38 Coolest Shoulder-Length Hair with Curtain Bangs You’ve Gotta See

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Shoulder-length hair with curtain bangs is a medium haircut with a face-framing feature. The fringe is a great addition to add volume to your tresses and softness around your face!

Curtain bangs are a commitment, according to Canada-based stylist Megan Meads.

Do you have extra time to style your bangs? Will you like how they grow out? If you say yes to these, then take the plunge!

“Women that we see rocking this fringe always have their hair styled. Matilda Djerf’s curtain bangs are iconic, but there’s no way she gets up and goes without styling them,” Meads states.

At some point, having to style the fringe every day is the disadvantage of this look. It may not work for your daily routine or lifestyle.

Meads points out that a curtain fringe only works for some hair types. She explains, “Thick and curly bangs could feel too choppy around the face. Meanwhile, fine hair doesn’t hold volume well, and the bangs could fall flat and stringy.”

It’s essential to talk to your stylist to ensure you get the ideal curtain fringe style for your locks. During the consultation, ask how to style and maintain your bangs at home.

Are you planning your next salon visit? Before that, check out these inspiring images of the trendy styles for shoulder-length hair with curtain bangs!

Soft Medium-Length Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @yukistylist

#1: Soft Wolf Cut with Bangs

Consider the beautifully soft and trending wolf cut with curtain bangs for a new style. Curtain bangs enhance any face shape and can be achieved with a razor. Hairstylists are free to experiment with different hair lengths. Shorter hair layers present more volume and can enhance natural waves. The wolf cut with curtain bangs is a quick and easy style for many, but ladies with straight hair may consider adding some waves for added motion.

Mid-Length Strawberry Brunette Curtain Fringe
Instagram @hirohair

#2: Strawberry Brunette Curtain Fringe

A strawberry brunette curtain fringe is a rich and unique way to wear the curtain bang trend. The strawberry brunette fringe shows a warm yet deep hue. It enhances the soft blend of the fringe around the face.

Medium-Length Blonde Balayage with Flowing Curtain Bangs
Instagram @soubecas

#3: Blonde Balayage with Flowing Bangs

Go for a chic, trendy hairdo with blonde balayage and flowing bangs. Kick your dead ends to the curb for healthy-looking strands that flow with ease. Hair at shoulder length is low-maintenance, and if you can style it with a round brush, it will look more polished and on point. When you blow dry, don’t forget to use your round brush back and away from your face to get feathered-looking tresses.

#4: Mid-Length Chocolate Hues with Curtain Bangs

Go for a hairstyle with a chocolate-colored hue and bangs. You can easily add body to your hair with a medium-length layered cut. Curtain bangs blend effortlessly into a layered style, bringing out your eyes and cheekbones. Ask your stylist to add a gloss treatment to your chocolate brown hair color. This will give it shine and volume, completing your style.

#5: Barbie Blonde Cut with Curtain Fringe

If you want to change your mid-length cut, try adding a Barbie blonde color. Be specific with your stylist about the Barbie blonde color look. Work together to find the perfect color and length to suit your face shape.

Mid-Length Dimensional Copper Curtain Fringe for messy layered hair
Instagram @hirohair

#6: Dimensional Copper Curtain Fringe

Looking for a versatile and easy-to-manage haircut? Try a mid-length dimensional copper curtain fringe for messy layered hair. This color offers a playful, soft appearance for darker eyes and lighter skin tones. It emphasizes the front framing your face. Ask your stylist what works best for you when looking to add depth and texture to their hair. Copper hair color tends to fade quickly, so use a color-depositing shampoo between appointments.

Soft Curtain Fringe on a Mid-Length Cut for women with straight hair
Instagram @studio_mostton

#7: Soft Curtain Fringe on Mid-Length Cut

A mid-length cut with a soft curtain bang is very trendy. Hair falling at shoulder level plus curtain bangs is best for those with a longer face shape. Give your straight hair a lift by getting a blunt cut around the perimeter. Use your facial features to guide the length of your fringe.

Medium-Length Thick Blowout Waves with Curtain Fringe and Blonde Balayage
Instagram @salsalhair

#8: Thick Blowout Waves with Curtain Fringe

Are you looking for a shoulder-length hairstyle? I suggest trying thick blowout waves with curtain fringe. This look works best on hair types that are naturally wavy or curly. But it can be achieved on any hair type with the right styling products and tools. If you have a round or heart-shaped face, it pairs especially well. To get this romantic yet edgy look, use a curl cream. It will help enhance natural texture. Then, use a curling wand to add defined curls throughout before finishing with a hair spray.

