35 Stunning Stacked Bob Haircuts To Get in 2023

Stacked bob hairstyles
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Are you looking for stacked bob haircut ideas and wondering if they’re still popular? Then you’re in the right place! Hailing from the classic 1960s, the stacked bob is a shorter haircut that uses precisely cut graduated layers to create a rounded, full-bodied shape at the back of the head. Stacked bobs can be mid-length, super short, or with cute bangs, and this versatility is the reason why it’s still popular in 2023!

When cut, this usually slightly angled haircut has limitless varieties that can suit any face shape and hair texture! The stacked layers remove unwanted bulk for dense and thick hair to allow for more movement. On the other hand, it can also be styled to add volume to thin and fine hair.

What if you don’t like this cut? Growing out a stacked bob requires patience and a strategic approach. You’ll want to have your hairstylist start by trimming the back layers to maintain a balanced look as the front sections grow longer. Regular trims every 6-8 weeks will help avoid an uneven or mullet-like appearance. As your hair grows, consider transitioning into a long bob to maintain a stylish and manageable length.

Whether you style it sleek and smooth or tousled and textured, the most important thing to do is to find the best version that will complement your personality and hair type. Enjoy this collection of some of the best ways to get stacked bobs!

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Stacked Bob with Layers
Instagram @love.your.hair_bybarb

#1: Gorgeous Stacked Bob with Layers

A layered stacked bob cut is great for any texture and density! It’s so easy to style every day or run a flat iron or curler through to change it up. The color has many dimensions, and it’s flattering for many face shapes and almost slimming to the neck area. Everyday styling can be as low-maintenance as you want it to be. You can let it air dry and rock a more lived-in look or straighten it and add some Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Treatment Oil from the mids to ends to add shine and softness and finish the look!

#2: Earthy Blonde Tones on a Stacked Bob

Earthy blonde tones on a stacked bob can be a wonderful way to blend out your natural greys slightly. The advantage of doing blonde highlights is the soft mixture of your natural color and blonde as your hair grows. I prefer a babylight method for best results. This is a method of highlighting that takes micro fine weaves. The drawback to this is the upkeep of your blonde. It’s important to note you’ll be in the chair every 10-12 weeks for touch-ups. And you’ll need to invest in treatments at home.

Stacked choppy bob with long sides
Instagram @ro.hsiqueira

#3: Choppy Stacked Bob with Long Sides

The choppy stacked bob hairstyle works well with most hair types and face shapes. It is easy to style either straight or with some fun waves. Use a mousse or cream for blow drying and a light styling paste to add texture when dry.

#4: The Back View of a Layered Stacked Bob

This is a seamless, stacked, layered bob cut. The goal was to ensure you didn’t see any hard lines. A razor and shears were both used throughout the haircut. This is a versatile haircut. Adjust the length, height, and volume depending on the texture of the hair and face shape. A good consultation helps ensure the haircut is successful and meets your expectations.

Stacked chin-length bob haircut
Instagram @beto_fariaa

#5: Lovely Chin-Length Stacked Bob with Fringe

This is a fun textured stacked bob with fringe with lots of built-in texture and movement. It has a high stack in the back with a dramatic angle.  The most significant part of this chin-length bob is its versatility. It can be worn super sleek and perfect, or you can make it more undone with soft waves. It’s a relatively easy style that always gets tons of compliments, and the lilac will surely turn some heads.

This particular haircut can be achieved on many hair types, like fine or thick, wavy or straight hair. As for the desired color, I recommend the client who does not have dark natural hair. This allows you to get the natural hair color to a super pale blonde that you need to achieve the pale color.

#6: The Perfect Stacked Bob for Thick Hair

This stacked bob for thick hair is one of my absolute favorite hairstyles! It’s super cute and fun to play around with. Styling is made simple with this haircut. It’s an easy blow-and-go, or you can give it some textured beach waves. It’s very versatile.

This haircut requires a bit more attention than most. If it’s too long, it can be a headache! Regular haircuts are a must to keep it shaped up and looking fabulous. It makes it simple for a client on the go who only has time to go to the salon for a touch-up every 4-6 weeks.

#7: Stunning Stacked A-Line Bob

This stacked bob haircut is a very edgy, daring, and sassy look. I love how the sharp and longer front corners elongate the face and how the round shape on the back hugs her head and gives it a beautiful shape. I love adding layers in the back of bobs so they fall nicely around the shape of my client’s head.

Depending on their hair texture, it may or may not require much styling. So if you have very unruly hair, it might require more effort in styling. That is something to consider before trying this look. But also, women who desire short hair but have round faces can rock this look. The longer front will help give the illusion of an oval face shape, which is usually ideal and a goal for most clients.

#8: Trendy Stacked Bob with Undercut

This cut is a textured, slightly stacked bob with an undercut. I love seeing the undercut when it’s tucked behind the ear. It adds a bit extra detail to your overall look. I would recommend this cut and style to anyone with a fair amount of hair and the time to style it. I think the short bob haircuts we see now look great on most face shapes and can be styled in many ways. I recommend finding a seasoned stylist to cut short hair, giving you a good length and texture to complement your face shape.

