50+ Trending Short Haircuts for Men in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Today’s most popular short hairstyles for men are focused on taking classic cuts and giving them a modern edge. If you’re a guy wanting cool and modern-looking short hair, then you’re in the right place.

Below, you’ll find photos of 2024’s best short hair ideas for men this year!

Short Buzz Cut for Very Thick Hair for Men
Instagram @barbercar_

#1: Buzz Cut for Very Thick Hair

A buzz cut suits very thick hair well. It’s a relaxed style that can be easily accomplished, with a fade on the sides helping to decrease bulkiness and contrast the full hair on top. To style it, use a small amount of pomade to add shine or matte clay for texture. You need a haircut every 2-4 weeks to sustain it.

The Short Disconnected Undercut for Men

#2 The Short Disconnected Undercut

Go for the short disconnected undercut to get that fine and edgy hairstyle. This style works best on men with straight, fuller hair. For a shinier finish, use gel when styling.

Curly and Textured Quiff for Men with Short Hair
Instagram @gradient.cluj

#3: Curly and Textured Quiff

This haircut has short sides and a really long top to achieve a curly/wavy quiff. The top is styled with a lot of volume, texture, and bend. The sides are styled and slicked to the back to put emphasis on your hair on top.

The Edgar Cut with a Low Bald Fade for Mens Short Hair
Instagram @bk_barber_

#4: The Edgar Cut with a Low Bald Fade

The Edgar cut with a low bald fade is a stylish and sophisticated choice for men with short hair. This modern haircut has a longer length on the top, which gives room for many styles. The low bald fade on the sides gives a strong contrast. Men with short hair can achieve a clean and polished look without losing style. To keep the hairstyle, one needs to regularly see an expert barber. The barber should blend the fade well and check the top length.

Mens Short Messy Cut with a Beard
Instagram @zaebis.haircuts

#5: Short Messy Cut with a Beard

For a modern twist to short hair, consider this untamed, messy haircut. This style creates a subtle but interesting contrast with its not-too-short sides and a slightly long, textured crop on top. Your stylist will give this cut lots of texture for an effortless feel. You can style it easily at home using matte clay. Apply it on damp hair from the roots to the ends.

Beard Fade with a Surgical Line for Men with Short Hair
Instagram @ali_bar.ber

#6: Beard Fade with a Surgical Line

The beard fade with a surgical line is a trend for men with short hair. The style fades from the sideburns down to the jawline, giving a neat appearance. Adding a surgical line enhances the sharpness of the cut. The beard fade style suits those who want a neat and stylish look without the need to lose facial hair. For styling, apply matte clay or pomade all over the top of the hair as you prefer.

#7: Very Short Burst Fade

Tell your stylist about this very short burst fade. A bold and modern hairstyle that they can hook you up with during your next visit. You don’t have to do much to this style other than wash and go! I suggest rebooking with your barber in 2 to 4 weeks to keep this style looking fresh.

Burst Fade with Surgical Line for Guys with thick hair
Instagram @vdubz_barber

#8: Burst Fade with Surgical Line

Check out this burst fade with a surgical line. It’s a bold and intricate hairstyle. It combines a burst fade with a precise surgical line etched into the hair. My advice is to seek out a barber that is competent with creative designs in the hair.

Men's Short Caesar Cut with Shaved Sides
Instagram @vbodnarr

#9: Caesar Cut with Shaved Sides

Many guys want an easy-to-maintain style, and this Caesar cut with shaved sides fits the bill. It has been faded down to the skin around the ears and blended up smoothly to the temple line. It’s similar to a blunt crop, but there is more length at the front to create texture. This is also a good choice if you are thinking about a crop. As there is still enough length to do and an alternative style if you feel it doesn’t suit you.

Short Spiky Hair with Faded Sides
Instagram @nikolaymezhva

#10: Short Spiky Hair with Faded Sides

Short and spiked hair has an edginess you’ll want to rock! Be bold and try this short spiky hair with a skin fade cut that gives you a clean yet versatile result. For all-day hold, use a medium hold gel and blow dry hair in the shape you want, finish with clay or hairspray.

