46 Hottest Ombré Hair Color Ideas of 2024

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist

Ombre hair has a color melting effect, in which the root area is dark and gets lighter towards the hair ends. The root shade is usually closer to your natural color, making it easier to maintain with a nice grow-out.

Stylist Kira of Helsinki, Finland tells us what you must know before getting your hair colored.

“For any chemical procedure, health comes first,” she points out. “Ombre is a lightening technique. It requires hydration for properly bleached hair, before and after,” she adds.

A strand test is recommended. This tells the stylists what the actual condition of the hair is and how the current color lifts. This discerns how light they can go in one session.

The result also allows the stylists to estimate the cost and the length of the total process. What can we say? Communication and consultation with the expert are absolutely essential!

Ombre is low-maintenance. However, the upkeep may depend on the base, whether it’s your natural color.

“A root touch-up is a must within 5-8 weeks, but the ombre can last up to 6 months or longer. You may have the option to use a toner mask at home or refresh the tone monthly at the salon,” Kira suggests.

As for the hair products, Kira loves the ones from Kevin Murphy, Davines, and K18 brands.

It’s always nice to have a little drama in your look. Try any of these photos of trendy ombre hair colors to amp up your style!

Unicorn Ombre Hair Colors
Instagram @supvalerie

#1: Unicorn Rainbow in an Ombre Style

You should go for long hair with ombre pastel colors of blue, yellow, green, pink, and purple.

Versatile Dark to Purple Pink Ombre Hair

#2 Versatile Dark to Purple Pink Ombre Hair

Do you want to switch your hair color for women to this dark to purple, pink ombre? Ombre is very versatile. Using a semi-permanent color on your previously lightened ends will fade back to the pre-lightened blonde and leave you with a blank canvas. Use a Hot Tools 1 1/2-inch barrel curling iron to curl everything. Many different skin tones can get away with the color, especially if you have your natural color at the top. You want to be careful of going too vibrant with the pink if you have a lot of pink undertones in your skin.

multi-tonal dark to blonde ombre

#3 Multi-Tonal Dark to Blonde Ombre

These oh-so-dreamy waves with dimensional ombre highlights are what every girl wants right now! You’ll turn heads with a flawlessly transitioned buttery blonde ombre on your naturally dark brown hair.

Dark auburn to bright plum ombre

#4 Transitional Dark Auburn to Bright Plum Ombre

Nothing is braver than an auburn to plum ombré on straight hair, where a smooth transition is key for pulling off an in-demand glamorous style.

#5: Red to Purple to Black Ombre

If your hair is dark, trying a red to purple to black ombré would be very edgy. The ombré look requires high maintenance. Before starting, confirm with your stylist that your hair is healthy enough for the coloring process required for this look. You will for sure need to use a color safe shampoo and mask at home.

#6: Dark Ash Silver to Purple Ombre

Doing an ombré with a dark ash silver to purple can work with all skin tones. It’s a nice mixture of most ombre hair color ideas, focusing on a nice blend from dark to light. The purple adds to the ash effect and gives it a more edgy color without being bright and bold.

Sexy Dark brown to caramel ombre hair color
Instagram @gustavomigli

#7: Dark Brown to Caramel Ombre Hair

This dark brown to caramel ombre hair idea makes a simple yet striking color melt! If you want to join the golden ombre hype, dark auburn brown plus caramel offers a vibrant contrast that needs serious maintenance.

#8: Blonde To Pink Ombre with Subtle Waves

Try a blonde to pink ombré with subtle waves if you want to have fun with your usual blonde ombré. If you are looking for a nice color but don’t want to commit, this is perfect! The pink will fade to your blonde, so you don’t have to worry.

Pink Roots with Purple Ends Ombre
Instagram @hey_its_mar.x

#9: Pink Roots with Purple Ends

If you love creative colors, try a vivid melt. This is a great way to blend two contrasting colors. Melting magenta into violet will produce a color between the two. Vibrant colors are best for you if you are committed to regular appointments. This helps prevent banding and keeps your color from dulling out.

#10: Dark Red to Orange Ombre

A fiery hot color that will have everyone envying your new look. Dyeing your hair dark and rich will, in fact make your hair look healthy and shiny. I suggest toning copper shampoo or conditioner to upkeep the vibrant copper.

