25 Top Asymmetrical Haircut Ideas for A Modern, Edgy Look

Asymmetrical haircut ideas

The good old days of having boring hair are finally over! Forget about straight hair and one-length cuts, Asymmetrical haircuts are the ultimate cool-girl hair that will take your look to another level! Wondering what this haircut is? An asymmetrical haircut is when the hair is cut in uneven lengths and angles. Typically, modern haircuts that are cut asymmetrically have one side that’s longer than the other.

Bobs, pixies, and shoulder-level haircuts are the perfect lengths to show off the asymmetry of an uneven haircut. Although, it also works stellar for longer hairstyles, too! Hairstylist Jacqueline Gibert from Tennessee does amazing work on her clients using asymmetry techniques.

“An asymmetric haircut is a high-maintenance haircut. Consider your lifestyle, time, and willingness to maintain,” Jacqueline shares. Her top questions when getting the look? “Do you have time to come into the salon for regular trims to maintain its shape? Do you have time to style at home?”

She loves Aveda products like the Phomollient Styling Foam for volume. Confixor Liquid Gel is great for texture and shine.

“There are many types of asymmetrical cuts with different hair types and density,” she tells us. “What also matters is your face shape. Slanted lengths have an elongating effect. This is why round and square faces have the most benefits from an asymmetrical style.”

Before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of trendy asymmetrical haircuts for women!

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Asymmetrical Shag Haircut

Asymmetrical Shag Haircut
Instagram @kenyohoffman

Here’s an asymmetrical shag haircut with a little surprise. The front looks sassy, but the back area? That creates a strong appeal! The back area shows off a sharp undercut with shaved designs. A hidden undercut is optimum for thick tresses to get rid of the bulk yet keep fullness.

A-Line Lob

Asymmetrical a-line lob
Instagram @salonenvyhp

An a-line lob gets its name from being shorter in the back and gradually getting longer in front. If you would like to make a lob edgier, ask your stylist to create some asymmetry in the perimeter. For best results, blow-dry with a large metal barrel round brush and smoothing lotion. Also, it can be curled with 3/4 inch or 1-inch iron if you desire some waves.

Asymmetrical Lob for Wavy Hair

Asymmetrical lob for wavy hair
Instagram @julieannelemke.hair

Asymmetrical lob for wavy hair guarantees modern and stylish hair. It is a practical haircut to keep. The medium length is a sure bet for different styles of women’s hair.

Short Bob Haircut with Asymmetrical Bangs

Short bob haircut with asymmetrical bangs
Instagram @nikitenko_elen_

A short bob haircut with asymmetrical bangs is an edgier version of a more classic style bob. Consider the hair type, texture, and face shape when desiring any fringe as they require more maintenance and styling. Having a thorough consultation with your hairstylist is essential when getting bangs, especially if it’s your first time getting one. They can discuss if your hair type and facial shape could work well with your chosen style.

Curly Asymmetrical Hair

Curly asymmetrical hair
Instagram @alizaquefez

Curly asymmetrical hair is unique. An asymmetrical cut focuses on different lengths of long and choppy layers to add an extra layer of texture, dimension, volume, and bounce. Talk to your stylist about getting a dry, curly haircut. This type of cut can help your hair lay once styled.

Layered Bob for Straight Hair

Layered asymmetrical bob for straight hair
Instagram @nikitenko_elen_

A layered bob for straight hair adds volume and is a good option for those who want modernity. Bet on mousses or leave-ins to leave it with a messy texture and added dimension, making this one sided hairstyle even more modern and trendy.

Long Layered Asymmetric Haircut

Long layered asymmetric haircut
Instagram @ayhanonluel

A long layered asymmetric haircut is a cut with one side longer than the other. Asymmetrical haircuts are fun, playful, can be styled straight or curly, and suit all face shapes.

Straight Asymmetrical with Side Bangs

straight asymmetrical haircut with side bangs
Instagram @painted_locks

This straight asymmetrical with side bangs is short on one side and longer on the other. Want to wear it all down and straight for today, then style it with curls tomorrow? This haircut is so versatile for whatever you like to do to your dark brown hair.

Asymmetric Cut Ideal For Round Face

asymmetrical haircut for a round face
Instagram @hair_do_salon

Let go of your long hair as you can pull off an equally stunning short haircut while longer on one side. Go for this asymmetrical brown cut that works well with your natural waves, and it’s ideal for round face shapes. Not convinced enough? Take it from hairstylist Cami Mcknight from Mesa, AZ who did this masterpiece. She trusts that “it’s a great way to add some instant swag to your look.”

Asymmetrical A Line Haircut

Asymmetrical A Line Haircut
Instagram @silvy_dimitri

Amplify the beauty of your warm blonde hair by opting for a short asymmetrical a-line haircut. Consider adding soft waves for a final touch that carries out more glam factor.

Asymmetrical Blunt Lob

asymmetrical blunt lob haircut
Instagram @bouffantsbymolly

This getting an asymmetrical Lob with bronde locks in uneven lengths and part it to one side. The payoff is too good that you’ll get a smooth and delicate bob hairstyle without making much of an effort.

Short Asymmetrical Bob with Bangs

short asymmetrical bob with bangs haircut
Instagram @thehairbarny

A short asymmetrical bob haircut with bangs creates a fashionable look for your oval face. The cut allows you to pull off either a wavy or straight style, and still manage to nail it. Streaks of copper highlights on your black tresses are what will add flair to complete your look.

Flattering On Black Hair

asymmetrical haircut on black hair
Instagram @zahswagg

This asymmetric cut features a mohawk fade to finish it off too strong. Flattering on black hair with hints of brown hue, this trend will add a final touch to your refined look.

