The Shaggy Mullet Is Trending and Here are 69 Awesome Ideas!

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

The popular shaggy mullet is a timeless, heavily layered, ’70s-inspired haircut. It has longer pieces in the back, accentuating the shorter pieces found at the front and crown area. It displays extra volume, texture, fashion, and personality.

Zobey Barker, a hairstylist from Mystic, CT, shares her fondness for this cut. “Every woman who’s gotten a shag/mullet seemed instantly confident about themselves,” she says. Her ultimate rule in completing the look is to get bangs so it won’t seem like a conventional layered cut.

Shags and mullets suit ladies who love wearing their tresses down. “I don’t recommend shaggy mullet to women who prefer wearing their hair up in a bun or ponytail,” she says. “A lot of hair will fall out from your hair tie, scrunchy, or braid due to the amount of layering that goes into this cut.”

It’s vital to find a hairdresser who’s no stranger to the techniques used for this edgy hairstyle. Barker suggests an in-depth consultation to push aside your fear of losing length. It also helps you to have an open mind and faith in your stylists.

She states, “Discuss your expectations like how wispy you want your bangs to be or how short you like your layers to be. Talk about the at-home maintenance and the interim between your salon visits.”

Don’t forget to ask for some styling tips. Your hair would look different when it’s blow-dried, straightened, curled, or even in its natural form.

Time to amp up your look. Get ideas from these images of the trendiest shaggy mullet haircuts and styles!

Bright Blonde Razored Shullet
Instagram @nakedeyebeauty

#1: Bright Blonde Razored Shullet

Look on trend with a bright blonde razored shullet. Using a razor is one of the best ways to give your fine straight hair some messy texture. Shattered layers will make your hair look fuller and will fall into place with little styling.

Neck-Length Thick Hair Shaggy Mullet with Messy Layers
Instagram @caithelle_hair

#2: Thick Hair Mullet with Messy Layers

If your hair is thick or rough, consider a rugged mullet with a layered cut. Thick hair is often heavy and tough to handle. A mullet or a shag are great ways to cut down bulk while maintaining an easy, stylish look. I recommend a razor haircut for the best outcome. Razor cuts reduce density and create a soft, naturally-textured look. Perfect for any hair type.

Punk Razor-Cut Shaggy Mullet
Instagram @nicks.cutz

#3: Punk Razor-Cut Mullet

If you’re searching for punk hairstyles, this razor-cut shaggy mullet is a great choice. This style has a shag cut done with a razor, adding texture to blonde hair. Use a good amount of salt spray for the best look from this style.

#4: Shaggy with Natural Texture

This look is the perfect choice for those who want a stylish yet effortless look. The shaggy mullet style makes hair look full and lively. It gives a carefree and tousled look. Taking off hair from the sides helps prevent this hairstyle from being too severe. It complements the person’s natural hair texture. This cut suits women with curly hair. It keeps their curls long and bouncy. Start with wet hair to style this look. Apply a volume-adding mousse to enhance the hair texture.

Sharply Cut Shaggy Mullet for straight hair
Instagram @anhcotran

#5: Sharply Cut Shaggy Mullet

For women with straight hair looking to add a touch of edgy charm, a sharply cut, shaggy mullet may be the perfect choice. This hairstyle combines the versatility of a shag cut with the boldness of a mullet, resulting in a stylish and modern look. The shaggy layers will create texture and movement, while the mullet adds a unique and daring element. Straight hair suits this haircut best. The cut lets the layers fall easily and gives the style more body.

Punk-Inspired Choppy Shaggy Mullet Cut
Instagram @steven_buzassy

#6: Punk-Inspired Choppy Mullet Cut

This mullet cut, inspired by the punk trend, has choppy layers. They make the hairstyle dynamic and edgy. It’s ideal for people wanting a rebellious edge to their look. If you have thin or fine hair and adore punk styles, this haircut is a good option. The strategic placement of layers boosts volume and movement. This haircut keeps some length for a playful touch and to keep your hair’s natural texture. You can style it beginning with damp hair and adding a texturizing spray to bring out the haircut’s distinct choppy look.