Popular Red Ombre Hair
Instagram @zoelunahair

#11: Popular Red Ombre Hair

Red ombré is a staple color technique that remains increasingly popular. If you’re looking for hair trendy enough to sport on any occasion, red ombré hair is a go-to.

#12: Bold Pink to Yellow Ombre Color Melt

Stand out from the crowd with a bold, pink to yellow ombre color melt. Fashion colors are one of the best ways to turn heads. In my opinion, however, if you’re going to commit to fashion colors, you need to be willing to spend money and time maintaining your tresses. Bolder and brighter shades tend to fade fast and need frequent refreshes.

Stunning Black to Silver Ombre Hair Color
Instagram @xcellent_kevin

#13: Stunning Black to Silver Ombre Hair Color

Black hair is optimal for every skin type, and if matched with a silver ombré hairstyle? The result will be a stunning work of art you should try! If you long for variation, choose a fashion-forward ombre option to satisfy your desire.

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Picture of a rose gold ombre hair color
Instagram @hairby_ellajo

#14: Melted Dusty Lavender to Rose Gold

Here’s a trendy pastel ombré dye job with a relaxed wave ombré. The combination of dusty lavender and rose gold hues creates a gem you should go for!

Delicious Espresso to Brown Mocha Ombre
Instagram @leopublic

#15: Delicious Espresso to Brown Mocha Ombre

A tousled ombré hair dye that brings out your natural hair colors! Pair it with a mid-length chop for a trendy style!

#16: Vibrant Dark Blue to Purple Hair

This is a perfect example of another trendy ombré style. Dark blue and purple hues on dark roots go well together.

#17: Perfect Brown to Golden Blonde Hair Extensions

A wavy golden blonde look is perfect if you’re considering ombré hair extensions. The light brown roots make a brown ombre hair color low-maintenance.

#18: Waved Ash Brown to Ashy Blonde Ombre Ends

A long and tousled style with an ashy blonde ombré hair ends? Why not? Feel free to style your blonde ombre hair with waves to boost your color’s dimension and texture. Check out more long ombre hairstyle ideas.

#19: Stylish Medium-Length Brown to Caramel

A waste-length brown to caramel ombre is so in style nowadays! It’s easy to achieve and will require lower maintenance if you have darker roots. Doesn’t it remind you of a nice golden brown hair color?

#20: Gorgeous Dark to Icy White Balayage Ombre

This dark to icy white balayage ombre only needs upkeep every 10-12 weeks. The current state of your hair is extremely important to consider before getting an icy blonde ombre. Lightness is usually achieved over multiple sessions, so patience is key. Working with your natural color will always go with your skin tone. Unless you’re willing to change everything around it, like makeup, eyebrows, and all the products you use, I don’t recommend going more than two shades lighter or darker than your natural roots! I always recommend a take-home deep treatment when you lighten your hair because even oily hair needs moisture on the ends.

Unique Dark to Auburn Copper Color Melt
Instagram @catcoiffeur

#21: Unique Dark to Auburn Copper Color Melt

Opt for a chocolate auburn color melting into a rich copper ombre using Wella. It works for most skin tones, ethnicities, and face shapes. There’s a huge copper craze going on right now; if you try it, you will have a lot of fun!

#22: Fashionable Dark to Light Mint Green Ombre Hair

Here’s a medium-style minty ombré with which medium skin types with warm undertones look best. Jewel tones, particularly an Emerald look, have the most longevity out of all the fashion colors. Most importantly, you should seek a professional familiar with these colors to avoid unwanted results.

Burgundy Red to Red Wine Reverse Ombre
Instagram @kevinhairsalon

#23: Burgundy Red to Red Wine Reverse Ombre

A reverse ombré dyeing process that goes from a lighter burgundy to a darker red wine hue! If you are considering a color scheme that doesn’t fall into the “natural hair” category, you should be educated on the upkeep. For example, how often you’ll need your roots done or a color gloss to freshen up the overall look?  I recommend Colorphlex home care products because they protect your color and strengthen and add bonds to your hair each time you shampoo and condition it. You’ll get a dose of the vegetable-derived protein in the Colorphlex ColorStrong Complex, improving your condition, texture, and shine.

