50+ Inverted Bob Haircuts Women Will Be Getting in 2023

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Inverted bob haircuts are still in style for 2023! Here, you’ll see the best ways to get this dramatic “concave” bob and my best tips for choosing and styling one.

💡 Key Things to Know First

  • An inverted bob is shorter in the back and gradually gets longer in the front. It’s a type of angled or A-line bob but has stacked layers in the back.
  • Inverted bobs are an option for all hair textures. Depending on your hair density, you’ll want to discuss adding more layers or texture with your hairstylist.
  • If you have a round or square face shape, consider adding bangs or face-framing layers to balance your facial feature.

Enjoy these photos of the best inverted bob haircuts for women! Each was chosen for how well it was cut and how well it flatters the face and hair type.

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The dramatic inverted bob
Instagram @negin__fhmd

#1: The Dramatic Inverted Bob

An inverted bob isn’t the lowest-maintenance haircut you can get, especially when it’s medium-length. You should also know this haircut isn’t dramatic enough without the sharp, angled perimeter. Ladies with straight locks will get the maximum benefit. This hair type makes this cut neater and much more flawless-looking.

I had an inverted bob haircut for a few years in my early 30s. It worked out great for me when I finally figured out these 3 key things:

  1. Use a round brush when blow-drying. Whenever I did this, it added natural volume and kept the front ends from curling in, which is easy for it to do because of all the extra weight up front.
  2. Try a center part. It flattered my face shape, but depending on yours, you may want to get some face-framing layers. A side part may look too much like an asymmetrical cut when you don’t like it.
  3. Start with a shorter inverted bob. My first one was too long in the front and too short in the back, which made the angle more dramatic than I wanted.

#2: Inverted Bob with Brown Highlights and Dark Hair

Try a more natural look with brown highlights if you’re a woman with dark hair. An inverted bob features many options for personalizing, such as adding a vibrant pop of color. You will need to keep highlights looking fresh by getting frequent toners and trims every 4-8 weeks.

Reddish Purple Inverted Bob Cut
Instagram @grazy.tellana_

#3: Reddish Purple Inverted Bob Cut

Level up with a reddish-purple inverted haircut. The shorter back and longer layers allow for great lines and a modern shape. You may want to add a fringe that can be customized to match your face shape.

#4: Mid-Length Inverted Bob with a Middle Part

A mid-length bob with a middle part is one of the sleekest and most modern inverted bobs. Be sure to ask for an angle towards the front to take your style up a notch if you’re rocking a long inverted bob. Styling tools like a flat iron can help keep that sleek and shiny look all day.

Razor Cut Inverted Bob with Dramatic Angles
Instagram @joshk_stylz

#5: Razor Cut Inverted Bob with Dramatic Angles

Did you know a razor cut with dramatic angles gives an inverted bob an edgier look? The razor provides the shape and texture of your hair with more movement and added volume. Ask your stylist for a more dramatic angle if you want to maintain front length or draw down your round face.

#6: Flattering Inverted Bob for Women Over 70

For women over 70, a short inverted bob haircut is one of the most flattering. Shorter cuts like this can lift your face, giving you a more youthful appearance. Don’t forget to talk with your stylist about adding texture to help your hair’s volume.

#7: Wispy, Shaggy, and Textured Inverted Bob for Thick Hair

A wispy, shaggy, and textured inverted bob hairdo is flattering for thick hair. According to most stylists, this edgy cut removes weight from thick tresses. Style with Kenra Professional’s Texture Taffy for added texture and separation.

#8: Short, Stacked, and Layered Inverted Bob

Try a stacked, short, layered cut if you are looking for a bold cut with a lot of volume. Stacked graduation creates a beautiful voluminous shape that slopes at an extreme angle forward. Ask your hairdresser for internal texturizing and sliced layers. This will you have to achieve the most movement in your stacked inverted bob.

Blonde Inverted Bob with a Blunt Cut
Instagram @hairwithjess16

#9: Blonde Inverted Blunt Cut Bob

Make your hair stand out with an edgy inverted bob with blonde highlights. Naturally, light-colored hair is easily lifted to a beautiful light-ashy blonde tone. The blunt ends make your cut look more fashion-forward and edgy.

#10: Curly Inverted Bob with Bangs

Inverted bobs often work exceptionally well for curly hair, so long as you ask for layers. Try adding some bangs with some graduation for a modern twist in a classic Sassoon haircut called the shake. This curly cut with layers and a fringe features a shag style at the front as the fringe connects with the layers and length.

Sleek short inverted bronde bob
Instagram @judithdoeshair

#11: Sleek Short Inverted Bronde Bob

An inverted bob that’s shorter features a precisely cut short back with longer face-framing pieces. Stacked back layers will create a more curved haircut. Allow your hairstylist to add bronde hair coloring that consists of dark and light tones. If you and copper highlights, it will create a gorgeous dimension.

