41 Gorgeous Butterfly Haircut Ideas to See Before You Try

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Medium to Long Butterfly Layers and Bangs with Money Piece for Brown Hair
Instagram @hairdotcom

#1: Medium to Long Butterfly Layers and Bangs with Money Piece

Try this stunning medium to long butterfly layers look with a money piece! The money piece hair highlight gives you a big color impact, while the layers give you a soft and full texture. Use blow dryer cream to style this look and keep it full and shiny.

Butterfly Cut Center Parted with Long Layers
Instagram @dogukandeniz

#2: Center Parted with Long Layers

A modern shape for long hair is characterized by a center parting with long layers. The draping fringe contributes to the appeal of the center-parted hairstyle. It’s crucial to style your fringe so that it frames your face by flicking away from the cheeks. This will ensure a modern shape that is gorgeous and complementary. Try blowing out your style with a mousse and a medium-sized metal barrel round brush for control and a bit of wave.

Long-Length Golden Blonde Hair with Butterfly Face-Framing Layers
Instagram @shokoxiaolei

#3: Golden Blonde Hair with Face-Framing Layers

If you’re loving the butterfly haircut trend, try a golden blonde hair color with face-framing layers.

Voluminous and Thick Butterfly Hair
Instagram @salsalhair

#4: Voluminous and Thick Hair

If you’re looking to add some serious volume and thickness to your hair, try this voluminous butterfly haircut. This hairstyle is all about creating a full-bodied look. Using strategic layering and weight removal from the sides, the butterfly cut creates a beautiful shape. This shape enhances your natural volume without sacrificing length. Whether your hair is straight, wavy, thin, or thick, this cut can add dimension and movement to your style. The best way to style this look is using a large round brush and finishing with a curling iron to keep the style in place all day.

Long Butterfly Hair with Flipped-Out Layers
Instagram @glamcatt

#5: Long Hair with Flipped-Out Layers

Longer layered hair, flicked outward, creates a light and bouncy style. The outwardly flicked layers are soft, yet they make an impressive style statement. This look is best styled with a big round brush or hot rollers.

Mid-Length Middle Part Hair with Butterfly Cut
Instagram @hair_bybash

#6: Middle Part Hair with Butterfly Cut

Try a middle part with your hair and a butterfly cut. A middle part helps distribute the thickness of your hair evenly, so one side is not heavier.

#7: Soft Messy Butterfly Long Hairstyle

A soft and carefree butterfly haircut works well for natural, wavy hair. To style it, apply a soft curl cream for a tousled yet neat look.

Sun-Kissed Blonde Butterfly Layered Medium Hair
Instagram @krayationss

#8: Sun-Kissed Blonde Layered Hair

Sun-kissed blonde layered hair is a great low-maintenance look. The subtle highlights give just enough dimension, and the layers give the hair a lot of movement.

Medium Butterfly Layers on Bright Ginger Hair
Instagram @clairvoyant.color

#9: Butterfly Layers on Bright Ginger Hair

Adding layers to the bright ginger hair, similar to a butterfly’s wings, helps enhance the hair color. Adding layers of different lengths shows off the hair’s beautiful copper tones.

Chest-Length Butterfly Cut with Wispy Layers
Instagram @kenji_kubo1208

#10: Chest-Length Butterfly Cut with Wispy Layers

Chest-length hair with a butterfly cut and wispy layers would be a great option for thick hair. These layers will help reduce the heaviness and excess volume for a bouncy and voluminous style.

#11: Low-Maintenance Layered Hair with Long Curtain Fringe

Try low-maintenance layered hair with long curtain fringe if you want the hot new trend. The ‘butterfly cut’ hairstyle is a modern spin on the feather cut made famous by Farrah Fawcett in the 70s. In this style, you have shorter layers around your face and longer ones at the back, which give your hair lots of volume and a bouncy look. Lightening the color at the ends of your hair will bring out the layers even more.