Modern Stacked Bob with a Side Part
Instagram @beto_fariaa

#9: Modern Stack with a Side Part

Try a modern stacked bob with a side part if you crave volume and softness in your hairstyle. If you want a short stacked haircut that is both business-friendly and edgy, this is one of the best haircuts to get. Make sure the length of your hair is right below the ear and right at the hairline, curving upward with your stack as you start cutting into your head’s natural shape. Longer layers on top will lay over the shorter length in the back and help frame your face shape beautifully.

Gorgeously Stacked Bob Haircut
Instagram @nacirsomera

#10: Gorgeously Stacked Bob

A gorgeously stacked bob is a great way to add more volume and fullness to your locks. Stacked bobs are great for any hair type, but your stack will be superb if you have thick hair. The stack comes from the cut, but you can also run your fingers up through your hair to make the stack more dramatic. Style with a smoothing cream like Moroccanoil Smoothing Lotion for a smooth, frizz-free finish.

Stacked Bob with Blonde Balayage
Instagram @nacirsomera

#11: Stacked Bob Variation with Blonde Balayage

Classic and contemporary all rolled into one, a stacked bob and blonde balayage create a dynamic duo. A stacked cut can be easily modified for any hair texture or face shape. The balayage ends provide extra brightness to your basic highlights and help showcase your cut. Talk to your trusted stylist to customize this versatile look to fit your style.

#12: Youthful Stacked Bob for Women Over 60

A youthful stacked bob is perfect for women over 60 who want to feel chic. This versatile haircut adds volume to your hair, making it look thicker and full of life. With its shorter layers at the back and longer ones in the front, it creates a stylish shape that frames your face beautifully. Plus, it’s easy to maintain and style, saving you time and effort.

Balayage Bob That's Stacked
Instagram @hirohair

#13: Balayage Bob That’s Stacked

A stacked bob is a style with a blunt perimeter combined with soft layers. Styling with super gentle waves leaving the ends straight is a look you can wear from a day in the office to a girl’s night out.

#14: Grey Stacked Pixie Bob Haircut

Sharpen your image with a stacked pixie bob haircut. The elevated back and longer sides create a striking visual shape. Did you know a stacked back can make your neck appear longer, and therefore you appear taller? A pixie bob is also a great choice if you’re afraid to go too short. The longer sides grow out easily, so this shape is a smart way to slide into shorter hair. The blowout is simple with a medium round brush; you’ll need to have your hair trimmed every six weeks.

Stacked Medium Length Bob
Instagram @acutshair

#15: Dimensional Stacked Medium-Length Bob

This cut is a long textured, stacked medium-length bob. It has layers and texture throughout to give movement and the popular lived-in look. A textured stacked haircut is great for thicker hair with lots of natural body. It looks great straight or curled. It works well for all face shapes by changing the part placement.

#16: Slightly Edgy Short Stacked Bob

Straight, thick hair on short stacked bob hairstyles looks marvelous when it’s high up at ear to neck-length. Light colors like blonde and silver can help add volume to the hairstyle.

Edgy Stacked Long Bob (Lob)
Instagram @glamiris

#17: Beautiful Stacked Long Bob (Lob)

This lived-in layered, stacked long bob haircut is a total stunner with highlights that provide excellent contrast and dimension on naturally dark hair! It’s a sexy take on the modern long bob.

Shaggy Stacked Bob Cut
Instagram @salonnaman

#18: Shaggy Bob That’s Stacked

A shaggy stacked bob cut is another great option. The lived-in color, texture, and tousled wave all help to make it feel fresh instead of the same old bob. The best thing about this short shaggy bob that’s stacked is how versatile it is! The style is cut right in. The hair will fall into place, whether blown smooth or waves are added.

See more shaggy bob cuts here

#19: Medium-Length Stacked Bob with Long Layers

This is a gorgeous A-line bob with stacked layers. Enhance the stacked medium bob even more with blonde highlights on brown hair.

#20: Long Stacked Bob with Bangs

Unlike the usually graduated bobs, this long stacked bob with bangs gives length and form to your hair. Caramel tones and bangs add attitude to the layers.

#21: Short and Curly Stacked Bob

This short, curly stacked bob haircut, how precise cutting and the use of highlights and lowlights can gorgeously define and give life to curly hair! A shadow root can also provide added dimension.

Messy stacked bob for fine hair
Instagram @calli_hausofdolls

#22: Messy Stacked Bob for Fine Hair

The disheveled messy bob look on this stacked bob haircut also works best if you have thin, fine hair. This stacked bob especially flatters round and oval faces.

#23: Stacked Bob for Wavy Hair

Even a slightly angled cut to a medium-length cut can greatly enhance your hair’s texture and volume! Use the best products when styling waves for a lasting gorgeous stacked bob for wavy hair.

Gorgeous Stacked Bob for Thin Hair
Instagram @stephstyles21

#24: Flattering Stacked Bob for Thin Hair

This stacked bob for thin hair has layers that gradually increase. This creates the illusion of a bulky and beautifully shaped back that makes your hair look denser than it is. Stacked bobs are popular short hairstyles for women with thin hair because it creates a fuller appearance.