Highlights on a Mini Shaggy Mullet for Women
Instagram @pinkdagger

#7: Highlights on a Mini Shaggy Mullet

You must try highlights on your short-layered haircut! This short haircut can make anyone look playful and youthful. For a 24/7 cute look and to avoid uneven growth, get regular trims to keep your haircut neat.

Edgy Shaggy Mullet for Very Long Hair and Bangs
Instagram @cokocut

#8: Edgy Mullet for Very Long Hair

An edgy mullet with a shaggy cut would be perfect for very long hair. The trimmed sides can really highlight the long hair strands. Adding shaggy layers will give texture and keep the hair more “skinny”. This cut is distinctly different from a basic shag. This cut involves creating numerous sharp edges in the hairstyle.

#9: Straight Style with Long Sideburns

If you are looking for something easy to style and trendy, a straight mullet style with long sideburns is a great cut. The pointy sideburns add extra sharpness to the straight mullet cut. You can also tuck the sideburns if you want a more conservative look. Ask for a good texture paste to use at home to accentuate the texture and edges of this haircut.

The Shixie Mullet Cut for women with an edgy vibe
Instagram @_hair_ah_

#10: The Shixie Mullet Cut

Shixie hairstyles are the modern take on a shaggy mullet. This shixie mullet cut incorporates modern elements with classic inspiration to create a truly unique yet on-trend look.

80s-Inspired Mullet Shag for Thick Hair at mid-length
Instagram @joeprofita

#11: 80s-Inspired Mullet Shag for Thick Hair

Thick-haired individuals can sport an 80s-inspired mullet shag. This fashionable shag hairstyle with a bold bang is a mix of both mod and traditional shaggy styles. Consider your face shape when opting for a bold bang so the stylist can craft a flattering look. This style is easy to maintain if you wash your hair with a New Wash Original, apply a little of their balm, and let it air dry.

Disconnected Copper Shaggy Mullet with Fringe for girls with an edgy vibe
Instagram @hairbynadja

#12: Disconnected Copper Mullet with Fringe

Here’s a disconnected copper mullet with fringe. If you’re looking for the perfect shullet, look no further. You can create fun shapes with a disconnected cut. You can shape the face and cut around the ears while leaving fun textured movement through the back. Avoid blunt lines with this cut so it doesn’t look like a bowl. To maintain softness, ask your stylist for lots of texture.

#13: Choppy Shaggy Mullet with Fringe

Try a choppy shaggy mullet with a fringe. A perfect combination haircut that showcases the essence of a shag and a mullet. Crown layers and face-framing bring you the shag factor. The long flowing mane in the nape brings in the mullet pizazz. If you can, balance your face shape with those tousled facial layers. Let the hair flow in the back with layers for a lighter look or fewer layers for more of a disconnected style.

Shaggy Mullet with Face-Framing Flicks for ladies with an edgy style
Instagram @rcnq

#14: Face-Framing Flicks

Face-framing flicks are a popular hairstyling technique. They add a flattering frame to your face. These flicks, created by curling the ends of your hair outward, can give your hairstyle a soft touch. They are a great way to enhance your features and add dimension to your look. However, avoiding excessive heat styling and overusing styling products is important. That will help to maintain the health of your hair. Use lightweight hairspray for added shine and hold. It will give your face-framing flicks a polished finish.

New Age Mullet Shag for ladies in their 20s with an edgy vibe
Instagram @gennydauria

#15: New Age Mullet Shag

The new-age mullet shag is a modern take on a classic cut that works great for women in their 20s. It’s all about the layering and texture of this look. It creates movement and volume throughout the hair. The style focuses on keeping length in the back while adding layers around the face to achieve this. This cut helps to enhance cheekbones and jawlines while elongating the neck. In my opinion, the best way to style your hair is to use a texture spray to show off all the different layers.