#11: The Short Shag with Bangs

This short shag features a fringe that covers part of the forehead, which is perfect for guys with a receding hairline. The fringe can be worn on either side for a deep side part to hide a large forehead.

Mens short skin fade blunt crop haircuts
Instagram @loonyborz

#12: Short Military Buzz Cut Fade

If you’re looking to fly under the radar, not leave a mark, and be natural, this short buzz cut is for you. It’s a nice option if you’re in the military and looking for something a little edgy.

👉 See more military haircuts and hairstyles.

Thick hair mens short hair
Instagram @spukthebarber

#13: Layered Cut for Thick Short Hair

Opt for a short layered cut for your thick short hair to display fullness and texture. Pair your best short haircuts for men with a sharp skin fade to build contrast in your look.

Very Short Voluminous French Crop for Men
Instagram @_deepercut

#14: Very Short Voluminous French Crop

This very short voluminous fresh crop is ideal for men with thick wavy hair, and it’s a fashion-forward style that gives you a classic haircut. It has been paired with a high skin fade that will suit your thick hair, keeping it tidy and fresh. A fair amount of product will be needed to keep the thickness under control, and I recommend matte clay.

#15: Super Short Slick Back With Clean Sides

This freshly finished super short slick back with clean sides appeals to guys with thick hair and a strong hairline. It has been faded down to the skin around the ears and blended tightly into the top of the hair leaving enough for you to create your personal style. The top has been slicked back with a good pomade to create the hold for the day. This hairstyle that is widely asked for will need 2-3 weekly visits to your barber.

Men's Comb-Over with High Fade
Instagram @j.p.hairforce

#16: Comb-Over with High Fade

A comb over with a high fade is one of the most popular hairstyles. It’s easy to style and maintain and doesn’t need much time in the morning. Short hair on the back and sides leaves a fresh and tidy look that many men want for ease. It would also work well with a short crop cut that has faded tightly around the ears to ensure it grows out nicely. Depending on your look, various products can be used to finish it off.

#17: Brushed-Up Fringe with Skin Fade

This brushed-up fringe with a skin fade suits men of all ages and you can create various looks with the length left on top. You can play around with texture to have a choppy style, or you can smooth it down with a strong pomade to keep it tight. If you wanted this style, I would ask for a mid-skin fade with a tight blend into the top. The best thing about a skin fade is that it grows out well leaving it at your discretion as to when you want it done again.

Extra Short Cropped Cut with a Beard for Men
Instagram @turkishtouch_

#18: Extra Short Cropped Cut with a Beard

The extra short cropped cut with a beard suits men with a strong hairline and a long face. The shortness of the top compliments it by not drawing attention to the face shape, leaving your overall appearance aesthetically pleasing. The back and sides have been faded down to the skin and blended tightly into the top.

Mens Faded Short Crop Haircut
Instagram @alibm7._

#19: Faded Short Crop Haircut

Faded short crop haircuts are very popular as they don’t require much styling. The top is cut close to your head using clippers to leave an equal length all around. The back and sides have been faded down to the skin and blended tightly into the top. This is what I would recommend to express the style to its fullest potential. You will probably find that you enjoy the length of the cut so you will need to see your barber every 2 weeks to keep it fresh.

Mens short buzz cut
Instagram @goldenstyle.ibk.jb

#20: Fresh Buzz Cut

This is an awesome short buzz cut with a mid-bald fade. Ask your barber for a line-up to add a clean finish to this haircut that’s very masculine.

Lived-In Messy Short Hair for Men
Instagram @anhcotran

#21: Lived-In Messy Short Hair

The classic “just got out of bed” style is a great look for dudes wanting to embrace their natural texture. To create the lived-in messy short hair, ask your barber to do a scissor cut using a variety of techniques such as point cutting and slicing, leaving lots of natural choppiness. To style, use a mousse if you can get it. If not, a volume spray will do. Give it a light spray of hairspray and then ruffle your fingers through to finish it off.

