24 Flattering Hairstyles for Women Over 40 in 2022

Best hairstyles for women over 40

These flattering hairstyles for women over 40 focus on short to medium-length cuts that can take years off your face. Thinning is the typical problem for maturing hair, but with today’s advanced hair cutting and dyeing techniques, you don’t need to fret about it! It’s all about flattering and working with your face shape, strong features, skin tone, and even your body structure.

Hairstyles for Women Over 40 That Suit You

The cuts and styles that suit women in their forties are all about adding shape and density to the hair and, at the same time, more space for versatility. One basic tip to take note of is that these rejuvenating hairstyles will need a bit more of maintenance because of your strands’ aging condition.

You don’t need a time machine to go back to your ripe years! Treat yourself to one of these trendy haircuts and hairstyles for women over 40, and it’s a guarantee you’ll look (and, more importantly, feel!) the most youthful and sassiest you’ve ever been!

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Sun-Kissed Medium-Length Hair for Ladies 40 and Over
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#1: Sun-Kissed Medium-Length Hair

Waved Long Blonde Hair for Women 40 and Over
Instagram @powerofastylist

#2: Waved Long Blonde Hair

If you have long blonde hair, try a waved look. There are so many ways to style waves, whether it’s soft waves, beach waves, or Hollywood waves.

Deep Side-Parted Bob with Blonde Money Piece for 40-Year-Olds
Instagram @romeufelipe

#3: Deep Side-Parted Bob with Blonde Money Piece

If you have a strong cowlick that prevents a middle part, try a deep side-parted bob with a blonde money piece. The side part will use the hair growth pattern to your advantage, creating envious volume and complimenting most face shapes. A baby-thin money piece will create brightness around your face and compliment your eyes, and a rooted dimensional blonde will keep the style low-maintenance.

Short to Medium Cut for Wavy Hair for Women 40 and Over
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#4: Short to Medium Cut for Wavy Hair

If you want an easy-to-style haircut, try a cut for wavy hair. Low-maintenance haircuts are perfect for busy women over 40 because they can simply be washed and worn. Wavy hair is great to style and can be dressed up or down to suit any event or lifestyle.

Sleek One-Length Bob Cut for Fine-Haired 40-Year-Old Women
Instagram @justinandmarkhairfactory

#5: Sleek One-Length Bob Cut for Fine Hair

If you have fine hair, there is nothing better than a sleek one-length bob. One-length layers make the most of fine hair and are easy to style. Keep in mind, that you won’t get much lift or volume with this shape but its simplicity makes it beautiful. Make sure you have your stylist cut your hair with your hair parted exactly where you want it, or you will have overhanging pieces since there are no layers involved.

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modern chin-length bob with bangs
Instagram @sacaumut

#6: Modern Chin-Length Bob

Pair bold bangs with beautiful blonde hair color. This will definitely bring out your sexy side!

Edgy Razor Cut with caramel babylights hairstyle for women over 40
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#7: Edgy Razor Cut with Caramel Babylights

Babylights are coming back for women over 40. They’re ideal for your everyday pixie cut with a beautiful mix of brown and caramel hair color.

choppy layered hairstyle for women over 40
Instagram @romeufelipe

#8: Choppy Layers

Choppy layers create a gorgeous mid-length hairstyle for women over 40. This one is for women who have thick tresses. The density allows the hair to support a voluminous, fuller-looking style. Achieve this by blowing the locks dry. Enhance the movement using a flat or curling iron if need be. Thanks to the blonde highlights—they create a trendy, youthful dimension, too.

deep side part bob for women over forty
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#9: Deep Side Part Bob

Join the rose-gold trend with enchanting rosy highlights added to a luscious caramel base. This is the perfect side-part bob for women in their 40s that will transcend time.

Blunt Bob with Side Swept Bangs
Instagram @glamby_xtina603

#10: Blunt Bob with Side Swept Bangs

Showcase your wisdom; go gray! This is one of the best hairstyles for women over 40 who want to show up their natural silver hair color and roots.

the classic bob for ladies past 40
Instagram @jpattonsalon

#11: The Classic Bob

Brighten your aura with dark chocolate brown to create that classy yet trendy look. Plus, add that full choppy fringe for a youthful outlook that every 40-year-old woman needs.

Haircut with long layers for fine hair for ladies over 40
Instagram @hair_salon_by_hadis

#12: Long Layers with Fine Hair

When it comes to finding the best hairstyles for thin hair over 40, this is a must-try look to add more volume to thin hair. The burgundy color creates an illusion of depth hence, adding more dimension to your look.

long layered bob for round faces over 40
Instagram @romeufelipe

#13: Long Layered Bob for Round Faces

Doesn’t this soft, choppy lob for round faces look so refreshing? This cut’s flattering for being extremely thick to release weight from her ends and also compliment her bright face.

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Blunt cut bob for women over 40 with thick hair
Instagram @mustafahairdesign

#14: Blunt Cut for Thick Hair

The look is a classic one-length textured bob. It’s beautifully timeless with some fun and flirty pieces to give it that modern edge.

This cut is that it requires minimal effort, but looks intentional. Which is perfect for the busy 40-year-old woman.

This particular look is suitable for all face shapes and doesn’t require lots of styling. It’s versatile and can be worn classically sleek with a slight bevel with a round brush or flat iron, or fun and flirty with some texture. Embrace your natural wave by adding some loose curls with a 1 1/4 curling iron-very minimal work and finish it with a texture spray for some volume and hold.