Medium Layered Haircut with Butterfly Wings
Instagram @kenji_kubo1208

#12: Medium Layered Haircut with Butterfly Wings

A haircut with medium layers, known as the butterfly wings style, has a feminine look. The brushed-back angle around the face resembles butterfly wings. Ask for a layered angle starting at the chin to create softness. Keep minimal layers in the rest of the hairstyle to maintain the length. Style your hair with a metal barrel round brush, working away from your face. Use a 1-inch iron for more waves, and curl your hair in the same direction as your brush strokes.

Short Butterfly Layered Haircut with Soft Violet Money Piece
Instagram @suzygrifa

#13: Layered Short Haircut with Soft Violet Money Piece

Ditch the dead weight with a layered short butterfly haircut and add a soft violet money piece. Short layers will give your hair a lot of movement and lightweight volume. A soft violet money piece gives you a pop of fun around your face and is much easier to maintain than a full head of violet. Keep your violet bright and beautiful! Wash your hair with Celeb Luxury Viral Purple Colorwash Shampoo or Colorditioner Conditioner.

Mid-Length Brunette Butterfly Hair with Thick Layers
Instagram @hair_bybash

#14: Brunette Hair with Thick Layers

A butterfly cut on thick hair is a great way to keep the layers thick instead of removing a lot of bulk. You can style it to be more full and wavy or wear it more sleek. I recommend using a round brush for a polished look to enhance the layers and embrace your fullness!

Chest-Length Brunette Straight Hair with Butterfly Layers and Middle Part
Instagram @tbhthairesa

#15: Brunette Straight Hair with Butterfly Layers

Ask for a straight brunette hairstyle with butterfly layers. Enhancing your style with soft face-framing layers is simple. Look at your face shape and features, then choose a length that will carve along those features. Butterfly layers will give you an effortless look with softly feathered ends. Style away from the face with your cheek-hugging layers to show off your eyes and cheeks. And soften your jawline with layers that hug around the jaw and neck.

Medium-Length Copper Red Butterfly Cut with Feathery Layers
Instagram @roxiehair

#16: Copper Red Hair with Feathery Layers

Ask for a copper red hair color with feathery layers. A new trendy cut, the butterfly haircut, combines a very layered style with soft, diffused ends. This will create volume in hair that is dense but fine textured. Smooth out this style with a round brush while creating volume in the hair. Hairstory Dressed Up is great for blow drying and locking in your style.

#17: Long Layered Butterfly Cut with Subtle Bangs

Try a long layered butterfly cut with subtle bangs if you want a hot new trend. This haircut will give your hair lots of volume and texture. I recommend getting this haircut if you have a round, oval, or square face shape. I suggest using Kevin Murphy Blow Dry Ever Lift on wet hair to style. Then use a large round brush to blow dry. Use large rollers after your hair is dry for extra lift and body. Finish off with some hairspray, and you’re ready.

Medium-to-Long Butterfly Curve Cut with Fringe
Instagram @chezvoushair

#18: Butterfly Curve Cut with Fringe

Try this butterfly curve cut with a fringe. The textured ends give this cut a fluttery and textured vibe!

#19: Shoulder-Length Feathered Cut with Front Layers

Try this feathered cut with front layers if you have or prefer shoulder-length hair. The mix of medium length along with light and airy layers gives this look the most volume. See more feathered cuts for medium-length hair.

#20: Long Layered Wolf Cut for Thin Hair

Try this long layered wolf cut if you have thin hair! The layers on top help give this cut lots of volume and movement. Try and use a good texture spray when styling this cut.

#21: Butterfly-Cut Wavy Hair with Face-Framing Bangs

Try a butterfly cut with wavy hair and face-framing bangs. This look offers length, texture, and overall softness.

Middle-Parted Butterfly Cut for Chest-Length Dark hair
Instagram @stud.io_18

#22: Middle-Parted Haircut

Try this butterfly haircut if you like the middle part. The fluttery layers give this look a soft finish.

Long Butterfly Cut with Multi Layers and Piece-y Bangs
Instagram @hairangel.a

#23: Long Butterfly Cut with Piece-y Bangs

Give this long butterfly cut with piece-y bangs a try! This look has an all-over soft and effortless vibe.