Picture of an ashy platinum ombre
Instagram @lanhhair

#24: Dimensional Ash Grey to Platinum Ombre

An ash grey to platinum ombre is a favorite among iced-blonde looks. It’s a cooler-toned blonde and very ashy! It’s made of RuskAsh (.11) and just a little Rusk Beige. The dimension looks stunning. The shadowed roots and contrast give those ashy/gray tones more depth and make the highlights more pronounced.

Along with the beauty of this kind of cool-toned ombre comes with maintenance to keep it. I suggest using Olaplex because it’s a must. You want to keep the integrity of the hair at all times! You’re looking at a standing appointment every 6-8 weeks to touch up the roots.

lived-in brunette to blonde hair ombre
Instagram @maggiemh

#25: Lived-In Brunette to Blonde Hair Ombre

These medium-to-long tresses have a gorgeous natural darker to lighter look, where it’s brown at the roots with light blonde ombré tips. Add loose beachy waves to emphasize your ombre effect very well.

Dark Roots to Silver Locks
Instagram @purplehairlady

#26: Dark Roots to Silver Locks

Try dark roots to silver ombre. When you think about ombré, it’s hard to imagine using silver in the mix. But when done right, it can produce a refined shade. The selected colors define your look, and this ombre counters natural brown with an almost ashy, shiny silver.

Sultry Black to Cherry Red Ombre
Instagram @k__conner

#27: Sultry Black to Cherry Red Ombre

Try a black cherry red ombré hair color idea because it’s rich, and black melts into vibrant red tones. Redken was used to achieve this look. Try using two tones to show your dimension between the cool and warm reds when doing reds. If you love dark hair with some jazz, this would be your look! Long hair is the biggest canvas for a beautiful ombré, but with some altering, short haircuts would also be gorgeous with this color combo. To maintain your red hair, use Pureology’s Reviving Red product line. It will keep your reds red!

#28: Multi-Dimensional Dark to Light Brown Ombre

Go for multi-dimensional soft brown ombre hair that has a soft gradual lightening of the overall look. Colorwise, I recommend a medium natural brown by Paul Mitchell XG for your roots and mid-shaft, Lightener by Paul Mitchell, and a Paul Mitchell Shines for toner. Use Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum cocktailed with their Neon Line Sugar Cream while wet. Stay within three-level shades of your base color. To maintain, use a color-safe/treated shampoo and conditioner and come in occasionally for a refresh toner for shine and fading.

Black to Blue Ombre Hair
@hairbykristinamarie / Instagram

#29: Black to Blue Ombre Hair With Bangs

Try a mid-length blue ombré because you still get the depth of the natural coloring at the roots and that super fun pop on the ends. Before blow-drying, I recommend using Kevin Murphy’s Staying.Alive. It’s a leave-in spray that protects and smooths your hair. After drying, use Design.Me’s product called Puff.Me for volume and to give texture to your waves.

Yummy Dark to Light Chocolate Brunette Hair
Instagram @mariya.behindthechair

#30: Yummy Dark to Light Chocolate Brunette Hair

Opt for a natural and carefree chocolate brunette ombré because it’s easy to achieve. When you wear it sleek and straight, it’s sassy and sophisticated. If you curl it, it becomes beach-like with more of a seductive look. Use a product line called Surface. It’s a high-performance, salon-exclusive haircare, and skincare line that respects personal health and the earth. The great part about a balayage ombré appearance is that it’s a natural look. It’s all about a sun-kissed style with a natural beach look.

intense black to pink ombre
Instagram @xcellent_kevin

#31: Intense Black to Pink Ombre

Go for an intense pink hair color in an ombre style.  The best part of the look is the contrast of the natural base up against the pink. To achieve a black-to-pink ombre, lighten your hair with Blondor powdered lightener with 30 vol. developer and add drops of My Amazing Repair And Shine. Use Rusk Pink with Demi developer, plus some drops of My Amazing Repair and Shine again for the pink. Use cooler water when washing and professional hair care products to keep your look vibrant! Your touch-ups would be every three to five weeks but talk with your colorist first.

fiery ombre hair color
Instagram @lendina.ag

#32: Fire Red to Burnt Orange Ombre

Go for a “fiery ombré” with a vibrant bright red color plus amber-orange hues. The product used to obtain the color was a mix of Schwarzkopf colors, and for the styling, Unite hair products. More specifically, combine Unite’s Laser Straight Elixir, Smoothing Cream, and Argon Oil. After styling with a large barrel wand, finish your hair with glossing spray and hairspray.

