80+ Youthful Hairstyles & Haircuts for Women Over 50

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

The best hairstyles for women over 50 to look timeless are bobs, pixies, shags, and textured and layered cuts. Women your age often choose to go with shorter haircuts since it is still beautiful and easier to maintain. Bangs are also a great option to help facial framing. For older women with fine hair, bobs are versatile and can be cut in various lengths. If you have thick hair, it is a great time to add layering to open up the tresses. When it comes to hair color, women in their 50s tend to go with softer and lighter tones like caramel and platinum but there are still lots of rich tones that work well like auburn and chocolate.


#1: Playful Stacked Bob

Short haircuts can be looking fun and youthful, too. Consider a playful stacked bob like this masterpiece. A few layers will bring out movement and texture if you have fine, thin locks. Spice it up even more by adding highlights around your face.

silver chin-length graduated bob
Instagram @seville_hair

#2: Chin-Length Graduated Bob

This bob is a very versatile haircut. Whether it’s styled curly or straight, the sharp line creates such a polished clean look. It’s a timeless hairstyle for older women that will never go out of style! This bob style is great for all hair types, but especially for fine hair because it can make it appear fuller.

Middle-Parted Medium Haircut with Long Layers for Ladies 50 and Up
Instagram @grey_abounds

#3: Middle-Parted Medium Hairstyle with Long Layers

It has become common for women of all ages to embrace their hair and its natural growth. A new hairstyle like a middle-parted, medium hairstyle with long layers can give older women a youthful style.

Grey Pepper Bob for women in their 50s

#4 Pepper Bob

A pepper bob is very versatile and can be suitable for almost every face shape.

#5: Collarbone-Length Cut on Salt and Pepper Hair

Rock a collarbone-length cut if you have salt and pepper hair. When your hairstyle is grazing your collarbone, it’s the perfect easy-maintenance length. If you have a thicker head of hair you will want to thin it out a tad so it will sit down rather than out. If you are into the look of your natural salt and pepper color there has never been a better time to go for it.

#6: Wash-and-Go Textured Lob Cut

An easy textured lob cut is a great choice if you’re wanting a soft, stunning look. Rock this style with your beautiful natural highlights that accentuate your natural curl.

Blonde Pixie Shag for Ladies 50 and Over
Instagram @lunarmoonhair

#7: Blonde Pixie Shag

Try a blonde pixie shag if you want a hairstyle that will give your hair more texture. There’s no such thing as too much texture and these shorter, messy layers will create a stunning look.

Rounded bob with wispy bangs for over 40

#8 Chic Rounded Bob with Wispy Bangs

This chic rounded bob with wispy bangs is a perfect choice for women looking to add some volume and softness to their hairstyle. The rounded shape provides fullness, while the wispy bangs gently frame the face, making it ideal for those with fine to medium hair. The light layering around the crown adds dimension and movement, giving a youthful and elegant appearance without much styling effort.

Gorgeous Silver Hair for Ladies 50 and Over

#9 Gorgeous Silver Hair

This layered salt and pepper creation is a stunning display of how a hair transformation can uplift your look. It’s perfect for my heart-shaped faced clients, as it balances the face with volume at the jawline, while the cool tones keep you looking modern. This style works wonders on naturally wavy hair, offering a contemporary twist that speaks to those in their 50s looking to maintain elegance yet embrace a bit of edge. Remember, it requires some upkeep to keep those layers bouncy, but the payoff is a voluminous, fashion-forward look that celebrates natural gray.

#10: Grey Balayage on a Mid-Length Cut

A grey balayage on a mid-length cut is a chic and contemporary hairstyle that embraces the natural grays of older women. Keeping your balayage rooted can help blend any naturally occurring grays. A mid-length cut with grey balayage is a great low-maintenance option.

#11: Modern Mid-Length Crop

A modern mid-length crop is a timeless style that will look great on any face shape.

Short Copper Cut with Side-Swept Bangs
Instagram @anna.zamyslova

#12: Short Copper Cut with Side-Swept Bangs

A short copper cut with bangs is a great shape and style. If you’re looking to add some flair to your style that’s age-appropriate, we love the side-swept bang with a shorter style.