Long-Length Brown Butterfly Hair with Bouncy Waves for Oval Faces
Instagram @weeklyyeg

#24: Brown Hair with Bouncy Waves

Styling a butterfly cut with bouncy waves is a great way to add volume and slight texture. This cut gives you a more finished look with very little effort! You can also style this cut in several different ways.

Two-Toned Medium Wolf Cut with Butterfly Layers for Heart-Shaped Faces
Instagram @sabrayna_

#25: Two-Toned Wolf Cut with Butterfly Layers

The two-toned wolf cut with butterfly layers is a bold and edgy hairstyle. It combines two different hair colors with a trendy cut. The wolf cut features shorter layers in the back and longer layers in the front. This creates a voluminous and textured look. The two-toned color adds a striking contrast and enhances the uniqueness of this hairstyle.

Medium-Long Fluffy Butterfly Cut with Flicked Ends
Instagram @hair.by.gabby.g

#26: Fluffy Butterfly Cut with Flicked Ends

Give this fluffy butterfly cut with flicked ends a try! This cut is best if you have fine to medium hair. Be sure to use a good mousse when blow-drying to help those layers pop!

#27: Medium-Length Layered Hair with Face Frame

Try adding some face-framing layers if you want a new medium-length haircut. The face frame gives softness around the face along with volume.

#28: Burgundy Long Layered Cut for Fine Hair

Try this burgundy color with long layers! This cut is best on fine hair. Add a curl to the ends for a fun beach look!

Center-Parted Butterfly Hair with Long Bardot Bangs
Instagram @leurrbeauty

#29: Center-Parted Hair with Long Bardot Bangs

Try this butterfly hair with long Bardot bangs if you like a center part. This is an effortless style with an iconic 70’s vibe!

Medium Layered Octopus Butterfly Cut with Highlights
Instagram @kenji_kubo1208

#30: Layered Octopus Cut with Highlights

The layered octopus cut with highlights is a bold and unique hairstyle. It adds an element of creativity and flair to your look. This cut features multiple layers and textured ends. They resemble the tentacles of an octopus. Adding highlights to this style further enhances its visual appeal. And it creates dimension and depth. When opting for the octopus cut, consulting a skilled hairstylist is essential. They can expertly blend the highlights to complement your hair color and skin tone. They can also recommend maintenance and styling techniques to keep your hair looking fabulous.

Long-Length Feathery Brunette Butterfly Hair with Flicks on Brown Locks
Instagram @thekimmster

#31: Feathery Brunette Hair with Flicks

Try this feathery brunette with hair flicks! This look is best on fine hair, as the flicks help give texture and volume.

Face-Framing Blowout Butterfly Hairstyle
Instagram @hairby.darlene

#32: Face-Framing Blowout Hairstyle

Try this face-framing blowout if you want a bombshell look! This cut will require a good root lifter and volume mousse when styling.

Dimensional Bronde Butterfly Hair with Long Layers for Rounder Face Shapes
Instagram @hair.by.gabby.g

#33: Dimensional Bronde Hair with Long Layers

Dimensional bronde butterfly hair with long layers is a stunning choice. It combines the best of both worlds! The richness of brunette tones and the vibrancy of blonde highlights. The dimensional effect adds depth and dimension to your hair. It creates a multi-tonal, eye-catching look. The long layers enhance movement and texture. They give your hair a beautiful and flowing appearance. This hairstyle is versatile and flattering, complementing various skin tones and face shapes.

#34: Medium Butterfly Cut with Curtain Bangs

Ask about a medium butterfly cut with curtain bangs. Spice up your style with some curtain bangs that accentuate the cheekbones and eyes. A modern twist to layering the hair is with soft, textured ends. They create an effortless, moveable look. You create a feminine shape with butterfly layers that suit thick hair textures.

#35: Voluminous Butterfly Blonde Hair

This voluminous butterfly blonde is gorgeous! This look has tons of dimensions. Be sure to use a texture cream or spray to keep as much hair texture as possible.

Multi-Layered Medium Butterfly Hair with Honey Balayage Highlights
Instagram @bellaria.hairandbeauty

#36: Multi-Layered Cut with Balayage Highlights

Try this multi-layered butterfly hair with balayage highlights. The highlights give this look the illusion of a beautiful butterfly wing. Light, airy, and stunning!