#9: Chocolate Layers with Fringe

To bring life to your thick hair, try chocolate-colored layers and curtain fringe. If you can, round brush your hair with the ends away from your face. Use a styling cream to smooth and combat frizz.

Voluminous Mid-Length Loose Curls with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @victoria.hairart

#10: Voluminous Loose Curls with Short Layers

Big mid-length loose curls are a fun style that has returned to the scene. To create this look at home, you must try out some tools that will support its design. These may include a round brush and a blow dryer—or curling irons and roller sets. Do not forget the styling aids to build up your curls from wet to dry and keep your hair safe from the heat.

#11: Blonde Highlighted Curtain Bangs

Here’s a modern trend with blonde highlighted curtain bangs perfect for brunette or darker locks. Curtain bangs will be your best bet if you want the look of bangs but not their maintenance. These bangs are the easiest way to frame your face and give yourself instant cheekbones. Add a pop of blonde, and your look will be completely on-trend.

Mid-Length Disheveled Blonde Shag with Curtain Fringe
Instagram @hairbyelvisp

#12: Disheveled Blonde Shag with Curtain Fringe

Try a disheveled shag with fringe if you love a natural, lived-in hairstyle that doesn’t take too much time to style in the mornings. Curtain bangs on medium hair will shape your face nicely and complement all your best facial features. A tousle finishing spray or a sea salt spray will be your favorite new go-to product. Rough it up with your hands throughout the day and rock this messy, textured shag all day long.

Curtain Bangs for Square Faces
Instagram @yukistylist

#13: Wavy Hair and Curtain Bangs for Square Faces

Soft curtain bangs for shoulder-length hair are a gorgeous look on square faces. Having the bangs sit around eye level will give the illusion of wider cheekbones and break up a square face. Shoulder-length hairstyles complement square face shapes by adding length to the face and jaw.

Medium Cut with Wispy Curtain Bangs
Instagram @yourfoxface

#14: Medium Cut with Wispy Curtain Bangs

Wispy curtain bangs on a medium cut will look best with textured ends. If you’re considering blonde shoulder-length hair with curtain bangs, ask your stylist what blonde tone will compliment your skin tone.

#15: ‘70s Curtain Fringe with Soft Waves

Soft waves with a ’70s curtain fringe are a gorgeous way to make a classic style more modern. Mid-length haircuts with curtain bangs will look stylish on their own, but to get a 70’s vibe, you’ll want a thicker bang with lots of volume.

Center-Parted Bangs and Long Layers
Instagram @salonfour8zero

#16: Center-Parted Bangs and Long Layers

Center-parted bangs with long layers look beautiful on medium or long hair. Shoulder-length hair with long layers and curtain bangs is a modern but classic style that women of all ages can wear.

#17: Curtain Bangs and Curly Ends

Curtain bangs and curly ends are a style that can be dressed up and elegant or casual. This style is a great example of how versatile medium-length layered hair with bangs can be.

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Collarbone-Length Blunt Cut with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @beautybydianuh

#18: Collarbone-Length Blunt Cut with Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs on a collarbone-length blunt cut are perfect for women with thin hair. If you want wispy bangs and fine hair, you may not need any texturizing. Blunt shoulder-length hair with curtain bangs sometimes has face-framing layers to blend the bangs into the length of the cut. Ask your stylist if they would recommend a face frame for your face shape.

#19: Choppy Curtain Bangs and Layers

Choppy curtain bangs and layers give a great foundation to a voluminous hairstyle. Shoulder-length straight hair with bangs can be a low-maintenance hairstyle. Keep in mind the shorter the bangs, the sooner they will need to be trimmed to maintain their style.

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#20: Curtain Bangs for Round Faces

Curtain bangs for round faces should lay below the shoulders. This will help elongate the face and slim the jawline. If you want shoulder-length hair with curtain bangs for a round face, ask your stylist to keep the hairstyle with a middle part fringe below your eyes to make your cheekbones pop.

Tousled Waves with Bangs
Instagram @stizzyho

#21: Tousled Waves with Bangs

Tousled waves with bangs make a medium style easy to achieve and touch up if needed. Medium layered hair with curtain bangs can get this style by curling with a large iron at a medium heat setting.

Curtain Bangs on Loose Curls
Instagram @poison.ginger

#22: Curtain Bangs on Loose Curls

Curtain bangs on loose curls look amazing when curled away from the face. If you have shoulder-length hair with short curtain bangs, you can use a flat iron to give a bend in your bangs to create the ultimate style.

Two-Toned Long Bob with Bangs
Instagram @msnataliejean

#23: Two-Toned Long Bob with Bangs

A two-toned long bob with curtain bangs is an edgy, high-maintenance hairstyle. A bob with curtain bangs won’t need to be trimmed very often, but having a two-toned color will mean you’ll need to visit your stylist for a touch-up every 6 to 8 weeks.