Beautiful shoulder-length hair for ladies over 50
Instagram @kccreativehair

#13: Beautiful Shoulder-Length Hair

Layered medium-length haircuts for women over 50 look beautiful when styled with wavy ends.

Voluminous Bob Blowout for Ladies in Their 50s
Instagram @frizosalon

#14: Voluminous Bob Blowout

If you have limp hair, ask your stylist what techniques you can use to give it the body and volume you desire. You may have to use volumizing, texturizing, and thickening products.

#15: Lob with Dimensional Tones

Opt for a lob, or long bob, that hits at or passed the shoulders for a great transition hairstyle when embracing an all-over natural look. For medium-length hairstyles, this helps embody a youthful silhouette that grows out gracefully or can be artfully placed by a professional for a seamless grow-out.

#16: Straight Blonde Bob with a Shadow Root

A straight blonde bob with a shadow root is a trendy and modern hairstyle. Who says straight locks can’t be stylish?

elegant bob cut with a side part and side bangs
Instagram @colorlicious

#17: Elegant Bob Cut with a Side Part and Side Bangs

Try a classic, elegant bob with a side part and some side bangs for the perfect transitional cut. Women suit this cut and style most as it lifts the face and adds volume and movement while keeping your face shape beautifully framed. Mature hair can be coarser or textured, which works well with shorter styles as it adds volume to the cut naturally without much styling time or hassle.

#18: Short Strawberry Blonde Hair with Soft Layers

Let the world see your femininity with soft layers on your short strawberry blonde hair. Light reddish blonde hues can add a fun and flattering touch to many different haircuts and styles.

#19: Modern Round Bob with Long Side Bangs

Try a modern round bob with side bangs if you have fine hair and if you like to have a sophisticated style. Beveled layers in the back give the cut a soft rounded edge while still keeping your hairline full looking.

#20: Layered Feather Cut on Bobbed Hair

A layered, feathered bob cut will make you feel fabulous and super glamorous. A dimensional highlighted color will really help your entire style come to life.

Thick Long Blonde Curls for Ladies 50 and Over
Instagram @todchukstudio

#21: Thick Long Blonde Curls

Be a natural diva with thick long blonde curls. If you wear your hair curly, having layers will help your natural curl style easily. One of the greatest ways to get body and volume is to have layers. You must have either short or long layers depending on your hair density to give your curls a lift and make them big and bouncy.

Side Part Shoulder-Length Hair with Soft Waves for Women Over Fifty
Instagram @jucremonez

#22: Side Part Shoulder-Length Hair with Soft Waves

A shoulder-length hairstyle paired with a side part and soft waves is a timeless look.

Shoulder-Length Blonde Feathered Hair with Short Layers for 50-Year-Olds
Instagram @inatrueffel

#23: Shoulder-Length Blonde Feathered Hair with Short Layers

Be a trendsetter with shoulder-length blonde feathered hair with short layers. Bangs are flattering on most haircuts. They help conceal forehead wrinkles and give a nice frame to your face. Shorter layers are great at creating body and will add some lift to your crown.

#24: Short Bobbed Hair with Peek-a-Boo Bangs

Short bobbed hair with peek-a-boo bangs can add volume to your hair.

Sun-Kissed Medium Layered Cut with Side Bangs for Ladies Over 50
Instagram @anna_hairstylist.ru

#25: Sun-Kissed Medium Layered Cut with Side Bangs

A sun-kissed medium-layered haircut with side bangs looks amazing on almost everyone. Medium-length hair gives you the best of both worlds; you can still wear your hair up, but it’s still easy to style. A layered style with soft highlights is always a safe route to take.

#26: Bleach Blonde Layered Hair on a Medium Cut

For fresh and bright locks, consider bleach blonde layered hair on a medium hairstyle. A blonde hairstyle will give your complexion a brighter overall appearance.

#27: Super Short Curly French Bob with Razored Layers

Try a super short, curly French bob with razored layers for a cute and easy shape. Curly hair doesn’t have to be complicated, especially if you have the right hairstyle. Ask your hairstylist for a razor cut with square layers, which will help you achieve a flatter top and a modern style.

