintain. When styling this cut, it’s important to use a flat iron in making curls that create an effortless, lived-in finish.

Textured Wolf for Women Over 40
Instagram @lcs.hairdesign

#17: Textured Wolf for Women Over 40

If you’re a woman in her 40s, a textured wolf is a type of haircut that instantly transforms your style. A messy, textured shag makes your eyes pop and is a great way to rejuvenate your haircut. You can use a flat iron to add messy curls around your face that give volume and shape to your wonderful haircut.

Low-Maintenance Wolf Cut for Women Over 30
Instagram @skipdoeshair

#18: Low-Maintenance Wolf Cut for Women Over 30

If you’re a woman over 30, a low-maintenance wolf cut is youthful and sexy. For easy maintenance, opt for a soft baby fringe to avoid having to trim your bangs too often. To achieve textured and voluminous results when styling, this cut requires combining a finishing gum, dry texturizing spray & volume creator.

Layered Wolf Cut for Thick Hair
Instagram @andybateshair

#19: Layered Wolf Cut for Thick Hair

If you’re feminine, a layered wolf cut looks stunning if you desire to remove some weight off your tresses. For thick, textured hair with waves, use a razor to cut your hair to avoid thick, blunt ends. If you can, talk with your stylist about texturizing and debulking your haircut so that it doesn’t feel too heavy or choppy. Consider an undercut or fade to help remove weight, too.

Classic Wolf Cut for Older Women
Instagram @davidwbullen

#20: Classic Wolf Cut for Older Women

A classic wolf cut is flattering, youthful, and rejuvenating if you’re an older woman. A younger-looking haircut can be paired with a salt and pepper hair color for a great combination that creates a fun and funky look. You need to ask your stylist for a heavy, feathered fringe with an above-the-shoulder haircut for this tousled, youthful yet age-appropriate haircut.

Short Wolf Cut with Bangs
Instagram @judeviola

#21: Short Wolf Cut with Bangs

A short wolf cut with bangs is an incredibly new take on the classic longer pixie cut. The best way to achieve this technique is to use a feather razor to shape your short hair. A haircut style with longer face-framing pieces around your chin and cheekbone suits women with heart-shaped faces.

Mullet Wolf Cut for Women with Glasses
Instagram @hairbyjoec

#22: Mullet Wolf Cut for Women with Glasses

A wearable mullet wolf cut could be for you if you wear glasses. It adds an edgy, bold finish and 90s vibes to your style. With large-framed glasses, opt for a shorter “baby fringe” that won’t hang in your eyes or hit the rims of your glasses. With wavy hair texture, add a sea salt texture spray, then attach a diffuser to your blow-dryer and dry your hair upside down. This is a great way to add fullness while scrunching with your hands. Plus, this length is still long enough to put up in a ponytail on hot days.

#23: Choppy Wolf Haircut

A choppy wolf haircut can add life and bounce to your fine, red hair texture. To help you decide if a shaggy cut will work on your gorgeous fine hair, try out a fringe with tons of face-framing layers to get used to the heavily layered style of a haircut.

Heavily Layered Wolf Haircut
Instagram @hairbyjoec

#24: Heavily Layered Wolf Haircut

A heavily layered wolf haircut has tons of height to your chic tresses. A full shaggy layered haircut looks great if you have a square or round-shaped face. This cut will add length and height, making your face appear more oval. You should ask your stylist to use a razor or texturizing shears when cutting your fringe for a choppy, feathered finish.

Curly Wolf Cut for Curly Hair
Instagram @rayformakeup

#25: Curly Wolf Cut for Curly Hair

A curly wolf cut for curly hair looks amazing and makes your curls bounce with joy. This cut on curly hair emphasizes the intricacy of each curl. A tip to consider is asking your hairdresser to keep your fringe longer than the desired length when cutting so that your curly cut doesn’t shrink up shorter than anticipated.

The TikTok Wolf Cut
Instagram @amiras_salon

#26: The TikTok Wolf Cut

The TikTok wolf cut is all the rage now. The beauty of this cut has several disconnected layers, fringe, and texture. A shaggy haircut adds tons of movement to your haircut and will suit you if you have medium-textured hair to remove bulk while adding fullness.

Medium-Length Wolf with Fringe
Instagram @duo_mais

#27: Medium-Length Wolf with Fringe

A medium-length wolf haircut with fringe is an edgy, bold, and stylish cut consisting of textured and choppy layers. Shoulder-length hairstyles give your hair enough length to style. Don’t forget, that you may want to add lots of layers to give shape and framing around your face.

bleach blonde wolf cut
Instagram @893hairstyles

#28: Bleach Blonde Wolf Cut

For a hair style that is very on-trend, try a bright bleach blonde wolf cut when you’re tired of your natural color. The easiest shag style works on many hair textures and can be customized to you and how you prefer to wear your hair. Go get more ideas, and talk to your stylist about what version of the amazing shape would work for you.

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