#12: The Slightly Inverted Bob

Dramatic inverted bobs don’t fit nicely into a wash-and-go routine or busy mornings. But a slight inversion is a great go-to choice if you have thin, fine locks. It’s ideal for creating a bulky, rounded shape at the back of the head that only requires a little blow-drying or daily styling.

#13: Stunning Inverted Lob with Bangs

A choppy long bob with bangs works wonders if you have thin, fine hair. The choppy ends plus the textured style make a great match, creating this stunning wispy inverted bob cut. One of the most apparent advantages is that the wispy fringe can accentuate your eyes.

#14: Sweet Inverted Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

An inverted bob with side-swept bangs carries out a sweet, flattering hairstyle. It demands less maintenance and manipulation if your hair has a fine, straight texture. This neck-length cut has subtle layers. Opt for this side-part hairstyle if you get a long rounded bob.

A Very short inverted bob
Instagram @lenina_yin

#15: A Very Short Inverted Stacked Bob

A very short inverted stacked bob is low-maintenance and is the perfect haircut if your tresses need volume at the root. Add some texture to your hair if you are a woman who is ready to go! The rounded shape adds a livelier feel to the locks.

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#16: The Popular Messy Inverted Bob for Wavy Hair

When messy hair pairs with waves and dimension, it radiates a lived-in vibe! Neck-length inverted bobs are in, and they look great with a warm blonde color. You will likely need to jazz your hair up with beachy waves to form a messy style, and they’ll boost your color’s texture.

#17: The Funky Inverted Bob With Black Dip Dye

The inverted, funky bob is trendy and fun to wear! A straight, jaw-length hair appears chic with an icy blonde hue plus the black dip dye. And it isn’t that funky without a surprise. You can try a hidden undercut to help the locks feel weightless.

#18: Extreme Inverted Bob

Inverted bobs can be a bit high maintenance, especially if you get an extreme one like this. You’ll need a trim every eight weeks to maintain the shape, plus time to style every morning. It’s not for the faint of heart. Stacked layers make the back look dramatic and create a voluminous shape for your hair.

#19: Neck-Length Heavily Textured Inverted Bob

Inverted bobs offer a lot of versatility in style and length. They certainly don’t have to be chin-length. A textured bob creates the illusion of high density for both thick and thin tresses. It features a length that touches the neck area and a rounder, fuller shape.

#20: Fashionable Inverted Pixie Bob

An inverted bob is best for women who have time to style daily. Whether your hair is straight, wavy, curly, or coily, your hair will need a little love to look good each day. This inverted pixie bob stacks up with a back profile that looks hot and high-fashion. With a slight piece-y definition, it brings out an elegance that’s beyond compare. You should be cautious, however, as this haircut is for ladies with thick tresses.

#21: Youthful-Looking Inverted Bob with Fringe

An inverted bob with fringe offers a classic and youthful-looking finish! This chop brings out an illusion of a sharper jawline. Its length gives fine hair a full-bodied result. This cut is best for ladies with straight hair, so don’t miss it.

Bold inverted bob cut with purple ombre
Instagram @locksbylauryn

#22: Bold Inverted Bob with a Purple Ombre

An inverted bob features many options for personalizing, making it adaptable to every hair color and type. Adding a purple ombre is perfect for the girl who wants a wash-and-go cut. California-based stylist Lauryn Lee did this chop, combining texture with an A-line perimeter.

Long Inverted Bob with Layers for Straight Hair
Instagram @nacirsomera

#23: Long Inverted Bob with Layers for Straight Hair

You might be tempted to try a precisely cut long inverted bob with layers with a balayage that showcases lots of dimensions. The deep side part, those sharp lines, and the perfect angle give this lob hairstyle more depth and dimension.

Dimensional light blonde inverted bob haircut
Sheridan Holyoak / Instagram

#24: Dimensional Light Blonde Inverted Bob

Inverted bobs look best when they’re customized to your hair type. Go classic with a simple and feminine short haircut, especially if you have straight hair. But this hairstyle is also ideal for any hair type and texture if your hair needs dimension.

#25: Modern Blonde Inverted Bob for Women Over 40

An inverted bob pairs perfectly with a platinum blonde hair color. You can go with a natural and beautiful look while still having an easy and trendy haircut!

Modern inverted bob for fine hair
Stefano Perfetto / Instagram

#26: Flattering Inverted Bob for Fine Hair

An inverted bob with texture is an excellent choice for fine hair. This haircut creates volume, making fine and thin hair look thicker. Women with curly, fine hair will want a very textured cut to give you more volume.

Do you have fine hair? Then you have to see these flattering bobs for fine hair.

