25 Best Modern Shag Haircuts for Every Length

Shag haircuts

Before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of modern shag haircuts for women. The shag haircut is a heavily layered haircut. The modern shag gives a very chiseled, choppy, and textured look without all 70s and 80s flair.

Shaggy hair looks great on almost any hair length.

On short hair, it will give you more of a choppy look and work best on thin or fine hair.

For medium-length hair, it’s perfect for women with rounder faces.

For long hair, adding lots of layers works great for women with thick hair and can go for a more feathered look.

For naturally curly hair, it’s a a nice way to freshen up your locks and loose the frizz.

Style a shag haircut with texturizing sprays, moisture creams and oils, and hairspray for an all-day, lived-in vibe.

Get inspired by these pictures of the best 25 modern shag haircuts!

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The Modern Shag with Side Swept Bangs

Q&A with style creator, Holly Seidel
Master Stylist @ Chignon Salon in Pasadena, CA

How would you describe this?

This modern shag haircut a very wearable version of the newer shag hair trend. It’s cut with a razor for softness and accentuated head shape, creating fullness at the crown. It can be worn with side, middle, or straight across bangs, but the slightly disconnected layers at the crown with bangs and bits around the face and are what really sets it apart from other cuts.

What’s your best advice?

Depending on what texture you have, product choices can vary. This model has a very curly and naturally frizzy texture, so she uses both a moisture creme called High Dive and an oil called Tinsel by R+Co.

For fine to medium textures, use a couple of drops of Tinsel for dry or flyaway hair and volumizing styling cream like Jackpot, also by R+Co. Try Sail, which is their soft wave spray.

The beauty of this shag hair cut is that it can really work with many face shapes, depending on how the bangs and face framing are cut.

Additionally, they can be as edgy or conservative as you like, depending on how short or far down the layers are cut. Make sure your stylist has taken continuing education classes on how to cut a proper shag.

Very Curly Shag Bob

A very curly shag haircut
Instagram @couperokeisalon

Look charming even with these tousled curls that is incredibly low maintenance and easy to style! Try a gorgeous shag haircut that’s modern like this if you want to spice up your natural look.

Choppy Blonde Shag with Curtain Bangs

Choppy Blonde Shag with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @andreabhair

Q&A with style creator, Andrea Bramchtein
Hairstylist @ Urban Betty Salon in Austin, TX

How would you describe this?

This choppy blonde shag with curtain bangs is a baby shag hairstyle. It has a very similar shape to shag but less severe in shape. It allows you to achieve a different look without having to cut all of their hair off.

What’s your best advice?

This modern shag hairstyle has proven to look great with almost any face shape because of the versatility of framing around the face.

Shaggy Layers with Thick Bangs

Shaggy Layers with Thick Bangs
Instagram @fancychantz

Q&A with style creator, Chantz Pinkston
Stylist @ Salon 2000 in Fleming Island, FL

How would you describe this?

This shag hairstyle has a fluidity to it. Because of the cut, it’s in a shape that requires minimal effort for beautiful styling. Overall, this shag is a pretty easy look to achieve.

What’s your best advice?

If you are a woman who wants minimal maintenance and styling time, this is a good haircut to go for, that is, depending on your hair. Ideally, women with medium-fine hair are best suited for this modern take on a shag. A good amount of density in the hair allows for a fuller look despite all the layering, and a finer hair texture allows easy blending and transitioning of the layers. Ultimately, you want this hair to still look nice and blended if straight. When it comes to styling, things like sea salt sprays, styling foams, and clay-based products help create body and grit to hold a style throughout the day without the hair weighing down.

Try Aveda texture tonic, Phomollient, and the pure abundance style prep. Haircuts with a good amount of layering and face-framing can really look nice on just about any face shape. Because everything comes forward, a modern twist on a shag haircut looks best on square-shaped faces, oval-shaped faces, and heart-shaped faces.

Trendy Layered Shag

Trendy Layered Shag Haircut
Instagram @rachelsrad

Q&A with style creator, Rachel Radford
Owner @ Ceremony Salon in Carrboro, NC

How would you describe this?

This is subdued layered shag hair. Versions of this haircut have been worn since the late ’60s so it’s a new classic shag! The heavy bangs and tousled layering add a bit of edge to the look.