#25: Super Short Stacked Bob Pixie

Keep it sassy with this cute stacked pixie bob cut trimmed at the nape area but kept long at the top for versatility in styling. This is one of the best short stacked haircuts for older women who have naturally thinning hair and want something fuss-free.

Precision stacked bob with an undercut
Instagram @_diana_kukueva_

#26: Precision Stacked Bob with Undercut

Please look at this fun, edgy take on a stacked bob cut. My favorite thing about it is the awesome undercut, as it’s a freeing feeling not to have hair on your neck. Stacked haircuts are best for women with thick hair who want a cute trendy cut. To help maintain this edgy look, you would like to use Aveda smooth infusion style prep to help smooth the hair to show these nice clean lines.

Short Stacked Bob with Bangs
Instagram @bladesalon

#27: Short Stacked Bob with Bangs

You’ll love this fun, playful short stacked bob with bangs. It has long layers and fringe around your face. You can wear it smooth or messy. For best volume, use a product when your hair is wet. Style with a round brush and focus on blow drying. Finish with spray wax to show off the texture. This bob suits most hair types. It grows out well, but get regular trims to keep the shape.

Stacked bob with side bangs
Instagram @scarletts.creations

#28: Very Short Stacked Bob with Side Bangs

This fun, chic short stacked bob with side bangs is easy to style. It’s a great mix of long and short looks. The cut looks great curled, messy, or straight. It’s perfect for blending grey hair. You can style it in many ways like straight, wavy, or teased. To get a tousled look, use texturizing hairspray. Have fun and try different looks with this cut.

#29: Inverted Stacked Bob

This chic bob is stacked and inverted. It’s so soft and enhances the soft layering in the cut beautifully. The stacked inverted bob hairstyle is easy to style with few styling tools and styling products. A light-volume foam is such a great product to start with. It allows to create volume without a stiff hold. Start with an excellent flat wrap using a Denman brush or a small boar paddle brush that will ensure smoothness and create a natural volume based on the head shape. Once completely dry, use a medium or small round brush for the front fringe area to give it extra bounce and put a bit of a bend in the hair to create interest. You could also opt for a curling iron and make the same look in the front. Then finish with a light moveable hairspray.

Blonde stacked bob for women over 50
Instagram @dyemensionssalon

#30: Flattering Blonde Stacked Bob for Women Over 50

stacked bob is a stylish and versatile haircut for women over 50 with fine hair. It features a slight undercut for added volume and interior layers for a natural flow. It’s easy to style with cream and dry powder root lift. and layers, while maintaining sharp edges to suit various personalities-catching look is perfect for those who want to make a statement with their hair.

#31: Razor Cut Medium Stacked Bob

that has a razor-cut with a graduated, diagonal forward cut. This will create an organic, light, airy, and lived-in look. stands out as a favorite, the grow out to maintain its organic and effortless appeal.

Stacked Angled Bob
Instagram @m_ramsey_hair

#32: Stacked Angled Bob

is a versatile hairstyle with a graduated back for a soft, tousled look. It works great for most hair types. It adds fullness for fine hair and can by removing weight and adding texture. To maintain its shape, regular upkeep is necessary. spray and styling lotion for moisture, shine, and heat protection to achieve the desired look.

#33: Wavy Stacked Bob

The wavy stacked bob is one of the most stylish and attractive stacked hairstyles. This bob features a versatile shape that appears both straight and curly, allowing you to flaunt your natural wave pattern. For a more refined and edgy appearance, you can take the time to curl it, as shown in this example. The balayage color adds depth and dimension while requiring less maintenance than traditional coloring methods. This haircut is well-suited for coarse or thick hair but can also work on fine, thin hair with the right products. For styling thin hair, use L’anza Healing Oil on damp hair, blow-dry, and curl with a flat iron, leaving about an inch of the ends out. Finish with Kenra Dry Texture Spray for added grip and tease the crown area for extra volume. The wavy stacked bob is ideal for round or wide face shapes as the long pieces in the front help balance facial width. Its easy styling and low-maintenance color make it perfect if your a busy woman on the go!

#34: Asymmetrical Stacked Bob

Try this unconventional and edgy element to your stacked bob by making it asymmetrical. Stacked bob cuts like this can be achieved on almost anyone with the right length in the right places. The layers and face-framing grow out are enough to create a strong angle in the front. When executed correctly, this haircut works nicely on most people since it is specifically tailored to the client’s head shape. If you’re considering trying out this look, approach it with an open mind and let the art happen!

Shoulder Length Bob that's stacked
Instagram @stylistmary23

#35: Shoulder Length Stacked Bob

The shoulder-length shaggy stacked bob is a modern take on the classic bob. It has soft layers, textured ends, and a slightly longer front that gradually shortens toward the back. This creates a subtle stacking effect, hence the name. The shaggy element comes from the tousled, piecey layers, giving the hair a relaxed, lived-in look. It’s one of the most popular cuts you can get right now!

Bobs Stacked Stacked Bobs