Short bowl cut for gents
Instagram @_rickthebarber

#22: Short Bowl Cut for Gents

The short bowl cut for gents is back! This skillful take on the super round style shows how any trend can be brought back and modernized. A perfect bowl mixed with hard part lines and a seamless fade upgrade this look from kitchen cut to barbershop royalty.

#23: With Long Bangs

A haircut with long bangs is a powerful way to diminish long foreheads or long, angular face shapes. By clippering a high fade, the shorter areas diminish the stark lines while the shadowed thicker areas fill in the temple. Fringe or bangs falling forward across the face lessen the prominence of a high forehead. Brushing fringe to the side softens the right angularness of rectangular face shapes. Stubble or a beard on triangular face shapes can also help soften sharp jaw and chin lines.

Slicked-back undercut
Instagram @top_shelf.cuts

#24: Slicked-Back Undercut

The slicked-back undercut is characterized by short, clippered sides with the top section left medium to long and styled back. The cut has reached popularity in recent years because of its versatility in styling and grooming. This classic undercut is perfect for square and diamond face shapes.

Men's short fade haircuts
Instagram @_deepercut

#25: Short Fade with Surgical Line Undercut

Try a stylish men’s short fade haircut with a long surgical line that wraps around to create a unique disconnected undercut haircut. This style is perfect for thick hair add a matte wax for that fun, textured look.

Men's short haircut that's long on top with a drop fade
Instagram @vbodnarr

#26: Long on Top with Drop Fade

This haircut trend has short sides that clear a clean shave with a long top piece-y texture. This is a perfect look to pair with a beard; fade the sides into the top with a clean line-up.

Short Wavy Hair with a Hard Part
Instagram @joemcbarber

#27: Short Wavy Hair with a Hard Part

This style with a hard part is a great option and inspiration for men who have a naturally wavy hair texture. This high fade with a blended top is great for you if you have thick hair. Ask your barber for recommendations that will work well with the thickness of your hair.

Classic Short Side Part with Short Sides
Instagram @tuffkan4k

#28: Classic Short Side Part with Short Sides

This cut with a short side part is professional, classic, and masculine.

#29: Short Modern Flat Top

The clean bald fade gives a modern twist to the classic short flat top with bangs that are straight up. It’s a rugged look that impresses.

Picture of a men's short burr cut fade
Instagram @baldmen.philuc

#30: Burr Cut Fade

There are men’s short haircuts that never go out of style, and this brush cut (or butch cut) is one of them. The clean lines on this cut allow short hair to look neat and professional.

Mens short haircut french crop fade
Instagram @zaebis.haircuts

#31: Men’s Messy French Crop + Fade

This messy French crop, also referred to as a men’s shorter blunt cut or an Edgar cut, is an excellent choice for guys going for a more youthful look.

Texture Crop on Short Hair for Guys
Instagram @ataev_edu

#32: Texture Crop on Short Hair

A short haircut that could portray a friendly yet fierce avalanche of hair is a textured style like this. Keeping your hair short and having it move in the same pattern creates a stand-out, fresh wave pattern. Best for men with a little texture to their hair.

#33: Mid Bald Fade on Shorter Hair

A mid-bald fade is one of those hairstyles for men with short hair that give a wholesome but suave look. That skin fade is sure to show off confidence.

#34: Swept-Up Fade Taper Haircut

This swept-up fade taper makes a neat and exciting short hairstyle for gents. It works so much better if your hair has a natural soft wave pattern, too.

#35: Low Fade and Short Comb Over

This is a low fade short comb-over for men. For men, short hairstyles like this are easy to style and offer a modern, gentlemanly look.

#36: Messy Crew Cut

This modern crew cut is another popular haircut for men. The combination of the classic crew and the texture creates a modern and handsome finish.