What’s your best advice?

What’s great about shaggy haircuts is that the layers can really open up the face, enhancing cheekbones and widening the eyes. The bangs and layers can be customized to flatter any woman.

It’s so easy to maintain and style so it’s great for women who don’t have the time to fuss with their hair. For finer textures, work a texturizing product into the hair, like a salt spray or mousse before drying to add hold and volume. For heavier hair types or curls, use a styling cream to add hold and moisture, and definition.

Plan on getting your bangs trimmed up about every 6 weeks, although they look great as they grow out too because of all of the layerings in the cut.

Modern Shaggy Angled Bob for Thick Hair

Q&A with style creator, Natalie Cericola
Hairstylist @ Good Beauty in Chicago, IL

How would you describe this?

This is an angled bob shag. With this cut, ask for some heavy layering to take out the weight and to add texture.

What’s your best advice?

A great product line is IGK. To create this look, use Call Time as a primer to prepare the luscious locks for this look. Follow up with Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel to create a shiny finish while adding some hydration. To finish this look, use Broken Dreams Texture Paste to add texture and the perfect amount grit at the base to give that lived-in feel.

Shaggy bob haircuts look good on almost every face shape. Shags are not for the woman who wants a very low maintenance look. It requires extra time in the mirror and using proper styling tools.

Gorgeous Short Shaggy Bob for Modern Women

Gorgeous Short Shaggy Bob for Modern Women
Instagram @xelamack

Q&A with style creator, Alex McDonald
Hairstylist @ Atelier by Square Salon in Las Vegas, NV

How would you describe this?

This is a short bob shag with a rose gold balayage hair color. The best thing about shaggy bob haircuts like this is the versatility. You can part the fringe in the middle or to either side and the same with the part.

What’s your best advice?

Use any sort of texturizing product! Try Badlands from R+Co and Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray. Work the products at the root to give sexy volume.

Fortunately, this haircut works for all women! You can customize the length of the perimeter and fringe to flatter any face shape. Since it involves a lot of layering, it’s great for coarse hair to remove weight. It also works for fine-haired women because it adds enough texture on top to make their hair look fuller.

Textured Shag with Highlights and Long Bangs

Q&A with style creator, Bryanne Dyrland
Freelance Stylist @ in Eckville, AB

How would you describe this?

This shoulder-length shag with long bangs is loaded with all-over layers and texture, but styled in a modern (non 80s) fashion. The shortest point of this textured haircut is at the crown of the head which creates height and tons of movement. Then everything is blended out from there.

What’s your best advice?

There are many ways to wear this shag cut. To style it like the model in this picture, use Alterna Caviar Thick and Full Volume Mousse to give the mane the oomph it needs prior to blow drying. Then blow dry the hair messy, flipping the head upside down to do so.

Once dry, use Caviar Working Hairspray before curling with a large curling iron, then finish it off with a must-have hair product – the Caviar Perfect Texture Finishing Spray. This spray is what gives it all the body and movement, but keeps it soft and lightweight. Finish with more hairspray. This haircut is awesome on the second day! Just add more texture spray and go!

This cut is so versatile that anyone can wear it! Of course, the thicker or coarser the hair, the more layers you can put in. It can be customized to fit any hair type. It can be worn with a fringe, or long, face-shaping layers to support any face shape.

Medium Shag Haircut With Bangs

Q&A with style creator, Shauna Forman
Master Stylist & Creative Team Member @ House of Colour in Drogheda, IE

How would you describe this?

This long bob represents the modern layered, medium-length shag haircut with wispy bangs, a current take on a timeless trend. It’s edgy but authentic and simple at the same time. This raw haircut is wearable and very on trend.

What’s your best advice?

To maintain this shag haircut, prep the hair wet with Wella EIMI Sugar Lift Spray at the scalp for volume. Throughout the mid-lengths and ends, use Wella EIMI Ocean Spritz for some lived-in texture. To finish, try Wella Dry Me for a rough texture feel, sprinkled with some Wella Dynamic Fix, which is a 45 second crafting spray for hold that allows you to create movement freely before setting.

Short Shag With Blunt Bangs

Q&A with style creator, Lexie
Hairstylist @ Nicholas Sebastian Salon and Spa in Newtown Square, PA

How would you describe this?