#28: Short Honey Blonde Hair with Tousled Layers

You have to try a short honey-blonde hairstyle with tousled layers for something new and fun this season. This style of one of the most flattering hairstyles for older women.

Side-Parted Medium Layered Hairstyle for Women 50 and Over
Instagram @hair.bydel

#29: Side-Parted Medium Layered Hairstyle

A side-parted medium-layered hairstyle accentuates the facial features you love. Hairstyles that have soft layers are very flattering to all face shapes.

Adorable Undercut Pixie with Textured Choppy Layers for Fifty-Year-Olds
Instagram @shannab.mastercolorist

#30: Adorable Undercut Pixie with Textured Choppy Layers

An undercut pixie with textured choppy layers looks adorable from all angles. If you go for this length, keep in mind you will need maintenance cuts at least every 6 weeks.

Ash Blonde Lob with Face-Framing Layers and Bangs for Women Over Fifty
Instagram @thestrandderby

#31: Ash Blonde Lob with Face-Framing Layers and Bangs

For older women wanting to perk up their hairstyle, this ash blonde lob with face-framing layers and bangs is an amazing option. Add that angle around your face, and the result is a lighter and trendier shape that makes your eyes pop. For ladies who want to make their hair color last longer, an ash blonde is a great way to hide gray roots.

#32: Short to Medium Hairstyle with a Deep Side Part

You might want to consider a short to medium haircut with a deep side part. To achieve the right shape of the cut, medium layers should be used to give you a blunter bottom. Take notice of your features; for example, if you have a large forehead, bangs might be a better option. A short to medium hairstyle compliments most face shapes; however, narrow faces will want to create more volume on the sides for balance.

White Chin-Length Bob with Light Bangs for a 50-Year-Old
Instagram @winkasheville

#33: White Chin-Length Bob with Light Bangs

A white chin-length bob with light bangs is one of the most classic and beautiful haircuts. This hairdo is ideal for women wanting to look young and fresh. Choosing this cut will help you feel more youthful and invigorated.

Wavy Blonde Bob with Brow-Length Bangs for 50-Year-Olds
Instagram @katy3284hair

#34: Wavy Blonde Bob with Brow-Length Bangs

Trying a wavy blonde bob with brow-length bangs could be the perfect change for you this year. This hairstyle is low-maintenance so a little growth doesn’t affect it like it does some other cuts. The brow-length bang takes it to the next level making it a great choice.

Collarbone-Length Razored Shag with Bangs for Ladies Over Fifty
Instagram @my.silver.convention

#35: Collarbone-Length Razored Shag with Bangs

Try a collarbone-length razored shag paired with bangs, if you want to accentuate your face add some face-framing layers. This hairstyle will give your look a charming personality.

#36: Jaw-Length Shaggy French Bob with Choppy Bangs

A jaw-length French bob with choppy bangs is excellent for longer face shapes. If you are short on time, a shaggy jawline-length hairstyle is easy to manage and quick to dry. You can choose to dry it wavy or straight if it’s the versatility you are searching for. The choppy bang and hair surrounding your face are a great way to soften lines and wrinkles.

#37: Airy Medium-Length Hair with Soft Bangs

An airy medium-length hair cut paired with soft bangs is beautiful and effortless. Try adding a soft bang to create perfect face framing.

#38: Soft Choppy Pixie on Brown Hair

A soft choppy pixie on brown hair helps warm up peachy skin tones and is a great way to add depth. Going a level darker can help accentuate your natural eye color and highlight your features.

#39: Ear-Length Curly Haircut

Ear-length curly hair is a perfect style for women looking for a wash-and-wear, low-maintenance hairstyle.

Short Swept Back Feathered Hair for Women 50 and Over
Instagram @simone_i_jacob

#40: Short Swept Back Feathered Hair

One of the more popular hairstyles is short, swept-back feathered hair. Soft and flirty hair is always in style. The perfect short length mixed with feather-soft layers makes your hair look chic and feminine.