#24: Shag with Shorter Layers and Curtain Bangs

A shag with shorter layers and curtain bangs is an easy way to get a trendy style with lots of volume. Hairstyles with a fringe and layers can be a little flat if you have thick hair, but keeping the layers short will help to give you the most volume possible within your cut.

Middle-Parted Hairstyle with Bardot Bangs
Instagram @giboazhair

#25: Middle-Parted Hairstyle with Bardot Bangs

Middle-parted hairstyles with Bardot bangs are popular for women with all hair types. They also look stunning on any face shape.

Curtain Fringe on Mid-Length Straight Hair
Instagram @bosmanalkmaar

#26: Curtain Fringe on Straight Hair

A curtain fringe on straight hair will need a little help with styling. One way to give your bangs volume and shape is to use a flat iron and give a slight bend under. Shoulder-length straight hair with curtain fringe can get an extra lift using a volumizing mousse.

#27: Layered Cut with Face Frame

A face frame on a layered medium-length cut can look beautiful on women over 40. If you have thin hair, some quality hair products could be all you need to give your hair some life. Use Kevin Murphy Body Builder Spray on damp hair and dry it with a round brush for added volume.

#28: Textured Curtain Bangs with Layers

Textured curtain bangs with layers can complement many different haircuts. These hairstyles can be worn with or without layers, but adding layers to a style will give a more textured appearance.

Vintage-Inspired Curtain Bangs
Instagram @keithkristofer

#29: Vintage Curtain Bangs and Layers

Vintage-inspired curtain bangs can be styled by adding a curl away from the face to the ends. Women who have shoulder-length curly hair will stand out in a crowd. Vintage hairstyles are coming back and are always eye-catching.

Textured Cut with Face-Framing Bangs
Instagram @salon13pgh

#30: Textured Cut with Face-Framing Bangs

A textured cut with face-framing bangs has piecey layers with wispy ends. When asking for layered hair, your stylist may recommend extra texturizing if you have thick hair. The texturizing will ensure that your hair is soft and gives extra volume at the root.

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Curtain Bangs with Beach Waves
Instagram @sarahpeakemuah

#31: Curtain Bangs with Beach Waves

Curtain bangs and beach waves are a match made in heaven. Shoulder-length wavy hair with curtain bangs looks soft and shiny or has lots of texture and volume.

Shoulder-Length Wolf Cut with Bangs
Instagram @laurenryannxo

#32: Wolf Cut with Bangs

A shoulder-length wolf hair cut is a haircut with many layers and is longer in the back than the front. A layered bob with bangs would be a similar style but with a more even length from back to front.

Long Curtain Bangs on a Textured Shag
Instagram @yukistylist

#33: Long Curtain Bangs on Textured Shag

Long curtain bangs on a textured shag is a fun haircut to have when you’re wanting to grow out your hair. If you have a medium-length haircut and want longer hair, this chop will be a great option because it will keep its shape as it grows. To blend your bangs into the rest of your hair, ask your stylist to add face-framing layers.

Wispy Cut with Heavy Curtain Bangs
Instagram @salon_babicz

#34: Wispy Cut with Heavy Curtain Bangs

A wispy cut with heavy curtain bangs is a collarbone-length hairstyle meant to look messy. If you’re wanting this fringe, consider asking for a wispy shag haircut with it. This will complement the fine texture of your hair and make the style more cohesive.

Razor Cut with Long Feathered Bangs
Instagram @feverfewhair

#35: Razor Cut with Long Feathered Bangs

A razor cut with long feathered bangs is a soft and textured hairstyle. Anyone wanting to try long feathered curtain bangs should remember they are most commonly styled with a middle parting. If you’re used to a side part, this might be the perfect haircut to try a new parting.

#36: Messy Style with Long Curtain Fringe

A long face-framing fringe paired with a messy style is great for women who love low-maintenance hairstyles. Straight shoulder-length hair can get a messier look using a texture spray such as Aveda Texture Tonic on damp or dry hair.

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Medium Soft Shag with Bardot Bangs
Instagram @toniiii_j_hair

#37: Pink Medium Soft Shag with Bardot Bangs

Medium soft shag cuts with Bardot bangs are a trendy style that women of all ages can wear. Keeping the bangs at cheekbone length will keep you from needing frequent trims and can be styled in multiple ways.

#38: Curtain Bangs on Mid-Length Wavy Hair

Curtain bangs on mid-length wavy hair are a very popular hairstyle right now. Use a 1.5-inch curling iron for styling and leave the ends out for a soft wave style.