#37: Hard Side Part for Thinning Hair

The search for a gentleman’s short haircut is over. Neat and smart-looking, this one features a hard side part for thinning hair. Such a style is what makes your black hair look denser.

Short Cut for Curly Hair
Instagram @dizzy_cuts

#38: Skin Fade Cut for Short Curly Hair

This cut is very clean, fashionable, and common. Since the majority of men want a skin fade haircut to allow their hair to last a long time and to also show confidence in themselves, I suggest this cut. When styling, pay attention to the details of head structure, the pattern of your hair growth, and the cleanliness of your hair which can affect how your hair lays. Try not to use too much pomade or gels, as the build will not allow your hair to look its best. If you were to use a product, Lay Rite or Sweet Jamila are guaranteed winners. Brushing would be best to style with this texture which is thick and coarse.

#39: Brushed Up Style for Short Thin Hair

This is a great example of a clean and modern short haircut with its clean lines and sharp fade. It’s also a great example of trendy hair for men with thin hair. This look depends on the guy’s facial features and hair texture. So for a gent with this hairstyle, I advise applying grease or classic wax.

Hipster Quiff Style and Surgical Line
Instagram @przebarber.studio

#40: Hipster Quiff Style and Surgical Line

This is a high and tight skin fade with a quiff top and added surgical line. The fade is kept high using the roundness of the head along the parietal ridge to complete most of the fade. The shortest length is baby smooth skin, complete with a foil shaver. I believe short hair styles for men like this are best styled tight or loose and with matte or shine, water-based or oil products. This cut does work on a variety of hair types, but it adds to the morning routine for upkeep.

Short Hair with Textured Crop for Men
Instagram @1up_barbershop

#41: Short Hair with Textured Crop

This style features two contrasting factors within the haircut. The first is the textured crop through the top panel. Ask your barber to achieve this cut by razoring and point cutting to create versatility in shape and style, enabling you to wear this cropped cut in numerous ways. This haircut is one of the most current trends at the moment, as it’s low-maintenance, yet sharp and easily suited to any hair type. For a messy crop, a volumizing powder is a must, alongside some very dry clay. For a more polished look, an oil-based pomade will keep it in place all day and night.

very short high and tight hair
Instagram @hn.barber1

#42: Very Short High and Tight

This very short high and tight hair is low-maintenance. With its neater and shorter cut, you’ll feel that fresher aura. Also, no effort is needed when styling—perfect for get-up-and-go guys.

#43: Short Clean Cut for Men Over 50

This is a short, clean cut fade that’s great for men over 50. It has a nice blended fade created by using my clippers and cutthroat. After shampooing and conditioning, I like to use the Cricket Static-Free Volumizer brush. Brush your hair as you blow dry so you can manipulate your hair to sit in the style you want. When you apply your product, less is always more! You can always add more product to your styling if you need to, but you can’t take it away.

Mid-Skin Fade Combed Forward for Guys Over 40
Instagram @danybearbarber

#44: Mid-Skin Fade Combed Forward for Guys Over 40

It’s a mid-skin fade with a short textured top that’s combed forward. I like low and mid fades because you can really see the graduation of the fade.

Hispanic Mid-Bald Fade with Line Up
Instagram @isaac_desky

#45: Hispanic Mid-Bald Fade with Line Up

This sharp haircut is called a buzz cut with a mid-bald fade. The best part about the fade would be how well blended it is from top to bottom. This style can be a look for all hair types that want to go as short as a #2 or shorter. I believe this look gives off a grown and mature look on men because of the length.

Short Back and Sides Hairstyle for Men
Instagram @cutthroatguido

#46: Short Back and Sides Hairstyle

This mid-fade is a traditional short haircut for men. It’s simple, clean, and a very common hairstyle. I transitioned the hair from light to dark, giving it a light drop toward the back of the head. This shows more of a symmetric feel.