Short Asymmetrical for Fine Hair

short asymmetrical haircut for fine hair
Instagram @littledarlingdearest

The stylishness of this haircut is so strong that it’ll reflect your confidence. This short asymmetrical cut for fine hair features hard edges that are cut by a razor for extra details. Add streaks of blonde to this undercut bob to put in some emphasis in there.

Medium-Length Asymmetrical

medium length asymmetrical haircut
Instagram @kristin_hairtheatre

The blonde balayage and beach waves are like two peas in a pod. Both do wonders to top off a lovely medium-length asymmetrical haircut such as this one.

Edgy Short Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Edgy Short Asymmetrical Pixie Haircut
Instagram @rachelpearlhair

An edgy short asymmetrical pixie cut for one of those independent women like you! The texture is to balance out the boldness and sophistication of your dark, short hair. A lopsided haircut looks stunning, to the point that some grey strands visible on your locks will be the least of your concern.

Layered Stacked Asymmetrical

layered stacked asymmetrical haircut
Instagram @bellacapellinj and @hairbyjesyczka

Looking as pretty as a picture! Go for this layered, stacked asymmetrical hairstyle to revamp your locks. Your short, black, and dense hair will have the soft texture it has ever needed.

Great For Over 50 Women

asymmetrical haircut great for over 50 women
Instagram @scarlettcarter2073

Gorgeous choppy asymmetrical bob hairstyles are great for over 50 women! Because of the layers, achieving a textured effect on this blonde bob becomes so painless. Upgrade it with long bangs on the side for a sense of youthfulness.

Perfect For Long Length Curly Hair

asymmetrical haircut for long length curly hair
Instagram @abbylovesaveda

Try a long asymmetrical cut with micro bangs perfect for a long-length curly hair. Mandeville-based stylist Abby Landrum is behind of these crimping, braiding, and teasing. The result? Such defined curls in which all you get is ’80s punk rock vibe. For an edgy finish all day long, style your brown lock with Air Control, Control Force, and Hair Potion from Aveda.

Trending Asymmetrical Cut for Short Curly Hair

trending asymmetrical haircut for short curly hair
Instagram @helenloveshair

A trending asymmetrical for short curly hair oozes with style and fun. It’s for women unsure about getting the big chop and women who prefer an edgy style on their tresses.

Helen Anderson, a hairstylist from Ottawa, ON, loves this cut. “It’s so fun! It’s a pixie on one side and a shaggy bob on the other,” she says. “However, this cut requires high upkeep, needing a trim every 4 to 6 weeks.”

Short Spiky Asymmetrical with Undercut

short spiky asymmetrical haircut with undercut
Instagram @lukasmuny

This asymmetrical hairstyle with an undercut is a mullet punk cut with a more aggressive and alternative footprint. It was created by barber and stylist Lukas Muny of Humaitá, RJ. “My inspiration comes a lot from the urban youth movement,” he explains.

“I always use the phrase ‘think outside the box.’ Customers do not use products as they used them years ago. They want practicality and versatility. They want their own expression printed on the hair with an exclusive design,” adds Muny.

Asymmetrical Thick Hair

asymmetrical haircut for thick hair
Instagram @rps_salon_durham

Edgy asymmetrical hairstyles are easy to style for women with thick hair. A precision cut is never boring if it creates a stylish shape to transform your brown locks.

This blunt asymmetrical pixie with an undercut on the bottom was created by hairstylist Kales Efird of Durham, NC. “I love this cut for its precision and funky shape,” he claims.

Efird says this uneven hair a super fun look, but it definitely has some upkeep! “I blew this out with a round brush using a leave-in conditioner and a smoothing product from Davines, but this is definitely a haircut that can be styled messy and curly using a curl mousse or a sea salt spray.”

Short Wavy Asymmetrical

The perfect short wavy asymmetrical cut and style to show off a movement! Brighten up your jaw-length hair with a touch of blonde hue on your dark roots to match your elegance.

“This asymmetrical haircut is an edgier but trendier bob haircut,” says stylist Alexis Chiasson of Circle Pines, MN.

Keep in mind when wanting an asymmetrical hair cut is that it is disconnected. “It will grow uneven and you may have to go in more frequently to maintain than your typical lob (long bob),” says Chiasson.

Depending on the texture and density of hair, Chiasson says it’s important that you style it with the right products and blow dry straight and not with a round brush. “If you’re thinking of adding body use a good volumizing mousse (Kenra is my fav), blow dry straight and, once dry, add a Kenra Texture Spray to keep straight. You can also use a 1-inch curling iron, take big sections on the top layer, and wear,” she adds.

One of her fav ways to wear this style is to tuck or bobby pin the shortest side behind the ear. “It’s a great way to dress it up for an event, night out, or look cute working out at the gym – so versatile!”

Very Short Asymmetrical Cut for Short Hair

very short asymmetrical cut for short hair
Instagram @rosebezerra._

A very short asymmetrical cut for short hair is the perfect choice for women looking for an edgier and more creative look to their hair. An asymmetric style looks best between a pixie and shoulder-length hair as the length difference is harder to notice on longer hair. If you want an even edgier look, try out an undercut with the asymmetric cut.

Dark Copper Asymmetric Pixie Cut

dark copper asymmetric pixie cut
Instagram @arsentovmasyan_

A dark copper asymmetric pixie cut is an amazing way to bring out green eyes and sharp facial features. If you have very thin or very thick hair this cut will require more time to style than average thickness. The dark copper color adds richness and works exceptionally well against skin with warmer or pinkish undertones. Asymmetrical hair is a fantastic way to draw the eye to certain focal points while simultaneously diminishing features that may be more prominent than desired. A pixie cut can be more work to style depending on the cut, hair type, density, and shaping preferences, however, having an asymmetrical pixie cut lends itself to the option of having a longer growth time as well as easier styling.