#37: Layered Wavy Black Hair with Face Frame

Try this layered wavy black hair with face frame layers. Be sure to use a texturizing spray to enhance your layers. The face frame layers give this look soft movement.

#38: Medium Blonde Haircut with Soft Layers

Try this medium blonde haircut with soft layers. The layers add movement and keep this look on trend!

Face-Framing Butterfly Cut with Flipped Ends for Chest-Length Brunette Hair
Instagram @hair_bybash

#39: Face-Framing Butterfly Cut with Flipped Ends

Give this face-framing butterfly cut with flipped ends. This cut is versatile and will suit different face shapes and hair. Talk with your stylist at your next salon visit to see if this look is an option.

Long Butterfly Layered Cut with Curtain Bangs for Fuller Face Shapes
Instagram @thecolorist.ch

#40: Butterfly Layered Cut with Curtain Bangs

Try this butterfly layered cut with curtain bangs! This look offers tons of volume for a trendy shape.

#41: Tousled Face-Framing Layered Haircut

Try this tousled face-framing layered haircut if you have fine hair! The all-over layers create maximum volume and texture.

If you’ve been eyeing the trendy butterfly haircut, you may wonder how it would work with your specific hair type and face shape. Cori McCann, a skilled stylist, shares her expertise and experience, offering valuable insights and tips. In this interview, she breaks down the haircut by hair texture and thickness as well as major face shapes while also providing styling advice and product recommendations to suit various lifestyle types.

Meet The Expert

Cori McCann
Cori McCann
Cori is an educator and stylist with over 10 years of experience.
You can find Cori at LOX Salon in Knoxville, TN

Customizing for Different Hair Types

Most photos you’ll find online feature a specific hair length and texture. The cut was initially designed for longer hair with straight texture, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be adapted for other lengths and textures. As a stylist, it’s essential to translate the desired look into a haircut that best suits the client’s current hair and lifestyle.

According to McCann, a few modifications can make the butterfly cut work for different hair lengths and textures. It often involves adjusting the layering length to accommodate the client’s hair length. Therefore, if you’re considering this haircut, have an open conversation with your stylist to discuss how to customize it according to your specific hair and preferences.

Considerations for Different Face Shapes

The butterfly cut, similar to the shag, can accentuate bone structure through its layering technique. The flexibility of the cut allows stylists to customize the layering points, making it suitable for every face shape. McCann compares the process to using makeup or color techniques to highlight or contour bone structure. Just as makeup enhances facial features, haircuts, and color can serve the same purpose.

McCann suggests focusing the layering points at the cheekbones or jawline to highlight your natural bone structure. Choosing where the layering begins can impact how your hair frames your face. For instance, starting the layering at the cheekbones results in a few pieces falling around your face when you pull your hair back while layering beginning at the jawline allows you to tuck your hair behind your ears without any hair escaping around your face.

Styling Tips and Tricks

Styling plays a crucial role in achieving the desired look with the butterfly cut. While the shape of the cut will be present regardless of styling, it won’t have the same impact without proper styling techniques. McCann recommends a specific styling method to enhance the sweeping layers resembling butterfly wings.

To style the butterfly cut, section your hair into a mohawk section along your part. Using either a blowdryer and round brush or a large barrel curling iron, direct each subsection up and away from your face. As you work your way backward, pin each section up, allowing the hair time to cool and set. By directing the hair backward and setting it, you create volume at the root and isolate the layers, making them more prominent in the finished style.

When it comes to product recommendations, McCann suggests different options depending on your hair type. For fine hair, a lightweight mousse like Neuma’s Neu Styling Mousse can provide volume and hold. Clients with naturally textured or thick hair may benefit from R&Co’s High Dive, which helps smooth and add shine. Regardless of hair texture or density, McCann highly recommends Neuma’s NeuMoisture Instant Fix as a foundation for any hair type. This product not only has essential styling benefits but also provides heat protection to keep your hair healthy, no matter how you choose to style it.

Inspiring Pictures of Butterfly Haircuts