#16: Grunge-Inspired Shaggy Mullet Cut

Consider a grunge, shaggy mullet cut for a haircut that combines the best of both worlds. This cut is perfect for girls who want to add volume and texture to their hair. The shaggy layers give the hair a natural, tousled look that’s effortless and stylish at the same time. It’s ideal for those with straight or wavy hair and can be tailored to suit your face shape. When styling this cut, start with damp hair and apply mousse to create volume and definition. You won’t have time to style, so ask which products will work best!

Blonde Shag Mullet for women with an edgy vibe
Instagram @cp.hairartist

#17: Blonde Shag Mullet

Mullets are back with a vengeance for every age and all beings. Ask about adding personal touches like tendrils around the face that create a feminine vibe. Avoid going too short in some areas, as it can throw off the balance of your facial features.

#18: Undone Shaggy Mullet with Fringe

If you have a natural wave to your hair, try this undone shaggy mullet. You can add a fringe to this look for added texture. Aim for using good products at home and embracing the lived-in look!

#19: Bold & Colorful Shaggy Mullet

A bold & colorful shaggy mullet is a perfect choice for women who want to rock a modern and fun vibe with their hair. This cut is all about layering and texture, and it works well for those who want to add a bit of edge to their overall style. By keeping the length on top and the sides, this cut allows for plenty of versatility in styling. When you style your hair, add a lightweight styling cream to your damp hair. This helps to create definition and shape. Blow dry with a round brush for added volume, and plan to finish with a bit of texturizing spray to bring out the shag.

Shaggy Textured Mullet for women with messy waves
Instagram @salsalhair

#20: Textured Mullet

A textured mullet is a style for a chic and adventurous person. The best way to style this haircut is a sea salt spray and a soft-hold hair cream. My favorite sea salt spray is by Rabbit Brush Goods Shag Hair Spray. If you want to be able to air dry your hair, this is the perfect product and haircut for you. This haircut is a great way to enhance natural texture and bring out your curl pattern.

Shag Mullet for Very Long Hair for women with sideburns and a shaved side
Instagram @lulurichardss

#21: Shag Mullet for Very Long Hair

Consider a shaggy mullet if you have very long hair. The face shape and profile are key to remember when getting a short mullet with long hair. This will help you decide the length to balance your features. Consider your hair density when getting an extreme disconnection. You will lose a good amount of hair. Thicker hair can handle this cut well, and thinner hair will be considerably thinner.

Textured Shag Mullet for women with shoulder-length hair and thick tresses
Instagram @ernestomeneses

#22: Textured Shag Mullet

If you’re looking for a soft style for your naturally wavy hair, try this cut. It is a great transition haircut from a pixie as well; the back tends to grow fastest. So this style could get you through that awkward phase.

Long Brown Shaggy Mullet with Thick Bangs

#23: Long Brown Shaggy Mullet with Thick Bangs

If your hair has a widow’s peak and you want a shag cut, ask for shorter layers on top. When cutting with a razor, make sure the shorter pieces are pushing your hair forward. It will give a more swooped look (this would be opposite on each side to make the hair push forward). You can also use a flat iron to manipulate your hair in the direction you desire. Curvature is important. So you’ll want a flat iron that won’t cause creasing.

#24: Punk Rock-Inspired with a Shaved Side

A punk rock-inspired with a shaved side is great for anyone wanting to stand out from the crowd. Plus, their hairstyle will reflect their clothing style and makeup. Before arriving at your appointment, you must have references to show your stylist. Make sure you are both on the same page regarding elements you do and don’t want to see in this custom haircut.

#25: Salt and Pepper Shaggy Mullet for Women Over 70

Women over 70, who would like to keep a bit of length, should get a salt-and-pepper shaggy mullet. Your aging hair can still be stylish with shaggy layers coming towards the face and a fringy back. To help hide hair loss in the temple areas, it’s a great idea to comb your hair forward. Try blow drying with your hands to maintain the natural movement your hair has to offer.