For recreating that reddish amber ombre, start by lightening your mids to ends, then melt three shades of red, starting with a deep dark red at your roots and melting down into the brightest lighter red, then going in and adding the gold into the bottoms.

soft dark to auburn copper ombre
Instagram @casistauffer

#33: Soft Dark to Auburn Copper

Try a soft, dark to auburn copper ombré if you have sleek, straight hair. The best thing about this style is that it’s perfect if you want to spice things up a bit but remain subtle. It’s a great way to add warm tones and a fun style to your look. Fair or lighter skin tones look best in a lighter red color like this copper shade.

Effortless Chestnut to Red Color Melt
Instagram @hairbyjuliet

#34: Effortless Chestnut to Red Color Melt

Opt for a red ombré or a red color melt, but make sure you have mixed enough of your formula so you won’t have to re-mix and risk the outcome being consistent. Also, add Redken’s PH Bonder to ensure the longevity of your look.

#35: Walnut Brown to Dark Blonde for Long Hair

Try a classic design of a brown to blonde ombre if you have long hair.  Use Redken 25 Benefits for protection and Pillow Proof to help speed up blow-drying if you have thick and longer-length hair. Also, use Olivia Garden hair brushes because they have a smooth finish. Ombré looks good on most hair types, but the process will differ for each kind. This overall haircut/design fits all face shapes and is perfect if you like low-maintenance color care and can’t make it to regular haircut appointments often.

#36: Sophisticated Black to Light Brown Tips

Opt for a beautiful, sombre look, a more subtle version of an ombré. Use Schwarzkopf lightener/olaplex. Then use a backcombing technique with babylights around your face. Your natural color at your roots allows you to play around with the colors on your ends. This is a long-lasting color and must only be maintained if a darker root or lighter/darker end is desired.

natural dark to light ash brown-blonde waves
Instagram @saras_stylings

#37: Natural Dark to Light Ash Brown-Blonde Waves

These ombre waves are a very natural blend with highlights around the face line to mimic what the sun would naturally enhance. Maintenance for this look is very simple. It would be best if you came into the salon for a toner and face line foils every four weeks. Then every 12 weeks, ask your stylist to pull all the balayage up. As long as this look is maintained at home, little re-lightening will need to happen. For maintenance at home, try Fanola No Yellow Shampoo, Olaplex #3, and a soft blowdrying lotion-like Redken Satinwear.

Magical Black to Lavender Purple Ombre
Instagram @junexcrystal

#38: Magical Black to Lavender Purple Ombre

Raven-colored hair ombre gives off a mystic vibe! Combine your long hair length with beach waves for a magical effect.

#39: Melted Dark to Ash Blonde Ombre Hair

Try a melted blend ombré style.  Use Fanola No Yellow Shampoo weekly to maintain your bright blonde hair and to keep it brass-free.

#40: Caramel Brown to Champagne Blonde for Straight Hair

Try a champagne caramel ombré with lighter pieces that are hand-painted. I recommend a smoothing styling cream like Aveda’s Smooth Infusion Nourishing Styling Cream. The Aveda Light Elements Smoothing Fluid can be added to your ends to give them shine and more control. Darker tones can pull it off because it’s not too light and still has a lot of depth. Lighter tones will only be complimented due to the warm hues. This style is best on naturally straight-to-wavy hair.

Green and Teal Mermaid Ombre Hair
Instagram @beautifinder

#41: Green and Teal Mermaid Ombre Hair

Emerald and azure ombre colors will make most women feel like they are living in the lost city of Atlantis!

#42: Luscious Dark to Pastel Purple Ombre Hair

Consider luscious ombre hair, grape-colored locks that turn ashy towards the ends. Loosely tousle your ends to make the dynamic color transition better.

Fresh Light to Honey Blonde Ombre on Short Hair
Instagram @thecolorist.ch

#43: Fresh Light to Honey Blonde on Short Hair

Go for a fresh, stylish, natural light honey sombré look on a bob cut.  Use Davines Mask hair Bleaching Powder for your babylights, highlights, color gradient, and blonde. Tone your hair with Davines A New Color, Mask With Vibrachrom, and Finest Pigments. For blondes, the best product is the silver conditioner Davines’ Alchemic. Also, with this type of blonde coloring, your hair should be toned once a month.