This short length cut shag hairstyle with full bangs is very soft and airy.

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What’s your best advice?

Use a wave-enhancing lotion or sea salt spray while the hair is still wet to produce its natural movement. Follow with a dry finishing spray once the hair is all dry to promote more texture and hold.

Shorter shag hairstyles like this one are for the type of woman who is relaxed and low maintenance, but still on trend.

Disheveled Short Purple Shag

A disheveled purple shag haircut for short hair
Instagram @biancaxglam

Q&A with style creator, Bianca DiMillo
Hairstylist @ Bianca DiMillo Private Studio in West Hollywood, CA

How would you describe this?

This is a textured shag haircut. It’s intended to look choppy and messy…that undone, just-rolled-out-of-bed look. It is perfect for anyone who wants their hair to look elegantly disheveled.

What’s your best advice?

Styling shag cuts like this is key. While the hair is wet, throw in a product like Sea Salt Spray or Oil Non Oil by Davines to help give volume and separation and emphasize the razor cutting technique. Once it’s dry, dose lightly from root to end with Puff Me by Design Hair to add a messy and tousled look. Puff Me adds grit to your hair, allowing you to shake your hair with your hands and have it hold the style. I love it for a root lift too!

This cut and style is great for women who want low maintenance styling in the morning and don’t mind re-applying product every day. A shag haircut for fine hair is fun because it will give a little life to your style. It would potentially work for thicker hair, but make sure your stylist thins your hair out appropriately or you’ll look like a mushroom.

Oval and round faces will benefit from this cut the most. Avoid this style if you have a square or rectangular face as it will emphasize the boxiness.

Soft Pixie Bob Shag

A pixie bob shag haircut
Instagram @hair.by.jenny

Q&A with style creator, Jenny
Hair Stylist & Colorist @ Little Lion Salon in Brooklyn, NY

How would you describe this?

This shaggy hair is somewhere between a bob and pixie cut. It’s extremely versatile. Since it has so many layers, you can style it all messy and textured, or it can also be more conservative when you need it to be.

What’s your best advice?

For styling this shag haircut, as well as other short haircuts, try Badlands Dry Shampoo Styling Paste by R+Co. Since it has dry shampoo properties, it’s lighter and also matte which is great. A lot of other styling pastes can weigh things down and make it look greasy. Apply it everywhere and stick the hair up all crazy to ensure that the product is evenly dispersed, then you can mold it down into the shape that you want.

To maintain this haircut, ideally, you should be getting it trimmed every six to eight weeks.

Since the modern shag has so many layers, this haircut is perfect for medium to fine density because it gives the illusion of having a lot more strands than you actually do. It requires little to no styling, so it’s ideal for women who just want to air dry and throw some product in to give it some texture.

Playful Long Shag

A playful shag haircut for long hair
Instagram @hairbymollie

Q&A with style creator, Mollie Guthrie
Stylist @ Suite Escape Beauty Retreat in Fishers, IN

How would you describe this?

This is definitely a more playful adaptation of a shag haircut. It’s not as intense for women who are scared of adding a lot of layers, but it still gives the tousled, undone look that shag styles would. It gives so much body to the hair. Whether you choose to wear it wavy or straight, you’ll see those shorter layers popping out.

What’s your best advice?

Your go-to product for a tousled look should be Davines’ Dry Texture Spray. This product is the holy grail of all products. It gives enough hold without being too tacky like a hairspray. It’s the perfect combination of a dry shampoo and hairspray. Another great product is the Sea Salt Spray (also by Davines). You can spray it on your roots while your hair is damp for added volume, and throughout the hair (both wet and dry) for more texture.

This shaggy hair style is for low maintenance women. It’s an easy look to style, especially since the goal is to have that undone effect. Concave layers look best on fine to medium hair and add more movement, but you can definitely adapt this cut to any hair type as well as face shape. It’s recommended that you stay away from an intense amount of layers if you have a rounder face.

Sexy Long Shag With Bangs

A long shag haircut with bangs
Instagram @susanfordhair

Q&A with style creator, Susan Ford
Creative Director and Master Hairstylist @ Asha Salon Spa in Chicago & Schaumburg, IL

How would you describe this?