Sophisticated Super Short Inverted Bob Haircut
Christen Fountain / Instagram

#27: Sophisticated Super Short Inverted Bob

A short inverted bob haircut is for any woman who’s ready for a big chop and has a big personality. But one disadvantage is it’s not like a pixie bob haircut. Instead, it’s an edgy and versatile twist on an A-line bob.

Trendy Inverted Inverted Bob with Bangs for Women Over 50
Sharon / Instagram

#28: Trendy Inverted Bob Haircut with Bangs for Women Over 50

An inverted bob will look great with or without bangs. This short inverted cut bob with bangs is perfect if you’re a woman over 50. As long as you currently have long hair and are considering getting a short hair cut and color that’s trending, this is it! You can show off the smoothness of this fantastic color by simply getting an angled lob and a full fringe. Just ask your hairstylist for a swing bob, and you’ll be good to go! If you aren’t sure what kind of bangs will best suit you, your hairdresser can make a recommendation based on your face shape and hair type.

Stacked Inverted Bob with Vivid Red Highlights
Jasmine Houck / Instagram

#29: Stacked Inverted Bob with Vivid Red Highlights

The key to an inverted stacked bob is adding layers to create texture. This will create a soft, complete, and sleek haircut. There are so many variations of the inverted bob to choose from: classic to the extreme. This can be an excellent haircut for thick hair as it removes weight while keeping its fullness.

Cool stacked inverted bob with layers
Julie Holbrook / Instagram

#30: Cool Stacked Inverted Bob with Layers

A cool stacked inverted bob hairstyle with layers is a chic option that adds volume and movement to your hair. This hairstyle works best for those with oval or heart-shaped faces and medium to thick hair. To maintain this look, use a volumizing mousse and blow-dry with a round brush. For added texture, use a texturizing spray. Celebrities like Victoria Beckham have sported this look.

Balayage Messy Inverted Long Bob with Layers
Jenny Molito / Instagram

#31: Balayage Messy Long Inverted Bob with Layers

If you want more texture and volume, layer the ends of a shoulder-length inverted long bob. Plus, it creates a modern messy look, a current favorite for younger women. This is a much-updated version of the more classic angled bobs with layers. This style suits most face shapes and works well with straight or wavy hair types. For styling, use a sea salt spray to enhance natural waves and a flat iron to create a slightly messy finish. Take inspiration from stars like Lucy Hale who have rocked this style.

Inverted Undercut Bob for Straight Hair
Chloé Brown / Instagram

#32: Inverted Undercut Bob for Straight Hair

Get an inverted bob with a nape undercut and add little layers with graduation to give it a unique look. It’s best suited for oval and long face shapes. To style this short hairstyle, apply a hold product and proceed with a prolonged hairdryer drying. When your hair is almost completely dry, use a hairbrush and accompany your hair in the desired direction.

Classic Asymmetrical inverted bob
Lisa Dubay / Instagram

#33: The Classic Asymmetrical Inverted Bob

The asymmetrical inverted bob is one of the best looks for women in their 20s and 30s.  It’s also a style that suits most face shapes and hair types, including straight, wavy, and curly. To style, use a flat iron to create a sleek look or a curling iron to add waves. Apply a smoothing serum for added shine.

Chocolate jaw-length inverted bob for women over 60
Becky Lovell / Instagram

#34: Chocolate Jaw-Length Inverted Bob for Women Over 60

Jaw-length inverted bobs are what’s trending right now for women over 60. Try styling in beach waves with a side part if you want a younger and fresher look.

#35: Youthful Shorter Inverted Bob for Older Women

Inverted short bobs are modern and chic. This chin-length cut was shaved in the back a bit and then textured the top for hair to have a smoother blend. This style is suitable for most face shapes and works best with fine to medium hair. To maintain the shape, trim your hair every six weeks. Style with a volumizing mousse and a round brush for added lift.

Edgy inverted bob with bangs
Krysta Wimer / Instagram

#36: Edgy Inverted Bob with Bangs

Pair an inverted bob haircut with bangs with fall-inspired hair color for a fun and funky look. If you have very fine, straighter hair, the added texture allows your tresses to fall and move how you want without excessive styling.

Textured neck length layered inverted bob cut
Melissa Zimmerman / Instagram

#37: Textured Neck-Length Layered Inverted Bob

Layered inverted bob cuts are trending with women right now. A neck-length one is a popular choice that looks amazing with a smoother and straighter style and a curlier or more textured style.

Inverted bob back view
Nacir Cabelos / Instagram

#38: Classy Convext Bob with a Back View

Try a classy inverted A-line bob with sharp, clean lines. It will give your hair a smooth and straightforward hairstyle, yet it still has an edge. This inverted style is excellent for round face shapes because it helps elongate your face and draws attention to your eyes. If you have a longer face shape, you should avoid the inverted bob and opt for a classic chin-length bob instead.