Super Short Pixie with Textured Bangs for 50-Year-Old Ladies
Instagram @__k_vu__

#41: Super Short Pixie with Textured Bangs

The super short pixie paired with textured bangs is an amazing way to hide your forehead wrinkles while remaining extremely fashionable. Keep your image fresh with the wispy fringe sitting just on or above your eyebrow, and the ends slightly flicking out.

#42: Nape-Length Graduated Bob with Highlights and Lowlights

A nape-length graduated bob paired with highlights and lowlights is perfect. It’s a very sleek, comfortable hairdo that exudes so much youthfulness that will leave you feeling your best.

#43: Soft Layers on Longer Hair

Soft layers in longer hair will help reshape your tresses and avoid losing much of your length. Long, luscious layers in natural silver hair will not only complement each other, but your fair complexion and dark eyes will shine with all that natural glitter.

#44: Low-Maintenance Extra Short Tapered Cut

Try a low-maintenance cut if you want wash-and-wear hair. For straight, fine hair a short tapered crop is the way to go.

#45: Very Short Messy Hairstyle

Look chic and edgy with a very short messy haircut. If you don’t want to be bothered with long styling times, this cut is for you. Use some texture paste, tousel and go. Keeping your ends more wispy will give a soft feminine feel.

Effortless Side-Swept Style for Shorter Haired Ladies Over 50
Instagram @soubecas

#46: Effortless Side-Swept Style for Shorter Hair

You should consider an effortless side-swept style if you have shorter hair. In our middle ages, our hair can become thinner, especially around the temple area. If your hairdo is suffering, trying a short style with bangs can really help fill in those areas. You’ll appear younger and more stylish as well. Ask your stylist for a short and layered asymmetrical cut and you’ll feel fantastic.

Short to Medium French Bob with Razored Layers for Ladies Over Fifty
Instagram @bareeminimum

#47: Short to Medium French Bob with Razored Layers

A French bob with razor-textured layers will give your face lift and structure. Consider taking the shorter route as it compliments aging hair and gives it a fun, youthful style.

#48: Shoulder-Grazing Curls

Shoulder-grazing silver curls can really give you a carefree boho feel. If you don’t have natural curls, a perm can absolutely solve that problem. Ask your stylist for square layers to maintain the length of the crown. Apply a curl-enhancing product to your curls and either air dry or use a diffuser. Refrain from running your fingers through as you dry to reduce frizz.

Mid-Length Grey Hair with Flicked Ends for 50-Year-Olds
Instagram @and.bloom

#49: Mid-Length Hair with Flicked Ends

Mid-length hair paired with flippy ends is a classic look that compliments most facial shapes. Ask your stylist for shoulder-length hair with medium-length layers, and blow dry with a medium round brush upward on the ends. If your natural hair color has both salt and pepper you will get beautiful contrast. If your hair is all gray you can have a dark shade added with lowlights for some dimension.

Medium to Long Layered Cut on Grey-Haired Women Over Fifty
Instagram @grey_abounds

#50: Medium to Long Layered Cut

Choose a mid-length layered hairstyle if you have grey hair and you want bounce, lift, and dimension added to your hair. A natural money piece combined with soft face-framing layers will give you so much lightness and structure to your overall look.

#51: Spiky Cropped Cut with Bangs

If you are searching for a funky short hairstyle, consider a spiky cropped cut with bangs. The best haircuts for your age are stylish shapes with bangs. The bangs will soften facial aging and make you look younger. Keep in mind that spiky hair works best on straighter hair textures. If you have wavy hair, a flat iron can be used on your crown section to achieve the desired shape.

Front Layer Cut on Straight Hair for Ladies Fifty and Over
Instagram @katy3284hair

#52: Front Layer Cut on Straight Hair

Try a front layered cut if you have straight hair and you’ll feel stylish and beautiful. Transform your strands to frame your face and change things up. The front layers can be blown away from your face for versatility.

#53: Medium Shaggy Cut with Loose Curls

If you want to get bold try bangs on a medium-length loose curly shag cut. Consider some shorter curtain bangs that can offer versatility. Wear them parted in the middle, swept to one side, or across your entire forehead.

