Gorgeous Layered Haircuts & Hairstyles

What’s the quickest way to take your lifeless locks from drab to fab? By opting for layered haircuts of course! Browse through these galleries of some of the most modern ways to get layers!

Layered pixie cuts
Pixies with layers are the ultimate short hairstyle for anyone of any age.
straight layered hair
Go for a sleek look when you add layers to your straight hair! The results are super chic!
medium layered haircuts with bangs
Glow up with added layers and bangs in your medium hairstyle.
Front Layered Haircuts for Long Hair
Opt for layers in the front if you have long hair. They frame your face beautifully!
Layered bob haircuts for women over 60
Layered bobs are the best option for women over 60 seeking an easy, simple hairstyle.
Choppy layered bob for thick hair
If you have thick hair, go for a layered choppy bob hairstyle! It will help remove tons of weight from your head.
Long layered haircuts
Longer hair doesn’t have to be plain and boring. Having layers makes your hair so versatile and full of life Take advantage of it! Check out these popular layered long haircuts!
Layered Bobs for Women
The bob is beautiful and timeless. With the different lengths and styles available, there is definitely a layered bob for every face shape. Adding layers to a bob creates even more selections and for extra style, curls and waves can be added to create romantic, party ready hairstyles.
short medium layered haircuts
If you're wanting short hair, but not too short, opt for a short-medium length that's closer to the shoulder with layers. There are options out there. Check 'em out here!
Face framing layers short hair
Ask your stylist for layers that frame your face if you have short hair. See why here!
chin length layered hair
Layers are meant for all types of hair, but when your hair is at chin-length it can increase your styling options. See how here!
long layers straight hair
Add long layers to your straight locks and let your natural hair texture shine through!
long layered hair with bangs
Own this instant celebrity look! Zoom in to these ravishing hairstyles.
Layered haircuts with bangs
Looking for a choppy, layered look? Then check out these short, medium and long haircuts with layers and bangs!
face framing layered choppy shoulder length
Frame your pretty face with sophisticated layers on a mid-length cut. Check out your options here!
Feathered haircuts for women
Consider one of these trending feathery looks!
Medium layered haircuts
Layers are the perfect to spice up a shoulder length haircut. With shoulder length hair you have so many choices in cuts and layers. The shag is a great example of a medium layered haircut that is super hot. Bobs and haircuts that fall to the shoulder with some layered curls are also very popular. Peep these fun and fresh looks to find a layered style that best suits your medium length hair!
long layered curly hair
If you have long curly hair, opt for layers to create the ultimate hairdo!
face framing layers long hair
Give your long hair an extra boost with face-framing pieces! These styles guarantee volume and movement to your look.
Chic layered bob with bangs
Need proof? Take a cue from these really fun layered looks!
Medium hair layered side bangs
If you're hair is medium-length, add layered side bangs to bring out your best features!
Long layers thick hair
Pair your thick tresses with long layers for the ultimate easy-styling hairdo!
Short layered hairstyles and haircuts
Add some serious zest to a short haircut by incorporating the magic of layers. If you are scared of going with shorter hair, layers may help because they create more flattering looks. Form short wavy layers on bobs to shorter layered pixie cuts, these charming short layered hairstyles are sure to inspire you!
Long layered wavy hair
Layers and waves go amazing together when paired with a long hairstyle.
Layered curly hair
Add life to your naturally curly hair by adding layers to it! We've put together a beautiful collection of cuts for women like you.
layered wavy hair
Wavy hair has never looked so better. Check out these wavy layered hair ideas to try next.
gorgeous wolf cut bob
Wolf cuts are all the rage right now, but when you pair it with a bob cut, it's even better! See more here!
Face framing layers medium hair
If you have medium-length hair, opt for face-framing layers to bring dimension and depth to your haircut.
Picture of trendy short layers on long hair
Need a fresh haircut but don't want to lose your length? Read on to see why this look is in demand.
Best layered cuts for thin hair
Thin hair needs layers added to help with movement and bounce. See why here!
chubby face long layered haircuts
Chubby-faced women should consider a long layered hairstyle if wanting to elongate a round face.
Jellyfish haircuts
Jellyfish aren't only found in the sea. Check out these haircuts with tentacles!
Hush cuts for women
Get a new trendy haircut known as the hush.
Layered wavy bobs
Give your locks beautiful texture and movement with these layered wavy bobs. They all look so stunning!
The Rachel haircuts for women
Rachel Green would absolutely love to rock some of these hairstyles and haircuts from the sitcom Friends.
Fashionable butterfly haircuts
Butterfly cuts are the newest way to express your hair with layers. See more here!
Feathered haircuts for long hair
Amp up your long hairstyle with feathered layering. It will create a lighter, wispy feel to your style.
Prettiest layered haircuts for women over 60
If you're a woman in her 60s, try a layered haircut this year to add movement and versatility in styling.