This is a lovely and casual long shag with bangs. The choppy layers start at the cheekbones, acting as another focal point while encouraging more texture in the hair.

What’s your best advice?

This style should be more on the “undone” side of styling to keep a cool and sexy vibe. Use Aveda’s Texture Tonic on damp hair to enhance the hair’s natural texture and dry it using a diffuser. Use a straightening iron to put a slight bend through the mid-lengths of the hair. Finish the style with Aveda’s Light Elements Smoothing Fluid to separate the waves and add shine.

To maintain this cut, go in for a trim every six weeks and see your hairstylist at the three week mark for a fringe trim.

Women with fine to medium density are ideal for this modern shaggy cut and it’s great for any girl or woman who would like to embrace their hair’s natural texture. You can achieve this Coachella-inspired look with the Texture Tonic, or you can use Aveda’s Smooth Infusion products and a round brush to have a more styled finish.

Messy Rose Gold Shag

Q&A with style creator, Maria Prendergast
Owner & Stylist @ Helmet Salon in West Hollywood, CA

How would you describe this?

This is a layered shag cut with bangs. Shaggy haircuts are airy, light and playful.

What’s your best advice?

For this straight shag, use Unite’s Leave-In Conditioner and Blow & Set Styling Lotion to get a nice, shiny and smooth blow out. Finish with Unite’s Tricky Spray (which is a spray wax) to accentuate the ends.

For maintenance, depending on your texture, this could be something that is very easily a wash-and-wear style because there are no heavy weight lines. You could literally scrunch your hair, put some product in to control your texture, and go! Or you can take the extra time to blow it out and finish it with a spray wax to accentuate the edges to make it look extra piecey and edgy.

Disconnected Shag

Disconnected shag
Instagram @suzido_

Q&A with style creator, Alejandro
Hair Designer @ Obadiah Salon in Bellevue, WA

How would you describe this?

This is a modern, edgy, disconnected shag. This creates a very textured look that gives you fun, soft layers that work with medium to thick hair and natural waves.

What’s your best advice?

Try Oribe products to create this look, beginning with Run-Through Detangling Primer on towel dried hair. Then use Surfcomber Tousled Textured Mousse focused on the mid shaft, and blow the hair dry with a two-inch round brush. Once fully dried, spray the roots with Dry Texture Spray to add body. For further definition on the ends, use AirStyle Flexible Finish Cream and finish with Free Style working hairspray.

Shag for Thin Hair

Q&A with style creator, Kelley
Hair Artisan and Colorist @ Vincent Salon in Eagan, MN

How would you describe this?

This is inspired by the 1970s shag haircut. This modern shaggy style has stayed relevant for decades because it continues to reinvent itself.

What’s your best advice?

The best thing about the modern shag is that it’s meant to bring out natural texture. The less you style, the better it is! If you have curly/wavy hair, start with a leave-in conditioner or some with frizz control and follow with a curl enhancing product like a mousse or cream. If you have little to no wave, add a little volume and texture by using one of my favorites, Kerastase’s Spray a Porter.

This shag cut is so versatile that with the right customizations, almost anyone can wear it.

Sexy Shaggy Layers

A sexy shaggy layered haircut
Instagram @rohan666stylist

Q&A with style creator, Rohan Kapse
Style Director @ Asif The Salon Bandra in Mumbai, India

How would you describe this?

Going with the latest trends, this modern shag hairstyle is very soft and natural with enough movement to enhance the texture and long layers. The natural messy shag makes the hair look fuller.

What’s your best advice?

To recreate this look, combine a few products together like NASHI Sea Salt Hydrating Spray and NASHI Soft Hairspray. For a softer natural look, you can use any hydrating hair cream on any length and scrunch using a diffuser and a dryer.

For more definition and texture, you can use a sea salt spray and curl it in medium sections. If you feel the curls are making you look straight out of the 70,s you can soften the curls gently with a flat brush and finish with a soft hold spray.

Being a natural, messy, and soft look, shags goes well with every face shape. A shag looks amazing on medium to longer lengths, but is not for women who already have voluminous, wavy, rebellious hair.

Medium Length Shag for Older Women

A shag haircut for medium length hair for older women
Instagram @coripghbeauty

Q&A with style creator, Cori Patterson
Master Design / Color Specialist / Mentoring Director @ Harmony Salon in Wexford, PA

How would you describe this?