#26: Romantic Shaggy Razored Mullet for Long Hair

A romantic shaggy razored mullet is perfect for long hair because it lets you keep your beloved length, but also gives you that shape and texture you’re looking for. One of the best hairstyles to go for if you have thicker hair – the thicker the better when it comes to creating more layers for added texture and volume. In my experience, cutting with a razor for the entirety of this haircut is going to give you the best disheveled and texturized layers. A sea salt spray and texture spray are going to be 2 hair products you’ll want to have on your bathroom shelves at home to effortlessly style this shaggy mullet.

Blonde and Brown Shag Mullet

#27: Blonde and Brown Mullet

This two-tone hair color is such a cool look! The blonde block coloring over the brown will cause your hair to have lots of depth and dimension. This results in thicker-looking hair. Diffuse with curl cream if you can. It will add extra texture and volume!

Collarbone-Length Shag Mullet with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @victoria.hairart

#28: Collarbone-Length Shag with Curtain Bangs

A modern shag is the best cut for your thick hair. The layers debulk hair and allow movement and weightlessness. Add feathered curtain bangs to achieve more shaping around your face. Don’t forget to ask your stylist to show you how to train your bangs. You’ll also want to get used to round-brushing your hair to get the best effect of shaping and smoothing.

Shaggiest Mullet with Blonde Tips

#29: Shaggiest Mullet with Blonde Tips

If you’re looking for an edgy new ‘do try the shaggiest mullet with blonde tips. A very shaggy cut will make you look trendy and stylish. An extreme shag is best for medium to thick hair because it takes out tons of weight with all the stacking layers.

Baby Bangs on a Shaggy Mullet for Thin Hair
Instagram @margostyles.mpls

#30: Baby Bangs on a Mullet for Thin Hair

Thin hair has versatility. But, the universal rule is to avoid debulking too much of the density. A style like baby bangs on a mullet allows you to experience a bit of body while looking stylish.

#31: Jet Black Mullet for Fine Hair

When you go in for this cut, give your stylist example pictures of what you want your cut to look like. When I do a cut similar to this on my clients, I often avoid using scissors as much as possible. Instead, I use a razor for effect. Ask your stylist if you’re a candidate for a razor cut.

Short Brunette Shullet with Choppy Bangs
Instagram @knots_by_nina

#32: Short Brunette Shullet with Choppy Bangs

If you’re wanting to try a trendy look, try rocking a short brunette shullet with choppy bangs. A shaggy mullet is the best cut if you want tons of choppy layers and texture on top with some playful length in the back. The messier the better when it comes to a shaggy mullet. When styling, use a styling paste. Pay attention to the bangs and top and really piece it out to get some fun texture that will hold all day.

Shaggy Mullet for Medium-Length Hair
Instagram @hairbynadja

#33: Shaggy Mullet for Medium-Length Hair

If you’re opting for a strong cut, a disconnection will be needed from the short top to the back, to retain the length. Point cutting into the top and fringe will help to give you lots of funky texture. Get the most out of your cut using Mess It Up Texture Paste by Pureology to encourage separation.

Icy Shaggy Mullet for Women
Instagram @anhcotran

#34: Icy Mullet

You’ll be in high fashion with an icy mullet. Be aware this modern shag is cut short on the sides for a strong shape and will not grow out easily. The risk is worth it, but when in doubt, talk to your stylist. A trendy mullet is styled close to the head, so your blowout will be simple, with your hands, for a messy finish.

#35: Shagged Mullet with Spiky Ends

If you want to express your bold, rockstar personality in your appearance, a shaggy mullet with spiky ends is the perfect hairstyle for you. A shagged mullet comes packed with tons of shorter layers, giving your hair messy volume for an undone style. Avoid cutting all your layers at the same length, you’ll want to make sure you have layers that are cut with either a razor, point-cut with shears, or the ends are thinned out with thinning shears to create a “shattered” effect in the layers. This will give your hair the illusion that you have natural, easy-going volume and texture, but really it’s just with the help of a really good haircut.