Natural Dark Roots to Chocolate Brown Ombre Hair
Instagram @christinastylz

#44: Natural Dark Roots to Chocolate Brown Ombre Hair

Get dark roots with an ombre by opting for a rich tinge of a deep luscious brown color from mid-lengths to ends. This makes your ombre hairstyles look super shiny and full!

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Seamless Light Brown to Mauve Ombre
Instagram @kimwasabi

#45: Seamless Light Brown to Mauve Ombre

A light brown to mauve ombré hair creates a seamless blend into the blonder side of life. Ombre is a technique used to achieve an all-over lighter look without being high-maintenance. Leaving your darker tone toward your root creates more depth in your hair, which adds fullness. Aftercare would be a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair looking hydrated and silky smooth.

blunt bob with ombre for short hair
Instagram @casistauffer

#46: Blunt Bob with Ombre for Short Hair

Try a blunt bob with ombre for short hair that will turn heads everywhere you go. A blunt bob with an ombre has pops of lightness around your face and looks stunning at every angle. The ombre effect is perfect if you have naturally dark hair and want a low-maintenance blonde color. With an ombre color, your roots stay darker, and the lightness is at the ends of your hair, so it continues to look seamless as your hair grows out. Ombre hair colour shines when styled with soft waves or curls because it beautifully showcases the cascading color.

Commonly Asked Questions:

  • An ombré is essentially 2 colors; one color on the top of your hair and a different color on the bottom of your hair. Typically, an ombré transitions from a dark color to a light color, but can also be considered a reverse ombré if done from light to dark. This is a great hair color option for anyone that wants a lower-maintenance color, as it can grow out for a long time and maintain its style if matched to your natural hair color on top. It can also be a great way to branch out and try new hair colors without committing to coloring all of your hair at once.

  • An ombré can last anywhere between 2-10+ months, depending on what color your ombré is and how you take care of it. If you stick to more natural colors, your ombré can last up to 10+ months. For fantasy colors or high-maintenance blondes, you may need a retouch on color/toner after 2-3 months.

  • An ombré is the blending of one color to another, usually processed open-air or with just the ends of the hair in foils to help the color process. Highlights are either sliced or weaved precisely in foils and taken all the way up to the root of your hair. An ombré is a more bold color approach, with the secondary color on the ends being drastically different from the top.

  • The difference between a balayage and an ombré is that a balayage is a hand-painted technique that is somewhat of a mix between highlights and an ombré, where it’s gently painted onto the surface of the hair. An ombré is a bold color technique that is usually darker on top and lighter on the bottom. An ombré will give you a more distinguished appearance as where a balayage will look more lived-in.

  • A sombre is a softer version of your classic ombré color. When you combine the words “soft” and “ombré” you get “sombre!” Sombre color looks very soft and natural whereas a normal ombré is a bit bolder, disconnect between 2 colors.

  • Yes, your ombré needs bleach. You will more than likely need to lighten the bottom half of your hair to your desired shade to create the contrast between the 2 colors for your ombré. Unless you are already a natural blonde that just wants to add a fantasy color to the bottom, you could use a semi-permanent color on the ends to create an ombré without needing to use bleach.

  • Depending on the colors of your ombré, it may take longer to fade than other colors. For the traditional dark-to-light ombré, the bottom section of your hair that is lightened will not just fade away on its own. Once the hair has been lightened, it will need to be filled with a demi-permanent color and then recolored dark again or grown out.

  • Ombré hair grows out very well. It should almost look no different as it grows out than when you first got it done. The bottom color will just get longer over time and as you get haircuts, the bottom color will eventually be cut out.

  • Ombré hair color pricing can range anywhere between $100-500 at a salon depending on your location, salon pricing, and the process your hair needs to go through to create your desired finished look. Sometimes more than one process is required in order to achieve super light blondes or fantasy colors. You could also opt to color your hair at home with an ombré color kit if you’re looking to color your hair on a budget, but is not always recommended.

  • Ombré hair can be done at home but can be tricky to do all by yourself. There are at-home ombré hair color kits you can use or you can also do dip-dye yourself. This will create a more harsh line between your 2 colors. If you would like a more blended ombré, getting it professionally colored in a salon is recommended.