Neck-Length Cut with Soft Curls for a 50-Year-Old Lady
Instagram @dollhousedo

#54: Neck-Length Cut with Soft Curls

Choose a neck-length cut paired with soft curls at your next salon visit. Bringing your length up will make your hair healthier and more sophisticated. Women who have decided to embrace their natural color will look beautiful with the soft curls of the shape.

Below the Shoulder Shaggy Curly Cut for 50-Year-Olds
Instagram @dremalczewska

#55: Below the Shoulder Shaggy Curly Cut

Cutting your hair below the shoulders into this shaggy curly cut is the ideal hairstyle for women who want a modern, trendy hairstyle that will give their curls life again. Women of any age can pull off this hairstyle, but if you’re looking for one to make you look younger, look no further. This haircut is wonderful at shaping your face shape and getting your curls back to looking hydrated and bouncy, and it gives your curly hair a nice shape.

#56: Voluminous Curls with a Side Part

Voluminous curls with a side part are a great style to show off your natural texture! If you have natural curls, a shoulder-length cut with layers will really bring your curls to life.

#57: Sassy Medium-Length Bob

For a sassy style try a medium-length haircut like this one. It’s so easy to manage and very versatile as it can be worn smooth and sleek or fun and flippy. Upgrade it by incorporating blonde highlights and lowlights, achieving such a spectacular dimension.

#58 Fun A-Line Bob with Layers

This is a fun, effortlessly chic, low-maintenance style that perfectly accentuates facial features. It’s a confidence-boosting hairstyle!

#59: Amazing Angled Bob

When considering hairstyles picking one that works with your hair density is important. An angled bob will work well for most hair types. However, if you have finer hair, then consider adding layers.

eye catching long blonde bob for ladies over 50
Instagram @class_estetica

#60: Eye-Catching Blonde Bob

Try an eye-catching blonde bob with just a little volume for a sleek look for a woman of any age. This style gives the appearance of dense hair perfect for women who are starting to thin.

#61: Gray Feathered Layers

On natural grey hair try feathered layers for a really adorable cut that will take years off your appearance. Going with a length past the chin, not to mention those cute side-swept bangs, can compliment a round face by making it appear longer.

#62: Mid-Length Cut with Long Layers

This beautiful mid-length hairstyle with natural highlights and soft layering looks glamorous from every angle. Complete with cute side bangs to complement this lovely shoulder-length mane.

Classic layered pixie bob
Instagram @thehairartista

#63: Classic Layered Pixie Bob

A layered pixie bob is one the best hairstyles for women who want to grow out a pixie cut and want to skip that awkward grow-out stage. This cut is great for coarse and fine hair and any face shape and skin tone would work perfectly for this cut.

#64: Blonde Hair with Long Waves

A soft buttery blonde blue hue can really flatter a woman. The best thing about it is the way the light hits the brighter blondes to not only bring out her beautiful features but also create great movement as it showcases the classic long-layer haircut. This is a hairstyle for women who are seeking a more natural, low-maintenance color to reflect their lifestyle.

#65: Elegant Inverted Wavy Bob

An inverted bob is one of those haircuts for women that are easy to pull off. The length in the front should fall somewhere past your chin so it elongates your face. As far as the back you can go as short as you want! That is the beauty of an inverted bob it can look amazing with as less or as many layers, and any length!

piecey pixie cut for a women over 50
Instagram @platinum.prince_

#66: Piecey Pixie Cut

Opt for a fresh look like this stunning piecey pixie cut that flatters older women! This is one of those super-easy hairstyles.

#67: Long Pixie with Choppy Bangs

Look edgy and young as you flaunt this gorgeous long pixie with choppy bangs. The golden highlights work best for women, adding youthfulness.

Short curly bob style for women over 50 years old
Instagram @todchukstudio

#68: Short Curly Bob Style

A short bob hairstyle is perfect for older women with curly hair. The length and texture keep the curls tamed while adding volume. Just like how the flowers are starting to blossom, gray hairs will start to pop out here and there. Cover them up with a blonde balayage.

#69: Cute Short Bob Cut

Go for this cute short bob cut to class up your colored hair. Its layers, shape, and bangs—these all suit most older women’s features. A lovely chop like this works great on dense tresses if styled a bit tousled and textured. Or simply wear it straight and sleek, as pictured above.