#36: Mullet Hair with Thick Bangs

The mullet hair with thick bangs is a trendy and edgy look. But, to rock that hairstyle it’s important that your hair is medium to thick with straight to wavy texture. If it’s too fine you won’t be able to get the thick fringe and it will look wispy. Wear your hair blow-dried without much volume and slightly smooth out the top and fringe.

#37: 1980’s-Inspired Short Shaggy Mullet

Dare to try a 1980s-inspired shaggy mullet! If you have an edgier vibe, this short hairstyle is one you’ll be able to rock! Don’t forget the texture spray so you can have some fun with your finished style.

Spiky Shagged Mullet
Instagram @malavidahair

#38: Spiky Shagged Mullet

Try a spiky shagged mullet and you’ll be on point. A spiky mullet works best on straighter hair textures for the most dramatic results. I recommend point cutting or feather razor cutting for massive amounts of texture that will make this cut rock. Texture cutting also helps your shape last longer so less time at the salon. You should absolutely try a texture paste such as Pureology’s Mess Around to punk it up.

#39: Platinum Blonde with Bangs

If you’ve got a fun, lively personality then a fringe might just be the finishing touch to your appearance. Pairing a blunt, straight across bang with a messy, layered mullet hairstyle that’s platinum blonde is the perfect balance between bold and carefree. Having shorter lengths means the easier it will be to style in the mornings. All you really need is a texture spray and some clay to mold those shorter layers into place!

Extra Long Shaggy Mullet Hairstyle
Instagram @ernestomeneses

#40: Extra Long Shaggy Mullet

Try an extra-long shaggy mullet if you have long hair and need to try something new this season. The short layers in this cut will have you rocking tons of volume. Make sure to use a strong volumizing mousse on your wet hair before blowdrying to get all this lift.

Bright Red Mullet Shag
Instagram @hairabee

#41: Bright Red Mullet Shag

A bright red mullet shag is a statement hairstyle. A bold and daring hairstyle to match a bold personality can frame any face shape. A bright hair color such as bright red will require more maintenance appointments in order to keep the color fresh and vibrant, but shag haircuts themselves are relatively low maintenance. To increase the longevity of your hair color, consider a color depositing shampoo and conditioner.

#42: Mullet Shag with Curtain Fringe

A mullet shag with curtain bangs will bring out your inner pop star. A razor is used to cut a proper style with tons of choppy texture. Dry cutting is necessary to blend the shorter layers into the longer hair at the nape of the neck. A clarifying shampoo can keep hair build-up-free. Try the weekender from Unite.

Long Wolf Cut
Instagram @amariechihair

#43: Long Wolf Cut

Try a long wolf cut for added charisma with loads of volume and body. A wolf cut hairstyle looks extra adorable with a flirty bang. Weight removal is necessary for thicker hair types so that the layers have lots of movement. Try a styling cream like Oribe super shine moisture cream and blow-dry with a large round brush for balance and shine.

Shagged Mullet for Mid-Length Hair
Instagram @katiepdxhair

#44: Shagged Mullet for Mid-Length Hair

A shagged mullet for mid-length hair has major rock chick vibes especially with a choppy baby bang and shorter crown layers. Shaggy mullets look great with blonde and black balayage or highlights to add to the natural texture of the hair and provide dimension so the layers are more prominent. The back length typically falls between the shoulders and the collarbone.

Feminine Choppy Mullet
Instagram @shearpulp

#45: Feminine Choppy Mullet

A feminine choppy mullet has longer layers that hang below the ear on the sides which gives this version of the mullet some softness. The bangs are connected to the longer sideburns for a retro feel hugging the face. A shorter bang above the eyebrow opens up the face in shaggy mullet cuts. A beachy wave gives this cut lived-in vibes. When styling, try a one-inch T3 micro curling iron and twist the hair out of the iron while pulling the curl down to stretch it out.