Short Curly Hair
Instagram @wendycuts_hair

#15: Short Curly Hair

This short curly hair cut is a fun and bohemian shape with an easily shattered bang that will grow out into layers effortlessly. The rounded layers were cut with a straight razor, removing weight for added movement and boosting the curls.

This look for women 40 plus, was styled with a leave-in conditioner to help with frizz and to add moisture and also a salt spray to boost the curls and add some texture. The shape is great for any curly texture of hair and the length of the layers and bangs can be customized to suit the taste of each individual.

Mid-length bob for women over 40 with round faces
Instagram @summerverrett

#16: Mid-Length Bob Cut with Center Part

This is a very versatile mid-length bob haircut. The layers are a round shape and are very long & “barely there” – just subtly framing the face and starting just below the chin. Thanks to texturizing techniques like slicing, this haircut has lots of soft movement & feels light while still looking full and voluminous.

The loveliest thing about this haircut is how easy it is. The subtle, long layers won’t require too much fuss. Texturizing in all the right places will make air-drying your go-to style.

This haircut looks great on most face shapes. Women with thin hair will achieve more volume with this look because of the mid-length that will leave enough hair to pull back into a casual ponytail but is just short enough to encourage bounce. Thick-haired women can opt for a more generous amount of texturizing so their hair feels light even with long layers.

Short Layered Cut
Instagram @whitney.kae

#17: Short Layered Cut

Sassy, sleek and spunky! I love this look because it has the edge of youthful personality partnered with the refinement that comes with wisdom and age.

This cut calls for attention when styled to its fullest. The short length and shattered layers allow for this style to stay fresh throughout the day. Styled with Natulique Volume Mousse and Dry Shampoo, it has structure and body that can last. A great look for many hair types, and is best achieved when particularly reducing weight in the right areas. Thinning out areas on medium to thick hair types allows for the visual of fullness.

This style likes some grit for ladies over 40! The dramatic a-line brings flattering balance to more round face shapes and frames all face shapes emphasizing feminine features. The choice of a bang or not can be incorporated to personalized to preference and individual features.

#18: Curly Bob for Medium to Short Hair

This is an example of medium-length hairstyles for women over 40 with curly hair. The shape is unique with the addition of bangs, and it suits many different face shapes and body types.

Curly hairstyles with bangs can look incredible with flirty pieces over the eyes and free, bouncy curls around the face.

There’s nothing better than a medium-length bob that looks stylish and youthful. It frames the face and adds definition to specific facial features. Bangs is a nice touch to finish the look. Using her natural hair color is the best way to keep the hair healthy.

Curly hair doesn’t always need to be long. It could look amazing in medium and short lengths.

Short Choppy Cut with Thin Hair
Instagram @pozasalon

#19: Short Choppy Cut with Thin Hair

This short haircut for women over 40 is is a lose, shaggy pixie.

This is an ideal style for women going from a short pixie to a medium-length haircut or even ladies who is too afraid to embrace a true pixie. This short choppy haircut is carefree and super easy to style! We used Kevin Murphy’s anti-gravity spray for light volume and finished up with Bedroom Hair, a dry texture spray by Kevin Murphy. This look is perfect for a low-maintenance girl!

Long beach wavy hair for women over 40
Instagram @texturedpetite

#20: Beachy Wavy Long Hair

This cut provides lift at the crown and a balanced volume throughout the style, releasing weight while not comprising the fullness at the length. It’s one of the greatest long hairstyles for women over 40 with thick and heavy hair. The layers cascade seamlessly like a “waterfall.”

This cut suits women over 40 with all face shapes, hair types, and lifestyles. It also has the flexibility for the consumer’s favorite products. The possibilities are endless.

medium choppy cut
Instagram @jeaninadanek

#21: Medium Choppy Cut

This is a shaggy bob cut with bangs that are very reminiscent of the 1970s, Joan Jett, or even Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice. It looks ideal with a medium brown color.

This choppy cut is great for almost any woman with a round, square-shaped, or smaller face. The length of the cut elongates the face, while the choppy face-framing complements the natural structure of the face. It’s especially ideal for finer-haired women who are looking for something fun and different with tons of volume!

cute messy cut with wispy bangs
Instagram @cocoon_styling

#22: Cute Messy Cut with Wispy Bangs

There is a lot of dry-haircutting in the salon and this is a highly textured creation that sits as a shag with a fantastic textured semi-curtain bang.

The Pixie Cut for black women over 40
Instagram @agnesmetamorfozy

#23: The Pixie Cut

Looking for a crop that can transform you? Go for the pixie cut! Sometimes, cutting it all off can be the best way to create a new you. Pro Tip: Invest in a styling puck or two for your new chop. Try Davines’ “Medium Hold Finishing Gum” or Ouai’s “Matte Pomade.”

long shag for ladies over 40
Instagram @nothingobvious

#24: Long Shag

A long shag for ladies over 40 is a staple for long-haired ladies who want to frame their faces and look younger while doing so. This cut is low-maintenance and the layering makes for easy daily styling. A long shag haircut can frame a face perfectly to accentuate your favorite features or diminish less desirable features. A long shag is perfect for hair with a little bit of wave as it lends itself to a more disheveled and natural look.