Inverted layered bob with side bangs
Elisabeth Leão / Instagram

#39: Inverted and Layered Bob with Side Bangs

A layered inverted bob with side bangs and layers works well with a petite bone structure. Thick locks layered haircut is an excellent choice for all hair types. But for ladies with fine hair, the short layers on this haircut will give you more volume.

Razor Cut Wavy Inverted Bob for Natural Brown Locks
Emily Hillen / Instagram

#40: Razor Cut Wavy Inverted Bob on Natural Brown Locks

This wavy bob is done using a feather razor to layer your hair. If you want a cut like this, ask your stylist to create a complete outline of a blunt bob and then go into the interior of your cut and do some shattered layers. Consider adding some nice side bangs to this bob to complete your style.

Low-Maintenance inverted ear-length bob haircut
Mila Kryshchykhina / Instagram

#41: Low-Maintenance Ear-Length Inverted  Bob

An inverted bob haircut can be tapered and inverted for women who want to look edgy yet want a low-maintenance hairstyle at the same time. This below-the-ear length and fringe ideally match the soft, angled faces on this haircut.

Layered inverted bob for a round face shape
Alison Richards / Instagram

#42: Layered Inverted Bob for a Round Face

An inverted bob is an excellent choice if you have a round face shape. When discussing your haircut with your stylist, explain you’d like an inverted bob with volume at the top and none on the sides. This will make your face look more oval. For a different take, try a shaggy, inverted layered bob combined with a blonde hair color that goes great when styled straight and sleek. It also can be jazzed up with a few curls/waves using products.

Shaggy shoulder length inverted bob cut
Carolynn Judd / Instagram

#43: Shaggy Shoulder-Length Inverted Bob

The shaggy shoulder-length bob is one of the most requested haircuts right now. The best part about inverted cuts is that they can add volume to the crown area and back. This will give the illusion of a longer front.

Curly inverted bob for thick hair
Mallory Musson / Instagram

#44: Flattering Inverted Bob for Thick, Curly Hair

An inverted bob for curly hair is perfect if you have tight natural curls. The model in the photo has a soft and feminine A-line cut. The front layers of this medium-length inverted hairstyle give it the perfect volume if you have dark, thick hair.

Auburn medium inverted bob haircut for women over 40
Ashley Beeck / Instagram

#45: Auburn Medium-Length Inverted Bob for Women Over 40

Some of the more popular inverted bob hairstyles will have a bit of texture through the bottom. Adding a warm red hair color, this A-line haircut is perfect for the fall or winter season hair colors. This haircut is great for work if you’re a professional. If you’re a woman whose go-to hairstyle is a ponytail, this casual look is not for you.

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Choppy Inverted Bob for Thin Hair with wispy bangs
Rachel Lott / Instagram

#46: Choppy Inverted Bob for Thin Hair and Wispy Bangs

A choppy, inverted bob with bangs and layers is an excellent haircut for thin hair. If you get it razor cut, this will create a subtly choppy haircut that is textured and airy with wispy bangs. It has weight removal that allows for volume at the root and movement in the interior. Make sure the bangs are left long enough for you to create a feathered style if desired.

#47: Dark Brown Inverted Bob with a Slight Inversion

A bob with a slight inversion gives a timeless, modern vibe to any mid-length hairstyle. Heavy points in the front make for a robust and confident feel. Dark brown pairs well with a high shine, so a flat iron will be one’s best friend to wear this inverted bob to the fullest fashion potential.

A Sophisticated & Sleek Inverted Bob Style
Instagram @gbhdesign

#48: A Sophisticated & Sleek Inverted Bob Style

Try a sleek inverted bob style if you want a sophisticated and mature hairstyle. There is a nice amount of wiggle room when playing with the lengths of this cut. Layering is kept at low graduation, making the maintenance around 6-10 weeks.

#49: Younger-Looking Graduated Inverted Bob

An inverted and graduated bob works great for any face shape. The graduation will allow the layering to hold a round shape, giving you more volume. This hairstyle is most commonly styled straight. However, you can add a few waves on the sides to update your look—Blow-dry with a flat brush against the curve of the head to create natural volume.

#50: Very Short Inverted Bob with an Undercut

If you are looking for something very short with an undercut, ask your hairstylist for a haircut that removes some thickness. A very short inverted bob with an undercut is a low-maintenance, high-fashion hairstyle. An undercut will be cutting the bottom nape shorter than the rest of your hair to remove bulk and allow for the layering to fall smoothly.

#51: The Reverse Inverted Bob

If you’re looking for something edgy, try a reverse inverted bob haircut to give fullness in the back, giving fine hair volume. Thicker hair must most likely be thinned at the nape to sit correctly. Just to let you know, this is not a wash-and-go cut.

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