Heavily-Layered Mullet
Instagram @shearlass

#46: Heavily-Layered Mullet

A heavily layered mullet has tons of short crown and side layers with super choppy thinned ends. Like metal music, this cut is not for the meek. For chic grunge vibes use a texture paste on dry hair like badlands from RnCo.

Edgy Shaggy Pixie Mullet
Instagram @hair_ritualist

#47: Edgy Shaggy Pixie Mullet

An edgy shaggy pixie mullet is soft, feminine, and very easy to style. Expect more frequent visits to the salon when keeping your pixie mullet shaggy hairstyle in shape. A shorter textured bang adds softness and accentuates the eyes.

The Wolf Cut Hairstyle
Instagram @lcs.hairdesign

#48: The Wolf Cut Hairstyle

The wolf cut hairstyle is a little bit 90s, a little bit retro, and a whole lot of attitude. A wolf cut varies in shape and length, though all provide lots of volume because of the shorter crown layers at the top. A point-cutting technique is used to soften and blend all the fun layers.

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Shoulder-Length Wolf Cut
Instagram @reyhairstylist

#49: Shoulder-Length Wolf Cut

A mid-length wolf cut adds some extra disconnection with the longer length in the back and the rounded layers through the width of the head. Wolf cut hairstyles with a full bang opens up wider faces and creates fun pieces to play with. Blow-dry with a round brush to create volume and bend in the top layers.

Shagged-Out Mullet for Long Hair
Instagram @bymaggiekime

#50: Shagged-Out Mullet for Long Hair

Try a shagged-out mullet for long hair to rock a cool bedhead look with length to cascade down over the shoulders, or put up and show off your textured bangs. Razor and shear-cutting tools are used to get the right finish. Try a sea salt pomade like the one from Fatboy hair to add a beachy texture after styling.

Short Shaggy Mullet Cut
Instagram @barbierandrel

#51: Short Shaggy Mullet Cut

Try a cut with buzzed sides for an androgynous, punk rock style. Super textured layers and shorter bangs show off eyebrows as well as facial features. Make sure to consult with your stylist on how short you want the sides to be and whether or not you want it faded.

Short Mullet with Choppy Layers
Instagram @bareeminimum

#52: Short Mullet with Choppy Layers

A short mullet with choppy layers is also known as the super popular 90s-inspired wolf cut for short hair. A razor and sheer carving technique are used for creating pockets of texture and wispiness. Try using Cult and King’s set spray to protect hair from heat styling.

Modern Shag Mullet with Bangs
Instagram @thefringefairy

#53: Modern Shag with Bangs

A modern cut has lots of fun, shorter layers at the crown that connect to the sides and is shorter around the ears. This cut is great for any texture – curly hair or straight hair. The modern aspect of this shag is the layering on the length in the back. It’s a bit longer and the ends are a little blunter.

#54: Short Mullet with Textured Ends

Try a short mullet with textured ends for a wearable soft version of this popular cut. Layered bangs that are shorter in the center and curtain out around the face make this hairstyle unique. The length in the back can vary, and the layers on the sides land right below the ear lobe. A small flat brush will help get a nice flick in the bangs when blow-drying your short hair.

Shaggy Mullet for Women
Instagram @fernanducruz

#55: Shaggy Mullet for Women

A shaggy mullet for women can be ultra-flattering on hair of all textures. A pixie in the front with bangs and layered into a longer length through the back gives the haircut freshness. Use a mini flat iron to create bends to play up the texture.

Medium-Length Mullet Shag
Instagram @katiepdxhair

#56: Medium-Length Mullet Shag

A medium-length mullet shag is a super versatile cut with enough length to make ballerina buns, ponytails, and braids while showing off the layers around the face. The crown layers of your haircut can be as short or as long as you like depending on the vibe you want to create. Try using a volumizing powder to give your crown layers loads of height.