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short haircut for 50 year old woman with glasses
Instagram @mthairdesign

#70: Salt and Pepper Short Cut with Glasses

Flaunt this hair trend with flair while wearing your everyday specs! Sport this salt and pepper short cut with glasses for maximum sophistication. With its neat chop and hair color, it’s one of those ideal short hairstyles.

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Shaggy long bob with curtain bangs for women over 50
Instagram @hirohair

#71: Shaggy Long Bob with Curtain Bangs

Shaggy, layered long bobs with curtain bangs are the best hairstyles. With it’s fuller-shape this trendy style gives an impression of youthfulness. A medium-length hairstyle like this layered long bob looks amazing with side bangs, too.

Versatile long hairstyle with curtain bangs for ladies in their 50s
Long Hair with Curtain Bangs

#72: Versatile Long Hair with Curtain Bangs

This long hair with curtain bangs is versatile and one of the best long hairstyles for women in their 50s. Wear it however you want it—whether you like it straight or with beach waves—not a problem! If you have bright blonde locks, you can start a craze!

Modern Wedge Bob with Bangs
Instagram @lunarshear

#73: Modern Wedge Bob with Bangs

This modern wedge bob with bangs is perfect and suitable for women. It offers layers that will add life to your ash caramel blonde mane when styled with a dash of texture.

#74: Blonde Balayage Lob

This blonde balayage lob offers layers that accentuate your hair color and adds texture and movement. Match this neck-length chop with side bangs for a more youthful vibe.

Long Blunt Bob on Natural Silver Hair
Instagram @robert.sousa1

#75: Long Blunt Bob

A long blunt bob is a beautiful option if you’re a woman with natural silver hair. Haircuts for older women are often stereotyped as boring, but this sleek hairstyle is not the case! Your hairstyle can also play into your personal style, no matter what age you are.

Soft Short Pixie with Wispy Layers for Ladies 50 and Up
Instagram @rougehairsalao

#76: Soft Short Pixie with Wispy Layers

A short pixie with wispy layers is an easy-to-manage hairstyle that will look great on you. The nape is tapered and will keep you cool. The base of this cut is the wispy layers which can give you volume on the top if you want it.

#77: Classic Inverted Cut on Short Blonde Hair

Combine a short, classic inverted cut with blonde hair for an edgy style that’s full of volume. Wedged layers and texture will help create lots of movement and fullness in your fine hair. If you prefer a more piecey , use a dry wax spray to define the ends more.

#78: Pixie with Shaggy Layers

If you could pick any hairstyle, why not make it a pixie with shaggy layers? Delicate razor-cut layers create a soft, wispy face frame. Short spiky layers create the illusion of height in your crown.

No-Fuss Gray Bob for Women Over Fifty with Glasses
Instagram @__k_vu__

#79: No-Fuss Bob for Women with Glasses

A no-fuss bob feels like a timeless classic style for women with glasses when styled up and away from your face. Bob hairstyles are great to accentuate the jaw and neck while the back-combed bangs open up your face.

#80: Brunette Stacked Bob with Highlights

Most of the flattering hairstyles for women you’ll see have highlights. A good reason to add highlights to a stacked bob is to accentuate the layers. Caramel highlights give sleek and straight hair a multi-dimensional effect.

Short Gray Hair with Micro Bangs for a Woman in Her 50s
Instagram @anna_hairstylist.ru

#81: Short Hair with Micro Bangs

To make your eyes pop, try micro bangs on your short gray hair. Keep your hair tapered around your face for a more flattering and modern cut. Lots of texture keeps your layers blended.

Wedge Cut with Swept Bangs for Thick Haired Ladies Past 50
Instagram @simahaircut

#82: Wedge Cut with Swept Bangs for Thick Hair

A wedge cut with swept bangs for thick hair is a textured take on the classic bob.

#83: Romantic Loose Updo

This exquisite yet easily achievable style looks perfect for a wedding and other formal nights you’ll attend. It lifts up your hair beautifully and adds volume to it.