This is a mid-length shag cut with lots of layers. Layers are recommended for volume and to soften features around the face.

What’s your best advice?

Always use a volume shampoo and volume conditioner on fine hair. Try Pureology’s Pure Volume line. Use a lightweight heat protectant all over.At the roots, spray lots of mousse. Try Wella’s Root Shoot in the Eimi line. Last but not least, use some finishing sprays like Redken’s Quick Tease and Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play. Also, do some teasing at the root with a teasing brush.

This hairstyle is for women looking to create volume and softness around their face, as well as women with fine hair. Any woman with high cheekbones, a high forehead and dominant facial features will look great with this style.

Longer Shaggy Blonde Hair

A longer shaggy blonde hair
Instagram @wkait_hair

Q&A with style creator, Kaitlin Watling
Hairstylist @ Palm Sunday in Ontario, CA

How would you describe this?

This is a stunning long shag hairstyle. Inspired by the 60s and 70s, this is a tousled, low maintenance look. With a heavier curtain fringe, it’s easy for the rest of the hair to look great, even with no work at all.

What’s your best advice?

With modern shags, use the Kevin Murphy Body.Builder. It’s a very light mousse utilized best when running through the hair wet and with a round brush. Starting with the bangs, blow dry them back and forth across your forehead until completely dry so they lay naturally smooth with a bit of body. This also helps smooth out any cowlicks.

Styling shag hairstyles don’t have to take you long at home. You can flip your head upside down and blow the root dry for great volume, finishing the ends off with a round brush for smoothness.

This modern shag also works well with a beachy, tousled style. You can start by flipping upside down, again, to lift the root a bit. Leave the rest to air dry (70% dry all over), spray a bit of the Kevin Murphy Hair.Resort spray, scrunch it a bit, then leave it be for a perfect shag look!

This style is great in normal to fine hair. Women with a little natural texture and wave in the hair are perfect for a low maintenance routine. Just shake and go! If you feel like spending more time on it, the option to blow it out is there.

Cute Gray Shag for Older Women

Cute Shag for Older Women
Instagram @andy_doesyourhair

A messy shag cut screams an adventurer that chooses to take risks. Now older women can look edgy in one of these wild lobs that is borderline mullet.

Bowl Shag for Fine Hair

A bowl shag haircut for fine hair
Instagram @mouseybrowne

Q&A with style creator, Tara
Dry Haircutter @ Mousey Browne in Sydney, Australia

How would you describe this?

This is a sharp modern shag that has a hint of a bowl shape to it. It features a curved shape fringe that frames the face and meets the sides.

What’s your best advice?

Use a matte wax or simply leaving it natural. This shag cut is for women who are all about a low maintenance statement haircut. The shape lends itself to straight hair that is medium to thick density.

Modern Short Curly Shag with Layers

Modern Short Curly Shag with Layers
Instagram @hairbyfina

Funky and super 70s! Bobs can also be switched up to show massive yet flattering hair.

Long Shag for Curly Hair

Long Shag for Curly Hair
Instagram @themonacut

Stylist Mona encourages to let your hair down especially when it’s this vibrant and volumized. This curly shag haircut is extremely gorgeous!

Retro Ombre Shag with Choppy Bangs

A great example of short shaggy wispy haircuts
Instagram @nikolephelps

Q&A with style creator, Nikole Phelps
Hair Colorist/Stylist @ Tribe Beauty in Chadds Ford, PA

How would you describe this?

The ombre retro shag with choppy bangs is playful and fun. Every thickness and length of hair can have its own ideal shag that adds a modern, retro vibe and texture.

What’s your best advice?

Try Bedroom.Hair by Keven Murphy. It’s a perfect texturizing spray to give it that bedhead look.

Honestly, this shag haircut could really compliment many hair types! For fine and thin hair, it can enhance volume and create texture. For curlier hair, it can add softness.

Long Wavy Shag for Thick Hair

Long Wavy Shag for Thick Hair
Instagram @awaken.courage

With a long, modern shag haircut for thick hair like this, there is a lot of room for styling. Stylist Dre fashioned this young lady’s mane in a way that it tapered towards the end to offer that tamed look.