Shaggy Mullet with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @yukistylist

#57: Shaggy Mullet with Curtain Bangs

A cut with curtain bangs makes a bold statement and adds retro rock vibes to every face shape and texture. These styles are the perfect solution for those who want low-maintenance lived-in hair that embraces natural texture. Try a leave-in conditioner like Davines OI all-in-one milk to help tame frizz and keep hair moisturized.

Feathered Shag and Mullet Cut
Instagram @lulurichardss

#58: Feathered Shag and Mullet Cut

This cut is versatile and totally customizable from the bang length to the sideburns and face frame. Ask your stylist to create lots of texture. Use a texture-enhancing product like Oribe dry texture spray to enhance the look.

#59: Long Shag Mullet

A long shag mullet lets you keep your length but adds 60s style volume and texture to the top and sides. A razor cutting technique will seamlessly layer and create a piece-y finish. Bang length can vary so talk to your stylist about face-framing options.

70s-Inspired Shag and Mullet Combo
Instagram @lulurichardss

#60: 70s-Inspired Shag and Mullet Combo

Try a 70s-inspired shag and mullet combo with a long bang that grazes the eyes and tapers down around the cheekbones. This cut has longer hair over the ears whereas a mullet has shorter layers above the ears. A sea salt spray on damp hair will help encourage any natural waves.

#61: Razor Cut Mullet

A razor cut mullet is the edgy answer to the too-cute pixie. The length at the nape of the neck has a feminine punk rock feel. The style is the perfect undone tousle for wash-and-go styling. Try a finishing cream like second-day hair by Unite to bring down any puffiness caused by humidity.

Low-Maintenance Shag Mullet Hairstyle
Instagram @hairwizardtish

#62: Low-Maintenance Hairstyle

A low-maintenance hairstyle is great for women who have fine hair to a medium textured hair type. These haircuts can be low-maintenance because with this cut you should be able to wash and go. To get this hairstyle, ask your hairdresser for a short layered low-maintenance mullet, especially if you have naturally wavy hair.

#63: Modern Mullet with Shaggy Layers

A modern mullet with shaggy layers is a fun and edgy haircut. This haircut would work best for a girl who has soft textured hair. To get this hairstyle, ask your stylist for a layered mullet with a fringe.

Korean Shaggy Mullet Haircut
Instagram @reyhairstylist

#64: Korean Mullet Haircut

A Korean mullet haircut is a style that works with straight hair. These hairstyles can be styled with a blowdryer for extra body and volume.

#65: Shoulder-Length Shag Mullet

A shoulder-length shag is a longer soft textured mullet. These shags work great if you are looking for a haircut that gives a lot of textured face-framing layers. To get this haircut, ask your stylist for a fringe.

Shaggy Mullet with Fringe
Instagram @wendycuts_hair

#66: Shaggy Mullet with Fringe

A shaggy mullet with fringe is a fun and edgy hairstyle for women of all ages.

Mullet Shag for Older Women
Instagram @barbellehair

#67: Mullet Shag Hair for Older Women

A mullet shag hair for older women works best with women who have textured hair. These cuts look best with texture in thin hair. If you don’t naturally have textured hair, try using a curling iron for some soft texture and spray your hair with texture spray.

#68: Blonde Shaggy Mullet with Bangs

Inspired by the 70s era, the blonde shaggy mullet with bangs is a timeless mashup. Heavily textured layers connect the shorter top and drastically long bottoms. To style, use a large barrel curling iron for volume and movement.

Grey shaggy mullet for mid-length hair
Instagram @katieburnside

#69: Grey Mullet for Mid-Length Hair

A grey mullet on mid-length hair is a haircut with lots of textured layers and a strong bang. Keeping your natural grey hair color means you will only need to visit your stylist once every two to three months for a trim.