#47: Short and Slicked Back Pompadour with Taper Fade

This short and slicked back cut is a pompadour, only it’s been modernized with the technology of clippers and a modern fade. Its side profile is sharp and clean. The bold line is low and taken up to suit the head. This cut is customized to your face. When it comes to stylish haircuts that males love, this short and slicked back is at the top of the list.

short mohawk with Shaved Design
Instagram @stylez_king

#48: The Short Mohawk with Shaved Design

Here’s the short mohawk for short, curly-haired men. It features shaved lines on the side for an edgier touch. If you don’t have curly hair, ask about adding a perm to your hair to achieve this look.

Short Blowout with Tapered Sides
Instagram @davidvetter

#49: Short Blowout with Tapered Sides

This short blowout with tapered sides appears neater and softer on dark blonde hair. Use your fave texturizing product to give it extra volume and fullness.

Mid Fade Combover for Short Fine Hair
Instagram @reypowerbarber

#50: Mid-Fade Combover for Short Fine Hair

Featuring a mid-fade comb over for short fine hair! If matched with black color, this chop can give a thicker impression to your fine, thin-density hair. Fashionable short haircuts for men like this aren’t complete without a neat, faded beard.

#51: Tapered Razor Cut for Older Men

This is a tapered razor cut for older men with short hair. It requires effortless styling for men because of the textured length. It shows a man’s tailored business side and a casual, carefree side. When it comes to short hair styles for men, this one is very versatile. It works best for gentlemen that have medium to thick hair texture. It works on most face shapes, although it can elongate a rounder face because it adds height on top.

Classic Pompadour for Short Thick Hair
Instagram @tuffkan4k

#52: Classic Pompadour for Short Thick Hair

This shorter classic pompadour is slightly styled to the side without a defined part. Hair that is medium to high in density will style effortlessly with this look. All face shapes, except for really long face shapes, will look good in this style. Egg-shaped heads, characterized by a pointy head, will look balanced with this style.

Short Faux Hawk + Top Fade
Instagram @jeffthebarber

#53: The Short Faux Hawk + Top Fade

Here’s a short faux hawk top fade that every dude should go for! The neat sides make the cut look fresher. The top hair is long enough to be versatile for most short hair styles for men. To achieve the same piece-y effect, pinch sections of your hair and secure the shape with clay or wax.

#54: Messy and Short Brush Up

Display your ‘cool dude’ image as you wear this messy and short brush-up hair. A cut with short sides that are longer at the top is a medium to high skin fade. It’s a simple messy cut, but it shows that you care how your hair looks. A textured powder or even a clay-based pomade works best on short hair like this. Additionally, feel free to style it with sea salt foam to boost the texture and enhance your shape.

The Short Ivy League Cut for Men
Instagram @dkkk__

#55: The Short Ivy League Cut

Ivy League cuts are short all over and have the top gradually get longer as it reaches the front. The top is styled forward and transitions upward as it reaches the front.

#56: Short Side-Swept Layers

This men’s haircut with short sides and a noticeably long top is a perfect way to show off your textured hair. It’s styled into a side-swept faux hawk. With the use of pomade or wax, you will have this eye-catching look hold all day.

#57: Texture Cut with Pointed Drop Fade

This pointed drop fade is eye-catching and starting to become a more popular cut for guys. With all the texture, apply a pomade for an awesome-looking hairstyle.

#58: Textured French Crop with Taper Fade

The French crop, with its origins in Europe, draws inspiration from the Roman Caesars. Essentially, it features a short back and sides with a forward-styled short top. You can pair the French crop with a fade or undercut based on your preference for the sides’ fullness. To create a textured look, first apply some sea salt spray and let it dry. Then, finish it off with some styling powder.

High Fade French Short Haircut with Choppy Bangs for Guys
Instagram @monobarber_320

#59: High Fade French Haircut with Choppy Bangs

When choosing a hairstyle, consider your lifestyle and face shape to decide if you have time to maintain it. This high fade French crop with choppy bangs is low-maintenance and suits many face shapes, making the short hairstyle easy to manage. You can use texture spray and spend time drying it. But if you’re in a hurry, just apply some paste, and you’re ready.